Indies take the spotlight with a day of new reveals and updates

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Indies take the spotlight with a day of new reveals and updates

Stay tuned for news on seven upcoming indie releases

Hi everyone! One of the best parts of working with the indie game developer community is learning what goes into the experiences they are creating. Today, we are excited to have some of them share their stories with reveals and updates on seven indie games coming to PlayStation.

Work with a friend to solve complex puzzles, make your own path in a surreal adventure, and experiment with sounds and colors in unexpected ways. The games in today’s announcements bring such a variety of aesthetics and gameplay, I’m confident that everyone will find something to capture their imagination.

Keep an eye here on PS Blog as we bring you reveals and updates on indie games every half hour, starting at 7am PT / 2pm GMT / 3pm CET.

Indie announcements

Indies take the spotlight with a day of new reveals and updates

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  • Looking forward to it Shu. I hope the team is working to bring Hades to PlayStation.

    • If anything Super Giant better be working hard to bring the game to Sony’s industry leading platform. I can’t begin to express how enormously disappointed I am in Super Giant Games for omitting PlayStation with their new release. They had built a great rapport with Sony during the PlayStation 4 generation and as one of my favorite independent developers it was sad to see their most celebrated game switch allegiances and become a Nintendo groupie. I truly believed Curse of the Dead Gods would be the Hades killer because it just has more impressive combat and technical prowess, but sadly it is not. Good game, nothing special.

      They need to be working on relationships with Devolver, SGG, Tom Happy, etc that were formerly iron clad, in order to procure games like Hades, AV2, and Carrion upon release. I know Switch is the new PS4 but there is no excuse for a publisher like Devolver to release Carrion to Xbox One and not PS4. I’m sure Microsoft threw a few dollars their way but still, Sony needs to tighten things up because they helped make PS4 one of the greatest generations of all time. Phenomenal games like Gungeon, Pyre, Axiom, and Transistor all had forms of PS4 exclusivity. Look at Arrowhead with Helldivers, Edith Finch, Rapture/Chinese Room, Giant Sparrow, Giant Squid and so many more. PS4 was an indie Haven. I love Shu, but the loss of Adam Boyes is more damaging than I could have imagined.

      And I know it’s early but I honestly expected more from Shu in this position. He needs to go out there and identify the best publishers and the best indie Games and start relationships, deals, and so on. I love to but all I ever see are low energy tweets and the occasional PS blog article.

  • Hades is it coming to Playstation ?

  • I’m sure hoping to see more info and a release date on Soundfall from Drastic Games.

  • Hades when?

  • I’m really looking forward to playing Disco Elysium on my PS5 :)

  • props my dear sir, looking forward

  • I am so looking forward for FNAF Security Breach!

  • Would absolutely LOVE if these indies came to Playstation: Hades, Deep Rock Galactic, Octopath Traveler, To the Moon, Bird’s Story, and Finding Paradise. Keep up the great work Shu!!!

    • Youll see Hades soon enough. Bastion eventually escaped Xbox 360 and made it to PS4 and Pyre launched first on Playstation. Now theyre taking Nintendos side to complete the cycle (who honestly knows why) but soon enough. Businessmen dont always tjink logically.

      P.S. Shu doesn’t read these, he cant hear you.

  • Sony needs to get rid of Jim Ryan and promote you, Ryan has no spine, hes too afraid of making gambles and would rather just play it safe, thats not good enough. During the era of Jack Tretton, Microsoft (more specifically Xbox) were stumbling trying to keep up and had determined that the only way to try and rival Sony was to mimic them (or what I like to call the Steve Ballmer effect). But now, its like Jim Ryan doesnt know what to do and so hes looking at what Microsoft is doing and figures thats a safe bet (i.e. PlayStation games on PC Microsoft ONLY decided to do because they were losing market share and Xbox One was a failure from day one Sony doesnt need to do because the PlayStation brand is stilk strong. When and if PlayStation consoles die, PlayStation is in a position to just start releasing PC games, then, and wont need any build up for presence.) Jim Ryan chose to go on with his five year-old business plan and announced VR2 before consumers even have a PS5. Why are trying to sell something when a foundation hasnt even been set yet? Youve got a serious scalper problem going on right now in the midst of a product shortage, youve gotta deal with that and get product into consumers hands before you start talking about add-ons. The world is accepting of grey area, you can adapt as needed, you dont need a business plan that has to go bit by bit in a given time, COVID has created the exception to that rule, Im sorry, but your five year console is going to have to borrow from the Immortal PS3 to become a seven year to ten year console cycle. The worlds not as black and white and you may think, you have to consider the circumstances and current position and adjust accordingly, not tear through it because youre afraid you wont remain relevant. Trust your consumers and have patience with them. AND GET RID OF JIM RYAN, WE WANT SHU!

  • NOTE IN REGARDS TO MY EXAMPLE GIVEN Sony have never bowed to any competitor. Theyve done things their own way. PlayStation games on PC may not seem like s big deal, but to your consumers and HUGE fanbase it communicates weakness and unsurity in the brand, not what consumers want. Its like a relationship and an attraction, confidence and independence has a greater appeal amongst competition. Even if youre the hidious nerd, this PC business isnt Sony flexing its PlayStation muscle, its going along with Xbox because its afraid its missing something rather than standing on its own.

    • Microsoft puts games on PC because they make Windows, they’re a PC company first and foremost. They’ve been making PC (Windows) games long before Xbox existed.

  • Can’t wait to play them all

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