PlayStation Plus games for April: Days Gone, Oddworld: Soulstorm, and Zombie Army 4: Dead War

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PlayStation Plus games for April: Days Gone, Oddworld: Soulstorm, and Zombie Army 4: Dead War

All playable starting April 6.

Welcome back one of PlayStation’s heroes turned unlikely revolutionary, withstand the worst an unforgiving wilderness can throw at you and repel an undead armageddon with April’s PlayStation Plus lineup!

Lead Mudokons to freedom in Oddworld: Soulstorm. Devise techniques to survive Freaker hordes in Days Gone. Gear up and give zombies hell with your squad in Zombie Army 4: Dead War. The stakes are high whatever adventure you choose to play first. All three games will be available to download from Tuesday, April 6 – Monday, May 3.

Let’s take a closer look at the choices that await you next month.

PlayStation Plus games for April: Days Gone, Oddworld: Soulstorm, and Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Oddworld: Soulstorm* | PS5**

Oddworld’s Abe returns in this action adventure platformer set directly after the events of 2014’s Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty. Having undergone a transformation from clueless cog in a mega-corporate machine to unlikely hero and beacon of hope, Abe must now save his fellow Mudokons by any means necessary. As you recruit more followers, stick to stealth and puzzle solve to survive or scavenge goods and craft an arsenal to liberate your friends. In Oddworld: Soulstorm, you will begin to understand the power of many will be needed to solve problems that the individual alone cannot.

PlayStation Plus games for April: Days Gone, Oddworld: Soulstorm, and Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Days Gone | PS4

Ride into a desperate, dog-eat-dog open world of the Pacific Northwest as drifter and bounty hunter, Deacon St. John. Risk the threats of the broken road on the back of your trusty bike as you face swarms of mindless feral Freakers – and equally terrifying humans. Unpredictable weather and different times of day and night can cause incredible danger and shocking surprises… and everything wants you dead. Devise your strategies as you customise weapons and skills, craft traps and upgrade your bike as you try and survive the unforgiving wilderness. 

PlayStation Plus games for April: Days Gone, Oddworld: Soulstorm, and Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Zombie Army 4: Dead War | PS4

Hitler’s hordes are back for more in this spine-chilling shooter from the makers of Sniper Elite 4. Abominable occult enemies, epic weapons and a harrowing new campaign for 1-4 players*** await in 1940s Europe, as you fight to save humankind from undead Armageddon. Continue the alternate history of Zombie Army Trilogy in huge new levels, and uncover a sinister plan that takes the Survivor Brigade across Italy and beyond. 

*Oddworld: Soulstorm not available in South Korea; launch date for South Korea is still under exploration and will be announced at a later date.
**PS5 console only; PlayStation Plus benefit not applicable for Oddworld: Soulstorm on PS4.
***Internet connection and PlayStation Plus required for online multiplayer modes. PlayStation Plus is an ongoing subscription with recurring fees until cancelled. Age restrictions apply. See
here for full terms & conditions.

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  • So how many times is Days Gone going to be free, isn’t in the Playstation Plus Collection too? Game’s trash

    • It’s a Sony game though, so as it’s likely not selling anymore it’s basically a free thing to give away.

  • Please don’t let this be an april fools joke

  • I wish I would have known days gone was going to be free because I’ve been with $35 on it 🤬.

  • Any reason they didn’t give the ps4 version of the Oddworld game in the line up?

  • Cool. Nice PSN

  • Since this is one of the few ways we can show disapproval for the shutdown on the store for psp, vita and ps3.
    It is not cool, and do not be surprised for the amount of piracy that will appear because of that decision…

  • Hi Playstation, I am really enjoying my game and look forward to a few more technology improvements, so we can get an new portable. But really loving multiplayer Grand theft auto and Red dead. Maybe Call of duty or Naughty dog will put an different changing game on the store.

    • I mean so the game will change when you buy something in it. Or play differently. But portable romance will hopefully come back in an couple of yrs.

  • I know this is not the proper channel but it seems Sony will not even have a Blog entry about closing the PS3 and Vita stores? Seriously this is such a childish stance. Great way to show your loyal fans for more than 10 years your support

    • It’s because they don’t want to hear the community’s opinions over it. If they don’t mention it here, Twitter, or on their YouTube channel, they can ignore the comments. That’s why people need to comment on everything they post on all channels about backwards compatibility and how they’re screwing over indie devs

    • This is to show how arrogant and anti-consumer they’ve gotten.They don’t care about their custumers anymore they’re way ahead of the competition.People need to speak with their wallets that’s the only way they’ll listen but instead they keep asking for more PS5.

    • Since it seems they are not willing to listen, so I am hoping that they double down on their stupid decisions. This way they will run the goodwill of PlayStation brand even faster. Thats the best hope for quick management change at this point.

    • * meant run the goodwill into ground even faster

  • Oddworld is great but Days Gone does seem a bit cheap from them.

    It’s fine as a one-off but I hope giving out PS+ Collection games doesn’t become a monthly trend.

    Feels a little like being penalised as a PS5 owner, surprised they would do this so soon after launch. Doesn’t say much to new PS Plus subscribers if 4 months after launch they’re already receiving duplicate games.

    Great for PS4 owners, but yeah.

  • Hey Sony since you’re shutting down PS3, Vita and PSP stores how about a nice discount to all the digital content for those consoles? Even 50% off on all games and dlc would be nice, not like a clearance sale but like farewell gift. I honestly still had a lot of dlc I still needed to buy on the PS3 before you stopped having sales for it…..and now if I have to buy everything I need at full price it’s gonna burn a hole through my wallet. I feel like this is the least you can do for a solemn farewell to the stores. No extended notice is required, if all content is nicely discounted a lot more people will buy up the dlc/games they had been holding out on all this time. I really don’t know where else to say this. I just believe that the PS3, Vita and PSP deserve a better farewell for being work horse consoles rather than being put to sleep with no changes at all after years of neglect. Hopefully someone reads this and we get a nice surprise before the closure.

    • They haven’t bothered with sales on PS3 since before they removed the store page from the web, they just don’t care anymore unfortunately. Getting rather tired of Sony and their hubris, especially around no backwards compatibility for anything pre-PS4 and not even bothering to patch a lot of their games for PS4 Pro and now PS5 (in the case of Spider-Man, forcing you to buy it bundled with the grossly overpriced Miles Morales)… I’m glad some of their exclusives are coming to PC, because I’m definitely not buying a PS6 with the way things are going, and will definitely not be renewing my PS+ again

  • Day’s Gone & Zombie Army 4 on Covid-19. It’s feels like Sony try to prepare us for next apocalypse.

  • Excited for Oddworld Soulstorm. Love Days Gone but got it. Not interested in the other one.

  • daysgone is already in psplus collection, psnow, and now in psplus…. there is no sense to have both subscrition (now e plus), i’m already removed the psnow renewal

  • As a newcomer to PS, and owner of PS5 and PS Plus collection, I cannot shake off the unpleasant feeling. Twice in last three months Sony gives free the games I already own in Collection – Ratched and Clank and now Days Gone. Not to mention the last one is about to come to PC (be pirated and/or sold cheap on Steam) as well. Feels cheap, to be honest. Like recieving present from bargain bin. I’m glad for PS4 owners who don’t have those games (if there are many – PS4 is almost 10 years old…), but why not add games that I didn’t paid for already?
    Come on Sony, you want to look solid against GamePass, do not make such flimsy moves.

    • 7 years old is almost 10 to you?…there’s 3 years to go until PS4 reaches 10 years man.

    • Ratchet and Clank does not included in ps plus games. It’s for Play at home.

    • How will they know what you own to change it? Plus what if I own the replacement game? Will they change it again?

    • look I dont mean to be a dick, but i still have my ps4 pro. I’m not rich like most of you who can be spoiled by themselves or parents. so yeah, getting my ps4 in 2017, breaking down so I could get a pro in 19, it’s not that bad.

  • middle finger to ps3 and vita players get a a ps4 or ps5 or go fyourself sony says

  • Hey Sony, pull finger and give us backwards compatibility already. If a handful of volunteers can do it through emulation, I’m sure you can do it too. If you’re not going to, at least bring forward older titles through remasters and remakes

  • Wow this is unbelievable,this is even better than last month…3 really great games,I guess it has come to that time where all we’ll get on the lineup now is great games mostly AAA…I remember when that started to happen on PS3.That’s great incredible month,need more PSN games though.

    Anyway why you cowards don’t make a post here on the Blog about shutting down the Store for PS3 and Vita?…guess y’all don’t even want to see PS3 and VIta on the Blog again but it’s fine to post crap like PS exclusives games going to PC right?…damn scum Sony you’ve turned into a pathetic scum.

    Not even gonna make a post about communities going away?…I wonder what’s the point of y’all ever starting something.

    • Ya ever stop and think that perhaps they sent a direct email to those heavy PS3/Vita users? It has more of an impact than a post on the blog which has no guarantee everyone reads.

  • Awesome! Now all of the loyal PlayStation fans can play another inferior console version of a once exclusive game.

    Thanks, Sony! 👍

    “Play like never before… on PC”

  • I love how its April and yet it’s basically all zombie games

  • Wait….. you are giving a PS+ Collection game out for PS+ in april…… Who the hell is running PS+? This really baffles me. Yes I have a PS5, I own Days Gone, 3 times over starting in april. Disc, PS+ Collection, PS+ April. I get there are far more PS4 owners out there, but come on Sony this makes no sense to me. Why have the PS+ collection at all.

    • In simple words the plus collection was never done for ps4 owners who moved to ps5 but for those new to the console system to show good games not available outside ps4 at that time. I have had days gone including this time four times plus collection disc ps now and ps plus in a few days. Do I care not much

  • When do we agree to ignore the negative comments and only respond to positive?

    • Probably around a time when Sony stops doing stupid or anti consumer things and attains perfection. A pile of hollow praise doesn’t help towards that end.

      Any “Sony fan” should welcome critique, as it helps identify how to make Sony better.

    • MP’s username checks out

    • Wouldn’t you be glad if your favorite company screwed up a little less? 😂

      The username probably went over your head. As a hint, it comes from a card game. It’s not anything to do with being “sad”.

  • I’m not saying it’s bad ps plus games for April, but Days Gone? Really? Only haters of this game didn’t buy it.

  • Um why days gone when it was already a free game for psplus give us something different or bring down your price for a yearly subscription if you can’t put nothing good or somewhat different or new on the ps plus monthly free games

  • I feel at this point Sony should just make a game that you can only play through ps plus and add onto it every month so people won’t complain, they’ll know what they’re in for. Bunch of Debbie downers 😒

  • Brock25Estabrook

    When we’ll it be on ps5

  • Good offering this month…that is…unless your an entitled 13 year old. the real problem worth complaining about is the horrible store front

  • Days Gone is already a free game on the ps plus collection. So why that?

  • I think it’s pretty lame that I pay for a full psn+ membership and not be able to reap the full benefits like being able to play one of my favorite franchises in gaming history (odd world) because Sony was underprepared for for the demand of the ps5 and I was unable to get one no matter how hard I tried and wasn’t willing to pay more than double for the console. Why are we being punished for not being able to get the ps5 when it’s your fault we can’t in the first place by creating an artificial shortage to drive up the market value and stir up free publicity

  • I agree that the PS5 has pitiful external hard drive support which is what I’m waiting for Sony to fix. As we all know, the first generation of any new console gets outdated within a few years. Sony please allow 8 tb external hard drives for ps5 games. Gamers like myself have over 300 games, as I enjoy trying a myriad of titles. This issue is going to get worse with larger and more games released over time.

  • I was going to buy Oddworld on release. It’s a freaking good Plus month for me :D

  • So happy to get Days Gone. So sad to see the crybabys on here. I already bought Zombie Army 4. Half the time I already bought the free game. So? Complaining about duplicates on PS+Collection is just dumb because it’s free. It’s all free. If you subscribe to PSNow and PSPlus and still want to complain maybe you are subscribing to too many services…

    • None of the games on a paid for service can possibly be “free”, you paid for the service.

      If you give me $10000 a week for a “great stuff collection” and I give you a rock, how much did the rock cost you?

      I’d ignore any complaints as the rock was obviously free. 😜

  • First off let me say that I wish the Oddworld folks tremendous success with this announcement. It will certainly add some value to the PlayStation Plus service.

    Meanwhile MLB The Show 21 is available day and date on the Xbox platforms with Game Pass when it launches later this month.

    I hate to say it, but there is a narrative quickly shaping here, Sony. Yet another month under Jim Ryan where this company’s subscription service is inching towards “PlayStation Minus”.

    Add to this MLB The Show 21 story the recent news that the PS3, PSP, and Vita Stores are closing without at least a sale or an announcement that these libraries are migrating onto PlayStation Now, and it feels less and less like PlayStation has the stewardship customers want to invest their time, money, and loyalty with.

  • Can’t watch the trailers! Asks for age consent, but only lets you scroll back one month at a time! Fix this!

  • I won’t buy ps exclusives ever again. After a while they’re free on ps+ or psnow. Maybe even I can get them PC.

  • Make an official PS.Blog post announcing the closure of legacy PlayStation Store services for PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita, including PSOne Classics, PS2 Classics, and PlayStation minis content.

    Own up to this company’s direction and be upfront with your erstwhile community regarding this severely anti-consumer, anti-developer, and anti-legacy decision with no disclosed plans for decades of experiences beyond the insufficient premise of PlayStation Now rotation.

    We deserve to know beyond a one-off e-mail, and Somy deserves direct feedback from its providers.

    • They may never say anything about it outside of the email. One reason maybe that they can’t answer the thing about them not owning all the licenses for the games and that items can be removed completely by the company that owns the games once the store is shut down, yes Sony says that you can still use your download list to get what you paid for but I ask this to the very long time users is every game you ever gone still in the download list? As I for one have lost things over the years and when I contacted support was told that it had been removed completely from the system by the owner of the rights of the game

  • If I had Zombie Army would be free a few weeks after I bought it, I would’ve waited.

    Great game btw. Enjoyed it’s predecessor and this one’s even better

  • The king of greed us Jim Ryan he made the best profit in 2020 and still wants more money Japan Studio Disbanded moved to asobi because they don’t make enough money for him charging us 70$ for the exclusives and than sending them to PC and charging us money for PS5 upgrades on top MLB the show day one on game pass 70$ for us Outriders day one game pass 70$ for us all ouf our 2200 gamers eraced in july 2 our PS3 PS2 PS1 PSP PS VITA Legacy eraced we need to preserve our legacy SAY NO TO PLAYSTATION EXCLUSIVES GOING TO PC NO TO 70$ GAMES NO TO PS4 communities getting shutdown NO TO ERASING PS3 PS2 PS1 PSP PS VITA LEGACY SAY NO TO SCAMMING PS USERS CHARGING THEM MONEY FOR LACKLUSTER PS5 UPGRADES AND THAN GIVING IT FOR FREE ON XBOX BECAUSE OF SMART DELIVERY IF MLB THE SHOW AND OUTRIDERS ARE DAY ONE ON GAME PASS THEY SHOULD BE DAY ONE ON PS PLUS MERGE PS PLUS WITH PS NOW WITHOUT ADDITIONAL CHARGE OR EMULATE PS3 PS2 PS1 PS VITA PSP ON PS5 TO PRESERVE THE LEGACY

    • Money talks in this world if you offer a truck load of money to have it early then you get it early. They will also never merge now and plus for one price as a lot of places do not have now…a counter idea would be both services at a reduced price so instead of plus price and now price you can get the most expensive one full price and the other 25% cheaper. Or have three teirs (1) plus which is just online access (2)plus with monthly games (3) both services (now and plus) for slightly cheaper then buying both

  • Total and utter trash yet again, these people are absolutely useless and out of touch! Day’s Gone is one of the worst games that I’ve ever played, the voice acting is atrocious and it’s boring as all hell! Final Fantasy again, really? Ffs! In 2 year’s of having this unless subscription I will never renew again, I’ve gotten 2 decent games in 2 years and I already owned both. Even the spring sales are pathetic, I’m so over this company, they’re a total joke and their game pickers need to be replaced ASAP!

  • Because Easter Zombie 💞

  • Days Gone? That’s already in the PS Plus Collection for PS5 owners. What a waste of a game for us/them. They really should have added another game exclusively for PS5 because of that. Pretty shameful.

  • Thanks, cool

  • Love my PS5 . But the errors are getting terrible.

  • Finally! A game that I’ve been wanting to play for a long time. Thank you, Sony. I love you guys.

  • I realize I’m in the minority here, but every month I hope there’s something for the kids and most months I’m disappointed. They don’t really mind when I say “Sorry kids, nothing for you this month”, but multiple months in a row makes me regret being a subscriber.

  • The chosen release date for Oddworld is unfortunate, would have liked to have checked it out over the long weekend.

  • good games why not 4

  • I for one am super excited for the 2 zombie games. First time I’ll be playing them. Stoked asf. But for now back to watching vincenzo on Netflix. Great show 👏. Then some monster hunter rise. P.s. Can’t please everyone lol.

  • Problem is currently getting a PS5 is flipping impossible. So these PS5 games are rather useless right now. It would be far fairer to give us things we could actually play right now wouldn’t it?

  • Great lineup 👏

  • It would have been nice to give oddworld soulstorm free to ps4 owners too. I understand they want to push ps5 initiatives but you can’t even get a ps5 right now because of pandemic and scalpers. It would be different if ps5 was actually available everywhere. Would have been a nice gesture on playstations part but I guess not. Just like psplus collection only free to ps5 owners even though there practically all ps4 games. I guess loyal ps4 owners and existing customers don’t get those advantages.

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