Happy holidays from PlayStation.Blog and friends

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Happy holidays from PlayStation.Blog and friends

Our annual tradition continues with season’s greetings and well wishes from our friends across the industry.

As the year comes to a close, we can’t help getting a little sentimental looking back at the games and talented teams that helped make 2020 another unforgettable year in gaming. However you celebrate the season, we want to thank you for your support this year. The PlayStation.Blog team hopes everyone has a festive holiday kicking back and enjoying some quality time with your favorite games.

As is tradition, we know a few other folks across the industry that would love to spread some holiday cheer. So grab some hot chocolate, sit back, and enjoy these season’s greetings cards from our friends and partners around the world. 

2K (Civilization VI)2K (NBA 2K21)2K (PGA 2K21)2K (WWE 2K21 Battlegrounds)2ptActivision (Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War)Activision (Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time)Activision (Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2)Amanita DesignBehaviour InteractiveBend StudioBethesdaBohemia InteractiveBungieCapy GamesCharm GamesChucklefish GamesCrystal DynamicsDrodo StudioEA (Madden 21)EA ( FIFA 21)Ember LabEpic GamesfatsharkFinjiFlight School StudioGaijin EntertainmentGearbox PublishingGrinding Gear GamesGuerrilla GamesHarmonixHousemarqueInsomniac GamesKoei TecmoKonamiLondon StudioLucid GamesMedia MoleculeMediatonicMy.Games Naughty DogOddworld InhabitantsPaper CultPerfect World (Remnant From the Ashes)Perfect World (Torchlight III)PixelopusPolyarcPolyphony DigitalPrivate DivisionPsyonixRaw FuryRiot ForgeSan Diego StudioScavengerSegaSIE Worldwide Studios (Demon’s Souls)Spike ChunsoftSteel Wool StudiosStudio MDHRSucker Punch ProductionsSuperbrothersTarsier StudiosAsobi Team (Holiday)Asobi Team (New Years)Tequila WorksTitan ForgeVertigo GamesWargaming Young Horses

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  • I always love seeing these this time every year. Thanks for putting a post up with all of them once again. Happy Holidays to the PS Blog team and to all the other wonderful teams out there too.

  • You know what would have made for a good holiday? If one of the biggest technology companies in the world would have made more consoles. It would be great if you didn’t have to pad your 1st quarter numbers in 2021 and just, you know, delivered the console as anticipated for a very long time. That would have been a great holiday. But that isn’t going to happen because Sony is fine with letting the black market do it’s thing and disappoint millions of LOYAL customers. Sorry if I don’t want to bask in the celebratory spirit of this blog. I spend thousands of dollars every year and this was a massive disappointment to say the least. I expect more from Sony.

    • Somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

      Do you honestly think Sony is holding back PS5 stock to pad their 1st quarter 2021 numbers? You’re delusional. There is absolutely no reason for them to do that – they’d be much happier announcing huge sales numbers in November and December which would lead to higher game sales for them and their partners both now and in 2021.

      You can’t blame Sony for how third-party vendors sell their products, unless you’re blaming them for giving stock to those vendors in the first place (yeah, because not giving Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, Target, or Wal-Mart any stock and only selling it themselves would have made them a LOT of fans).

      Sony isn’t perfect – no person or company is – but they’ve done a lot right, during extraordinary circumstances.

    • You made all of that up in your head with no evidence what so ever. There is a world wide shortage of chips due to manufacturing being shut down during covid. Everything from high end phones to monitors is seeing a major shortfall.
      This has also been Sonys biggest launch of any console in the history of the company. Millions of people have a PS5 already, this happens EVERY single consoles launch.

      As for “The black market” its a game console not weapons. Sony has no real control over Ebay or anything else like that. Maybe attack Ebay for not having a policy in place to prevent against scalpers.

      Nvidia Graphics card, AMD Ryzen chips, Xbox Series X and PS5 all saw major scalping going on and Ebay didnt stop any of it and neither did Amazon market place.

      You think Sony held back Nvidia, AMD, ASUS and Microsoft product too?!

      Honestly, people need to stop with this fake BS and think for a second.

    • It seems you will end this year without learning a single thing.

    • What next? They should also have stopped making PS4 Pro consoles to make way for PS5, even though PS4 Pro is still selling strong the past 4 years now.

      Yeah, because it worked so well for Microsoft when they ceased manufacturing of Xbonex AND XboneSAD edition. They still couldn’t make enough next gen Xbox consoles, even with the meh demand for it. And don’t forget, they blew their load over a year early when they had the cheek to show off the console in Dec 2019.
      Again, didn’t really fair out better for them in comparison. But keep telling yourself that the black market that ALWAYS existed since PlayStation became massively popular at a launch with PS2. For some children it seems they only found out what scalpers are because of PS5 lol.

    • Damn bro, chill out. Its not the end of the world.

    • lol. it’s not on sony, it’s on the stupid people buying from the damn scalpers. if they keep buying the console from them because the idiotic babies couldn’t wait a little, the problem will continue. if you don’t realize that, you are the idiot.

    • Given the circumstances…it’s been a cluster. You should be holding the retailers responsible, as their distribution is outdated and doesn’t protect against bots. I read that it’s expensive to implement, and a best Buy seems to be the only retailer taking charge and making those sorts of changes. I’m sorry if you haven’t gotten one yet, you’ll have to grind it out like the rest of us and eventually you’ll get one after many, many missed attempts. My only advice is to follow the drops on discord or twitter (wario64 and ps5_restockk have been very helpful).

  • I feel the same way. As a loyal customer that spends way too much on the PS store every year, let alone owning every console since PS came out and the thousands I’ve spent across the years on games and peripherals, it’s a slap in the face that Sony has put ZERO effort into stopping and rectifying the situation. Maybe when they see the digital sales numbers for PS5 games in Q1 someone we step in and do something. Spiderman Miles Morales has already sold 70% less than the original game, and that’s no ones fault but Sony’s. Thise ire isn’t toward the Blog team, but much like the OP, I can’t be excited for Playstation holiday cheer when I feel ignored and quite frankly, spit on.

    • Sony can’t do anything to prevent someone from buying as many consoles as they have the money to buy (except for the ones they’ve been selling directly, which they HAVE been limiting as much as possible). The entities you should direct any ire at would be the retailers. And there isn’t terribly much they can do about it, either.

    • As other people have said, its not Sonys fault, they arent a retailer. You need to blame Ebay and places like that who allow scalping and dont even attempt to stop it. They enable it not Sony.
      It makes zero difference how much money you or anyone else spends on PSN.

      Why do people like you always blame Sony or Microsoft when it just isn’t their fault. We go through this every major product launch.
      GPUs, Processors, Phones. Its normal just shut up, sit down and wait. If you are angry go shout at Ebay for allowing and enabling scalpers.

    • lol. it’s not on sony, it’s on the stupid people buying from the damn scalpers. if they keep buying the console from them because the idiotic babies couldn’t wait a little, the problem will continue. if you don’t realize that, you are the idiot.

    • Really, you people really think there’s nothing Sony could possibly do to help control scalping? You honestly believe that. Ugh the ignorance of this world.

  • Καλά Χριστούγεννα !

  • Woow incleible me encantaron!
    Feliz navidad y feliz año nuevo.

  • Thanks for the holiday cards! I always enjoy seeing these each year. Nice work to all the artists and thanks to the studios for putting these out.
    Paper Cult gets my vote for #1 best card. Great job!
    Merry Christmas everyone and happy holidays. Here’s to next year, hoping it’s better than 2020 in every way.
    Stay safe and healthy and wear a mask please!

  • Happy Holidays. Please be safe!

  • Still sold out everywhere. If we purchase ps5 later, do we still get all the ps plus bonus games? Or is there a time limit to redeem that?

  • Sony should release a series of Christmas cards showing kids sitting by their Christmas trees with no PS5’s under them because of their botched rollout.

    • Don’t forget the idiotic clueless parents that ignored all warnings to preorder it months ago in stores. It happened with PS4, I witnessed it and it will happen again and again because the world will always have silly silly humans that have no clue how the retail world works and how mean and horrible they can be to people just doing their jobs.

    • Yeah right, as if the form over function model is actually worth buying.

  • I’ll print this out and put it under the tree. I’m sure my kids will enjoy it much more than the PS5 they’ve been asking for.

  • Love seeing these every year! Where is one from Naughty dog??

  • Yeah, PS Store wasn’t very happy since you killed PSP completely, as well as wishlist system, which is kinda ridiculous in my opinion.

  • Why isn’t there one from CDPR? Did it have too many bugs and therefore can’t be seen?

    (Too soon? Sorry, I couldn’t resist lol)
    Happy holidays, Y’all!

    • There was one up when the blog post went up but it was removed later because of too many problems….. lol

      Xbox has no problem with it though, it goes perfect with their unfinished, broken, early access, game pass development culture that has become their only dependency going forward….. double lol.

  • Amazing !! PlayStation is just amazing! Shoutout to all gaming studios ! You guys are the best! Don’t stop making AMAZING video games ! :D

  • Happy holidays
    Everyone else is creative except 2k and EA.you can tell they didn’t pit any effort lol

  • I’m glad I managed to snag a PS5 before Christmas. Enjoying it very much. Everyone just keep checking that Sony direct store page randomly until you get lucky and get in line early.

  • Sony: “We strive to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.” That’s why we have an anti consumer refund policy.

  • All I wanted for holiday was a PS5… Release date nowhere to be seen in India… Communication teams taken off early… Way to go Sony!!!

    • There was a copyright issue with the PS5 in India. New console launches are always hard, especially in these times. It will be worth the wait, hope you get it soon!

    • Well the trademark issue did get resolved a week before “global launch.” Now a month later cannot be used to make excuse…

    • that’s a india problem. pretty far away from the real market.

    • Then why did they announce it in first place… It was announced initially with from Sony that it would be launched along with the global launch on Nov 19th… Then it was moved to late Dec 2020… And then they completely removed the dates from their websites… Amazon.in still has late 2020 on their website… Shows how well they managed the launch…

  • What happened with the Holiday Game deals this year? Xbox has them since December 17th =(

  • Damn my Christmas season would be even better if y’all didn’t ban my main because some guy that I thought was my friend got a bunch of people to false report me

  • Very disappointed, should not be this hard to purchase a PS5. When they do become available, I may pass. I’m done.

    • Every single console launch in history it was this hard or harder to get a console. PS5 is the absolute most popular product in the world right now and they did a great job with supply in these difficult times. Hold tight and be persistent, maybe follow Warrio64 on twitter to get stock info… You’ll get one soon. I got it and it’s amazing, worth the wait. Good luck

    • lol. it’s not on sony, it’s on the stupid people buying from the damn scalpers. if they keep buying the console from them because the idiotic babies couldn’t wait a little, the problem will continue. if you don’t realize that, you are the idiot.

  • Merry Christmas to all. Sure wish ps direct would open que

  • Sony has already given me great memories this holiday season, currently playing the incredible Spider-Man and the delightful and fun Sackboy with my partner in co-op :) So happy with my PS5 and to everyone who is still waiting to be able to buy one: it will be worth the wait and hope you get it soon!
    Happy Holidays to all members of our big family of gamers! <3

  • Very pretty cards guys. Thanks

  • Thank you too everyone who put the effort into these greeting cards, and all the effort into the games we enjoy each year. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and most of all God Bless!

  • Please fix the Store on PS5. It’s unusable. No dlc section, no PS Deals section, its impossible to navigate it to find what you’re looking for. The only reason this isn’t brought up often is because bots bought the majority of PS5s.

    • I completely agree. The new store is absolutely awful and unusable. Its totally barebones and so user unfriendly you can’t find anything. I don’t use it its so bad, stuck using the app which is almost as bad since it got changed ( put the old app back too ) Make it like the original ps4 storefront. Please fix this as its really bringing down the entire ps5 experience

    • To be fair, none of the stores work at all.

      The web store is completely useless, with many browsers not showing prices or a buy button. It’s also missing wishlist, sorting and loads of basic options (like IMAGES/videos of games).

      Then the PS4 store is buggy too. Pictures rarely load, it crashes a bunch and is generally just rubbish. So I guess the PS5 store also being rubbish isn’t really shocking.😁

    • Yeah and they made the mobile app useless for absolutely no reason as well.

    • I really don’t know why they’re taking so long to make the Store work… Right now it looks like it’s under construction and navigating it is horrible. Having it baked in the PS5 UI doesn’t help either… No wishlist, deals are difficult to find, it’s a mess. The best place to find games is psdeals.net until they fix it.

  • Happy holidays!

  • Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah Everyone!!!!! Ps5 rocks and the dual sense is even cooler!! People should just buy from Sony directly even if you have to wait. Don’t feed the scalpers.

  • Now i miss the option to use custom screenshots as a wallpaper on the PS5 even more! These greeting cards look awesome!
    To PS4 users, open this website on your PS4 browsers, screenshot the greeting cards and then you can use them as a wallpaper on your console :)

  • Merry Christmas you’re all amazing especially Young Horses & Asobi as I loved Bugs & Astro.

  • All I want for Christmas is PS5
    But I did not get one
    Can you guys please please please make a lot more I can just get one, I don’t have to check all the online restock and get up at 4am try to get one

    • Same here, my mom Tried for days some without any sleep to try and get me one for Christmas. All my presents were for the PS5….but not system. Kinda sucks.

  • Thank you for years of fun. And it’s Merry Christmas not happy holidays. And a very happy New Year. From tony and family……
    Keep up the great work..

  • It would be a more festive holiday if I didn’t have to stalk gamers on social media for info on PS5 console drops by retailers. This has added a layer of frustration to Christmas for me this year. I don’t know how you can write this article when thousands of fans are unable to upgrade their console. All my boys wanted for Christmas was a PS5, and they aren’t going to get one. Bah humbug…

  • Please add ps3 games in promos

  • How about you guys give us some good games on Christmas?

  • Right, create a store and a mobile app that aren’t a complete slap in the face and you might come across as actually genuinely caring about your customers.

    • What are you talking about. Both work fine for me, yes the PS5 storefront needs fine tuning, but it launched a month ago. Calm down.

  • will there be a christmas theme 2020?

  • Thanks for nothing and for ruining XMAS for all playstation fans who cant or dont want to buy PS5’s from shady ebay sellers for 2000$

    maybe im switching to xbox for the first time this generation because of that

    • Your attitude is what is “ruining” Christmas for you, and for others claiming the same thing.

      Good luck trying to get a new XBox. They too are sold out and difficult to find. That is unless you want the Series S. 😂

    • As was already said. Your attitude is the problem. They have sold 4 million PS5s in a month. That’s an insane amount of hardware. Especially considering the pandemic that has crippled manufacturing.

      No one. And I mean absolutely no one is forcing anyone to buy a PS5 for over MSRP. Which is either $400 or $500. If you spend $2000 on a PS5, that’s on you.

  • sony can you make a alienware dual sense pro controller 4 back paddles long battery up to 20hr

  • going with dell

  • can ypu put back cyber punk 2077 back on the ps5 and ps4 store work really good came out 3 new update on this game

  • sony alienware dual sense pro controller 4 back paddles long battery up to 20hr be cool really cool i have soo many thing make sony really good in my head that i been think and dreaming about

  • 1440p support!

  • So it was two days before Christmas and no PS5 could be found. Not even Santa could figure out how Sony could be ran by a bunch of clowns! COVID was rampant and many have been looking for the release to clear this out of their heads but one thing for sure is Sony s#!* the bed! Seriously though Sony has never had enough product at release to ever satisfy the demand. Then you go to EBAY and see hundreds of units for sale by those who are out to screw the fans. Sure we can have a unit for $1700.00! They do this because Sony failed to satisfy the demand AGAIN! It’s not because of COVID it’s because poor management at Sony and I hope they fire the manager who failed them yet again. Yeah I read about the SOC chips but this thing was being built a long time before COVID so spare us the BS and get some units on the shelves already!

  • Hello lo lo heidi ho happy holidays!

  • Add a Windows 10 app to your line up so I can use party chat like discord

  • How about @PlayStation you do the creators right and remake #xenogears in its entirety. That means no jumbled, rushed incomplete disc 2. And till it’s completed bring it back to playstation store for all PS platforms. Just like you did for #FF7Remake!

  • Where’s the 1440p card ?🙄👀

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