Hermen Hulst Q&A: What’s Next for PlayStation Studios

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Hermen Hulst Q&A: What’s Next for PlayStation Studios

Head of PlayStation Studios shares insight into what’s to come.

It’s been just about 17 months since Hermen Hulst took the reins of PlayStation Studios, the international network of world-class development studios that produce some of PlayStation’s biggest hits — from Returnal and Astro’s Playroom to The Last of Us Part II, Dreams, Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart and much, much more.

Over our jam-packed 20-minute discussion, Hulst provided updates on a host of topics: studio development updates, thoughts on PS5 and PS4 development, PlayStation Studios’ vision for PC releases, and a whole lot more.

Listen to our full interview on the Official PlayStation Podcast here, or read on for some key excerpts, edited for brevity and clarity. 

PlayStation.Blog: Do you see single-player, narrative games as essential to the PlayStation Studios console experience?

Hermen: Absolutely. Single-player, narrative-driven games — that’s our DNA. PlayStation Studios have made, in my mind, some of the most memorable narrative experiences available. We love making them, and we’ll keep making them as long as gamers enjoy them. For me, the idea of sitting down on a Friday night with a brand-new world, and a great story to explore — that sounds pretty perfect, right?

We also want to make sure that we’re creating a variety of experiences for our audiences. Franchises, new IP, big games, smaller and more innovative games, single-player stories, and multiplayer. Who says that multiplayer experience cannot have great stories, right?

PSB: We’ve seen the announcement of Haven, from Jade Raymond as well as a bunch of industry veterans. And more recently Firewalk, which also has some top names from the industry.

How do you see partnerships like these fitting into the larger PlayStation Studios vision?

Hermen: Yeah. You know, these partnerships are very exciting. You could, I guess, make a distinction between development teams who are part of Sony — like Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Media Molecule, Sucker Punch, and so on — and then development teams who are working with us like partners… Haven, Firewalk, but also teams we’ve worked with over years, like Kojima Productions, From Software.

To me, in many ways, there really is no difference. They’re all PlayStation Studios. We are, at the end of the day, a creator-led organization. Which to me means that we want to find the best possible development studios in the world and help them passionately pursue their ideas.

To me, it’s important that PlayStation Studios is a place that allows creators to join us and do the best work of their career. That’s really what I’m after.


PSB: Are you able to give us a snapshot of the total number of titles that PlayStation Studios are currently developing for PS4 or PS5?

Hermen: Well, we have a lot going on right now. PlayStation Studios have more than 25 titles in development. Almost half of these are new IP. The other half, they’re titles that are set in franchises that PlayStation fans already know and love. So, it’s quite a lot.

PSB: How important is new IP for PlayStation Studios?

Hermen: New IP is incredibly important to us. New IP is the lifeblood of gaming. But, new IP is just one aspect of our strategy. Ultimately, I want PlayStation Studios to be fiercely daring, to take risks. I want us to continue to embrace the legacy of PlayStation, pushing the boundaries of gaming, keep making games that matter. Games that, probably, wouldn’t have been made anywhere else.

And you know, Bend Studio is working on a very exciting new IP that they’re very, very passionate about. They’re building on the deep open-world systems that they developed with Days Gone. So I’m really happy for Bend Studio.

PSB: How have the teams at PlayStation Studios been able to cope and adapt with these big challenges over the last year? 

Hermen: Perhaps the biggest challenge has been when we need specialist locations, often physical locations. Primarily performance capture, audio work. We’ve come up with some really clever solutions to some of this, we built tiny recording studios in people’s houses.

But when you’re doing performance capture for a lot of cinematics, with multiple actors — that’s not so simple to solve. So you’ve got a choice. You could do it later in the schedule, which could cause you problems. Or you could risk the final quality by doing it in a different way.

But I can tell you, we’re not going to risk the quality. We want to ship extremely high quality games, finished games, and we have to do that obviously without pushing our teams to the breaking point.

So we have, currently, two very big, very narrative-driven games in development: Horizon Forbidden West and the next God of War. And for both of those, they’re frankly affected by access to performance capture and talent. For Horizon, we think we are on track to release this holiday season. But that isn’t quite certain yet, and we’re working as hard as we can to confirm that to you as soon as we can. 

And for God of War, the project started a little later. So we’ve made the decision to push that game out to next year, to ensure that Santa Monica Studio can deliver the amazing God of War game that we all want to play.

With these things, something’s gotta give. It cannot be the quality of our titles, and it surely won’t be the health or the wellbeing of our amazing team.

PSB: How does PS4 factor into PlayStation Studios’ development vision? Is it still a focus internally for future game development?

Hermen: It very much is. You can’t build a community of over 110 million PS4 owners and then just walk away from it, right? I think that’d be bad news for fans of PS4, and frankly not very good business.

Where it makes sense to develop a title for both PS4 and PS5 — for Horizon Forbidden West, the next God of War, GT7 — we’ll continue looking at that. And if PS4 owners want to play that game, then they can. If they want to go on and play the PS5 version, that game will be there for them.

That being said, it’s also very important to have showpieces for PS5, hence the development of Returnal and Ratchet that are exclusive to PS5.

PSB: [How does] PC fit into the worldview of PlayStation Studios moving forward?

Hermen: We’re still early on in our planning for PC. And Horizon Zero Dawn has been very successful. I think it shows there’s an appetite from gamers outside the PlayStation ecosystem to experience the amazing portfolio of games that PlayStation fans have enjoyed for years.

But I want to emphasize that PlayStation will remain the best place to play our PlayStation Studios titles at launch. But we do value PC gamers, and we’ll continue to look at the right times to launch each game. Bend Studio just released the PC version of Days Gone on May 18. So that’s about two years after the PS4 release.

And I hope that a new set of fans can and will enjoy that title. And that’s the goal — we want to reach new gamers who haven’t yet experienced the great stories, characters, and worlds that we’ve built. Releasing games on PC will not come ever at the expense of building an exciting lineup of great console games.

PSB: Another topic that’s been out there recently is Japan. Do you feel that, from the PlayStation Studios perspective, that Japan is still a big focus for development? Or are you maybe considering a shift to a more Western focus for game development?

Hermen: Oh no, I want to be very clear that Japanese games and Japanese talent remain extremely important to PlayStation Studios and to Sony Interactive Entertainment. Japan and Asia are strongly associated with our legacy: the success of Sony, the PlayStation brand, and many of our iconic PlayStation franchises were actually born in that region.

I remember watching the PlayStation 5 Showcase event from last year. It struck me how much Japanese influence there was in the games that we showed. And what a key part of PlayStation’s DNA that is. It’s one of the things that makes PlayStation different, unique in my mind.

I know the potential from high-quality games from Japan and Asia, and some of the best development talent in the world is found there. They have that history of innovation, of craftsmanship and skill, that pride and team spirit. We very much want to continue those traditions.

Polyphony Digital is such an important part of the PlayStation family, making the best driving simulation games in the world. We’re building Team Asobi in Tokyo, a world-class studio that are developing a franchise for all ages with global appeal. Such a creative team.

And alongside Asobi, we will continue to maintain and build partnerships through our external development team. So I’m really excited about the future of PlayStation games from Japan, and Asia. And I’m grateful for the interest and passionate support for our Japanese teams.

PSB: Great to know. And perhaps this is a redundant question, but it seems like maybe we haven’t seen the last of Astro Bot?

Hermen: I hope not! I love that guy.

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  • Jim Ryan & Hermen Hulst Liar Traitors

    • I agree, I hope someone at Sony is reading these comments and seeing the complaints. Fire these incompetent fools Ryan and Hulst asap please if you don’t want PlayStation to die.

  • Bloodborne, Uncharted 4+Lost Legacy, and Nathan Drake Collection on Steam is all I ask for. I will give you $60 day-one for each of these if you make it happen.

  • GT7 & God of War coming to PS4 also…I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  • No problem with crossgen, it’s a pill I can swallow. PC? Really? This brand HQ needs to go back to Japan, enough damage done already.

    • I can swallow PC, but hindering progress and under-utilizing available resources for profit I can not.

    • I wouldn’t have a problem with cross gen if they didn’t spout “We believe in generations” for months on end, they lied to us to secure sales and then backstabbed us. And I agree, PC needs to end, anything not focused on PlayStation is nothing but a waste of resources. Otherwise just become a publisher and don’t waste our time and money.

    • Yeah! Give Japanese back the reigns, Americans are destroying the brand that has been building itself up for more than 20 years!

  • I never comment on these things but it’s seriously concerning how the biggest reason to own the newest playstation is now gone. Games are being ported to PC and being held back by the ps4. Why did I just spend just under a 1000 dollars to play games I could just play on other platforms?

  • Here I am, waiting for games to release that make full use of the PS5, only to hear that God of War and Gran Turismo are now releasing on PS4.

    When this happens, focus gets taken off making it the best it can be just so you can cater to outdated hardware.

  • GoW2 confirmed for ps4 it’s a shame to be honest, it will be limited as hell for this, it’s very sad.

    • Limited?…maybe but not significantly.Demon’s Souls,Returnal and Ratchet are PS5 only and are worse than every other PS4 Sony game tech wise so…

      Y’all crying about this are kind of pathetic since you don’t realize how weak PS5 actually is.

    • Why are you logging in with 2 different accounts to comment here???

      “Demon’s Souls,Returnal and Ratchet are PS5 only and are worse than every other PS4 Sony game tech wise so…..”

      so….. you’re full of it.

      What are you smoking? Why not backup your nonsense that you spew for once with examples?

  • So… A proper Gran Turismo game for Ps4 is actually posible?

    “Where it makes sense to develop a title for both PS4 and PS5 — for Horizon Forbidden West, the next God of War, GT7 — we’ll continue looking at that. And if PS4 owners want to play that game, then they can. If they want to go on and play the PS5 version, that game will be there for them.”

    • Exactly. I waited 7 years for a real GT game during the life of PS4.
      They didn’t even bother to bring over GT6 to PS4 even with the huge 4 year lull between GT6 and GT Sport’s release AND Evolution being shutdown.

      I avoided Sport, I told them what it was to me and they released it anyway to be the worst selling GT game to date even with that huge install base in 2017. They tacked on an afterthought single player mode afterwards and it wasn’t enough.

      Now they are bringing a game to PS4 and it will be out nearly 2 years into PS5’s life. Seriously WHAT IS GOING ON at Sony right now?????????

  • I cannot lie I’m not worried about the delay to god of war I’m quite thankful actually same with horizon those games deserve time to not be rushed they are excellent they also deserve to be fully next generation games. To say I’m a bit disappointed is an understatement, we’ve purchased a next gen console and now all our games are coming out on the previous console let’s face it won’t look that much different but will be cheaper and more to the point are gonna clearly be held back.
    Can spin it anyway you want but obviously chosen to chase the money rather than the quality of the product. Capcom did it with Resi 8 was fully next generation then PS4 versions were announced same with god of war and horizon
    Spider man was one thing but those other 2 games are some of if not the top exclusives for the console and deserve to be Ps5 fully pushing the tech forward and when you are trying to make the same game be playable on a 7-8 year old console there is clearly gonna have to be some compromises. It’s a bad idea from Microsoft because they literally can’t be bothered to make games so they’ll allowed old ones to be played on new consoles and all their new games can play on their old consoles because they never utilised their last console let alone their current one.
    Don’t be copying their stupid ideas. Decisions have been made and ill get over it I’ll also be buying both of these games day1 as big fans of the series but enough is enough
    We’ve gone next gen we paid to go next gen let’s start having some next generation only possible on next gen (not just bolted in dual sense features so we can still run the games on PS4)
    PS4 was great bought it day1 loved every second but you’ve told us and gone next generation for us time to start dropping your first party support for your older system. People might not have a Ps5 yet but they will so all these can we have a PS4 version comments well done you got what you wanted a held back gimped version which by the time you will be able to play it you’ll likely have a Ps5 and get the Ps5 version and that PS4 version you were begging for will be ignored. Nice one guys. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤪✌🏻

    • Hear hear. Everything you said makes so much sense.
      I keep going back to this prime example but how many people were begging for Bloodborne on, the 87 million install base in 2015, PS3 console. Right, NOBODY.
      And a vast less majority is going to care about these new games on PS4 by 2022.

  • How will playstation be the best place when you release the games on PC? Seeing how Horizon Zero Dawn hasn’t even gotten a 60fps patch and the games always being better on PC I don’t believe it. People may as well move to PC for free online and get to play games from the competition as well. The PR hasn’t been good lately either, clearly Sony has some thinking to do about their approach especially with the false advertising with PS5 exclusives.

    • Charging for online on PS and releasing the games with improvements and free online on PC while the PS5 doesn’t even get them… best place to play.

    • That’s a real shame, yes. 60 fps only on PC, forced to 30 on their own f
      platform without any other reason than ignorance for their own customers. I mean, seriously, WTF are they thinking?!

    • Hey, always remember that “play has no limits” and “for the players” LOL

    • The good part (I don’t believe that I am saying this) is that ps5 was not available so I don’t have one. I will wait with the ps4 one year more, without buying any game. I will play those I have already. And then I will decide if I will go with a pc from now on if sony continue this. Gaming Pc is expensive but I will have everything there (sony games, MS games etc). Therefore, I will probably buy only the games I can in steam sales, and playing ”free” the others.
      I had a steam account from ps3 portal 2, I never thought that I will use it someday.

  • As a ps5 owner it’s very disappointing news

  • I think if you are going to drop a bomb like this with GOW2 and GT7 coming to PS4 also you also need to explain to us what the advantages of the ps5 version will be, because right now we still have no idea what the differences are in horizon ps5 to PS4. Its a really bad look to be honest.

  • 1 = if you continu to sel excl. on pc = why bother to have a ps. consolle in the first place ? ( wait on pc to hve best version ) also you give option ath xbox players to never need to buy you consolle !
    2= if a game not ready take some more time
    3=controle beter the quality of what you put on the store

    4= ps store on pc
    ps store on smartfhone
    ps store on consolle

    explane why when you place somting like a main page from green hell on smartfhone version of the ps store
    pc version + console do not chow the page ?
    in past goth same problem whith games ….

    only horizon 2 – dying licht 2 intresting in 2020 whith some minor games between .

    why dit you not offer al ps4 owners ( whith longest ps + ) a option to buy dirrect a ps5 whith id ?

    i have a ps 5
    lots of problems are solved

    urgent = real inter ssd by sony ore partner !!!
    holding home + option buton ath same time = power off – stand by -restart option
    you store need on consolle
    pay by smartfone ( payconiqe )
    section what new on ps5 store = gone ( why ?)
    show all pre orders ath top option

    like page = warn when abel to pre order – buy ore when on sale

    ps+ / ps now = need to be integrade in one model !!!! +spotify = 80-90 euro a jear

  • Making GOW and GT7 cross platform is ridiculous. In particular GT7, which could be Polyphony’s biggest game of the generation, held back by the PS4, it’s just ridiculous!!

  • I have a very important question i know alot of plp love legend of dragoon im waiting for a remake or is there a possibility you can add the classic into the ps5 ive played that game on the ps 1 2 and 3 digital for a remake i would go as far as a 100 dollars for the game alone and for the classic i wouldnt mind playing it for 30 to 40 bucks if i had to buy it again.

    • They closed down most of their studios and devs in Japan so it’s quite literally the worse time to be asking for this now.

      They mention Japan in this post and how incredible and talented they were over the years but then give us actually NOTHING on how they will ever be close to that sort of output of games ever again.

  • Congrats PlayStation fans, now we get to wait another 4-5 more years before a true next-gen Gran Turismo comes out. :( Given GT7 has an esport focused online mode, there’s no way they’ll make a PS5 version have a much better tire physics model simulation that takes advantage of the PS5 power. No doubt both PS4 and PS5 GT7 will have physics parity held back by the weak PS4 hardware. Plus, all graphical assets will have been made to work on PS4, and graphically the announcement trailer looked very close to GTSport already.

    I am so disappointed, literally bought a PS5 because I thought I was getting a next-gen only GT7 that was built from the ground up specifically to take advantage of PS5 hardware.

  • All stuff I like to hear, hopefully the ports don’t hamper the upcoming GOW but if HFW is anything to go by I doubt there’s much to worry about in that regard. Also, why get salty about PC ports? Because more people get to play the games you enjoy?

    • No, it’s simply because there’s no point of buying a playstation anymore lol. Why spend for online and $70 for these “exclusives” if it’s gonna be half off and at better performance? Stop following the twitter trend of saying “nO tHeSe aRe mY ToYs, YoU caNt hAvE tHem!” Cause it’s way more than that then you believe.

    • Tusiczz is right, we buy PlayStation for PlayStation games, same reason you buy a Nintendo console. Why are we buying a PlayStation console if the same experience can be had elsewhere for cheaper and much better experience? If they’re going to port games to PC they need to be upfront with their stupid strategy so we don’t waste our time and money on a garbage console.

  • Really no reason to own a PS5 until 2025 lol

    • No because then all these games will be perform better on PC and for cheaper. There’s never going to be a reason to own a PS console ever again if these idiots continue to do this crap

  • PS5 isn’t even the best place to play Horizon, Days Gone and Death Stranding anymore as well as many other past PS exclusive titles, you guys don’t even bother to patch most PS4 games to take proper advantage of the PS5 (same thing that happened with the PS4 Pro in the past as well, that didn’t receive patches for very successful game).

    PS4 Pro hardware was very poorly designed and makes extreme noises mostly because you couldn’t care to do something about it on the system level (with the fan going crazy on things like loading screens, menus, maps ,etc). I got stuck with mine because I would be embarrassed to sell it to someone else, given how loud it is.

    Why is PS4 Collection exclusive to PS5? You can’t even match the demand for a PS5 and PS4 users are still paying the same prices for PS+.

    You promote PSNow as the solution for PS3/PS2/PS1 backwards compatibility and 8 years later it hasn’t released in Latin America yet. No word if it’s ever coming. With that said PSNow isn’t even the proper way to do retro, so much could’ve been done in that regard, what a missed opportunity. You are in charge now and your own PS3 games are not playable on the PS4…

    It’s an absolute shame that PlayStation users are treated as second class citizens by Sony, you are willing to spend money on PC ports but not on patches for your own hardware (not even for the same games that are releasing on PC).

    To top it all off you guys have terrible communication, it’s like Bloodborne fans don’t even exist, no word on a patch, a remaster or a future sequel (not even a word to say it isn’t coming), you promoted TLoU2 implying it would have a multiplayer component later on and then never talked about it again, hiding when games are going to be ported to PC so you can promote them as PlayStation exclusive… damn shame.

    • Facts on top of facts. Now all we need is to broadcast this to every stubborn person that says that porting these exclusives onto the better platform is gonna magically make people still want to buy a ps5.

  • With the recent announcement of cross-gen games I know that they will end up getting a PC port. I feel like a fool for buying a PS5 when I should’ve waited and spent that money on upgrading my PC instead. Going forward I won’t make the mistake of buying Playstation hardware ever again, after all, PC games are cheaper AND online-play is not paywall-ed!

  • You guys should be discussing the immense competition coming from Microsoft. What’s the plan? You guys can’t honestly think this will be another PS4 vs Xbox one. You guys better not get complacent

    • They already are complacent, don’t be surprised when PS5 underperforms compared to PS4 in sales and revenue.

  • This is is not PlayStation this is a fifth column self sabotaging destroying PlayStation platform. I want Jim Ryan and Herman Hulst gone. i knew these two would destroy 25 years to please an audience that never cared and hated the fact that exclusives exist.

  • Super sad that the God of War sequel won’t be a PS5 exclusive.

    I was really hoping for a proper next gen experience with God War that wasn’t bogged down by the limitations of PS4…

  • It’s great that next God of War is coming for PS4 as well. Thank you very much for your support of PS4. It was really great news 💗

  • So PS4 is officially the new Internet Explorer… :(

  • Wow, what a huge disappointment. I’m glad I haven’t been able to get a ps5 by now due to the shortage. We will see if buying a ps5 in 2022 is actually worth it. But I highly doubt it…

    • Don’t waste your money, get a PC instead, all games will be on there for cheaper and better quality.

  • Who wants a PS5? Looks like I won’t be needing one for a while.

  • The “we believe in generations” line was misleading for sure. I would like new exclusives to take full advantage of the PS5, games that can’t be done on PS4 not just in the graphic sense, but also in the game design sense.

    Even though I am not happy with the decision, I am not going to give middle fingers to the developers that brought us Uncharted, The Last of Us, Ratchet and Clank, God of War, Horizon, Ghost of Tsushima, I believe in them on delivering amazing exclusives regardless which platforms are supported, and I will continue to support them with my hard earned money.

    With the continued PS5 shortage this year and possibly next year, it would mean A LOT OF PS fans won’t be able to play HFW or God of War 2 for a very long time if all these games are PS5 only, and also mean these games are getting a lot less money in return for the effort they put in, which is not good for anyone.

    HZD, GoW and GT Sport released mid cycle of PS4, I believe they have started the development of the sequel before PS5 spec was even close to finalized, and most likely they were all started as a PS4 games more than PS5 games.

    But since TLOU2 and Ghost released near the end of PS4, I expect their next games to be PS5 exclusive.

    Regarding to PC ports, no need to sound like these studio would put their main team to do the port, they have specific teams to handle ports, so it is not hindering any developments, for me, I got my PS5 to play Sony exclusives day one, I don’t care it goes to PC few years afterward, more revenue for each game, the bigger budget each of these studio would get for their next project.

    Either way I would start to worry when I have played the new games and they actually feel last gen.

  • I guess there are people out there willing to play HFW, GT7, and GOWR on PS4… but even though I still haven’t been able to nab a PS5, I will wait until I can play them on a PS5. Why compromise the experience?

  • So, cross-gen releases for Sony BIG games for the first time ever, even after 2 years in this generation, in order to serve ps4 + pc audience (because games that are solely focused on ps5 hardware, will make the pc target audience smaller and ps4’s one nonexistent) and this will probably affect the whole generation (exclusives will be made with multiplatform releases in mind, at least a pc one).

    If PS5 is going to be a ‘steam machine’ (do you remember them?) you have to be clear to your customers. Let them be informed in order to choose their next platform for games. You had a clear message before. Either way, pc has better versions of DS, HZD and eventually of Uncharted 4 (you don’t even care to patch them for ps5 before the pc release).
    I am considering playing your games on a pc. The thing is that you will take me out of my 18 years routine playing only on PS platforms. I will get used to it, I guess. Like I get used to it when a switched exclusively to PS platforms from pc/ps/xbox.

    • They’ve been pretty blunt and pretty much confirmed that their ps5 exclusives will eventually hit PC to “reach PC players”.

  • Delays, cross-gen and PC ports lol I thought buy ps5 not xbox

  • Are you going to bring us another Sly Cooper game??!! cause a lot of people are asking for it in high demand

  • Everyone at Sony thank you for your passion and dedication to gamers!

  • I don’t think you guys know what you’re doing and are trying too hard to get away from consoles. As a PC gamer you guys make way more money if you get me to buy a Ps5 and then I buy everything off PSN rather than you porting old games to Steam. If you’re just going to port everything then I have no reason for a Ps5 and you lose out much more in the long run. You really should rethink porting games to PC since it wastes your studio resources and it hurts you in the long run.

    • You’ve said it here boss. Imagine if Nintendo ported their games onto PC lol, they would lose everything they’ve stood for.

  • We believe in generations. Lies. Misleading your customers isn’t a good look Sony.

    • That seems to be a reoccurring trend with this new team led by Ryan and Hulst. This new direction won’t end well for Sony

  • PS5 has really disappointed so far and appears under powered. A shame games like Horizon Forbidden West will be locked at 30 fps at 4k. I thought this was supposed to be the “60 fps console”?

    • Forbidden West has a 60FPS mode on ps5, but still this console has been extremely disappointing, still no SSD expansion 7 months later….

  • Being charged more for cross-gen exclusives turned early access multi platform is discouraging.

  • I think there’s a whole group of us who’d like for PlayStation and the Corresponding production companies to bring the PlayStation mascot Sly Cooper he deserves a new game #returnslycooper

  • I’m not really mad about it, but I’ll be honest. As someone who already spends a lot of time gaming on PC, a playstation console, or any console at all, seems less and less appealing knowing that I can play these games on PC with better graphics. You are definitely killing your brand.

    • I’m exactly the same way, after I beat God of War next year, I will be selling my PS5 and waiting for PC Ports. Ryan and Hulst have done a great job killing the brand in record time…

  • probably will be the last playstation console i will ever own, thanks for making it easy for me sony.
    no need to ever buy a playstation again

    • Same, will be selling my PS5 after I beat God of War next year then will just wait for every release and pirate them day 1.

  • So in the end we can play everything on PC and for a fraction of the price than the wildly overpriced PS5 games that eventually will be released of PC. In addition the quality of the game will be improved visually. I’m getting more and more disillusioned and disappointed by the PlayStation brand and their commitment to the console gamers and how they “believe in generations”.

    • They have no commitment or respect to PlayStation or the fans. They’re dragging the brand through the mud for a few short term dollars. Let’s see how much longer they’ll last if they keep this up

  • I’m really worried what lay ahead for PlayStation.
    I dont really like anything Herman has had a hand in unfortunately. But when the opposition is t offering anything first party either I guess they have nothing to worry about. I dont look forward to the overtly European games library.

    • Not just Hulst but Ryan is largely responsible as well. They should’ve never moved PlayStation out of Japan.

  • I felt majorly ripped off after buying Returnal for £80. Now, this blog post tells me that the PS5 isn’t a focus for Sony/Playstation. So I’ve just ordered the XBOX SERIES X. First xbox I’ve bought since the original came out. This is how an unhappy customer responds Playstation.

  • Lol, this is ridiculous. GT7 was advertised as a PS5 only game, this is literally false advertising. And I also bet it will come to PC, just like other first party games. I miss the PS3 days…

    • Who cares if it is on PS4? does that adversely effect you in some way? GT7 will not come to PC there are plenty of racing sims on that platform the port isn’t worth the effort.

    • They now have a history of lying “Gran Turismo 7 PS5 Exclusive” “We’re committed to our console base” , “We Believe in generations” , and “Only On PlayStation”. Nothing these people say can be trusted. I miss the PS3 days as well, this admiration needs to be removed.

    • administration**^^^ not admiration

  • It’s not like he’s saying EVERY PS exclusive will be on PC, look at TLOU it has 2 versions now and neither is on PC and so far probably never will be. And all you guys that are like “well better sell my PS5.” That’s fine but I won’t wait 2 years to play a PS5 exclusive that maybe will drop on PC. Ghost Of Tsushima maybe will but no one has said anything. Let them have Days Gone it is the weakest of the AAA titles SIE has had in my opinion. Yes they are in it for the money anyone that says otherwise is a fool, but I love PS and I like what they are bringing to the table. If they feel safer dropping games on PS4 that’s fine, any PS gamer is a friend in my book. You know it will not have the FPS or textures that it will on PS5 which is fine I’m glad I’ll be able to experience it the best way possible. But if you have a PS4 you can enjoy it as well. Having it on PC is not supporting game pass as they will never put it on that service. It’ll get those players hooked on the PS experience and they might want to buy a console and play future exclusives on day 1.

    • @mournful_acorn you don’t understand what they are doing here. They are already about to port uncharted 4 so anything is unexpected now. Sure if they’ve ported gravity rush, shadow of the colossus, dreams, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal because those games been sold off already and needs to reach a newer audience. But they are PORTING THEIR FRANCHISES that belongs to the PlayStation brand only to make a quick buck! They aren’t thinking straight when it comes to these games and Hulst and Ramsey are filled with a corporate mindset!

    • With all due respect, you need to read the writing on the wall. I tried giving them the benefit of the doubt like you are doing now but enough is enough. You need to accept that ALL, yes ALL, games will be going to PC. It’s no longer a matter of IF but when. PC only gamers will never buy a PS console, they’ll gladly wait years for a port, so giving them games does nothing. Bryank is right these people have turned PlayStation from the most respected brand in gaming into an utter joke.

  • Making God of War Cross Gen is the worst decision you could have made Sony. IT could have been a truly special Game with using all the Power the PS5 has to offer. And not only on a graphical level…….. The SSD has so much more to offer than actual loading times…..

    Which the game also being available for PS4 the development will be very limited which is truly a shame since GOD of WAR could have been an example of what the PS5 can actually do.

    • They made it crossgen to ease the community so its not surprising when its released on PC. PlayStation doesn’t care about offering us a great experience anymore, they just care about making as much money as they can in the short term.

  • Yikes. Sony seems out of touch with their player base. There seems to be very little reason to buy a PS5 if I can play new releases on my PS4 or on the PC.

    And what’s the point of hyping the PS5 hardware for all this time if the new releasea don’t take advantage of it?

    Sony needs to drop PS4 support and focus on their new hardware.

  • I pre-ordered the PS5 on June 11 2020 and I’m happy you’re all still supporting ps4 in the sense you can keep studios paid and ultimately games on PS5 will be better, much love.

  • A couple of new AAA Western RPGs to rival the loss of Bethesda games is desperately needed in my opinion. That would be a fantastic move by PlayStation.

  • Very very disappointed to hear that GT7 an GOW will be cross gen titles…at this point i’ll avoid to by a PS5

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