The Last of Us Part II: Explore Abby’s story in new trailer

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The Last of Us Part II: Explore Abby’s story in new trailer

Naughty Dog shares a new trailer that focuses on Abby’s emotional story in The Last of Us Part II.

It’s been nearly six months since we launched The Last of Us Part II and, in that time, we’ve been overwhelmed by the support shown by everyone that has played the game and reached out to share their experience with us. This story and its characters mean so much to the entire studio and to have it resonate with millions of people around the world and be recognized by industry and fan-voted awards over the last several weeks is beyond humbling. 

With the year winding down and new players picking up the game for the first time over the holidays, we’ve put together a new trailer that provides an expanded look at the story, and, for the first time, focuses on Abby’s emotional journey as it intersects and collides with Ellie’s. It explores her origins, the events that spark her search for vengeance, and the devastating repercussions that follow. You’ll also get a glimpse into Abby’s unique gameplay and how her training, equipment, and skills contrast Ellie’s. We hope you enjoy it:

The Last of Us Part II: Explore Abby’s story in new trailer

Thank you again to everyone that has played The Last of Us Part II. For all those picking it up for the first time, we’d love to hear from you by following and tagging us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. We hope you stay safe, stay healthy, and have a happy holidays and a wonderful New Year. 

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  • I don’t get the hate the latter part of TLoU2 got. I liked it way more than the rest.

    • It’s got the best set pieces

    • I loved it just as much as the rest of the series, added some great variety in every sense.

    • The latter part of the game effectively demonised one of its heroes….people didn’t like that.

      I loved it, because it quite easily demonstrated – your version of truth and justice all depends on which side of the fence you are standing on.

      It was a brilliant game direction and as in the maxim, art imitates life imitates art, there is a significamt climate of division in the world and often your view is clouded by differing optics.

    • I loved it too. There was not so much hate. Its just the internet – small group can be very loud and be heard over the silent majority of players who just enjoyed the game.

    • @Finka

      Here are some examples why this game is receiving so much negativity.


      1. Killing of a beloved character, just killed the game.

      2. Bad Story

      3. Characters making stupid decisions.

      4. Flash backs and dream sequences.

      5. Forced Pacing in certain sections, to comply with the dull story.


      1. Gameplay

      2. Graphics

      3. Acting

      I just hope Naughtydog leave this franchise to rest now.

      I think HBO will change many aspects towards the story in Part 2 for the TV series, hopefully for the better.

      The first game was brilliant.

    • mediocre people, like strangeheaven, thats why

    • How do you not get the hate? The people who hate it (BTW I hate tlou 2) have a good reason to be mad with what they did with the story.

    • Of course ND put way more work in the 2nd part which is basically an Uncharted all cool and etc full of set piece moments I wonder why?…oh yeah cuz they need you to like poor abbeye.Y’all who liked TLoU 2 sure didn’t understand how dirty ND was when crafting this filth.

  • Loving the game, but I waited for ps5 to finish ng+… any news on 60fps patch or anything on ps5????

  • Why do this to yourself, Sony?

    You know there’s a lot of basement dwellers (especially now), living in their parent’s homes who are just going to use this as an opportunity to make their voices (or texts) heard, since it’s the only time someone will give them attention. You made a brilliant game: a game that risked doing what very, very few other have. And I’m talking about the question of who is the “antagonist” of a game, or even blurring whether there truly is one. Leave it at that.

    Don’t give the basement dwellers more fuel. They already lead a depressing life (what with being that butt hurt about a video game). Bask in the awards that this game has received and move forward with your next masterpiece.

    • hahahahaha. literally anyone in america is a basement dweller at this point and you’re begging to play as some lady man while you wear your mask in front of your game box alone. ahahahaha

    • Ghost of Tsushima didn’t win an award, yet it still outsold TLOU2 within it’s first months of release. LOLOLOL

      Stay salty.

    • Right, because anyone who doesn’t agree with you is a basement dweller. Nobody can legitimately have issues with how the story was executed or concluded. It’s just not possible that someone sees the attempt as a failure in terms of what they attempted to do.

      It’s a beautiful game, loved the gameplay, and respect the risks taken, but the story didn’t pull off what they attempted and came off as derivative, preachy, and not very deep. I don’t begrudge anyone who disagrees, but the story was an overall fail in my eyes. Not for any one reason but because of how the entire thing was paced, sectioned and executed, and the ending was just bad. I see what they were going for but in the story worth those characters it was a fail.

      You know the game is EXTREMELY divisive to say the least. The sales numbers show that. Maybe don’t make it worse by calling everyone who disagrees with you as some how less than you. That helps nobody, and makes everything worse.

    • you got 3 of them ,lol

    • I mean they’re not wrong considering tlou2 is 50% off just so they can scrape together some money from this dumpster fire of a game. But yeah call us basement dwellers for Hating a preachy one dimensional game.. Im sure that’ll help druckman scrape enough money together to make an even worse sequel

    • So the only people whose voices should be heard are those with which you agree? Sony should want all feedback, not just the comments from an echo chamber.

    • This game bombed after the first month, I guess people don’t like being lied to by it’s deceptive trailers.

    • you’re in the same blog section as these “Basement dwellers” so what are you? The game is hot trash last time I checked graphics and game-play don’t make single player games the story does. You are also butt-hurt about people not liking the game you go out of your way to insult them but nice try:)

  • Why does she look like a man?

    • She worked out alot more than you do like Sarah Sigmandaughter from the Crossfit Games. If you played the game you’d understand

    • Are you as ripped as her?

    • I hope you’re aware the body model used is from an actual woman.

    • The alphabets are attacking you because their man is under attack.

    • @Naquadah

      Abbey is using Hormone PEDS which I doubt will be available in that timeline. She also will need to workout several hours a day in the gym, and eat a tonne of meat.

      In the game we saw the gym for two seconds, and watched her scoff down a burrito awkwardly. Oh, we also witnessed a stadium field of sheep and cows which is convenient. It’s pretty laughable in a bad way.

    • Feminism agenda ma friend.Drunkman forgot how to write strong women so he made poor abbeye look like a man and do superman stuff on the game,haha so pathetic that it’s funny.

  • PS5 60fps patch please.

    • Totally! Waiting for my pop of Plat on this game with a GM+ on the PS5 with enhanced graphics. I know it already is using DS haptic feedback and the like, but still holding out for a bigger update.
      (and a free one at that)

    • For TLOU 1 & Uncharted 1-2-3-4-LL too !!

  • who in god’s name wants to play as this thing? this game was one of the fastest dropping bombs of this generation and a true turd of a game and you’re letting neil shove it down your throat hahahaha

  • Horrible character nobody wants, thanks for ruin the game Duckman.
    Really hope you get fired from ND.

    • “nobody wants” yeah, sure mate. I know there are many people who dislike her, but it’s far from “everyone”, I like her character.

    • So you’re into one dimensional man women?

    • @darksider_16 LOL “man women”, too many insecurities?

    • Druckmann was promoted today to co-president of ND.

    • @Darksider, best not to say anything when you’re not good with language, mate.

      @ROLO, I can see a small number of people liked her, but she is an awful character. Again though, it is a matter of opinion.

    • @ SolaceCreed – No not a matter of opinion she is a terrible character without depth and badly written but most people are fine with simple writing so they like her cuz ND worked their as* off trying to make you like her.No wonder they treated beloved characters like trash…TLoU 2 is all about getting you to like poor abbeye.

    • @SolaceCreed better you not talk when all you can do is complain about the way I type. You should join Twitter weak comebacks like that

  • Really? Who the hell wants more from this garbage character?

    • Relax. You spoiled a game for yourself by looking at leaks, 6 weeks before its launch. Get over it. At least we all know who you are the next time something leaks for a game and you can’t help yourself.

      The game was pretty good if you didn’t horrendously ruin it for yourself though. Not Jak 2 good though, they still never topped that game lol.

    • That’s a bot or someone who got paid. Andrew you’re a joke my friend.

  • When are you guys going to release the factions for the last of us part 2? We’ve been waiting

  • PS5 upgrade or remaster please 😌

    • Yes, I’ll buy it only after they release a PS5 upgrade. I’ll would love an Uncharted 4 patch to allow 60fps too.

  • One of the best games of this generation in my opinion. Loved every second of it and will play it a third time if a ps5 patch gets released<3.

    • Yeah, awesome game and graphically amazing (even on my base PS4). Just a little slow for my taste, even more so than the first one.

      Will replay it on PS5 when I get the console though (for the PS4 Pro improvements), I believe the feeling will be completely different now that I know the full story

  • Brilliant game love the gameplay now I have completed the game sad now wish there is gunna b a number 3

  • Such a great and compelling story. You really get attached to the characters and the gameplay is awesome. Highly recommended.

  • Great trailer but too many spoilers, glad already finished it. Loved it.

  • I’m not exactly sure how i actually feel about the game. Waited so long to play it, only to be left with a empty feeling after actually playing it.

    Do get me wrong… the game play is good, i enjoyed that aspect, and the visual are top notch. It’s just the story left me with a thats it…

    The same feeling as watch game of thrones final season.

  • I love the last line in the trailer. She says “you don’t know me”. So fitting. It isn’t until the game is complete that you truly know and understand who she really is. This game is a roller coaster of emotions.

  • Helllo. First I want to say I love it. I played part one twice. I pray you come out with a part 3 or aftermath. I don’t want it to end at part 2. If it does end I pray you come out with something close to this one. I love the mind thinking and strategy. It keeps my mind fresh. I am 50 years old and I support you Naughty Dog. Thanks again for all your hard work you put into your games. You as well be safe. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Blessings to you and your family. Can’t wait to see you got for me next. Love you Naughty Dog……Hugs

    • The False Advertising Game, with a rubbish and forgettable story.

      Apparently Abbey is being replaced
      by Miss 🐷 in the PS5 version.



  • No one cares give it up, you fudge up it happens this is your chance to think about where it went wrong and come back bigger and better

  • ND and Sony utterly failed in this game for me. For those who enjoyed it – good on you. I’m glad for you.

    I’m still bitterly waiting for the sequel to one of my all time most favorite games. A sequel I’ll probably never get.

    Sony: y’all broke me hard on this. Tlou2 was very pretty garbage. Not coming back. Stop kicking the horse. It’s dead.

    • @moonzie1980

      I feel the same. They completely messed up. For me this is now Naughty dogs worst game. I know it sold better then all there previous releases, but they deceived the public with deception in mind with false advertising. Naughtydevils😈

      I think people need to be very skeptical when it comes to there next game.

  • game is dead, just let it die already and stop trying to push it down our throats

  • When the new trailer appeared on Youtube I almost thought it is announcement for new DLC. Unfortunatelly not :-(

  • It’s unfortunate that, only now, six months after release, do Sony and Naughty Dog advertise the game honestly.

    This is how the game should have been unveiled to the players from the outset: Not the lies, not the deception, not the fake trailers marketing the game as the next adventure with Joel and Ellie when y’all knew full well that isn’t what the game was.

    So I’m glad that this trailer came out. I just wish it had happened much, much sooner.

  • When an improved version for ps5?!

    We need 60fps!

  • LOL! This should have been the trailer from day 1.

    • Too many spoilers, I only watch the first trailer (movies and games), prefer to enjoy them without knowing too much

    • Nobody would buy the game 😂👍

    • Too many spoilers for the day 1 patch. I was really glad that I did not know and the second half of the story was complete unexpected surprise (from thinking it is just another short flashback to realizing it is whole half of the game). Tralier like this would just ruin it.

  • Absolutely brilliant game. Really hoping for a ps5 patch for my third playthrough!
    Abby is a great character she was so interesting to play.

  • I think you should make A new game where the two to come together and fight the DEAD

  • Just started playing it and already blown away, this could possibly be the best game on the system.

  • Naughtpiggy of false advertising. Keep your eyes peeled on there next game titled “Deception”

  • This Game Is Not Recommended To All. Disappointedly Contains Irrelevant Scenes. Please Try To Avoid In Game Irrelevant Scenes And Try To Make Games Similar Sackboy: A Big Adventure OR Journey Or Concrete Genie Which Are Recommended For All And Are Popular Among All Ages. Everyone Appreciating To Your Sustained Works👌🙌. Thanks.

    • Irrelevant scenes?

      So liiiike, theres the usual stuff of people being angry and crying and doing whatever they do in sad Sony fakey crycry games. But then a sudden scene of a monkey chasing a banana. Then one from a documentary about crawfish?

      I thought it was just a more blahblahblah sad Uncharted with no fun, but the irrelevant scenes concept does make it sound more interesting. Oh but, Sony didn’t make Journey.

  • I have been a gamer from the atari 2600 days. I am 47 and by far the last of us has been the best and most enjoyable games I have ever played. I didn’t want it to end. I hope you continue to add to the series or create a similar game. I’m from the dark ages and don’t play online. So it’s nice to see a game like this with incredible story. Keep up the good work.

  • Masterpiece no, bad no. Just a mediocre game, it’s ok not great not bad. Went in completley blind to spoilers and when i was done with it i felt absolutley nothing.

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  • Why da hell are you posting this now Sony?…to try to reel in votes for the game awards right?…damn you have become pathetic,so y’all gonna sabotage Ghost just like that because TLoU 2 has an agenda to move forward?…I know such is the entertainment industry but damn this is wrong.I hope ND’s filth didn’t got into y’all because if TLoU 2 wins GOTY it will be the greatest bs ever in the game awards.

    And I pity people who like abbeye…poor drunkman forgot how to do good written strong women so he had to put popeye arms in one to force feminism bs down our throats haha pathetic.

    This disgrace of a game needs to die.

  • “fan-voted awards” LMAO I hadn’t read the post but lol this says everything about your motive to post this crap during this time.Heard drunkman is paying people to vote in TLoU 2….haha how pathetic if true.

    I just pity people who play this without having played 1 but pity way more the poor souls who played 1 and liked this.

  • Google pay 95$ consistently my last pay check was $8200 working 10 hours out of every week on the web. My more young kin buddy has been averaging 15k all through ongoing months and he works around 24 hours consistently. I can’t confide in how straightforward it was once I endeavored it out.This is my primary concern……𝓦𝔀𝔀.𝓖𝓸𝓒𝓪𝓼𝓱9.𝓬𝓸𝓶

  • Cuckmann ruined this game like he will naughty dog.

    Only nerds who post on resetera like this game

  • Well looks like ghost of tsushima is leading the polls on the game awards. About damn time

  • Series is Great! Cant wait for Multiplayer Update !!

  • I have not played this game because imo Naughty Dog missed a beat, there is a reason why games like God of War and the original The Last of Us won universal praise, can you guess the connection? Everybody loves a parent child buddy or teacher student type of movie or game, you have the experienced teaching the inexperienced until one day the student overtakes or tries to overtake the teacher.

    It went from a father daughter dynamic, to a lovers dynamic, imagine in God of War Ragnarok, Atreus grows up and the storyline ditches Kratos, Atreus then gets him a boyfriend or girlfriend and goes of into that direction, the franchise is now dead because people wanted that father son dynamic the same way TLOU2 no longer has that father daughter dynamic, who wants TLOU3?

    TLOU2 became Tombraider but without the climbing, and nobody wants Tombraider without climbing.

    • I don’t “love” a parent child teacher student movie, game or anything. It’s a stale genre with fake emotions. “OMG it’s a child, you HAVE to feel something, because it’s totally your daddy! OMG we killed your daddy feel all those emotions”. Just blergh.

      What GAMES need is good GAME PLAY. Not the same tired storylines full of the same cheap emotional tricks repeated a billion times over and over again with “feel SAD NOW” flashing on the screen.

      The “next gen” needs to do things that the last gen didn’t do. ToiLetoU was a PS3 game with PS4 gameplay and lots of sad mope rubbish. Which was then copy pasted into basically every single PS4 Sony title (GoWoU), even Uncharted 4 was full of pointless sad blahblah scenes.

      We need new experiences. Sad time with daddy isn’t new or fun. Or something we couldn’t have seen 15 years ago. If I want that junk I could just watch daytime TV. I don’t.

      TLoU was Uncharted without the fun. TLoU2 was uncharted without the fun and more sad dialog. No one honestly enjoys a bunch of overpaid voice actors hamming through a script.

    • Oh and also GoW was an over the top ACTION game long before it became snuggle time with sad mossbeard daddy.

      So imagine how people felt when they went from action filled punching giants in the face flying up volcanoes to some sad old guy sobbing in the snow with an annoying brat attached by some uncuttable umbilical chord.

      Urgh, Sony need to move on from the end of the PS3 finally.

  • Great more reasons to hate this game ever more, as if I didn’t hate it enough… Now I just to hate this game 10x more than before, Neil Druckmann is a stuck up dolt with a lot of money and not a care in the world about the fans. I use to trust Naughty Dog but now I don’t as they lie and slip cash under the table for ratings and awards.

  • Loved this game unsure why it had a lot of hate the developers thought outside the box with this story and gameplay giving people a brand new experience really hope they do it all again for the ps5 as I have no doubt that it will look and play fantastic

  • Game didn’t a part two. Just like movies the sequel is worse than the first one.

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