PlayStation 5: Launch Day Ordering Update

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PlayStation 5: Launch Day Ordering Update

Launch-day sales will be online-only this year, so please plan ahead.

Hi all – the launch of the PlayStation 5 console on November 12 (or November 19, depending on your region) is almost upon us! In the interest of keeping our gamers, retailers, and staff safe amidst COVID-19, today we are confirming that all day-of launch sales will be conducted through the online stores of our retail partners.

No units will be available in-store for purchase on launch day (November 12 or November 19, depending on your region) – please don’t plan on camping out or lining up at your local retailer on launch day in hopes of finding a PS5 console for purchase. Be safe, stay home, and place your order online.

Gamers who have pre-ordered for pick-up at their local retailer should still be able to do so at their designated appointment time, under the retailer’s safety protocols. Please confirm the details with your local retailer.

A special thank you to our entire community for your continued support this year. Here’s to the next generation of gaming!

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    • How is this kame? Everyone shops online these days, just go through Amazon.

    • @tendoboy how is this not lame. It’s impossible to get one online due to bots buying them all the second they release. This is just awful!

    • It’s lame because without having to go in person people will make multiple accounts and use computer software to buy up mass amounts of stock at 12:00 on the nose which works faster than you can click your mouse. Like how the preorders sold out in seconds. People buy everything on amazon but they’re not competing to buy a limited stock of hand towels at a certain release time. The average consumer is at a massive disadvantage.

    • Costco & Sams Club no bots

    • Good job on screwing over the people that didn’t preorder. Now we have to wait longer.

    • You guys complaining are lame. Why get one at launch anyways? All launch games have PS4 versions, buy them and dave up till Spring when real PS5 only exclusives hit like Ratchet. I buy systems based off what I can only play on that system…so I don’t look ‘lame’ complaining on a message board when a corporation is doing the right thing for safety over some guys need to have a PS5 and catch covid. Grow up

    • Lame? Why should shops open just for people like you? Retailers aren’t your slaves. We stay safe as we are.

    • personausermike

      This might be hard for you to grasp, but while you hide in your mom’s basement about a virus that currently has a 97.% survival rate, some of us are actually getting on with our lives.

      Also, your comment of everything that’s launching on PS5 is available on PS4 is complete crap. Demons Souls Remaster? Sack Boy? Oh yea…PS5 exclusives.

      Ratchet is coming out before Christmas also according to many reports.

      Continue to hide in your mom’s basement, while the rest of us get on with our lives, take the proper safety precautions when we go out, and live our lives.

    • personausermike

      Not all PS5 launch titles have PS4 versions, this isn’t Xbox bud. Two major launch exclusives will not be available on PS4.

      Demon’s Souls Remake – PS5

      Godfall – PS5/pc

      Then Destruction All-Stars is another major PS5 exclusive in February.

      PS5 actually has real launch exclusives. Sorry.

      R&C should be incredible, but DeS is a full next gen game day one.

    • Sony! This is the stupidest move ever. We know how to be safe and do not need our hands held to purchase a freakin console. You guys have royally screwed up this launch. The scrapers will sweep up all available consoles.

    • Ofmannotmachine
      I’m 45 with a house and 3 kids you little brat…talk about my dead mom again and I’ll report you. GTFO just because you want a PS5 day 1 and can’t have one…blame Sony for scalpers. Since you’re the one in your mom’s basement, you have money to throw to play day 1 games you can play on your PS4.
      Keep being salty, my kids have more sense than you

    • I will not be buying a PS5 because of this decision. It’s the last straw for me. I bought a PS4 pro and just after 2 years the disc drive ate my disc and I wasn’t able to get it back. Then Sony told me they would charge me another $160 to fix the system after I already paid $350 for it not even 2 years earlier. Then they pulled the if we feel your worthy crap for pre-orders. Then the actual pre-order nonsense. Now this. Forget it. sony has lost a customer. I’m switching to Microsoft due to this.

    • Can I order the new PS5 on this site?

    • The guys who think that botters are only taking inventory during the launch only are stupid. The bot community is all over this. Trust me, I know. Manual users only chance of getting one is if they implement some type of bot protection. Good luck everyone.

    • Yeah,because your last online ordering went so well……

    • Tendoboy1984 – This is lame because most people who are buying the PS5 online are just going to sell it on Ebay for 2-3 times the amount. Plus, it isn’t as nice to just buy it online and get it in a box than to have the experience of waiting outside or inside a store with the people who share the same passion as you do.

    • ofmannotmachine (97% survival rate)

      If there are 19 people that can stand you, you should get together with them and see which one doesn’t survive since this is a game and you are a big brave boy. Also that survival rate is short term. We’re still seeing the long term effect coming out. I got it and have permanent heart damage even though my case was labeled “mild”.

      Also, lets not pretend that Sony isn’t doing this to cut middle men out of their supply chain. Higher profit margins on the digital only and when we buy from the online giants. I’ll be getting mine online when its worth.

    • So you would rather stand in line shoulder to shoulder not 6 feet apart probably not wear a mask

      Just saying

    • BRUH!. Aye personausermike!, why don’t you grow a pair and spend that time you sperg at strangers behind a keyboard with your kids bro. 40 years old and you act like that ouch 🤣🤣🤣.

    • thats crazy playstation switched up on us last minuite smh

    • @neostorm1369theg LOL. I always laugh at these silly comments. Looking at your trophy list, you barely even play any games. Only 75 played and only over 2,000 trophies. I am sure you already have an Xbox.

      @Strathmore the safety of people is far more important than a video game kid, grow up. Now I can have a chance at getting one.

    • Jim Ryan has made an absolute mess of the PS5 launch. You just make it harder and harder for people to buy a PS5. looks like the stupid and arrogant Sony has returned. you guys never learn

    • @ofmannotmachine

      The blog post for Sackboy’s Big Adventure says there will be a PS4 version with a $10 option to upgrade digitally.

    • So is Sony PlayStation. Com doing a 12pm November 12th pre order sale ?

    • all i wanna know is will there be any left for us to try to buy but if not eventually

    • as much as i want a ps5.. but dont need one right now. n the onli reason i want one is for the new ratchet and clank.

    • Can the bots not order from costco and sams?

    • neostorm1369theg – Bye. Have fun with inferior games. Seriously, all you have to do is wait until there are systems available. You’re not going to die without a PS5. Or, wait until a game you really want to play comes out before you get one.

    • Yes very lame

    • Eh I don’t see the problem it makes sense.

    • I want my ps5 and I want it now! Boooooohooooooo. Sack up and quit complaining, who cares if you have to purchase online!? Oh I know who cares, lil Timmy cares because your snotty nose, coughing kid isn’t out there getting his grandma sick.

    • We need to have PS5 in retail stores. Nevermind Covid19.

      The PS5 is also missing key features that needs to be updated ASAP.
      -Expandable Storage Support, how isn’t this a feature at launch when it was designed with it in mind?
      -Backup Downloaded Games Individually on External HDD
      -Quick Resume from Save State, every game could have 5 save states per game (Have Multiple and Save States “every game has a max of 5″where you can resume the game from where you left off without the need to load everything. Like found in emulators or the PS Classic)
      -1440p support, for those who uses monitors, or wants more fps as a trade off. Me personally I don’t care but some users do.

      Get the other feature working because it won’t take long before people max out the memory.

    • If you all read it again it say you have to go through a retailer website I work at target.. are you have to do is order it online at either target,bestbuy,gamestop,walmart,B&H etc. And put it as a same day pick up amd you get it that same day they will have it at the store just like they will have the preorders there if you get it from amazon you will have to wait week or 2 before you get it trust me.

    • come on we’ve been waiting for the PS5 for years, those extra days make no difference. Buying up large numbers of PS5s via online orders by pickpockets that will ensure that many gamers will soon be behind the net that Sony should have arranged better that PS5s are channeled with big profit.

    • It sucks for us regular kids who loves PlayStation to have to order it online. Knowing the bots will get to them before any of us. That was a crazy thing to do.

    • @personausermike lolololol STFU

    • This console launch was the worst I’ve ever been apart of. Lame for sure

    • What dates will they be releasing after the 12th?

    • Absolute disaster

    • for those dummy’s who disagree with him go check twitter now check ebay look at all the bots. This was the worse launch ever. You should been able to go to the store like always to buy them. You’re covid BS is just that. It’s totally fine to go out and riot and not worry but you can’t go buy stuff from the stuff? Make’s you look really stupid.

    • I have spent the last two days glued to the internet trying to get a ps5 for my son and no luck so far. This is really getting disheartening. His brother has saved enough money from his job to get him one for christmas. I’m going to be so disappointed if I fail

    • What retailer has them for sale

    • This sucks
      Playstation just robbed my bank account , literally multiple charges , fraud of some sort lol

  • Will we get them on the same day ? Or do we have to wait ?

    • It depends on the retailer. For some, like Target, the consoles will be in the stores, but you order them online for pick-up from your local store.

    • I think Best Buy will have them available as well, same day. You just have to order online then pick it up when ready. Since I don’t think bot owners are going to be driving to each store to pick up their consoles, I’m guessing it won’t be as much of an issue.

    • Not likely, but feel free to try. What could it hurt.

    • i would wait till summer 2021

  • It sucks for those who like in-person interactions, however this is an amazing and safe decision! Excited for next week!

    • I agree…and sadly silicon, trophies org and lifestyle websites everyone agrees, it’s only this blog where people are bent out of shape and would risk their lives for a PS5 or blame Sony for scalpers.
      The trolls are here more than other sites.

    • This comment made me so happy to see, thank you for being a positive person in this world

    • People are always complaining about none sense. I just hope I will live to get one when I do.

    • You’re excited for next week? As in you were able to get a pre-order in?

      Nobody’s upset about the lack of in person interactions. They’re upset that online preorders were out of stock within minutes of being made available and the same will happen with any launch day stock.

      If you have you were able to secure a pre-order, then it’s easy to support Sony’s decision that does not affect yo at all. If you think you’re going to purchase one from an online retailer next week; let alone next year; you’re in for a nasty surprise.

  • Will sales open at 12:00 AM on the 12th?

    • I agree that:
      1. this is a lot safer, and
      2. that scalpers and bots will take advantage of this situation.

      However this just discusses launch-day events. It shouldn’t apply the day after or the next. If we are to believe that Sony will have enough stock for this year then that should at least mitigate the threat of the scalpers and bots. I’d wait. My preorder was put in that crazy first day preorders became available but I have to wait for the 19th until my console actually gets shipped. So if I’m forced to wait, I’m sure others can, especially if we can walk into the store the next day or the week after and see PS5s in stock then.

    • Why would Sony want to give REAL customers info the bits must win.

    • clw22580, the bots aren’t going to be driving to Target and Best Buy by your house to pick up their console. That only affects online shipped orders, which already have that issue. Order from a local store right when they’re available for pick up.

    • My gamestop will in tx my rep told me being that pre orders where a mess 💥 ore orders can be picked up nov 12th if they have any allotments they will be online pickup at store

      Some may not even have them launch kohl’s abt atorama say ( coming soon nov 2020) if no. More pre orders thats probably black fri

  • When are you guys start charging and sending the orders done on

    • Yeah that’s what I’m wondering as well

    • If you had ps plus when you ordered the system then you should receive it on launch day if lucky earlier. I got my controller, charger, media remote, etc. On the 28th. PS5’s are already in warehouses near everyone so shipping should be quick. I got my accessories the day after they shipped. I have a feeling tomorrow will be the day they charge everyone for the direct orders.

    • Orders for PS5 pre-order from have been charged as of Nov. 6. Should receive tracking number in 2-5 business days depending on printing & sorting from Sony.

    • Wouldn’t you know…I was right lol.

    • @Rettoroth @mesotony mine is still pending on my card & “preparing to ship”. Is anybody else’s still pending? My cousin’s shipped yesterday, I’m hoping there isn’t a problem with mine

  • What retailers for Australia would be selling and when is it going for sale??

  • Just had my email from game warning me to make sure the funds are ready as payment is being taken next few days, it’s getting real ppl 🤣

    And this is a great move will keep the abuse for staff down, bad on high street sales though, I usually pop down and grab games, accessories etc from my local brick & mortar stores to support jobs.

    • Are people like me who ordered through PlayStation direct going to get it exactly on launch day or even before? I’m getting a little nervous cause payments still aren’t even being processed after the email I’ve gotten

    • Don’t like the sound of, will receive my order in the next two or three week, I better receive my order in 2 week, 6 days and 8 Game!

      Earlier is acceptable, latter isn’t.

  • This is fair. Everyone shops online anyways. Just order online through Amazon or your local retailer.

    • There are no units to order online and this Senior Director of Communications can’t/didn’t give us a date as to when we can order online!

    • Not everyone shops online, and Amazon is the worst place to get it right now with waits past December.

  • And the bots will grab those launch day units, haizz.

  • So I don’t have to pre order to get one it I do it fast enough I should be able to get one at my local retailer if I place a order for pickup then I just have to drive there to get it???

    • Yep.

      Be ready 11:45 pm November 11 or 18 and order it online from Target for example and choose pickup at store. They have units in stock for launch day allocation they just don’t want camping because of covid.

  • I also had my email to say my console will be charged very soon in preparation for the 19th.

    I presume this point means there is no truth to the rumours that the European Union is getting the console on the 12th November as some sites have tried to suggest,
    not fussed about waiting but thought I should mention since some are hoping to get their pre-order early!

    Thank you for sensible decision in these COVID times! I just hope the community accepts the advice and do indeed stay home!

  • So disenfranchised by this whole process, I’ve spent tens of thousands on PlayStation over the years and I’ve never felt more under valued as a consumer. Just going to build a pc and miss out on your exclusives at this point because I’m just over how the rules change a week ahead of time, or hours ahead of time in the case of preorders. It’s a good metaphor for life, when something seems so exciting it generally ends up a massive disappointment. Xbox isn’t any better, for the record, wouldn’t encourage anyone to go there either.

    • como que infravalorado si ademas de que se lleva tiempo hablando de esto agradece que una compañia se preocuopa de la seguridad y que les importa la gente ademas si la compraste con retiro a tienda. a mi porlomenos no me dejaab el mismo dia era minimo 2 dias despues del dia de lanzamiento pero igual prefiero eso a que me la manden a la casa y se pueda demorar mucho mas

    • I feel you. Sony is screwing over its loyal customers

    • I missed the first few hours of live pre-orders because I thought they would go on sale the next day, but I was vigilant in my pursuit to pre-order a PlayStation 5 and I continued refreshing sites until late that night and I nabbed a unit.

      If u really tried the chances were solid. The situation was chaotic, but if I got one, then it was possible even hours after they went live.

    • You could still get one on launch day. Just order for store pickup. They’re still getting in-store stock, they just don’t want you lining up outside. So order for pickup and go when it’s ready.

    • How does not being able to get a console in person “disenfranchise” you?

    • I imagine what they mean by “disenfranchisement” is they expected the priveledge of being able to order a games console due to being a loyal customer for many years, before first time users.

      In Japan, things are worse, PS+ users were overlooked completely, to get a pre-order you had to have an online store membership of the individual retailers (physical in store memberships don’t count, only online memberships). That included Sonystore.

      Note NOT playstation store.

      I used to contract work at PS Japan HQ. So I would like to think I too have been a loyal customer over the years (since PS1, and PS4pro pre-order).

      I was actually looking forward to playing PS5 version of NBA2k21 (which cost extra for the upgrade path). More fool me I guess…

      In conclusion, their post resonates with me too. I too will be building a gaming PC. I will wait for the PS5 price drop in a few years. I started looking on new egg last night.

    • Though I disagree, thank you for explaining.

  • As if it wasn’t already hard enough to try and get a PS5, now they are going to be exclusively available to scalper bots Exploding head.

    I am not going to pay some scalper on eBay for my PS5. I will wait as long as it takes for one to be available at MSRP.

  • online delivery is great thing than buy it in store

  • can’t wait for my PS5 to come on Nov 12!!! Let’ss gooo hopefully no delays

  • Is that mean there will be no more stock for this year ?

    • Nothing said yet, I believe the last news was that new stock might come available after the launch day Pre-Orders are done…

    • That’s not what that means, it simply means that you can’t walk in-person to a store and buy one on launch day.

      If you want to purchase a console on launch day you need to place the order online with whatever retailer you’re using.

    • There is launch day stock at most major retailers, they just don’t want ppl camping out due to pandemic.

      All they are saying is simply order online and pickup at the store.

  • Would be nice if we could still order 1 for launchday but all stores here say it will almost be impossibel to get 1 before march/may if we did not preorder during the limitted time it was available. So i hope you have many extra for stores to sell on top of all preordered ones. (Belgium)

  • You guys are seriously starting to annoy me.
    how are we going to pre-order when bots pre-order for scalpers?

    • and Sams Club no scalpers

    • I missed the first several hours the PS5 went live and still got a Disk based unit from BB. It was annoying, but I eventually got in.

    • I don’t think you understand what they’re talking about here.

      What Sony is saying is that you’ll only be able to order for pick-up online from your specific LOCAL location. No scalper is going to drive to your store to pick up the in-store stock.

    • A lot of other countries have no scalpers.

  • So, if I pre-ordered at my local market(pre-ordered on the day they went live) I won‘t be getting my ps5 this year? This was told to me at my local market today. And if that is true, with all respect and understanding for the momentary situation, still makes me angry 😔

    • This is policy Sony is trying to force retailers to implement to prevent any negative marketing, such as a rise in Covid 19 cases because of sony PS5 launched.

    • Yeah I know, I see the reason behind it, it just made me angry. By now that anger is gone and I’m sad, because this is the first Playstation Console Launch where I won’t be getting my Playstation on Launch day :(

  • So then, when will we be able to buy a PS5??

  • You’ve got to be kidding me…. Did they not learn that the online sales are being targeted by bots. This is ridiculous!

  • When are PS5 pre-orders going back up? Are the ones who weren’t able to pre-order to expect another wave or do we have to wait until post launch??

    • You know, it’s only 14 or 7 days left, depends on your region, there is probably not gonna be another wave but we can hope, I wish to order one aswell

  • Dang it, I hoped to see one while I was in school (I’ve got a store right next to my school) but guess not, I will try to snag one though, when does sales open on the 19th in Sweden

  • Menuda situación madre mía,esperemos que Amazon cumpla!! Y la entreguen bien ese día!!

  • Ok, we won’t create lines on 19/11. But in which day we will find PS5 in local retailers?

  • So….. basically gotta buy from a bot scalper to get one

  • meijer did not do pre-orders and said first come first served. they told me that people going to waiting like 2 hours before store opens

  • When are they going in store? 不

  • You just made my decision to buy a pc very easy!

  • anyone know if they’re making a black version??

    • My guess would be no. But they will sale black plates, given how hard they hit out on that seller, probably fairly early next year.

  • Very responsible decision Sony👍

  • Awesome thanks for the heads up because did not want to wait in line.

  • Everyone scared of Scalpers should remember that they can’t drive around thousands stores collecting their consoles. As long as retailers only allow orders from a specific, physical store that day for PS5 orders then a lot of people who want to buy one will be able to.

    I wouldn’t bother with Amazon or other online only stores,those will be overwhelm by bots.

  • If Playstation knew how to do Business correctly there would be allot more happy little boys and girls and parents during the holidays next time make sure that it is one person per purchase

    • They won’t because they are greedy a holes. As long as they are making their money they don’t care who buys it. It’s why they still haven’t said anything. Sony is the biggest joke right now along with trump.

    • How is it Sony’s fault Walmart broke street date on Pre-Orders? How is it their fault they are taking precautions during a global release during multiple countries with different national guidelines to deal with Covid? Bots might be a thing but there is also millions of people just like you flooding the online market trying to buy one, Sites like Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada crashed for hours and bots could not order through their site. Supply can not meet demand when the world is in a global health crisis. Stop acting like a release that takes years won’t be affected by the past years circumstances.

  • India 🇮🇳 launch date please!?

  • I preordered the ps5 and I’ve gotten the email on October 31st saying have your payment and everything ready but my card hasn’t been charged yet. Did anyone get charged yet?

    • I was charged 2 days ago. But I ordered mine from the military shopping website that requires veteran status before purchasing which keeps the scalpers away.

    • Im in the same boat , no charge yet to my card . Starting to get nervous 😓

    • @mounrful_acorn. What website is that? I have a friend in the reserves who might be interested.

  • Target, Walmart, BestBuy websites do store specific sales for their current stock. You have the option to buy one locally but have to order it online then pick it up at the store.

  • This is really dumb, how about let stores have some to sale in store.

  • You guys bumbled this launch. I’ve never considered switching to Xbox but after this debacle I’m not sure what will happen if I find one in stock before I find a PS5.

  • Any estimate on when US orders will ship out? Getting anxious!

  • I’m just waiting to be charged any day now, the Media Remote, and Sackboy A Big Adventure are due to be arriving next Thursday, and hopefully if there’s no delay, the PlayStation 5 Blu Ray Version, the week after, I live in the UK, I have ordered it by Amazon, does anybody know if they are asking for a deposit for it, if so how much,as one of my cousins also has preordered the PlayStation 5, and his family said he paid a deposit for his, I’m getting really really excited

  • I pre-ordered some months ago. Today I was notified that I won’t receive my already PS5 until maybe March 2021. So that’s fun.

  • THIS IS NOT FAIR. ALL DAY IM GOING TO BE DEALING WITH BOTS. Me camping outside was the only way of evening the playing field. Now I’m most likely not gonna get one due to sites crashing and bots buying up all the stores stock. This is a bad move PlayStation.

  • i hope you guys will have enough so these bots don’t buy them all. :(

  • Can’t wait! For the North American region, what is the time (in EST, PST, or CST) that they will be available to order?

  • Ridiculous! I got 2 days of vacation of my job to try get my PS5… Then you came to say that it won’t happens? Really?
    We’re a joke for you, Sony?!

    We want it on November 19th. I won’t wait more. I’ll buy a xbox series x and forget your company!

    • Lol. Good luck trying to get an XBox Series X.

      Like the PS5, they too are sold out.

      And yeah, shame on Sony for trying to minimize people gathering in large groups. 🙄

    • RGS the xbox has double the stock in each store you have a higher and easier chance at it.

    • Nobody told you to take two days off of work for a video game, that sounds like a you problem to me.

  • Can we get some kinda way to actually guarantee an order? I really want some kinda ticket system where I know EVENTUALLY I’ll get the chance to order one of these down the line. Your preorder system was an absolute joke.

  • That would be fine if the retailers would figure out a way to stop buy bots and scalpers from scampering away with them all. I luckily snagged one but others haven’t been so fortunate. they are STILL listed on Ebay for $900 and up, which isn’t fair to the passionate fan that really wants to experience the next generation.

  • Its a real shame they can’t keep up with the demand for their new system. On top of that scalpers are buying so many consoles and trying to sell them for over double the retail price. People like myself who haven’t had any chance to try and pre order the console probably won’t be seeing the console until the new year

    • Shoppers Drug Mart did a good job with theirs and preventing Bots being able to purchase. The site was down for a bit but once it was back up there was a series of emails that one needed to go through and in the end you needed to pick a location to pick up and show ID to with your confirmation #. As I see you are in Canada, my suggestion would be keep an eye on Toys R Us. They sell Consoles and have yet to post anything on releases or pre orders.

  • Well….so much for getting one for Christmas. This is by far the worst way they could have handled the sale of this console. I’m very disappointed by Sony. They have really let their fans down.

    • I know

    • Blame the morons that have not followed the Covid social distancing guidelines and people who refuse to wear masks for the countries that have now introduced lockdowns preventing stores opening as usual.

      Blame the Covidiots not Sony.

    • Can we stop acting like this wasn’t expected for a launch happening during a global pandemic. Every console launch prior has been the same and the past was not during a health crisis. EVERYTHING related from production to distribution has faced major delays. This is not just SONY. Microsoft, NVIDIA, TPCI all facing major issues on production and distribution. This is what happens during a pandemic. Just because some like to think it’s no big deal. Companies responsible for thousands of employees have to err on the side of caution regardless what others may think.

    • -Beckstreaker you’re seriously one of the few level-headed persons here.

    • I blame retails. All they had to do was add anti-bot system to checkout and things would have gone much better.

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