Play At Home 2021 update: Free in-game content and more

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Play At Home 2021 update: Free in-game content and more

We’ve teamed up with some amazing studios to bring you a whole stack of in-game content as part of Play at Home.

Hi all – Play At Home is back with one more batch of new free content to help make the next few weeks a little more fun! This time, we’re offering a selection of free in-game content and virtual currency for some popular PlayStation games, including Call of Duty: Warzone, Destruction AllStars, NBA 2K21, Rocket League, and more. 

And don’t forget, this is your last chance to download Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for free as part of Play At Home – the offer ends May 14 8:00pm Pacific Time / May 15 04:00 BST / 05:00 CEST. 

Read on below for details! To learn more, please visit the Play At Home page on‡ 

Starting May 17, 2021 

The following in-game content and virtual currency is available for free via PlayStation Store from Monday May 17 08:00pm PDT (18 May 04:00 BST, 12:00 JST) until June 6 11:59pm PDT (June 7 07:59 BST, 15:59 JST).† 

Game Content 
Rocket League * PlayStation Plus Pack – includes four unique customization items including Blue Notch Wheels, Blue Smoke Boost, Blue Rocks Trail, and the Trimpact BL Player Banner. 
Brawlhalla * Brawlhalla: Play at Home Pack – includes the Rayman Legend Unlock, Sir Rayelot Skin with Axe and Gauntlet Weapon Skins, Shrug Emote and Grimm Sidekick. 
Destruction AllStars ** 1100 Destruction Points 
MLB The Show 21 ** MLB The Show 21 10 The Show Packs 
NBA 2K21 ** The Play at Home Pack – includes MyTEAM Series 2 Amethyst Damian Lillard, 5,000 MyTEAM Points and more (update: offer to go live after a short delay.)
Rogue Company * Rogue Company: Play at Home Pack – includes the Kyoto Undercover Ronin Outfit and 200 Rogue Bucks. 
World of Tanks/World of Warships * Twice the Courage Pack For World of Tanks: Modern Armor, this bundle includes five x1.5 Silver Boosters, five x2 XP Boosters, 7 days of Premium Account and more.  For World of Warships: Legends, this bundle includes Tier III battleship Arkansas, 7 days of Premium Account and 5x Rare Boosters of all five types. 
Warframe * Warframe: Starter Bundle – includes 100 Platinum, 100,000 Credits, 7 Day Affinity Booster, Essential Base Damage Mod Bundle and more. 

Starting May 20, 2021 

As part of the Play at Home campaign, you can get five 60-minute Double XP tokens for Call of Duty: Warzone to accelerate your levelling in Season Three. The Double XP tokens can be accessed exclusively in-game through the Message of The Day beginning May 20 at 10:00am PDT (18:00 BST, May 21 02:00 JST) through June 6 at 11:59pm PDT (June 7 07:59 BST, 15:59 JST). 

Game Content 
Call of Duty: Warzone * 5 Double XP Tokens  [Available from May 20 at 10am PDT, 18:00 BST, May 21 02:00 JST]

We appreciate the support from the PlayStation community, and hope you enjoy the final Play At Home content drop! Please stay safe, and thanks for playing.  

‡ These offers will not be available in China. Brawlhalla, MLB The Show 21, NBA 2K21 and World of Tanks/World of Warships offers are not available in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. The World of Tanks/World of Warships and Destruction AllStars offers are not available in Japan. 

* Virtual currency and in-game items require access to the full game. Game available to download at no extra cost. Participating products available for free via PlayStation Store until before June 6 23:59 PDT. Your items will be awarded in-game when you next log in to the game with an active Internet connection.   

** Virtual currency and in-game items require access to the full game. Full game is available as a separate paid-for to purchase. Participating products available for free via PlayStation Store until before June 6 23:59 PDT. Your items will be awarded in-game when you next log in to the game with an active Internet connection. Paid PlayStation®Plus membership required for online play. PlayStation Plus membership is subject to a recurring subscription fee taken automatically until cancellation. Age restrictions apply. Full terms: 

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  • The fact that this the last play at home is just ridiculous

  • I’m kinda disappointed in the community to be honest, PlayStation gives us like 16 free games which they did not have to, then free currency for some f2p games and people are complaining? Like how entitled can you be honestly, Sony didn’t have to give us anything yet they did and the best you can all do is complain and whine that you didn’t get God of War or The latest Spider-Man game like come on people, be reasonable.

  • janie_aislingean

    I just want PlayStation now to be available in Australia

  • after that I don’t want to play at home
    I want to leave the house away from this😁👍

  • So happy with my PS5🥳…I can’t wait til the “Pro” version 🤯!…keep up the awesome work Sony🙏…#strongertogether💯

  • good

  • Thanks to PlayStation again for these free in game items.🙏🙏 Keep it up.

  • Whoa what a Disappointment!!!!

  • A Sony realmente se esforçou para nos trazer entretenimento durante a quarentena, abriram mão de pequenos lucros que ganhariam com alguns desses jogos e deram simplesmente de graça, é algo de se agradecer. Mas essa novidade chega a ser decepcionante, infelizmente, mesmo que a estratégia seja chamar a atenção para jogos grátis e evitar mais perda de lucro (levando em conta o mercado de games), acredito que essa novidade poderia ser mais emocionante, pequenos pacotes não chamam tanta a atenção. Acredito que deveriam melhorar esses pacotes, lançar mais ou focar em liberar avaliações de jogos mais conhecidos (avaliações seria o teste grátis do jogo completo por 1 semana ou fim de semana), isso deixaria mais emocionante, criando muitas expectativas sobre diferentes jogos. Não estou falando mal da Sony, admiro e agradeço seus esforços, mas lendo os comentários e visto que a animação de muitos gamers deu uma decaída com essa novidade, acredito que estou reafirmando um fato. Focar em jogos que estão grátis antes da pandemia, seja uma estratégia arriscada, já que a maioria se baseia em jogos que foquem em jogadores sem Ps Plus (algo difícil de se achar), se o objetivo seja entreter aqueles jogadores que não conseguem comprar jogos e outros recursos devido a pandemia, a estratégia é boa, mas se focarem em todos os jogos grátis existentes (estou falando de outros jogos, os que já estão listados são títulos conhecidos), será visível a diferença de gamers contentes e descontentes.

  • To be honest. That’s more or less the lazy.

    The games where good, but this is just kinda yeah… These are free to play games and their currency.

    They give these kind of things away en mass anyway, so this is just meh… Combined with the fact these are also the “usual suspects”.

    It’s a big let down to be honest, as I feel like this currency has barely any value and only exists to keep people in treadmill games.

  • Meh… This is totally lame. Is this a joke? Don’t call that play at home, call it disappointment.

  • I’m personally Great-full to Sony for giving away Games & Currency, I`m Also honestly a little disappointed with the last drop since i don’t own any of the games that i would need to utilize this drop , And also i own a physical copy of horizon zero dawn ,So i guess I’m great-full for Ratchet & Clank ,a game that I very much enjoyed But hadn’t played and probably wouldn’t ever play if Sony didn’t give away.Thank U everyone at Sony U didn’t have to give anything away but still you did ,but I wish the last Drop would serve everyone not only the lucky few .

  • “join the conversation…add a comment…but don’t be a jerk!” – that should be reciprocal for your posts Sony.

    You created expectation, and did not keep up. You should have stopped on Horizon Zero Dawn. Melancholic end for such a beautiful initiative. Was this last Play at home move an idea from the same ARTIST who wanted to remove Ps3 from the store?

    • Yeah, they probably wanted us to forget about the PS3/PSV/PSP store close fiasco with these free games but since that didnt went well for them they probably said “F it. They wont get anything else from us then”. Thats what I’m getting with this…

  • Subnautica was amazing, and I couldn’t believe I got to have such an incredible gaming experience for free!

    Thank you PlayStation. 🙌

  • Love playstation💙.

  • I’d be joyous about the Rocket League stuff if I didn’t already have it from months ago. Couldn’t at least drum up something new?

  • This does feel weird to me and knowing that I don’t really play these games (besides rocket league from time to time) we really could’ve gotten something better, like maybe shadow of the colossus or gravity rush. This was the very last thing I was expecting for you guys and i’m sure the target audience that plays these types of games don’t be checking the blogposts at all or cares about news. I mean unless you guys advertised it alot, I don’t see that many people taking advantage of this.

  • Started out strong. Loved the games we got. This free DLC drop has maybe one or two things of interest but not as exciting. Loved the drops before, it was very awesome. The final “drop” fell short of expectations set too high by your amazing content you released previously. Going to pass on this but thank you.

  • هل ممكن تنزلون لعبة shadow of the tomb raider و هل ممكن تهدونا شهر ps plus و شكرا على مجهودتكم في سبيل ارضاءنا

  • I dont want to sound ungrateful. Giving Ratchet and Clank alone for me was ace (I already had Horizon in my collection) but I must say… after promising 4 months of free GAMES!!! NOT content for F2P cr4p this is an anticlimatic way of ending the Play at Home iniciative… but I wouldnt expect more from a company with Jim Ryan as head lead…

  • poderiam dar moedas virtuais do warzone também

  • Lady Dimitrescu Milky dudders, mommy thirsty fun bags. Tall vampy dommy mommy milkers.

  • This is kinda gross Sony. It’s like handing out samples of crack

  • Kinda disappointing. I think this would have been better in between Ratchet and Clank and the 9 smaller games we got. Maybe one more older, lower price game after might make it a little better, but I’m still grateful for this stuff. Thank you Sony!!

  • This went downhill real quick. It’s like Sony figured out they’re ahead now, so time to cool it with the awesome freebies.

  • I need more free game

  • just-joshinya-73

    Appreciate the free games but this last batch of stuff is kinda a let down. I don’t play any of those games but I guess you can’t please everyone.

  • This is how you gonna end the Play at Home huh? Meh.

  • Why this games what about gta V or resident evil
    But why this free to play games

  • How poor and hard up for games are you guys that you’re all this upset about not getting more free several year old last gen games? Geez ask your moms for a raise in your allowance or something.

  • I am really grateful for Ratchet and HZD, but this final drop was disappointing ngl, not interested in in-game cosmetics. I expected another AAA game though. Still thanks for the games though!

  • Very grateful for all the free offerings this year. The conclusion though, was a fizzle. This shouldn’t have been the final drop

  • This is a thinly veiled plot to try and get people to spend money. Give a tiny bit of currency so that it reels people in to spend more on MTX for these games. GFY Sony.

  • Disappointing but… thanks anyway Sony for R&C and the indies you gave. Already had Horizon but it was a nice gift to those who didnt aswell

  • The Only Good Games I got at the Play at home Event was Ratchet and Clank and Horizon Zero Dawn, the rest of them are just Boring For me. And The good thing is that i really needed Xp Tokens for warzone And The others Nah. do better Next Time

  • cemtex_turahtid

    I just bought my PS4 with VR and had an Xbox.

    I don’t recall Microsoft looking after their customers like Sony did.
    I hate call of duty but to see Sony making things easy for anybody at this time is impressive and I’m quite satisfied with all the VR content that was FREEEEEEE!

  • This is kinda a let down. Sure I already own most of the free games such as Ratchet & Clank and Horizon Zero Dawn. Not complain about those but at least include several 2d indies games to finish with a bang. Feel like they want to end this already.

  • Disappointing.

  • Thank you #PlayAtHome2021

  • unemployedteen19

    If you’re gonna do a bad job is better to just do nothing instead

  • They could have given us more big title but I am happy that they have given us horizon zero dawn full game for free

  • nightwish2901197

    Depois de jogos grátis sejam bons ou maus mas eram jogos vem dar pacotes que nem todos jogam , têm em sua posse ou simplesmente não jogam, ao menos um jogo sempre era melhor que estes pacotes enfim 😠

  • Simplesmente um banho de água fria… Foi prometido e ainda está lá na página do play at home, mais jogos e não conteúdo badarosca…
    Muito obrigado pelo Horizon… Simplesmente fantástico, porém deveriam ter encerrado com ele…

  • Nice :3

  • um can i get free 5million for gta 5 i know u cant but iv been trying to get the deluxo pls make it happend

  • A czy w innych grach takich jak battlefield V też będzie darmowa waluta? Jestem zainteresowany bo wiem że gra na Playstation w tę grę dużo osób.

    A i chciałbym powiedzieć że Sony i PlayStation są mega firmami.

  • Eeyore says, “Why bother?”

  • They did a good job with the variety here , ratchet and clank and horizon for AAA audiences , the ten free games for indie players and the in game content for f2p games for f2p players

  • Primero que nada agradecer a Sony por los buenos juegos que han ofrecido de forma gratuita, aunque Sony no tenga la obligación de despedirse con un juego, pero concuerdo que es MUY DECEPCIONANTE, si después del Horizon Zero Dawn que fue el boom, tenía las expectativas en las nubes con el juego que despediría el Play At Home, y fíjense no juego ninguno de los contenidos adicionales, y claramente como regalar puntos de MLB si cualquiera no tiene el juego, hay que admitir las cosas buenas como las malas y está fue una muy mala jugada de Sony de despedirse de una buena campaña.

  • I can speak for the playstation community that this play at home is the biggest dissapointment. People who have ps- plus already have most of the stuff.

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