PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year polls are live [polls closed]

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PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year polls are live [polls closed]

Vote for the biggest and best of 2020 across more than 15 categories.

The PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year polls are now live and awaiting your votes! We’ve got 17 categories this year, featuring returning favorites as well as a couple new ones that integrate PlayStation 5 into the mix. One quick note: Cyberpunk 2077 will be eligible for next year’s Game of the Year awards given its release timing.

These polls will remain open until 11:59pm Pacific on Sunday, December 13. After they close, we’ll tabulate the results and reveal all the winners later in the month. Don’t see your favorite game nominated? Each category is open to write-ins as well, so drop ’em in there!

Without further ado, hit the polls below to cast your vote for Best Graphical Showcase, Best New Character, Gaming Moment of the Year, PS4 Game of the Year, PS5 Game of the Year, and a whole lot more. Then, hit the comments and make your case! Maybe you’ll help some of the fence-sitters out there come to a decision.

Good luck to the nominees!

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  • Best soundtrack and art style/design cuphead

    • You literally are on here with 50 comments trolling every person and game that isn’t the last of us 2.

      who cares what wins and loses as customers.

      if you love the game so much why are you not working on the platinum right now instead of responding to every comment like an employee alt account psychopath.

      you embarrass yourself and show what an immature shill you are.

      the game is good not great, it is polarizing by design and people can legitimately like or dislike it as they wish. like a tv series or anything else.

      For the voting in the past Sony has discounted winner categories and we see sales following the game awards. frankly that should be how you use your vote as whether game x or why is lauded has nothing to do with fans and everything to do with marketing.

    • Ok so how am I trolling? I have platnumed it i just need one more platnum for grounded. Im nor embarasing myself. The game is one of the best ive played. Anything else?

    • He’s not embarrasing himself, he is simply obnoxious and fanboying too much over that game. I haven’t purchased it nor have I played it personally, but I finished the first one recently and I loved that, one of my favs. However, imo, a game so controversial, with opinions all over the place, should not win GoTY. As simple as that.
      We get it, you love it, you pretty much responded to like 80-90% of all comments, but you wont get ppl to vote for your game by spamming lol.
      I also love Persona 5 Royal and its my favourite game, but I dont just go spam everyone why I like it so much

  • Tlou2 goty all day!! 🔥

  • Most anticipated game: new god of war title 👍👍😄

  • TLoU2 was my pick for PS4 GotY as that game is in a completely different stratosphere when it comes to mastery across all aspects of game development. That said, plenty of other games did great in other categories. SMMM was my PS5 GotY choice.

    My studio of the year was Sucker Punch because I think they punched their way (pun intended) into another tier of game development, both with their best entry to date with GoT, as well as surprising with honestly one of the best multiplayer offerings of the year in Legends (which I wrote in for MP). To me I think SP made an incredible gain as a studio and have entered the conversation with the likes of Naughty Dog and Santa Monica, and I’m excited to see where they go from here.

    All else I have to say: Bugsnax for best Independent Game. That was a pleasant surprise to enjoy it as much as I did.

  • Let’s all be real, no bias… Ghost of Tsushima deserves this game of the year title. It did not disappoint whatsoever.

  • This year released great games, despite the ongoing pandemic. Its amazing that the devs were still able to deliver games and Sony debuting the PS5 for all.

    If I could vote for Sony rep, it’d be Mark Cerny for the deep dive video of PS5. It was inspirational to me atleast, been wanting to be a dev after High School many years ago, seeing that video really motivated me up, understanding the terminology, the video made me feel part of the crowd instead of the split of dev and consumer and seeing the hard work of others put into the machine. Now, the success that is following even though the issue of supply and scalpers.

  • Going into Last Of Us 2 with no expectations or spoilers I was blown away. It was an amazing and heart breaking experience. How the one major spoiler isn’t in the polls for gaming moment of the year is beyond me. I played through the game twice and it wrecked me both times I had to sit through it.

    If nothing else, the fact that people are so passionate about it (like it or hate it) just lends to how the game impacted people’s lives enough to care either way. That says a lot for a GAME. That alone makes it GOTY.

  • The Last Of Us 2 deserve game of the year!

  • The last of us should be a game of the year game was absolutly amazing hope this game will winn

  • Ghost of Tsushima all the way!

  • Ghost of Tsushima!

  • TLOU2 is easily one the greatest games of our generation. It definitely deserves to win all of the awards it’s nominated for. I see why people disliked the story but *spoilers*

    the death of a beloved character like Joel just helps make the story so gritty and helps to put you in Ellie’s shoes and feel the wrath but also keeping gamer at the edge of their seat.

    And the heart wrenching ending where she went back to her empty house, left with nobody by her side, and the loss of her ability to play the guitar shows how she lost that connection with Joel.

    In the end ellie lost everything she cared for but not all stories can have a happy ending especially in a post-apocalyptic world but i truly hope that Ellie can regain her happiness in TLOU3 if naughty dog continue her story.

    Anyways TLO2 ftw

  • Eu só sei que falta aqui um jogo Minecraft.

  • Minecraft should win 😤

  • Most Anticipated game: Elden Ring.

  • god of war ragnarok cada vez menos

  • Hoping Ghost of Tsushima to win GTY!!!

  • The new LEGO Star Wars as the most anticipated game!! Can’t wait for that one.

  • ChiggieBungus

  • I just hope they take out Resident Evil Village quick.

  • Cyberpunk

  • A sincere lack of FFXIV 5.3 in there Justin! I wrote in xD.

  • Let’s go Ghost Of Tsushima!!

  • Persona 5 Royal or Last of Us part 2 has to win

    • Persona 5 Royal has to win for best soundtrack

    • Tlou is a bit controversial, ofc a great game nonetheless. Its just a shame P5R does not stand a chance simply because it’s not nearly as popular, P5 was also pretty close to GoTY in 2017

  • Fortnite Battle Royal

  • I really hope insomniac’s marvel’s spiderman Miles Morales wins

  • 💪💪💪💪💪💪 Viva SONY

  • Bugsnax is the real goty.

  • Last of us Part 2!! Best game I’ve ever played!

  • If you don’t vote New God Of War title you get -90% of being a Gamer…

    • I voted once for GOW and once for Horizon.
      In my opinion GOW is superior game to Horizon Zero Dawn in nearly every facet, but Horizon holds a more special place in my heart as the first open world game that I loved.

    • Or maybe a lot of us aren’t interested in God of war…?

  • Najlepsza gra 2020 roku: TLOU Part II

  • Last of us 2 is great. Ghost of Tsushima is great. Miles Morales is great. Gaming is great.

  • Best moment in gaming “Red Dead Redemption 2: LENNY!”

  • Ghost of Tsushima was my GOTY 2020.

  • Great selections and games go ast of us 2

  • this is going to be epic

  • Everything The Last Of Us Part 2, Fall Guys for Multiplayer and Horizon for most anticipated game.

    Ghost Of Tsushima was pretty good but we’ve played plenty of games like that, some of which did much better in the open world genre.

    TLOU2 is one of a kind and has set the narrative bar really high. It’s either this or Witcher 3 for this gen.
    Lots of people overlook its achievements in gameplay, such as stealth, utilizing an AI that is actively searching for you everywhere and simply ducking in some bushes right in front of an enemy just isn’t going to work. Going from TLOU2 stealth to Ghost Of Tsushima certainly did no favours to the latter.

    All in all, it’s been a great year for PlayStation and the best is yet to come! :)

  • I just put Rainbow Six Siege in the “other” boxes

  • Game Of The Year hands down is The Ghost Of Tsushima.

  • The last part 2 of course

  • I hope someone good wins

  • Just final fantasy vii remake. Thank God we got this masterpiece, i can’t wait or the next one.

  • Where are the polls at?

  • So hyped for God of War: Ragnarok
    2018 GOW was so good. The Last of Us is absolute 🤢, has good gameplay & graphics but that’s about it the game is actually bad it shouldn’t win anything that has to do with story or characters. Cold War is definitely a win of 2020 because no one liked Camp Warfare and Warzone was bad aswell

  • Everyone knows what to do its time to vote for Ghost of Tsushima as the game of the year lets gooo!!

  • cant wait for far cry 6

  • EA you did us dirty with Battlefront 2, there better be mew star wars at the game awards

  • I’d vote for P5 Royal, IF I could find the poll. Either the link isn’t appearing or I am missing something…

    I’d like to vote for Ghost of Tsushima, but I haven’t played it yet. I hear good things.

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