PlayStation Store to discontinue movie and TV purchases and rentals

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PlayStation Store to discontinue movie and TV purchases and rentals

Details on upcoming changes to on-demand purchases.

At SIE, we strive to provide the best entertainment experience for PlayStation fans, and that means evolving our offerings as customer needs change. We’ve seen tremendous growth from PlayStation fans using subscription-based and ad-based entertainment streaming services on our consoles. With this shift in customer behavior, we have decided to no longer offer movie and TV purchases and rentals through PlayStation Store as of August 31, 2021.  

When this change takes effect, users can still access movie and TV content they have purchased through PlayStation Store for on-demand playback on their PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. We thank our fans for their continued support, and we look forward to further enhancing the entertainment experience on PlayStation.

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  • So does that mean they’re taking away streaming services like youtube TV, Netflix and hulu as well?

    • No, just PlayStation’s renting service

    • I think Sony will adopt a Disney+ type service bundling Sony produced shows and movies. It makes sense. They could bundle in there anime arm with premium versions of Crunchy Roll and Funimation and perhaps feature PS+ or PSNow packages.

      Sony is a huge entertainment conglomerate with music, movies, and TV. It’s time they flex that power.

    • Their*

    • Well, this sucks.
      I really enjoyed buying movies from the PS Store, granted I liked it better when I could download them from the PS3 too.
      It’s kinda hard to actually get a hold of some shows on Blu-Ray so buying them here was a great alternative.
      I am deeply sad to see if will go away. I was hoping for a few great update to fix the streaming service.
      I am really starting to hate the streaming service alternative, it wasn’t that bad when it was just Netflix, but now you have 50+ services which ends up costing more than cable now.
      Just like in the past, this will ultimately lead to people just pirating shows and movies instead as was shown happening in the past (remember Napster?)
      HBO’s Game of Thrones was the most pirated show on Earth due to high prices from cable subscriptions.
      It’s not the price of it, it’s the fact there’s already too many of them.
      I know Sony is working on Bravia Core, but that’s fairly specific only on Bravia TVs which btw is a terrible idea to severely limit your audience like that, you could make it wider available as a normal Dolby Vision HDR but have the higher quality version for Bravia TVs. Don’t limit your audience like that.

  • No, they are taking their rental and buying moving services not the streaming apps

  • Disappointing news. Most people won’t care about this but I found PlayStation to be a great place to buy certain movies and tv episodes that aren’t available on the streaming services I already have.

    • I completely agree

    • Make sure you’re linked with a “,Movies Anywhere” account and download the Vudu app. Vudu is pretty great. Even has bonus features that you would find in DVDs/blu rays

    • +1 on that comment!
      (But I think it sounds weird that they don’t wanna that xtra $, I mean, when we want to buy games on PSN store, it’s more expensive than when we buying it on Blu-ray, in stores.
      I mean, för me that don’t make sense at all… It should be cheap w/o logistics and printing an all that, is it because when we wanna be good to Mother Nature, well that just have to be more expensive..well well, sorry I went off topics…haha… But as You were saying “mystery75” I’m already missing to be able to buy movies on my ps5 with 4K and all that fancy stuff..and the sound in the ps5 headphones..gizez!! I really love it, and thought the Sony would start releasing the movies in 4K with the greatest number 5 ever 😏
      Well, Sony I thank You for the ps5 & the headphones haha <3 /1up!

  • PlayStation should have supported Movies Anywhere (and Ultraviolet).

    • Yep. I never bought anything there because I feared losing access to content if the service ever went away. I doubt was alone in this choice, which likely was a contributing factor to the service going away.

    • Hopefully this will be the impetus for adoption.i don’t have a lot purchase on ps movies but do have all the final fantasy movies and would like to watch them without booting my console.

    • Sole reason I stayed away. Why buy on psn if I can’t watch anywhere else… nor can I bring my existing collection in.

      Happy to see the service go just to give them a reason to bring everyone else in.

    • Exactly. I stayed away for the same reason.

      And, I never would have purchased any digital content from Microsoft Movies & TV, if they hadn’t joined the MoviesAnywhere service.

  • This is really heartbreaking to hear. I have been buying movies from the PlayStation Store since the PS3. They always have the best sales and I don’t want to keep getting more and more subscriptions. I just want to buy a movie and owe it and I want to give Sony the money for it, is that too much to ask. I owe the digital PS5 so now my only opinion is streaming, I feel very let down.

    This feel like another backwards step.

    • Keep in mind YouTube and Prime Video both offer video and TV show purchases, and both are part of the Movies Anywhere ecosystem, so you still have options for purchasing digital media through your PS5.

    • If you’ve bought something digitally you don’t actually own anything. All you’ve bought is a license to be able to watch the film/tv programme. If you actually want to own something you have to buy it physically. If the servers are ever down, or taken offline, if you havent got it backed up onto a hard drive, you’ve lost all access to that particular product. Just one of the downsides of our increasingly digital lifestyle.

    • I feel ya

    • Another backwards step? What were the other backward steps? 🤔

    • Or you couldpurchase media through the amazon prime app…Hay I Wouldn’t, but you do you..

    • Psn was never even close to a competitive option for movies. No movies anywhere, not great sales, movies don’t go to many other devices…

      If they had joined movies anywhere like Microsoft did they would have been an excellent option, but without it… they were a dead man walking.

    • @k1D-karnage i still own transformers devastation and it’s been off the digital store for years now

    • @k1d-karnage-73 it’s a common misconception that you dont own digital items. Permenance is not requisite for ownership. Owning a license/deed/title is ownership, digital or otherwise, whether it’s Microsoft Office, a game, a song, etc.

      Sure you may have to take care of digital items on a hard drive if servers are going offline, but you have to take care of DVD’s on disc, VHS’s on tape, and games/music are no different. Everything physical you own must be maintained, and can be lost or damaged if you are irresponsible.

      Nothing lasts forever, not even your car. If permanence were requisite, ownership would hardly exist.

    • Same this makes no sense for veteran fans

  • This is the best news I’ve ever read regarding both of these services. Finally there will be a change in focus when it comes to entertainment on a gaming system. Don’t get me wrong – I love films and TV series – but having everything all together on the Store is a complete mess. I turn my PS4 on to play games, not to watch movies and shows, that’s what our smart TV’s and phones are for; thankfully over time these devices have become much more affordable to people. Glad to see Sony taking a bold step into the future, and I hope this decision opens the doors for more positive change in the field of offering content in a separate yet equal way.

    • I love that you’ve mistaken bad news for the best news, and that you’re glad of bold steps into a disappointing future defined by its willful errors.

      The solution to a mess isn’t to nuke a sizeable and important portion of the thing that’s a (completely workable) mess–it’s to streamline access to nice things.

    • That may well be how it is for you, but for a lot of people the PS4 is also their media centre. I’m not buying a streaming stick or watching TV shows and movies on my phone when the PS4 I already own can do that anyway.

      I also don’t have a Smart TV and Smart TVs often have poor long-term app support anyway. PlayStation has never been about being a “pure” game console that only plays games and does nothing else, all mainline PlayStation consoles have had media features even the PS1 with music CD playback.

      It’s also worth noting that video rentals and buying movies and TV shows digitally on PS4 isn’t going away, people will still be able to do that in PS4 apps like Amazon Prime Video. Nothing is changing there.

  • That sucks I mean I did not rent/buy that many movies and tv shows but the ps store is where I was getting them

  • This is a letdown. As a person who owns TV series on the PlayStation platform, you should offer people the ability to migrate their video library to other platforms. It sucks that I own all the current season of My Hero Academia on the PlayStation store. (The whole season was on sale during the Big in Japan sales week) and then future season will need to be purchased on a different platform.

    I don’t like having my library being divided up

  • But some apps you can’t download

  • This is a very poor and disappointing decision.
    This devalues the brand and my PS5 purchase.
    Every digital movie I have purchased since PS3 launched was from the PS store.
    The least you can do to ease the burn is allow Movies Anywhere for our current purchases vs just telling us we need to go use other movie services.

    What a let down this have been for folks that use their PS as their 1 and done entertainment device.

    • But it says we can still watch whatever we purchased even when the service gets discontinued. I hope they at least add the app to the ps5 because I can only watch on my ps4 and phone

    • @HMF_DaddySenpai apparently I can’t reply ro you directly, but on PS5 go to media, then go to My Videos to see your PSN purchased movies

  • Well, this is definitely unfortunate news as I was using PS Video as my VoD service, and had a medium sized library of content. Will be unfortunate to split up VoD content across services, but I suppose the writing was on the wall with the PS5 not putting any emphasis on PS Video and not even coming with the app for it.

    Strange though, considering Sony Corp. is introducing BRAVIA CORE (a new VoD service) in a test run with new BRAVIA TVs over the next few years. I understand that purchases can still be played back, but you have to wonder if the other shoe is going to drop for that to. If so, I hope that they at least roll over your video purchases to a service like CORE (if they continue to pursue that project) or allow you to download your purchases as video files to your computer.

  • Good. I couldn’t purchase anything on there anyways since it would brick my PS4 everytime I went to look.

  • And this Why i still use physical media

    • And why is that? Purchased movies are still available to the owners. It’s like sating “that’s why I switched to digital” after Blockbuster shut down…

  • This is terrible news. I understand and the change in services but the store was at some points the only place to find movies. Especially during the Christmas season when it seems streaming platforms take off certain popular titles- National Lampoon’s. These movies and seasons were a great time to buy or rent those movies from the store. Sad to see this service disappear but I understand there are other outlets for it.

  • Makes sense since the PlayStation Store website removed the option to buy movie and TV content years ago.

  • SIE should have joined Movies Anywhere in my opinion. I think that would have offered the most value across the board to their customers, and I believe it would have created an environment where people would have purchased and rented more through SIE’s PlayStation movie and TV marketplace.

  • I dont agree with this i personally love be able to go threw psn for movies rental/purchases. Alot of rhe other streaming devices dont get rhe new releases and stuff rill way later

  • Very unfortunate news. Liked the ability to purchase and rent movies through PlayStation. In most cases, way cheaper than cable companies and a great way to build a library on one media hub. Additionally, a lot of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc don’t carry the movies I want to consume and/or retain them in convenient place. Surprising to say the least from a video production company.

  • So your going to take away ALL our movies that we purchased. How dare you. You guys can’t bring the ps5 to stores the right way now you take away ALL our movies!!!! 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
    Time to jump ship.

  • Can you add new features on playstation store like game filtered and gifting and stuff like The store is already looking cool but it has some missing useful stuff

  • This is AMAZING news, thank you

  • Very disappointing! Please reverse!
    Bring back movies, you guys already pulled the plug on PS Vue.

  • Hope yall change your mind this something a lot of people who will be upset like myself I like buying movies and shows on the ps because I’m able to get movies I love

  • This is disappointing news! I didn’t use it often but every now and then I’d want to see a new release and that was a quick way to get it

  • I think this was inevitable but it would be useful to many PlayStation users if dvd and bluray could be played and stored in a personal library so the disc is no longer needed.

    • It’s always been possible but that will be a PC thing only copying discs isn’t allowed on console becuz of the fear of piracy and well they ain’t wrong if people could easily rip Blu Ray or 4K Blu Ray…chances are high people would be sharing those files either for free or for some money and so becuz of that we all lose out… though like I said on PC you can do it just not on console that’s not happening.

  • Still no option to have controller turned off while watching videos on PSN video each time it pauses the show or movie nice if they keep up with adding some basic features maybe it would of been more popular rather than people pirating sucks it going but not surprised.

  • How bout the ps vita and ps3? Can I still watch them on those devices?

  • Not trying to sound rude but this is one of the worst ideas y’all came up with first it was taking away the background opt on the ps App and now y’all are wanting people to play just the games so we have to end up purchasing the ps plus how typical

  • If you would lower the prices on some movies I would rent from playstation. If there was a more universal way to buy movies I would be more willing to start a library. I just don’t want to buy some movies and then some time later, not have access to them.

  • I was only buying films from the ps store waiting for the introduction of 4k/uhd films! Kinda feels like a huge betrayal from Sony, so much so I wanted I full refund for 70-80 films!!!!!!!!!

  • So in other words you guys fired the people in charge for keeping us happy with the movies and stuff. We get it.

  • So in other words you guys fired the people in charge for keeping us happy with the movies and stuff. Coulda just said that. There’s no logic in taking away options from paying people unless it costs you some money. Using the word evolving is hilarious. Evolutions usually means more options.

  • So in other words you guys fired the people in charge for keeping us happy with the movies and stuff. Coulda just said that. There’s no logic in taking away options from paying people unless it costs you some money. Using the word evolving is hilarious. Evolution usually means more options.

  • If they’re not making more tv or movies and rentals on the store, then that’s okay. I can still watch tv episodes, movies and rent from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or Media apps like HBO Max and CBS Access.

  • No! Aside from when I lose my internet connection, that I don’t have access to my movies, I much prefer this to streaming services.

  • This saddens me. I have almost 600 movie titles, purchased on my PSN account. I have some TV shows as well. Pretty much my entire media library is tied to my PSN account and my Playstation lifestyle. I think this is a move in the wrong direction. Hope they reverse it in time. Will I lose all my titles once the service is eventually shut down for on demand or will my library be moved elsewhere?

    • SilverPhoenix_05

      No you will not lose your titles. All movies and shows that you have purchased stay with you after the service shuts down. You just won’t be able to purchase any new content when the swrvice shuts down.

    • Damn that’s alot! I wanted to start my digital library on PSN but I arrived on ps4 late and kinda had a feeling this may happen so went with iTunes movies but I understand why some stayed in one place no scattered libraries over here and over there…idk what they will do but if worse comes to worse they may offer PSN credit though knowing Sony that’s the last thing they gonna do lol

  • PlayStation Video started 11 years ago in February. I remember when we used to download the content in order to watch it in the PS3. It was painful but cool!! I purchased the first VOD in May 2009. It was an episode of 24.

    I hope the community can continue to have access to all the content we have purchased through the years.

  • At SIE, we strive to provide the best entertainment experience for PlayStation fans

    …so we’re removing the option to purchase TV shows and movies.

    This makes no sense.

  • This sucks. This is how i rented movies and watched some tv. It was super convenient. Now to figure out what app to buy media on.

  • This is disappointing to say the least. One, like myself, would say, “stupid”.

  • 🤡 wow. i guess ill just purchase rentals from google play then. i dont subscribe to every service; and they dont have EVERY movie. you really shoot yourselves in the foot every chance you get this fiscal year huh. why do i even have a playstation? cant curse, cant rent movies. that KFC console looking might fine.

  • Looks like it’s time to buy an Xbox. You were on thin ice Sony. I’ve literally spent thousands of dollars in the PS store and now you’re complaining that it’s not enough? You’re ridiculous and pathetic. I can’t even buy a PS5 and with all of your games coming to PC it looks I don’t have to. Good driving your company’s reputation into the ground.

  • This sucks no longer being available to purchase a movie by itself and having to hope that a streaming site/app will purchase the rights to stream it for a period of time and then have to find it again or pay for multiple streaming services. Don’t be Google music.

  • I think this would be a perfect time for them to add compatibility with Movies Anywhere Vudu Prime Video when I purchase a digital movie they are all linked I can watch wherever is most convenient to me. Having access to my Movies in the Sony ecosystem would be amazing. And the exclusion from Movies Anywhere drove me away from buying on psn. I understood why Sony would be segregated but now they are no longer selling they should have no issue.

  • Can you add your library to movies anywhere now please?

  • I’m not happy to hear this disheartening news. I have purchased every movie through the PlayStation store. I don’t understand why a part of this company for years is without any surveys or notice. We are just told that it’s better for us to loose a staple part of the PlayStation Network experience. Listen to the people you clame to be doing this horrible destruction of what I have known as PlayStation for many years.

  • Why?

    How hard is it to maintain this service?

    I own over a hundred movies from Playstation Video. They often have good sales and my Playstation Card gives extra rewards points for PSN purchases.

    Now I’m not suggesting it was the best service out there- especially after the ability to download on their PS VIDEO app stopped working (on ios at least) for the past year or so and zero ability to sort your videos. Still, Sony and Playstation are major platforms and I would never have thought they would just drop it like this.

    I’m honestly more likely to watch a previously purchased movie again than play an old game. Might as well get an Xbox for this new gen- Minecraft is just about the only game my kids (and I) play anyways.

    Boo Sony!

  • So I guess this means the PS4 will have it’s own subscription video service?

  • How does this discussion align with Sony’s strategic push of movies and series production?

  • I hope this leads to another Playstation streaming service of some sort because buying movies allowed me to see movies that my current streaming services never had :(

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