PlayStation Store to discontinue movie and TV purchases and rentals

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PlayStation Store to discontinue movie and TV purchases and rentals

Details on upcoming changes to on-demand purchases.

At SIE, we strive to provide the best entertainment experience for PlayStation fans, and that means evolving our offerings as customer needs change. We’ve seen tremendous growth from PlayStation fans using subscription-based and ad-based entertainment streaming services on our consoles. With this shift in customer behavior, we have decided to no longer offer movie and TV purchases and rentals through PlayStation Store as of August 31, 2021.  

When this change takes effect, users can still access movie and TV content they have purchased through PlayStation Store for on-demand playback on their PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. We thank our fans for their continued support, and we look forward to further enhancing the entertainment experience on PlayStation.

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  • Hey, what does this do to the Powers tv series? Wasn’t that exclusive to the PlayStation Network?

  • I used to think Sony was a part of the ultraviolet/movies anywhere collection. Then one day I found your name on sale for like a dollar so I purchased it, I didn’t see it show up there (I assumed it was because it was an anime movie but I have dbs broly and the first hero academia movie and I can watch wherever my account is linked).

    After I discovered that I don’t think I have purchased anything else via the playstation store. It’s a real shame too, they joined paramount and lions Gate as places I’d never buy any digital media from.

  • I hope they will do a huge blowout sale before they cancel it. Some of the movies are over priced.

  • How about working on more ps5 releases. Please

  • For the love of god can they not do this nonsense🥲

  • Took you FAR too long to get the finger out with this. By the time we got this video service in Ireland, 8 years later, about 2 years ago, Netflix had already taken not only the world by storm but even here in our country. It is literally your own fault for this failing. But that’s what happens when you sit around and do nothing.

    Oh….. and nobody can buy PS1 classics on PS4 and PS5 if you DON’T EVEN SELL THEM AND MAKE THEM PLAYABLE ON THOSE CONSOLES. I know, shocking stuff. Imagine NOT wanting easy money. You are sitting on a gold mine and do nothing with it (and I’m talking about the 400 PS1 games already made and waiting to be able to be played on PS4 and PS5 with no effort that were all playable on PS3, PSP and Vita).
    And what’s worse is PS4 was a bigger selling console then PS3 and very likely PS5 will be all over again. So there are plenty of potential new customers that missed out on PS3 with these “PS1 Classics” releases. And you still won’t bother with incredibly obvious things that will make you profit/margin.

    • You have hit that nail right on the head, that the main reason I still have my ps3 plugged in.

      There could be some license issues with some games but they should still be able to put it the ones released digitally before.

      The usual response though is that “we found through research that people don’t want to play the previous generations on their new console” kinda hard to do that sort of research if you don’t give them the chance huh?

    • Sony’s usual response is a load of nonsense to be honest. When backwards compatiblity is done properly like PS4 games on PS5 a lot of people will use it. Especially nowadays when the differences between console generations are nowhere near as big as they used to be and games age a lot better these days.

      I would have played all my PS1 and PS2 games on PS4, except for the fact that only around 50 PS2 games were ever available on PS4 and PS1 games were nowhere to be seen. Plus having to re-buy games just to play them on a newer console will put a lot of people off immediately. I gave in and bought a PS2 since the PS2 games I wanted to play have to this day never been on PlayStation Store. Having one PlayStation console that covers all console generations would be great, but Sony aren’t there yet unfortunately.

  • That can’t be a good thing ?????

  • I see this as a huge downside and no upside, it doesn’t seem to make sense to me, and I believe they should and hopefully will turn that decision around, there really is no point to it.

  • I’m confused, how does removing a feature show evolution?

    For that matter, how does removing an entire service count as “further enhancing the entertainment experience on PlayStation.”

    Yes, yes, we’re going to enhance everyone’s entertainment experience by… ermmm REMOVING an entertainment experience.

    Wow, I’ll bet the round of applause in the boardroom could be heard on the street below, so bold, so daring.

    This makes no sense whatsoever at the consumer level and the way it’s been phrased as a good thing is actually really infuriating.

    I don’t have a huge library on my US account due to location restrictions but in my main account I have a few hundred files to flick through, it would be nice if this went the way of ultraviolet and migrated to Google play movies, but I doubt that will happen.

    I can say this much though, this post did not, in any way, enhance my playstation experience.

  • I completely disagree with this due to the fact. That’s where I purchase all my movies. I like the convenience and availability of the movies. I dont know about this decision and it’s not cool.

  • You said you strive to make a better experience for your user but doing this is a complete contradiction of that statement. Did you think we would all be like yeahhh great idea! I can’t believe this, this was the only place I could rent movies! THANKS!!!!! 👌

  • I guess this is why I was not able to purchase the spiderman movies on my ps5 the other day when re watching the mcu (because sony won’t release them on streaming platforms just like universal won’t with the incredible hulk). I had to load up my ps4 pro and purchase them on there because the app apparently is doing the same thing as ps5. I figured something was up when I had to download the my video app on my ps5. I dont have much on there but, what I do have, I would not like to lose.

  • Does this mean you will fix the “CaN NoT PeRfORm VoICe ChAt DuE To a CoNNeCtIoN ErRoR” constant black screens? You know the ones that CONSTANTLY pop up after the worst update in Playstations history. (8.00) Nobody cares about your lame duck TV and Movies. What I do care about is being able to play a game and not have a notification box take up 1/3 of my tv screen every 4 minutes. Fix you base service or quit charging money for your janked up B.S. Playstation Plus. #EightPointZeroZeroUpdateIsTrash

  • This is very disappointing, I’ve been buying movies on psn and building my library since the ps3 because it was convenient to keep all my entertainment needs in one place.

    For one, psn offers sales on movies pretty frequently unlike most other movie services.

    And second, I started buying on psn
    because during the ps3 era psn allowed you to download your movies to your hard drive, not just stream it. So if you lost internet connection (or we have another scenario like the “PSN Outage of 2011” at least you’ll have movies on your hard drive to keep you sane. Which was a mistake in my opinion to not have movie downloads with the ps4 and ps5 consoles.

    I do understand that more people are streaming through Netflix, HBOMax, etc. but keep in mind that those streaming services, for the most part, don’t offer new releases. Meaning when new releases are available you won’t be able to watch them and you will have to go through another service.

    I know I’m venting and maybe I’m part of the minority that purchased movies through psn and maybe that’s why they are discontinuing the service but it still sucks. I just wanted to keep all my entertainment in one place

    • Obviously we’re a minority since Sony felt to have to cut the service.

      There weren’t enough people or I guess there wasn’t enough money to keep the other studios, that weren’t Sony Pictures, to keep them digitally distributing on PSN.

      Fortunately, apparently Sony has enough budget to keep running the servers to still be able to watch our catalogs.

      Yeah, you’re not alone, pal. I’m disappointed too.

    • Buying on PSN let’s me buy across all studios, streaming is a nightmare now and that’s what it seems like they want us to do. If I want to watch Star Wars (and you don’t own it) I have to stream through Disney+, if I want to watch Lord of the Rings (and you don’t own it), get HBO. I’ve been wanting to watch the Quiet Place 2 but it’s going to Paramount+ for streaming so I won’t even have an option to buy it on PSN. I mean you can buy through Amazon, iTunes, etc. But I don’t need multiple streaming services to watch new releases when I have a already and would like to continue to add my favorite movies. I’m glad a good majority of people are upset about this, I hope this gets reversed.

  • This sucks. What a bad decision. I utilize this service and enjoy it. Bad move which only hurts its supporters.

  • But why and what’s happens to the movie previously purchased

  • Aww, NO!!

    This sucks. I liked having PlayStation being my central entertainment center: Games, Video and Spotify. Hell, I actually used Qriocity/Music Unlimited.

    And I despised Netflix (so many things to watch for free and I always said “I’ll watch it later.” Then when I do want to see it, the film/show gets removed). At least buying retail price via PS Video put some personal value on what I wanted to watch and usually I do follow through watching even if not at initial thought.

    I’m a believer of voting with my wallet and I enjoyed buying knowing that a cut of what I bought would go to Sony. Plus having my Sony Rewards account linked to PSN was an added bonus.

    Well, you can’t have it all. Best of luck, Sony.

    P. S. Please be working on more Mature high-quality titles. Market’s saturated with children’s/wholesome-safe games. Thanks.

  • They are only discontinuing the the availability to purchase movies and rentals on PSN. This is not for streaming services such as Hulu or Netflix!!

  • This is terrible news. The PS Store was one of the only places I could usually easily find and rent/buy certain movies. It has provided years worth of entertainment through my PS4.

    This is very disappointing and, like many others have echoed, seems like a step back.

    Sure there are a lot of streaming options out there, but yours worked.

  • I wish our comments mattered as I believe this is a poor decision to take it away. The movie and TV episodes that aren’t on other streaming platforms are amazing to get on the PSN. Plus movies that are in theaters or on-demand available in the comfort of your home. Makes you think you’re going the most out of your PSN subscription. This is a terrible decision market wise as its making the company money. At least we won’t lose our purchased content but it still puts a bad taste in my mouth that this is going away….but again, the decision has been made, not like our comments matter…


  • That really really really SUCKS!!!!!

  • Not happy..

  • Not happy about this.

  • Not everyone uses multiple streaming services, not every streaming service has the same movies and TV shows, movies and TV shows are not equally spread across the individual streaming services, so now I have to pay for multiple streaming services just to watch movies that I like when I could have just bought or rented it from the PSstore, i’m not a big fan of watching TV but I love movies, it was so easy for me to buy/rent movies from the PlayStation store without paying a monthly subscription, streaming service gives you everything you want with everything that you don’t want just like a cable service but for less, but the down side is that you have to subscribe to multiple streaming services to get the shows and movies that you want because of licensing issues, but for movie people we could have just bought/rented the movie from the PlayStation store without subscribing to all the things that we do not want, and another thing, the classics, the sales, the Trilogy’s, the bundles, you can’t get that on a streaming service, most streaming services only focus on the recent or new content and never have the full trilogy or collection of movies, and they are on a time limit, at least PlayStation store should have movies, I understand not having the TV shows because of the new streaming era in licensing agreement.

  • Really hope they reconsider!!!

  • Do us one LAST fanfare.. release a PHYSICAL copy of Final Fantasy 7 (the original) and maybe even Crisis core for the Playstation Vita !! – or expect all those left behind with our beloved mobile console (& willing to spend as much as required!..) – yet having to resort to hacking their consoles too.. That community is growing . And YOU said Vita means life..

  • Damn the bad thing is I’ve been looking for a way to get a 4k version of my movies only to hear they got rid of it. Sad really because I used every bit 9f of my service when I had it. Most of my library is on psn. 8m glad I get to keep it but I hope at least we get an opinion to use it on other platforms. So 8 know I didn’t waste 100s of dollars

  • In Our household, We have both Ps4 and Xbox One, We had Hulu, We dumped Hulu and picked up Sling… unfortunately We have to watch it on Xbox since Sling is not available on Playstation. We always check Playstation first… We r wanting to upgrade both systems to new ones, but hopefully one day that will come… the future isn’t in sight yet for this household seeing how no retailer can keep constant stock.

  • So what’s gonna happen to all the movies and TV shows I have on their already?

  • I can understand that sales are low right now but Studios haven’t been releasing movies for us to buy for the last year

    • I’ve got almost a thousand movies and like 20 to 30 shows without an option to transfer my collection to say movies anywhere I think I can confidently say I will never buy another PlayStation console again. Probably never even a Sony product again.

  • Definitely not a fan of this, I liked renting and purchasing off the store. Well if the ones I’ve already purchased will stay I guess It’s fine. I better saddle up and get everything I wanted before end of August.

  • I hope I get my money back on what I paid for last month hopefully you guys can do that for me I think it’s $40 or $50

  • Lame. Most of my digital purchases were through PSN. Guess I’ll know better than to support your services in the future.

  • Discontinued movies and can’t get a ps5 from anywhere maybe you yall should just closeup shop.

  • I disagree with this decision there are a lot of people who like to watch and rent movies from the store I myself included your making a big mistake and will lose customers. Who ever made this decision is not quite right in the head and don’t know what people want

  • Wtf?!? This makes no sense. SIE said they’re evolving which generally means to make something bigger or perhaps better on their behalf. This is a downgrade more than anything and totally opposite to the term “evolving”. PSN movies were generally a great option to movies especially the ones that were just released from cinema where you could get slightly earlier access than any other streaming service. Quite dissapointed really

  • I don’t like it. It’s BS. I’ve been buying and storing movies on PS for quite a few years. I would very much love to continue doing it as an option. I don’t always buy movies in that format. But when I do they’re always there especially now when they’re saving the cloud and not using up my memory. People don’t want to buy movies in physical form at these days because there’s no place to store them. Don’t let go of it. Bring it back!

  • Very very very disappointed!

  • This really sucks. As a person on the autism spectrum, I hate going to busy cinemas where people behave like animals, talking, chewing and rustling all the way through the film. I much prefer to rent movies on Playstation and watch them in the comfort of my home. Guess that part of my life is over now and I’ll have to wait for years for new releases to finally hit Netflix.

  • Does this mean they will stop pre-orders for ppv events like UFC and AEW stuff like that???

  • Gutted
    It took me a long time to finally stop buying blu rays and dvds and decided stop, time to go digital.
    Playstation my first dvd player
    Playstation 3 my first blu ray player and the playstation store which was and still amazing.
    Like many others I’ve built up a big library of movies and tv shows as Playstation is my go-to multi media device.
    I have a few streaming apps but have always found the PSstore the best place to go.
    So how can all movie and tv content bought from the store be moved to another source, in the event that you decide in a few years time that you want to discontinue the streaming of psvideo ,please don’t say phone memory card , will a compensation means happen , ok that was harsh as I’m Gutted that your getting rid of such a brilliant means of entertainment.
    Please keep us all informed if you change your minds…..

  • It’s like when you have an old phone for a few years and all of a sudden functions dont work anymore… System starts to lagg, can’t do certain things… Then your stuck upgrading.. I don’t.. want a … Ps5 right now Sony…not yet

  • Any chances you guys can put up the archive of all the PlayStation 3 videos we were able to download directly back then? Would love to access and download all those old PS3 videos that are no longer available to the public. Thanks

  • Danger0usD1amond

    For some reason this really reminds me of the time the PS4 launched with basically no streaming services while the outgoing PS3 with it’s more mature ecosystem had them all. And in a way I’d wager that’s why they’re doing away with the PS Store non-gaming rental/purchasing – streaming is king, it’s already on consoles, smart TVs and streaming boxes/sticks and therefore paying for the rights for non-Sony IP plus doing the hosting is just not profitable. Sony might be a fairly big company but in light of the pandemic they’re hedging too – they have to. Hence more cross-plat games than originally planned combined with a number of titles being pushed to 2022 to avoid the “unfinished game” fracas of Cyberpunk 2077, plus rushing a clearly unfinished PS5 to market so Microsoft didn’t get a head start with the Series X|S consoles a la Xbox 360 in 2005 beating out the PS3 by around a year.

    I can’t say I approve of all these business practices, but in the interests of preserving long-term profitability and keeping the gaming division of Sony alive they make a lot of sense.

  • I can understand Sony’s decisions why they’re doing this. Lockdown around the world with Covid, streaming movies via Netflix,Amazon Prime and Disney has become the new norm and this has had a detrimental effect on Rentals and purchases of movies. If the demand has dropped and the revenue isn’t enough why provide a service that isn’t bring used enough.

    I perfectly understand their decision.

  • I dont mean to bring xbox into this but why can’t Playstation just do what Microsoft does and join the Movies Anywhere program so you can watch them on vudu and other platforms?? This is the reason I’ve never purchased a movie through Sony’s service, otherwise I would cuz sometimes they have good deals but not worth it when I’m forced to use only there app.

  • I have 1011 movies. And 100 tv shows. You better put a Ducking sale for all your movies to loyal customers. Go out with a bang.

  • Can I actually download the movies to my ps5 that I have bought from the ps4 store or can I only stream them?

  • Can I actually download movies to my ps5 that I bought on ps4 or can I only stream them?

    • Not anymore, you were able to back during the PS3 but once they launched the ps4 they stopped. I’ve been asking for that feature since then and it never happened. And now it’s just worse with the PS5

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