State of Play returns this Thursday, February 25

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State of Play returns this Thursday, February 25

A new slate of game updates and deep dives coming this Thursday.

Time for another State of Play! This Thursday, a State of Play broadcast will serve up new updates and deep dives for 10 games coming to PS4 and PS5, including new game announcements and updates on some of the third-party and indie titles you last saw in June’s PS5 showcase. 

The show is clocking it at 30 minutes or so, give or take. Can’t wait to hear what you think! And a quick note: there won’t be PlayStation hardware or business-focused updates in this show. We’re focusing on great games set to come out in the months ahead.

Be sure to tune in on Thursday, February 25 at 2:00pm Pacific Time / 5:00pm Eastern Time / 10:00pm GMT, and you can watch it live on Twitch and YouTube.

See you Thursday!

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  • I can’t wait until Thursday!!

    • Days Gone going to PC in Spring 2021.

      Everyone keeps saying how they can’t get their hands on a PS5. At this point, may as well just build a PC. LOTS of games to play on PC, and the PlayStation exclusives will come in time.

    • Waiting for a failure ?

      Playstation is a sinking ship

      Everybody will soon realise they made the biggest mistakes they ever had by porting thier icon games in non playstation platform for a bit of profits.

      Why now ? When ps3 was financially disaster they didn’t think of a stupid idea like this.

      Maybe because sony believed in the brand back then.

      Looks like Nintendo will destroy Sony everywhere in this earth

      Thanks to the great exclusives,
      No matter how they get old they stay a Nintendo exclusives,
      Customer trust is gold.

    • Hoping to see

    • I hoped for a god of war announcement but after reading the article I guess we will not see anything about it 💔💔😭

    • @ Fast_fabulous0 – Yup Sony is treating their fans like trash,thats what happens when you’re way ahead of competition and greed speaks louder but let them forget who feeds them money.Biting the hand that feeds you always has its price.

    • same here

    • @Fast_fabulous0

      Listen, Nintendo bombed hard after Wii. Nintendo switch is the worst console by far, Smash ultimate is for kids and is the worst smash game too. You can praise Nintendo all you want, but don’t bash Sony because it’s not Nintendo. Sony has the best games right now, Demon’s Souls is the best and nothing holds a candle to it. Miles morales is also good, and those people complaining about the storage drive you should check out the storage capacity for the switch(32gb I think LOL). That being said, there’s a reason ps5 is usually out of stock and Nintendo Switch is usually discounted and a bargain sale console. Nintendo is selfish also, not sure if you heard of the smash melee tourney scene, but yeah check it out and you will see if Nintendo cares.

    • SSX Tricky for PS5

    • Literally no one except the same small handful of rabid whiners care. If other people being able to play the same games as you on a different system years after the fact makes you feel less special you have much bigger problems you should be worrying about. See a shrink and try growing some personality traits beyond what corporate brand you prefer. The rest of us will be over here having fun with our games.

    • @Fast_fabulous0 I guess you’re not up on the works of SkidRow. All Nintendo games are playable on PC thanks to him/her.

  • I’m expecting Returnal to make an appearance along with Ratchet & Clank Rifted Aparted, maybe some Destruction All-Stars DLC as well

    • PlayStation, please give us access to additional PS5 SSD storage. You’re killing me!

    • @princegroove not sure if that qualifies as a hardware related question but yeah my internal SSD is slowly running out of space so would be nice to hear an update on the M2 side of things and whether Sony have their own solution ready or not

    • Also if we can get an update for bloodborne or bloodborne remastered that would be great

  • MediEvil 2 lets gooooooooo

    • Yesssssss let’s hope for Halloween 2021!!

    • Steal feels a little cheap that other series remasters like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro managed all 3 titles.

      Then Sony only managed Medievil 1. But it cost the same as the other trilogy packs (and ran at 5fps fairly often). 😁

  • Hoping to see a silent hill remastered game.

  • 1440p, k thx bye

  • Will you guys add UI themes back to the PS5?

  • Awesome! Today sure has been eventful! I’ll be watching live!

  • Must be nice info for the 3 real people with PS5s.

    • Why when there will be PS4 games shown too lol? Your silly joke was already dumb with 7 million PS5 owners out there, but it makes even less sense.

  • Great. Looking forward to a 20 minute deep dive into how to change vehicles in Destruction All Stars!

  • Bring back Sly Cooper!


    Hopefully Bloodborne Remastered is announced. Exclusively for PS5.

    • with a patch for 60fps 4k checkerboard is fine… better a bloodborne 2 for ps5, or demon souls 2 with blueponit

    • Ugh what a pathetic gamer life you have if all you want is for them to recycle a game.Could’ve asked for Bloodborne 2 but hey no…no wonder our gaming community is in the abyss.

    • Completely against a “demon’s souls 2 with bluepoint”.

      If it’s not made by any members of the original studio, it’s not really a Demon Soul’s game. It would more than likely just be some generic dull title without any of the “weirdness” (or challenge) and just dilute the series with an imposter.

      If Bluepoint want to make original games again they should make their own..

    • I don’t really think BB needs a remaster just yet, but it could be sweet… I’d just rather have a sequel.
      I completely agree with the comment that Bluepoint should NOT make DS2, or any other original Fromsoft soulsborne, for that matter. Now, a remake of Kings Field 1 and 2 (or at least 2, if I’m honest), is a whole different matter! Please…

  • Stop porting games on pc!

    • Agreed! I don’t have a PS5 yet, but why bother if games will slowly go to PC anyways. You could just build a powerful PC. There’s a lot of games on Steam, free games every week from Epic, and Game Pass is such a GREAT deal for PC gamers too.

      As per Mr. Ryan (taken from IGN):

      Ryan explains that SIE assessed the reaction to that port in making the decision to release more ports, explaining that PC players “liked it and they bought it”, and that there was “no massive adverse reaction” from PlayStation players to the game heading off of consoles. “We will continue to take mission steps in this direction,” Ryan added.

    • Whoops, was also going to say, Sony have been such great leaders in gaming for FOUR gaming generations. The PS2 and PS4 in particular HIGHLY successful.

      Why now all of a sudden port games to PC? I understand for consumers and from a business perspective that greater access to software will lead to more gamer purchases and higher sales. However, looking at the Xbox One, having games on PC did not help with pushing console sales. Will this negatively impact Sony? Time will tell. But gotta say, you can legally only get Nintendo video games on Nintendo, and they’re still highly successful.

    • is more marketing, days gone was not a huge exclusive, move to PC new sales…hay maybe days gone 2? i mean for 500 i cant build a PC with same power of ps5

    • You are a true ps fan

      With this stupid policies of giving up of only the reason that makes playstation unique

      Is going to kill the brand


    • Ok so you can buy a PS5 for $500 now and play the games now. Or you can buy a $2000 PC and play the games when they are ported 2-3 years from now. Hmm.

    • Or at least stop wasting PlayStation Studios time with it. Going by their Twitter, its actually Sony Bend who will be wasting the next 7 months of their development lives on this PC port of a game that is already nearly 2 years old.

      Horizon Forbidden West was already pushed back because of all the time Guerilla wasted on the PC version of a now 4 year old game. And they didn’t even step in until June when the game actually launched and only recently in the last month or 2 are they finally going full into the sequel’s development.

    • Arrogant Jim Ryan doesn’t listen to his own costumers and keep dragging the brand to the mud.

      Soon PlayStation will be irrelevant just like Xbox, another platform without exclusives. Obviously that games like Returnal and the new Horizon are also coming to PC. Remember the “typo” of Demon’s Souls on PC? Does anyone still think it was a typo?

      If you are still trying to buy a PS5, don’t make the same mistake, just buy a PC and play all the games: PC exclusives, Bethesda games and now Sony games.

      Congratulations Jim Ryan.

    • Nonsense. All games should be playable on any platform capable of running them. Anyone saying otherwise is deeply anti-consumer (not to mention, if you really care about the devs, you’d want their profit potential to be maximized). Does a PC user getting to experience the awesomeness of HZD diminish the quality of the game? Does it diminish your experience of playing it? Of course it doesn’t, that’d be a ridiculous thing to claim.

    • Agreed! Please reconsider porting games to PC, Sony. You’re devaluing your own brand. Look at Nintendo and how successful it is by having long lasting IPs. Strive to be like them, not Microsoft.

      In an interview, Jim Ryan stated that there was no adverse reaction to the Horizon announcement. Well, maybe it’s because we thought that was a one-off thing. I’ve always supported first-party games by getting the pricier deluxe editions even though I’m not particularly interested in the bonus content. If this keeps up, you’ll lose the fans that spend big on your platform.

    • They won’t because no matter how many people complain and whine on here about it, NONE of you has gotten rid of their Playstation consoles and games nor have you quit buying.

      You want Sony to listen, stop buying….but you won’t so just keep complaining as they laugh knowing you won’t do anything about it anyway. Look at the PS5 sales and the people who will pay ridiculous prices just to get one. 4.5 million sold (4.4 million to bots probably) and you think Sony will listen to you saying….now stop it, bad Sony, keep my games exclusive…oh they aren’t my games? hmmmm. Well do it anyway.

      So sad.

    • Imagine being so hollow that your “exclusive” club (made up of millions and millions of other fans of a particular corporation) not getting certain games all to themselves strips you of the only feeling of value you have. That’s so very sad.

  • Thank you Sid

  • Huge news day, PlayStation bringing it. I feel bad for Xbox fans. Here are the ten wants and or predictions.

    Horizon release date

    Silent Hill announcement

    Blue Point’s second game announced (Bloodborne remaster?)

    Deep Dive for R&C

    Returnal deep dive

    Kena release date late spring

    GoW Ragnarok trailer

    FFVII 2 trailer

    Jett, Oddworld, Little Devil info

    Naughty Dog presents Factions.

    • Oh and with Horizon I want a full in-game demo ala Zero Dawn’s coming out.

      I also want a SOCOM announcement via GG.



      More Tsushima content.

      GT Sport PS5.

    • Toysforbob Makes Jak 4
      R&C final trailer
      It takes Two Trailer
      Portal 3
      Pixel Junk Monster 3
      Conclude with GoW trailer

    • Days Gone to PC.

    • @iamtylerdurden1 Regarding SOCOM which dev do you feel would best do a new game justice? Also regarding GT Sport do you mean new content specifically or a visual/performance update?

    • A PS5 “remaster” of a PS4 game?

      Isn’t that a bit of a waste of time over a simple graphics patch like every other game?

      It’s not like porting a PS3 or PS2 title on completely different hardware…

    • What about gta 5 remastered real trailer?

  • God of War 2 and Horizon 2 PLEASE!!! An update about next gen patches for Horizon 1, TLOU2 and FFVII remake would be neat!

  • my wish list:
    Bluepoint’s next game
    Sly Cooper (I would love a new entry or collection of old Sly games)
    Infamous 1&2 Remaster
    brand new Jak and Daxter
    Silent Hill announcement
    Metal Gear Solid 1 Remake and ports of the other MGS games
    More info on other previously announced games like God of War Ragnarok
    Cyberpunk 2077 re-introduction for PS5 (cancelled for PS4).

    • Agree with pretty much all that. Not sure which particular dev would be best suited to a new J&D game. As for Infamous OH YEAH! Count me in for that :)

      Wonder if Sucker Punch will go back to it seeing a GOT is finished unless they are working on further content

  • I also would not be surprised by a Silent Hill announcement considering the long running rumors.

    Although I would much prefer a new Castlevania but my expectations from Konami are non-existent.

    However, I would love to see Bloodborne 2

  • Demons Souls 2????????

    • From software are working on Elden Ring right now, so it’s kind of unlikely.

      A Demon’s souls not made by them is possible, but wouldn’t really be the same. (same goes for Bloodborne 2)

      Dark Souls was essentially already Demon’s Souls 2…


  • Better stop throwing away PlayStation Exclusive games on PC.
    That is what was detrimental to the success of the Xbox, but Microsoft owns PC so they don’t care…

    • Didn’t you hear from Mr. Ryan?

      Ryan explains that SIE assessed the reaction to that port in making the decision to release more ports, explaining that PC players “liked it and they bought it”, and that there was “no massive adverse reaction” from PlayStation players to the game heading off of consoles. “We will continue to take mission steps in this direction,” Ryan added.

    • Many of pc players were planning to buy ps5 for exclusives.

      Now they have no reason to do that.

      Sony is killing playstation already 👎🏻

    • Ryan and Hermen are currently a virus on PS.If they aren’t removed quickly it’ll spread all over…never thought I’d see PS as shameful as this,it’s sad to be honest.

  • Socom : The Remastered Collection please!

  • Would be great to get a commitment towards patching a set of SIE-published PS4 titles to run with enhancements on PS5.

    My picks are:
    Uncharted 4 & Lost Legacy
    Death Stranding
    The Last Guardian
    Shadow of the Colossus
    Ratchet and Clank

    I omitted TLoU2 since I’m confident it will be getting a native port.

    As for 3rd party, Read Dead 2 and Crash Team Racing would be my top picks.

    I applaud World Wide Studios for doing this for Days Gone, Blood & Truth and God of War. Let’s get it done for these other must have titles listed above.

    • All those would look AND play amazing in 4K/60 if at all possible

    • Bloodborne, SotC and DeStranding are third party developed (and a few others technically). So it’s not really something they have much say in.

      As it’s unlikely they’d get more sales from a PS5 patch for older games (and most of them didn’t get Pro patches), it’s probably not worth their time now.

  • TJ Maxx The Game! Since everybody says Let’s goooooooooo nowadays.

  • Hopefully the PS5 will finally come out of soft launch and REALLY be released and an actual human being can buy this thing. LOL

  • Can’t wait to see GT7…wait, it’s delayed? Bummer.
    Maybe some update on the prices of the up pc games Sony is releasing later this year. You know the platform that doesn’t need you to pay for internet. Will it me also those ridiculous prices? I guess not.

  • Can’t wait I’m hoping for an update about horizon zero dawn and God of War

  • Exciting! Looking forward to it. All stars battle royale. So we pray

  • Toysforbob Makes Jak 4
    R&C final trailer
    It takes Two Trailer
    Portal 3
    Pixel Junk Monster 3
    Conclude with GoW trailer

  • Personal wishes while knowing that none of them is likely to be fullfilled:

    – “The Simpsons: Hit & Run” Remake/Remastered (Since Spongebob had its remake on PS4, this would absolutely make sense to me)

    – A new Jak & Daxter game (Crash 4 was released following the success of the N’sane Trilogy…so?)

    – A remake of “Hype: The Time Quest” (Please listen, Ubisoft!!!)

  • You should add “coming to PS4, PS5 and PC” to be accurate.

  • Here’s what I’m hoping for
    -marvels avengers Spider-Man
    -Star Wars republic commando
    -some diablo II resurrected gameplay
    -some indie games
    -horizon forbidden west gameplay

  • Please, God of War sequel’s trailer!!! Can’t wait to know more info about it. Give us something more please!!! The waiting is getting so hard.

  • Gotta say, under normal circumstances id be pretty amped about this but since i have been trying to buy a ps5 for 5 months now and am no closer to owning one then i was day 1 with zero communication about when ill be able to own one and why scalpers and bots seem to have zero problems buying thousands upon thousands of units so they can rip off consumers. This has my enthusiasm pretty low. I have owned every sony console first week including handhelds… Have spent thousands of dollars to buy Sony products (tvs,ect) so to me this is just a giant slap in the face. Hope the state of play goes well, I’m sure the scalpers will enjoy it greatly.

  • more ratchet and clank rift apart gameplay

  • Just one game I need news, Little Devil Inside and thats it.

  • Elden ring?

  • I can’t wait to try it out on my ps4

  • Is this where they announce the “whole Slate” of PS games loosing exclusivity and gonig to PC…? What a great news for the people that actually bough your console right?

  • SauceTwin Too Drip…. #DRIP

  • #STOP porting your games to PC

  • hoping something from horizon, god of war, kena… and final fantasy…7 or 16

  • Boo 👎🏻👎🏻

    Fire jim lying
    He is disaster corporate fraud

  • Sooo Not a DANG thang bout Storage?? No Ssd Nun rite?? How n Hell u gon Announce games wit NO plce 2 put it?? Da Crap WRONG wit yaws Seriously??We all jus Run outa Room on da Console Sony Response: o well we Focus on games VR 1204K Erything but STORAGE??So Who CareS Right

  • 🦝🦛🐢???

  • Good, been waiting for a new SoP presentation for some time.

  • I’d love to see a new Warhawk game or just remaster the PS3 version.

  • Bring back COLONY WARS please!

    Thank you.

    – Everybody

  • Love that we only have to wait for 48hrs! Much better than giving us a week’s notice!!! You need to do this with games as well. Give us 3 months’ notice about a game rather than 3 years!

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