Happy holidays from PlayStation.Blog and friends

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Happy holidays from PlayStation.Blog and friends

Our annual tradition continues with season’s greetings and well wishes from our friends across the industry.

As the year comes to a close, we can’t help getting a little sentimental looking back at the games and talented teams that helped make 2020 another unforgettable year in gaming. However you celebrate the season, we want to thank you for your support this year. The PlayStation.Blog team hopes everyone has a festive holiday kicking back and enjoying some quality time with your favorite games.

As is tradition, we know a few other folks across the industry that would love to spread some holiday cheer. So grab some hot chocolate, sit back, and enjoy these season’s greetings cards from our friends and partners around the world. 

2K (Civilization VI)2K (NBA 2K21)2K (PGA 2K21)2K (WWE 2K21 Battlegrounds)2ptActivision (Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War)Activision (Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time)Activision (Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2)Amanita DesignBehaviour InteractiveBend StudioBethesdaBohemia InteractiveBungieCapy GamesCharm GamesChucklefish GamesCrystal DynamicsDrodo StudioEA (Madden 21)EA ( FIFA 21)Ember LabEpic GamesfatsharkFinjiFlight School StudioGaijin EntertainmentGearbox PublishingGrinding Gear GamesGuerrilla GamesHarmonixHousemarqueInsomniac GamesKoei TecmoKonamiLondon StudioLucid GamesMedia MoleculeMediatonicMy.Games Naughty DogOddworld InhabitantsPaper CultPerfect World (Remnant From the Ashes)Perfect World (Torchlight III)PixelopusPolyarcPolyphony DigitalPrivate DivisionPsyonixRaw FuryRiot ForgeSan Diego StudioScavengerSegaSIE Worldwide Studios (Demon’s Souls)Spike ChunsoftSteel Wool StudiosStudio MDHRSucker Punch ProductionsSuperbrothersTarsier StudiosAsobi Team (Holiday)Asobi Team (New Years)Tequila WorksTitan ForgeVertigo GamesWargaming Young Horses

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  • some of those are pretty cool but dont recognize the game and how come they not having a sale on the subscriptions? i had to go on another website to buy a ps plus

  • Merry Christmas to all 🎄

    I encourage everyone to purchase a whimsical, positive game called Concrete Genie. It’s currently half off and it’s wonderful.

    Also, Sackboy is a phenomenal platformer that can be played on PS4 or PS5 single or co op (online and local). It’s one of the best co op games I have ever played. Perfect to play with your kids or wife. It has tremendous DualSense implementation as well.

    I know Godfall has received mixed reviews, but if u love tinkering with stats, deep combat, and loot it’s for you. End game is terrific and challenging. Co op is fun. The build variety is tremendous. It’s a true next gen showcase. Don’t expect much story, but do expect incredible combat.

  • Happy Holidays! Thank you for the great share!

    For Xmas I would like you guys to roll back to the old PS web store. The new one is terrible and lacks many options. My only wish this year please make it happen. Thank you

  • Come on, i know you can do it. It wont hurt and i promise you wont burst in to flames. Say it with me,

    Merry Christmas !

  • Please implement 1440p output option. There is no reason it is not a feature from day one.

  • It would have been a happy holiday had I been able to purchase a PS5 at retail.

  • These look super nice. BTW are you guys doing the wrap-up this year?

  • I wish I’d seen this earlier. Beautiful work from the talented teams supporting Sony!

  • Happy new year to everyone❤️❤️ I hope bests for you and playstation group 🌺😘😇

    Add an update where we can move save files from one account to another on the same console like the good ol’ PS3 days, cmon i’m beggin.

    I have a game that I had played through 3 times and unlocked everything and have legit every item there is to have but it’s not on my PS+ account. I want to play with my brother (who also really enjoys the game) but can’t because now I have to start over from scratch.

    Please Sony, implement a new update that allows us to move save files rather then keeping them locked to an individual account🥺🙏🏻

  • Happy new year all! Not sure where else to give feedback, but 1440p on the ps5 would be greatly appreciated!

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