Revealing the global launch ad for PS5

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Revealing the global launch ad for PS5

The new ad celebrates the human desire to push boundaries and achieve the extraordinary.

We are just a couple weeks away from the launch of PlayStation 5 and we can’t wait for you to experience the next generation of interactive entertainment. The launch of each new PlayStation console is a special moment in time. Today, we want to give you a first look at our new global launch spot.

For launch, our goal has always been to create a spot that feels epic and iconic; a spot that truly celebrates our desire to push the boundaries of what is possible and evokes the excitement that you will have through the unique experiences made possible with PlayStation 5. 

The theme of the spot is centered around the idea of exploration.  There is a desire in all of us to explore and discover new possibilities, whether it’s in gaming, or in our everyday lives. We all want to go to places we’ve never been, see what’s never been seen. We tell the story by paying homage to explorers of the past who stood on the threshold of the unknown and pushed past their limits to achieve the extraordinary.

Finally, we needed an iconic voice to narrate this unique spot, we went with our new strategic creative partner – Travis Scott. We hope you enjoy, and we look forward to continuing to explore new and exciting worlds with you through PlayStation 5.

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  • I would be really hyped, but a pure lack of stock derailed that train a long time ago.

  • Exiting

  • Still hoping i can get one on release day

  • Out of my mind wanting to preorder!!! HELP!!!!

  • Will there be a second chance to preorder the ps5??

  • WOW! NO NEXT GEN VR?!!!! Really?! Does that mean I will need a double installed game just to have the option of playing either way? And will I be able to play my save in between the versions as well? Sony seems to be really messing things up with no next gen VR support! I’m extremely disappointed with their decisions, I know that VR could be greatly improved with the current VR and PS5 combination! What a lost opportunity, and Sony has such poor communication about the subject of VR! Looks like I could have waited till 2022 to upgrade. Hopefully there will be an improvement with loading times and crashes at least. Well, here’s hoping! 🤞🏻
    Thanks for the mediocre upgrade Sony! Way to go!!! Just what we all expected is for another 2 years of PS4 quality on our “NEXT GENERATION CONSOLE“!!!! ☹️👍

  • I am hoping i can get one soon so Sony get busy and make more so all who wants one can get one

  • How come I’m seeing PS5 consoles for $1,700.00 preorder at Amazon. Does Sony not control market prices.

  • How come I’m seeing adds for games and accessories why would anyone buy any of this stuff without a console.

  • Lots of peeps who pre ordered their ps5 from certain outlets in England won’t be able to pick up their ps5 if its a collection from the store’s because of the new lockdown 😐

    • A lot of places are doing click and collect or in this case time slot and collect from store that is only open for pre orders

  • Hey Sony/PlayStation ! love everything going on at the moment, super excited for the PS5 I’ve pre-ordered Demon’s Souls, Miles Morales, Cyberpunk, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla(first time ever pre-ordering an AC game) I am loving the backwards compatibility and the promise of free ps5 versions of select games offered up soon. I was just wondering if people who pre-ordered the super duper ultimate edition of Miles Morales for ps5 will be able to maybe play this game on ps4 while they’re waiting for their PS5 to arrive (whether that’s on the 19th for some people or later even) Like i see currently there seems to be no plans for that in the details of the game, but I don’t see the harm in giving us (the Miles Morales Ultimate Edition pre-orderers) something awesome to do while we wait for our PS5s to come. Just a thought or suggestion. I know I could have bought the ps4 version and upgraded but I didn’t want to mess around and miss the Marvel’s Spider-Man Remaster so went for the ultimate PS5 edition.

  • Be nice if PlayStation fix the PS4 before moving the next gen, that last update screwed up a lot of things.

    Not to mention hopefully Sony can make enough PlayStation 5 and prevent people from buying them out just to sell them for unreal amount😑

  • Da-dum.. Da-dum.. Da-dum.. Dadadumadadaduma 👀

    ” We’re going to need a bigger shelf ”😵

    ” PS5 coming to a shelf near you ” 😬

  • Can’t wait so excited.

  • Wow the playstation 5 look amazing and very beautiful too cant wait to have one

  • When are you going to release the drivers for PS5 controller on Windows 10?

  • How about you guys fix the store first? You expect me to buy games for the ps5 in this useless trash?

  • 💜💜💜💜

  • Using the slogan “Play Has No Limits” is not right when it is 2020, almost 2021 and you do not support 1440p as a resolution. Really hope that will be added in the future.

  • Earth is flat

  • Will I be able to get this for Christmas

  • Less then a week away! 😁

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