The split-screen chaos of Can’t Drive This hits PS4 and PS5 March 19

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The split-screen chaos of Can’t Drive This hits PS4 and PS5 March 19

One player drives, one builds the road at the same time in this cooperatively competitive party game.

Hi, I’m Steve, Creative Director and Producer at Pixel Maniacs. We’re the developers of Can’t Drive This – our answer to the question “Why aren’t there any couch games anymore?”. And we have a big announcement to make: Can’t Drive This is coming to PS4 and PS5 on March 19!

We’re also proud to say we partnered up with Perp Games (The Walking Dead: Onslaught, Creed: Rise to Glory) to bring Can’t Drive This to shelves as well! So if you have a PS4, or a PS5 with disc slot, you can get a physical copy of the game to add to your collection. As a fairly new studio, we’re suuuuper excited about this. Seriously, if you go back in time and tell the 12-year-old versions of ourselves, they’ll excitedly explode.

The split-screen chaos of Can’t Drive This hits PS4 and PS5 March 19

One player drives. One builds the road. At the same time.

In Can’t Drive This, one player drives a monster truck while another player builds the road. If the truck drives too slowly, it’ll explode in a big, fiery game-over.

Basically the game is two in one:

  1. The driver plays an arcade-y racing game with ultra-realistic non-physics (if you can rotate an actual monster truck in the air, I’ll retract this statement, but please don’t try).
  1. The builder plays Pseudo-Tetris, where instead of Tetrimini, you get anything from an intersection, over a construction hammer, to a wind turbine designed to make drivers’ lives miserable.

Tell me mode!

There are four erratic modes, offering varying degrees of mind-melting, at-your-friend-yelling chaos. One even involves time travel! Dun dun dun.

  1. In Yardage, there is one builder. With their help, up to three drivers race to set the high-score. This is the pure, filtered Can’t Drive This experience.
  2. In Game of Drones (get it?) one builder, and 1-3 drivers collect all tokens in a level to advance to the next, more difficult level. Also, Drones! They drop EMP-Mines that temporarily disable your trucks.
  3. Capture the Egg (Yes, egg.) pits two driver-builder-teams against each other, in an epic match of Capture the Flag without the flag. Instead, you drive to the opposing team’s base to collect a 300lbs concrete egg. Deliver it back at your home base to score.
  4. Finally, if you have no friends around in Lone Racer you alternate between both roles. Build the road as fast as you can. Then, when you switch to driving, time rewinds and past-you builds the road while present-you races on it.

Multiplayer? Customization!

In online multiplayer, team up with your favorite (or totally random) person online, to train your skills in Game of Drones, or climb the leaderboards in Ranked Yardage.But what good is a multiplayer game if you can’t show off your swag, right? That’s what we thought, which is why we added more than a Billion (with a B) customization options.

Perform tricks and stunts to unlock new spoilers, noses, paint jobs, and more. No matter what you’re looking for, we have it all!

Cat-ear-hairband? Check.

Fox-tail-spoiler? Check

Pirate hat? Check.

Pig-tailed, googly-eyed, triple-exhaust-rocking, kraken-themed Monster Truck? Okay, maybe we don’t have everyth… just kidding. Quadruple-check.

You mentioned something about PS5?

I did! We’re super happy to be bringing Can’t Drive This to PS4 and PS5! We’re especially excited about the DualSense controller. We really dig the adaptive triggers, because they just add so much to how the game feels.

When playing as the builder, you rotate tiles with R1/R2 and L1/L2 before you place them. Here, the adaptive triggers will behave more like buttons, being super rigid at first, and releasing instantly when pressed hard enough. Playing as the driver, the R2-trigger always provides a certain level of force when driving, just like a gas pedal would. The faster you drive, the tighter it gets! 

Remember I mentioned monster trucks explode when driving too slowly? Well, before they do, they glow (because they’re getting hot, and it looks cool). On PS5, the R2 trigger will also start rumbling, telling you to get going!

Finally, in Game of Drones, when you get hit by one of those nasty EMP mines, the trigger goes completely limp along with your truck, for as long as the truck is disabled.

See you on the road!

With all that said, I want to thank you for reading this all the way to the end. Or at least for scrolling to the end, and reading this last paragraph. I know this isn’t an award show, but before I head out, I’d also like to take a second to thank our amazing partners at FFF Bayern who helped fund the game (it wouldn’t have been possible without you), and our community for not giving up on us. Also big thanks to our friends at Massive Miniteam for helping with the PS5 version.

If you have any questions at all, I’ll be floating around the comments section. Thanks again for taking the time, and we’ll see you on March 19!

Take care, and lots of fun from the whole team! STAY SPEEDY, FRIENDS!

*drops mic*

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12 Author Replies

  • Concept looks dope can’t wait to try it out. Any preorders on the horizon?

  • Ha! Wow this is an awesome concept. Didn’t think I wanted it until I saw it. I have 3 questions if you don’t mind:

    1.) Is the 1-4 player count applicable to online AND local play? Or is local play 2 players only?

    2.) Is it possible to mix and match online and local players? Can 2 players from House A play online with 2 players from House B?

    3.) When playing locally, are additional local players (those other than P1) able to unlock trophies too? I know this is something that sometimes gets overlooked in local game development, and would love to see here too!

    Thanks again for sharing! Looks really fun!

    • Thanks so much!
      1) It’s 1-4 players locally, 2 players online.
      2) As it’s only 2 players online, there’s no way (or need) for mixing local & online.
      3) Every logged-in player gets trophies for the things they do :)

  • This game looks dope and I’ll definitely be grabbing it. If we’re still waiting for the ps5 will we have to buy copies for PS4 and 5 once they become more available?

    • Thanks, that’s super awesome to hear! :)
      Unfortunately, there’s no upgrade-option just yet. We’ll try our best to have something by launch day, but I can’t promise anything at this point.

  • What a cool concept for coop game. I’ll definitely have to try this one out.

  • oh yeah ooks dope n Fun fall guys w/ Cars ! any crosss play mode

  • Pre-ordering the Ps4 disc version , looks like alot of fun, congrats and hope the game sells well :)

  • This game looks so amazing!! Also couch co – op/ split screen on PS5?!?! YES!! I’m excited to try this out!!

  • This is so cool looking.
    Definitely getting this.
    The complete lack of couch co op games needs to be addressed more by talented developers like you.
    Thank you so much.

  • This looks perfect, definite buy
    But hear me out..
    What is, instead of the road building player (there has to be a better name for that), instead of trying to HELP the player cover more distance, tries to IMPEDE him and make him crash by placing obstacles in his path.
    I realize this would be whole new game, but still, just a thought.
    Thanks to this wonderful team.

    • Thanks a lot! :)
      Interestingly, that was actually an idea for a mode at one point. It didn’t really stick in the end, as breaking up the driver-builder-team confused most players. Also, it just wasn’t that fun after all. Might be worth revisiting down the line.

  • It’s so refreshing to see developers that focus on fun gameplay. This looks very cool, makes me want to try it out right now :)
    It would be a good idea to offer free cross-gen, it might make people who don’t have the PS5 want to wait or put them off.

  • What is the price of this game? :)

  • At first glance, I went ..”oh another driving game”… But Wait !!! No … This is not liek any normal driving game I’ve seen before… Looks Awesome. But more importantly, this looks like a lot of 2 player fun. There are not enough Couch-Co-op games. Will be adding this to my list !!! Great work guys

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