PlayStation 5: Launch Day Ordering Update

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PlayStation 5: Launch Day Ordering Update

Launch-day sales will be online-only this year, so please plan ahead.

Hi all – the launch of the PlayStation 5 console on November 12 (or November 19, depending on your region) is almost upon us! In the interest of keeping our gamers, retailers, and staff safe amidst COVID-19, today we are confirming that all day-of launch sales will be conducted through the online stores of our retail partners.

No units will be available in-store for purchase on launch day (November 12 or November 19, depending on your region) – please don’t plan on camping out or lining up at your local retailer on launch day in hopes of finding a PS5 console for purchase. Be safe, stay home, and place your order online.

Gamers who have pre-ordered for pick-up at their local retailer should still be able to do so at their designated appointment time, under the retailer’s safety protocols. Please confirm the details with your local retailer.

A special thank you to our entire community for your continued support this year. Here’s to the next generation of gaming!

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  • How are we going to get a console if all the bots are going to buy 20 and resell of 1000 dollars on eBay

    • Exactly!!!! Such bs….no bot can get in front of me inline at a store.

    • The bots will only be able to take up online shipping sales. I wouldn’t worry about that. Buy from your local retailer online, and pick up in person at the scheduled time. Bots will not be picking up 1000 PS5 console orders in person. Or any orders in person for that matter.
      Better for everyone this way

  • I pre ordered a year ago, two days after it got revealed. Game Mania was already doing “hypothetical” pre orders. I figured I’d get one for sure, like I have for every other Sony console in their stores over the years. Then they told me I wouldn’t be in the first batch (unless I went for digital, which was still available), but I must’ve been really high up on the second list because later on they called me to inform I would get one on launch. I had to pay the entire price about a week ago (normally there’s only a down payment). That’s it for me, a lot of ups and downs (my tv broke down a couple of months ago too, and got a brand new 4K) but I finally managed to get one with certainty.

  • For those of that haven’t pre-ordered you’re going to be stuck dealing with crashed retailer websites, and then inevitably waiting for weeks for a playstation to be in stock before you can pick it up. If there was that much stock available, they would be allowing for pre-orders at this point. So this blog post is a nice sentiment, but it really doesn’t do much in terms of alleviating concerns people have about the launch of the console.

    • Exactly. This has nothing to do with being safe from covid. Sony fell 4 million short on their quota. So they are giving false hope to people by making them belive that they can get it online.

  • So will there be more stock in local retailers because I know that Currys pc world and John Lewis are in stock for Launch day. And bots are just going to take advantage of this.

  • These are all going to bots, so you may as well raise the price to $1K and cut out the middleman.

  • Will, there be Disc only or will they have the digital and the disc versions of the PlayStation 5

  • So all drops will be at 12:00 midnight on next Thursday the 12th. Quantity wise how many will each store have

  • Sooooo there will be for sure a 2nd drop on launch day?

  • Wow great. So I can expect a ps5 in 2021…..

  • yo no pude reservar por mi trabajo,que justo las horas que estuvo disponible su pre-compra yo cumplia mis gustaria saber cuanto tiempo tardaran, en llegar a partir de su lanzamiento?he visto que en alguna superficie se podían reservar dos por persona y en otras una por persona.
    gracias y mucha salud para to el mundo que es lo importante!!!

  • Waiting for the PS5 Pro you know its coming…

  • Cool but what about countries in SEA and South Asia like India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, etc. ?

  • is Sony ignore southeast asia country (except Singapore) PS5 pre order and remove the release date on website? many people asking the question on PlayStation Asia social media such as “when pre order open for Malaysia?”, “when is release date for Malaysia”, “what is the official price (including taxes) in Malaysia Ringgit?”.

  • Playstion is messing up so bad im seeing users that have been playing since the original ps going over to xbox me included…. New party system is horrible, get more error codes, lag, lack of care for customers wants and needs, never fix issues they create, cant even run 4k without fake graphic to make up for it yall are just screwing up so bad and dont care amd thats why the series x will be on my shelf not ps5 smh and the sad part is ive always talked smack about xbox but then when i switch i find out xbox is much faster the graphics are much better and i have yet to see an error code or a blue screen which i see daily on ps4 and i only have the original xbox one how sad

  • Also really awesome that now you won’t be able to get one on launch and Bugsnax is only free till January and you still won’t be able to get it. Thanks sony

    • A tip just in case. Go to the ps store using a web browser and add the game to your library. That way you can have it in your ps+ collection when you get your hands on a ps5

  • What are u gonna do about scalpers? I might not get one now. I’m still gonna try tho. Hopefully I can secure one 🤞🤞

  • And there go my chances just great

  • Im in the U.K and know several of our local supermarkets (Tesco and Sainsbury’s especially) have previously sold consoles on launch day, will this still be the case?
    Knowing the U.K has just gone into another national lockdown (of sorts) means all of the supermarkets are still open as normal, what will happen to the stock normally allocated to these stores?

    • Good question – I’m from the UK also & wondered this!!
      Maybe you can order online from them directly etc?

  • Sony clearly doesn’t care if the consoles are sold to bots, this could even be a cover up to hide the fact that they probably don’t even have enough units to physically stock shelves.

    I bought a gaming pc for the first time in my life a couple weeks ago and I have no regrets. I’ve ordered godfall on epic games so I can play with friends.

    Since getting a gaming pc my eyes have been opened. Sony attitude going into next gen sucks!

    I’ve never been so put off a product I wanted so badly!

  • Aight can someone help me out so for what regions are getting ps5s in stock on November 12 and will the bots be really bad since it’s store pickups when you buy it online. I hope there’s a lot in stock or just enough for me and my friend to get one 🤣 but everyone have a good day and good luck on getting the ps5 on release

  • So does anyone know or can guess when we will be able to buy them from any store other then preordering i just want one before Christmas

    • It’ll be dam near impossible to get one this year. The next batch is Black Friday and even then is limited quantities. It’ll be scooped up in minutes. After that I doubt they’ll have any batches this year. Total freaking joke.

    • Hey wax_vapes you got a point I live in the Central Valley so like Dinuba I’m sure I’ll probably get one on Black Friday but maybe they might have a batch ready before Christmas I have hope

  • Don’t own a PS5 yet? Add Bugsnax to your game library and it’ll be saved for as long as you’re a PS Plus member so.. how to you tie the game to your account without a PS5 trying now anyone else figure it out ??

    • Bugsnax (PS5 version) will be available to PlayStation Plus members beginning on Thursday, November 12*** until Monday, January 4, 2021. found out why nvm lol

  • As fans we all need to be demanding that Sony reveals some sort of order date WITH A TIME. Xbox did this and it worked a lot better (still bad though…).

    Sony, specifically when will the day 1 pre-orders be going live online?

  • What time zone is the 12:00 am for?
    East coast or west coast? Or Japan?

  • When do they go live? Midnight EST?

  • What’s stupid is that on eBay they made it 10K for a PS5

  • Why aren’t they selling more themselves? They let everyone sign up for a chance to get a preorder directly from sony but did one wave and was like k bye?

  • Booooooo

  • Instead of 400 like Walmart did it

  • Which online retailer offers a better chance of getting a console on launch day?

  • Just why sony

  • Wait doesn’t PS5 make it to make you feel like you’re actually therelike in the game like what the characters doing what he is feeling

  • This is a joke. You’re a joke sony. How are you gonna say “order online” when it’s impossible to get one online? It’ll be impossible to even get one this year. This is literally the worst launch screw up I’ve ever seen.

    • If your hateing on Sony, for something they cant control because of Covid. Just build a PC and call it a day

    • Jim Ryan has made an absolute mess of the PS5 launch you just keep making it harder and harder for people to buy a PS5 I will just spend my money somewhere else 👋👋

    • Mc laren I agree covid is the problem NOT SONY

  • What about the playstation store pre order? Will they be charged starting today and be ready to ship starting this week?

  • So then what is your plan for dealing with bots and people buying multiples? I know I’m not alone when I say I’ve been trying to order one online and haven’t been able to because of bots and EBay flippers.

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I’ve had every PS at launch except this one due to the incompetence surrounds the launch. When using appropriate precautions there is no reason not to be able to get in a line and pick up a unit. I’m saddened by this decision as it only hurst the fans like me that work and got caught off guard with the launch. Send us a unit direct then.

  • So no hope for actual fans and gamers just the scambots. Sony screening their consumers yet again after the preorder fiasco.

  • That’s to be expected, good for Sony for being responsible. I’m sure we’ll all see a brighter day soon. Not long to go now, stay safe!

  • It’s not safer, if more people compete for in-person sales later, because online sales will cost 3X as much. And watch Walmart and Target will start selling on the 11th and screw everyone even more. This is a joke, no real people will be able to buy a system. Way to go Sony, showing how little you care and how little foresight you have. Lines OUTSIDE a store are not an issue, people swarming stores all X-mas season fighting for in-store purchases later when there are even more people in stores, less space, and it’s generally too cold to take advantage of outside spaces. Awesome you’ll cost shoppers more, and get more people sick. It’s not about staying home it’s about them not be able to ship extra to stores on time and not giving a darn about real people.

  • Please people stop saying they are being responsible they are using Covid as an excuse. Be honest about why you are doing this, which is related to supply. They shouldn’t be complimented for hiding behind a serious issue to cover up for their shortcomings!!

    • I read they had trouble procuring some of their components, a custom chip in particular, I think, which are produced in China (where it first started).

  • So is it just for launch day? Or the whole year? I was going to use multiple payments and I’m not that familiar with online but if I have to I will I just prefer in store.

  • So, what about my town of Juneau, Alaska, where literally the only places to get new consoles are Fred Meyer and Costco, where there are no online orders for such things?

  • This wouldn’t be a problem, except there were not any pre-order for PS5 available even checking the very same day constantly when all those stores opened pre-order too early. Never got a chance to get one via you guys and also then BB and Amazon were out the instant they had them. Now I can’t even get one since we spent money on other things instead (since pre-order didn’t work out for me or many others.) … so next year. :(

  • Chabbal: where to buy online in Pakistan???

  • Well i dont have to wait i had mine on Lock, when they announced the Price.. Yay.. I Hope the rest of you good luck, all i can say is check all major resellers except eBay and Facebook

  • Will a person be able to order online through Best Buy or GameStop on day of launch and get a PS5? What time will online sales be open?

    • IDK, it might be after the launch of pre-orders or might be after launch in the New Year. Wish you some luck.

  • While this may be the safe route (I’ll argue that proper distancing measures and masking are sufficient for safe in store purchase), it isn’t the consumer friendly route. Bots have taken over the online purchase process limiting customer’s options to do any real online ordering. Time will tell on launch day how this works out but Sony and their retailers inability to stop this issue will cost them customer approval and inevitably business.

    • I think Sony’s Approach of limiting stock for know, To Keep Scalpers from buying out and reselling for eye gouging prices. I think thats whats going on. I also think its up to retailers requesting limited quantities do to Covid. all i can say is good luck.

  • This is why nobody can get a pre order now, cause of bots!

    • Not just bots, Retailers requesting Limited quanties because of the COvid and Scalpers. Sony is trying there hardest to get out more consoles. Just keep checking local stores that sales them and only known retail sites that you trust. Dont trust Ebay and or Facebook and a hint of Craigslist as they all contain scalpers and Bots.

  • So basically, I’m screwed. I’ve accumulated a Amazon GC balance to prep budgeting for the PS5 and now I find out that potential buyers won’t be fragmented between in-person vs online and basically everyone is lumped into the same boat with the bots/scalpers. Well, here’s to hoping to getting a PS5 next year. Good job!

    • I think Sony does realize the scalper and bot purchasing issue thats why there taking there time with pre orders and blame the retailers mainly for requesting limited quantities. Dont blame Sony, You can still pre-order the day before just not after. i hope you have best of luck obtaining a copy of the PS5

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