The Last of Us Part II: Explore Abby’s story in new trailer

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The Last of Us Part II: Explore Abby’s story in new trailer

Naughty Dog shares a new trailer that focuses on Abby’s emotional story in The Last of Us Part II.

It’s been nearly six months since we launched The Last of Us Part II and, in that time, we’ve been overwhelmed by the support shown by everyone that has played the game and reached out to share their experience with us. This story and its characters mean so much to the entire studio and to have it resonate with millions of people around the world and be recognized by industry and fan-voted awards over the last several weeks is beyond humbling. 

With the year winding down and new players picking up the game for the first time over the holidays, we’ve put together a new trailer that provides an expanded look at the story, and, for the first time, focuses on Abby’s emotional journey as it intersects and collides with Ellie’s. It explores her origins, the events that spark her search for vengeance, and the devastating repercussions that follow. You’ll also get a glimpse into Abby’s unique gameplay and how her training, equipment, and skills contrast Ellie’s. We hope you enjoy it:

The Last of Us Part II: Explore Abby’s story in new trailer

Thank you again to everyone that has played The Last of Us Part II. For all those picking it up for the first time, we’d love to hear from you by following and tagging us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. We hope you stay safe, stay healthy, and have a happy holidays and a wonderful New Year. 

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  • Hmmm.. I dont mind Twists and Turns. But it is true that what they did said long before the game was released:
    It will be dividing and some ppl will Hate or dont like it. And thats just what happened.. One point is, that it was not any real option to do the “first game again”. I mean, the second game had to be quite much different anyway.

    I did liked the Original game very much.

    But also i was quite frustrated about what happened to the second game leaking and all the bashing about it. Funny way, you could say that this game made same effects in real as it had in it. That means that, there are so many views and feelings like are persons playing or not playing it. Such a Bittersweet Imitation of Life.

  • Cuckmann ruined this game like he will naughty dog.

    Only nerds who post on resetera like this game

  • Well looks like ghost of tsushima is leading the polls on the game awards. About damn time

  • Series is Great! Cant wait for Multiplayer Update !!

  • I have not played this game because imo Naughty Dog missed a beat, there is a reason why games like God of War and the original The Last of Us won universal praise, can you guess the connection? Everybody loves a parent child buddy or teacher student type of movie or game, you have the experienced teaching the inexperienced until one day the student overtakes or tries to overtake the teacher.

    It went from a father daughter dynamic, to a lovers dynamic, imagine in God of War Ragnarok, Atreus grows up and the storyline ditches Kratos, Atreus then gets him a boyfriend or girlfriend and goes of into that direction, the franchise is now dead because people wanted that father son dynamic the same way TLOU2 no longer has that father daughter dynamic, who wants TLOU3?

    TLOU2 became Tombraider but without the climbing, and nobody wants Tombraider without climbing.

    • I don’t “love” a parent child teacher student movie, game or anything. It’s a stale genre with fake emotions. “OMG it’s a child, you HAVE to feel something, because it’s totally your daddy! OMG we killed your daddy feel all those emotions”. Just blergh.

      What GAMES need is good GAME PLAY. Not the same tired storylines full of the same cheap emotional tricks repeated a billion times over and over again with “feel SAD NOW” flashing on the screen.

      The “next gen” needs to do things that the last gen didn’t do. ToiLetoU was a PS3 game with PS4 gameplay and lots of sad mope rubbish. Which was then copy pasted into basically every single PS4 Sony title (GoWoU), even Uncharted 4 was full of pointless sad blahblah scenes.

      We need new experiences. Sad time with daddy isn’t new or fun. Or something we couldn’t have seen 15 years ago. If I want that junk I could just watch daytime TV. I don’t.

      TLoU was Uncharted without the fun. TLoU2 was uncharted without the fun and more sad dialog. No one honestly enjoys a bunch of overpaid voice actors hamming through a script.

    • Oh and also GoW was an over the top ACTION game long before it became snuggle time with sad mossbeard daddy.

      So imagine how people felt when they went from action filled punching giants in the face flying up volcanoes to some sad old guy sobbing in the snow with an annoying brat attached by some uncuttable umbilical chord.

      Urgh, Sony need to move on from the end of the PS3 finally.

  • Great more reasons to hate this game ever more, as if I didn’t hate it enough… Now I just to hate this game 10x more than before, Neil Druckmann is a stuck up dolt with a lot of money and not a care in the world about the fans. I use to trust Naughty Dog but now I don’t as they lie and slip cash under the table for ratings and awards.

  • Loved this game unsure why it had a lot of hate the developers thought outside the box with this story and gameplay giving people a brand new experience really hope they do it all again for the ps5 as I have no doubt that it will look and play fantastic

  • Game didn’t a part two. Just like movies the sequel is worse than the first one.

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