State of Play returns this Thursday, February 25

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State of Play returns this Thursday, February 25

A new slate of game updates and deep dives coming this Thursday.

Time for another State of Play! This Thursday, a State of Play broadcast will serve up new updates and deep dives for 10 games coming to PS4 and PS5, including new game announcements and updates on some of the third-party and indie titles you last saw in June’s PS5 showcase. 

The show is clocking it at 30 minutes or so, give or take. Can’t wait to hear what you think! And a quick note: there won’t be PlayStation hardware or business-focused updates in this show. We’re focusing on great games set to come out in the months ahead.

Be sure to tune in on Thursday, February 25 at 2:00pm Pacific Time / 5:00pm Eastern Time / 10:00pm GMT, and you can watch it live on Twitch and YouTube.

See you Thursday!

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  • I wish Sony would do another round of exclusive system sales like they did for preorder. I know a few loyal fans that where not lucky enough to get on for that. Now they struggle to get a system because bots and low lifes are over purchasing to cause a false demand to drive up resale prices to take advantage of limit manufacturing supplied like when the Wii first came out.

  • Disappointed you won’t talk about – 1: boost mode, where are the patches? 2: UI updates, the UI needs QoL improvements ASAP. 3: expansion storage.

  • Please patch in 1440p output with a firmware update for the PS5. For those that don’t know, plugging in a 1440p monitor into a PS5 will not be recognized as such, and will only output to 1080p. Due to the number of pixels on a 1440p display, when 1080p output is upscaled to 1440p it looks quite blurry. Often times I am hearing the excuse that Sony is marketing for gamers playing on TV, but if you already have NATIVE mouse and keyboard support for games that support it along with games such as Demon Souls, Apex Legends, etc. rendering internally at 1440p without issue then you should absolutely without question offer the ability to output at 1440p as well. Last generation Xbox One offered this and Xbox Series X/S have offered this since day one.


    • Would love to see this. Motorstorm looked really impressive back on PS3 in 2006

    • The last thing we need is more recycled games but anyway Sony gave up on racing games.They’ll just keep GT now cuz well GT has all that bs about it.AllStars doesn’t count as racing.What we need is Motorstorm 4 but without Evo I dunno.

    • Never played motorstorm, but it does seem pretty cool, I’m probs gonna have to download it for PS3.

    • Love Motorstorm Apocalypse 😘. One of my favourite games ever on PS3. This is the only racing game I really enjoyed in my whole life. Specially split screen & online multiplayer. And of course the story is unforgettable. I still remember Mash (The Rookie), Tyler (The Pro) & Big Dog (The Veteran). Just incredible!

  • My list for what I would really like to see:

    = Custom Themes + Manager – Both static and dynamic themes just like with the PS4 would be great. Also just like back on the PS3 would be nice if Sony released a manager app that we can use both on the PC but also on the PS5 itself where we can create our own custom themes and use and share with others essentially having a community of sorts. Would LOVE to see this

    = Custom Boots/Sounds – Allow us to use these based on different categories like nature, shapes exclusives like Uncarted, Infamous etc. and more akin to PSP back in the days

    = CD/SACD/Blu-Ray 3D Support – Seems kinda niche particularly with the latter two but would be a nice addition nonetheless. When done right 3D looks pretty dope so would be nice to be able to play some of my collection on the PS5 just like on PS3. CD support would also be nice and if possible implementation into games via custom soundtrack support instead of just merely Spotify

    = Resistance Trilogy Remaster – Seriously Insomniac have been teasing this for MONTHS now so would be a natural fit for the PS5 I feel. 4K/60 would look amazing particularly on the third title and a revival of the multiplayer would be icing on the cake

    = Killzone Trilogy Remaster + – I say plus as including Liberation (PSP) and Mercenary (Vita) with all the post DLC in all the games would make for a real value package if priced competitively enough

    = PS5 Enhanced patches – To echo what many others have said so the likes of Ghost of Tsushima, Last of Us P2 and more which would like amazing on the new hardware

    = FF7 Remake P2 – Any news on this would be much appreciated. Don’t even need a release date but some gameplay footage would be excellent

    = New Syphon Filter – Been rumoured for a while now and seeing as Days Gone has been completed a little while back would be nice to see the Sony Bend studio finally go back to its roots whilst they were still working as 989 studios (I think)

  • Cool !!! I am looking forward to seeing some new exquisite scenes from upcoming Horizon:Fobidden West , and even a little bit of Aloy’s hunting skills :D

    It would be great if you announced during this SoP , The Last Of Us Part II : Factions Multiplayer , free for all Ps4 players !!!
    Can’t wait to dive into this mode and I am sure Naughty Dog will deliver a great experience once again !!!

  • Wonder if there will be any next-gen games on it you know actual PS5 games or just the same games with pathetic tech that are worse than what we have on PS4…ha what a “revolutionary” next-gen this one.Anyway hopefully we’ll finally see some Horizon 2 gameplay and a GoW 2 trailer would be great as well.Some new games are welcome too.

  • Come on elden ring

  • Oh, so you can announce more games coming to PC? Jim Ryan is so arrogant that he doesn’t listen to the PS fanbase, you know, the same who supported the brand all these years.

    Without exclusives and Bethesda games thanks to the MS acquisition, sounds like a bad idea to buy a PS5. Just buy a PC and play everything on it.

  • Hoping to see some gameplay from Horizon and God of War. And please no hype announcement for an announcement for some anniversary collector’s edition soundtrack.

  • 30 mins, 10 games. That’s an average of 3 minutes per game. It’s impossible to do a “deep drive” into any game in 3 minutes.

    • You could do a deep dive into a puddle in 3 minutes…


      “Deep dive” is a phrase people here seem to use lots without it actually meaning anything. It’s used for a bunch of information or 2 screenshots and a line of text. Kind of like how everything here is constantly “innovative” and “iconic”. Also constantly “Want feedback” but never seem to pay any attention to any of it.

      They just use words differently. 😜

  • This better have an update on last of us 2 for ps5

  • Disappointed that my most anticipated game for the time being, GT7, has been delayed to 2022 (at least it didn’t have an official release date)… There’s so little to look forward to, it seems like the effect of the pandemic on software is only now becoming visible, as 2020 games were probably mostly finished before all this…

  • We need more consoles released. I can’t find a console because the scalpers keep buying them out.

  • why there is no ps5

  • Hoping for a out of nowhere announcement of a new Playstation Home for PS5.

  • Love how playstation keeps giving us new IPs. Thats what keeps gaming fresh. If you guys wana keep playing the same games for the rest of ur lives then go with xbox. They dont make new ips over there and they have a bunch of remasters of old ideas/games.

  • Hoping to get some sort of update on the memory issue…

  • 🕯
    🕯 🕯
    🕯 🕯

    🕯 five nights at freddys 🕯

    🕯 security breach 🕯
    🕯 🕯

  • Bloodborne 2 or God of war ragnarok gameplay is all I want!

  • Give us Sly Cooper but not only on a ps5 since it’s still hard to get one and I don’t want to pay a ridiculous amount to get one because store’s around me are sold out within seconds.

  • Can’t wait! It’s gonna be so much better than those garbage Nintendo directs we’ve been getting these past few years…

  • Can’t wait to see State of Play. Better not disappoint me. 😊

  • Bro I want ps5

  • Hi! How can I see how many hours I have played on my ps4?

  • Is this an american centric State of Play? If no, any reason why it’s at 2300 in Europe? You couldn’t find a more balanced time? Unlike any other State of Play, is this one going to be worth staying up for? People have jobs you know.

    • Nope it’s correct. I won’t de able to watch. Thanks Sony! And also, give people the ability to edit and delete comments!

  • Really don’t like Jim Ryan. Miss the Playstation people from the PS4 era. They really understood the brand and its player base.

    That being SAD. Porting games to PC is fine, what is not fine however is to make the main developers do the port. This will will limit the time the main studio can work on a sequal. Like when guerrilla games was porting Horizon Zero Dawn, instead of working on the sequal. Waste of time. Outsource the porting work. Or create a studio designed to only do ports.

  • Why do most new PlayStation 4 games look like they should be PlayStation 1 games? Have Sony given up on gaming?

  • FNAF SB Anyone? 7v7

  • I know this has no hardware update but please can we get an update on expandable SSD soon? Really need more internal storage on PS5

  • I’m sure they will tell more details about gta 5 expanded & enhanced version. Maybe a first look at the gameplay. Can’t wait, So excited! 🙃

  • We need the SSD update. I’m literally not buying some games because I don’t have space for them.

  • Sony, I hope you realize what you’re doing here by porting your system sellers over to PC. As a consumer of your product, you’re letting people switch over to PC then to play your exclusives on console. Isn’t your whole idea is to get more players onto your platform? This isn’t the way to do it. Sure you can port games that didn’t sell well to get some extra cash, but if you’re thinking about porting your franchises over to PC and still believe that people are gonna buy your console like how they’re now then you’re far from wrong. You’ve built these studios from the ground up, investing time and money on these games to make these games the best masterpieces to play on your console. I really hope this is a gimmick and that you’re only doing this to games that didn’t sell well as you thought it should. And I believe you should fire Jim Ryan because he doesn’t know what he’s doing or what’s he’s getting himself into. This isn’t Microsoft where their ecosystem is on PC, console, cloud services, big studios. If you’re gonna compete, then you should be like Nintendo where they have a diehard fanbase and still charge people full price for their games and sold very well. Nintendo still is respected as a company and they’ve been milking Mario for how many years now? It’s time to follow suit Sony, keep your first party franchises exclusive and have your other exclusives that didn’t sell well on PC.

  • Hope getting some information about the ps5 restocking

  • Big mistake letting Exclusives go to PC!
    The amount of people I see that are just going to build a PC now instead of getting a PlayStation….Jim Ryan has just given Sony PlayStation death by a thousand cuts.
    Bad move

  • Bad move letting Sony exclusives go to PC, you’re helping destroy PlayStation and Microsoft are sitting there waiting to strike.
    Worst move ever!

  • I love you 😘😘💕💕

  • Bloodborne 60fps, 4k. Its all I want.

  • I love state of play!

  • Hi
    Like ps5???!!

  • SoulStorm for April PS+ is a nice surprise….BUT where is the March lineup announcement????

  • That was seriously the worst state of play yet. I loved seeing more of Kena and Deathloop but everything else was blah.

    Sony better start showing more of the games we actually want soon, ai am playing far too many ps4 games on my PS5. Starting to wonder why I bothered with upgrading at launch.

  • Show was boring. Waste of time.

  • State of BORING!!!!…what the hell was that for????

  • Well that was a huge waste of time.

  • No PS Plus announcements for March? Not only was this State of Play underwhelming, you guys are just getting lazy now. Better be holding back something good for leaving your audience hanging like that.

  • Surprised no Huge titles were even mentioned. Besides FF.
    Hope to hear news on God of War Ragnarok and Lego Skywalker Saga soon!

    Still dont even know March PS Plus games yet??
    Same with titles being announced for the Stay at Home Initiative (Though its an amazing idea and treat for players)


  • Very weak. Nothing BIG, just already known games. Some upgrades and few B grade games. Just waste of time. This could be revealed without conference. State of play need to be much bigger in great anouncements or everyone will stop looking on it. At least one really AAA anouncement per SoP.

  • Ya know, Im really starting to think I (we) dont need a PS5. Sony just announced Kena for PS4…. So, now I have less of a reason to want to buy one. Additionally, PS5 was dead on arrival, just as the PS4 was and we know PS5 Pro is about a year or two out. Sony also had a major problem theyre not paying any attention to or doing anything about. Scalpers. Sony, if youre selling every PS5 console at a loss, which is the rumor, and scalpers are buying your consoles and sitting on them in hopes to make a $200+ profit on, youre losing money, youre losing customers, and youre not selling software because nobody has a console to play it on, and Jim Ryan doesnt care. Hes said nothing of it, he doesnt have any kind of a plan to deal with it, so much so, that Sony just robotically go about their business plan and announced PSVR2. So, howre ya gonna sell that and then sell software for that when scalpers have your consoles held hostage?

    Also, since when did Sony give up on innovation and start following the competition instead of leading the competition? When you fired Ken Kutaragi, was he the last great mind of innovation? Because youre just pulling a Microsoft and seeing what the competition are doing and just following them. Microsoft began having no faith in the Xbox One and determined they werent gonna be able to sell consoles because theyre poor businessmen and couldnt compete with Sony and the PS4 so they tried to broaden their market to make up for it so they started releasing Games for Windows 10, yeah, they couldnt fool the console gamer anymore so they turned to the PC gamer. Then, their own online service couldnt hack it so they turned to Gabe Newell (that has zero respect for you by thr way). Now, youre just following Microsoft to see what happens. Youve given up on your ability to innovate, huh? So much so that youre copying exactly what Microsoft is doing releasing your games on Steam, when Microsoft was really stumbling to keep up with you. Its getting sad and embarrassing. Youve gotta get rid of General Cornwallis and find someone else to run PlayStation, Britts are lousy businessmen. Get rid of Jim Ryan, hes too afraid to gamble and take risks. Now Jack Tretton, that was a guy that knew how to get things done, he was to PlayStation what Tom Kalinski was to SEGA in a time they needed to crush Nintendo. Phil Spencer was once seen in a (really awkward) dual interview with Jack Tretton where Phil Spencer communicated to Jack in front of Geoff Keighley saying how relieved he was he could keep up with Jack for once and that Jack wasnt kicking him in the heels. Phil Spencer felt they put on an E3 presentation that could challenge Sonys at the time that had a reputation for being grand and incomparable, but Sonys losing all of that and Jim “Cornwallis” Ryan is failing horribly.

  • Should’ve just cancelled it imo

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