Revealing the global launch ad for PS5

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Revealing the global launch ad for PS5

The new ad celebrates the human desire to push boundaries and achieve the extraordinary.

We are just a couple weeks away from the launch of PlayStation 5 and we can’t wait for you to experience the next generation of interactive entertainment. The launch of each new PlayStation console is a special moment in time. Today, we want to give you a first look at our new global launch spot.

For launch, our goal has always been to create a spot that feels epic and iconic; a spot that truly celebrates our desire to push the boundaries of what is possible and evokes the excitement that you will have through the unique experiences made possible with PlayStation 5. 

The theme of the spot is centered around the idea of exploration.  There is a desire in all of us to explore and discover new possibilities, whether it’s in gaming, or in our everyday lives. We all want to go to places we’ve never been, see what’s never been seen. We tell the story by paying homage to explorers of the past who stood on the threshold of the unknown and pushed past their limits to achieve the extraordinary.

Finally, we needed an iconic voice to narrate this unique spot, we went with our new strategic creative partner – Travis Scott. We hope you enjoy, and we look forward to continuing to explore new and exciting worlds with you through PlayStation 5.

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  • Oh the Goosebumps are real..

    • @Eric Lempel – When can I explore myself a pre-order? Can we get a bot-free method with a set time, please?

    • @LokeSTL You can try manners first and then go to the store.

    • @Jisatsu_Kiddo – I just used my manners, see above. The stores don’t have pre-orders available currently, see news outlet of your choice. My questions are kind and playful, and I’m not asking for anything that shouldn’t be expected at this point.

    • @LokeSTL Yea, I don’t take kind to liars either.

      ” Can we get a bot-free method with a set time, please?”

    • @Lokestl..i would say more stock will appear from about a week after release. Also some shops will have stock on release day but be there early to make sure.

    • Whos seeing this?

  • My hype levels are off the charts. I’m excited to dig in on November 12th!

  • Is this an online only ad or will it be on TV as well?

    • Will probably be on TV as well

    • Hi

  • I can’t wait for the new PS5 it looks amazing! Can’t wait!

  • what a awesome video ever i watched. i am very hyped to get PS5 console in my hand on November 12 after successfully secured PS5 pre-order from Best Buy

  • So this is what Travis Scott sounds like without autotune xD

    Cool ad, can’t wait until the 12th!

  • Why do Sony make limited stock when they know how many people use a ps4

    • I didn’t knew they had developed tech for the elusive infinite production line.
      Now in all seriousness, they depend not only on installed capacity, but supply chain, production yields and capacity from their vendors and partially limited capacity due to 2020.

    • They probably didn’t realize it would do so good. Did you read that they got more pre orders in 12 hours for the PS5 than they did in 12 weeks for the PS4? That’s just crazy.

  • Just wow! I feel all of it.

  • Just wow! I feel, all of it.

  • Nice ad. Not as good as Michael, but nice.

    Speaking of not as good, can we get a better ui for the web store. I feel like it’s made for a child. First thing I see is a giant ad for a game I do not care about. Thats adding time to check out. The massive tiles shouldn’t be swallowing my screen space at such a drastic scale. I’m on 4k displays. Filtering content is not obvious. Scrolling is a chore. Your ux designer just copied fads established by his/her contemporaries and didn’t take a moment to think “what is being lost? How is this adversely impacting the user?” This isn’t slick, its overwhelming, and it puts too much focus on where Sony wants me to go. Tiles aren’t exactly my favorite ui element either. However you can make them work without making them annoying. If you’d like I can wireframe something else that isn’t an eyesore that does nothing to enhance the shopping experience with PlayStation. As it stands its worse than Nintendo’s web store front with the exception of actually having a cart. At least there I can filter by platform, genre, price, etc without having to painfully dig through the huge buttons of a Fisher Price toy for a toddler. What’s next, dragging circle, cross, square, triangle pegs into holes in order to login. You’re better than this Sony.

    • I do agree with you, it’s kinda pain in the *** to search for the promotions as well, I do like when I’m searching from more expensive to cheap and now I can’t do it. They had broken something that was working nicely. I do hope that they will put those things again (but the probability will be very slim as I feel).

    • I have all those options in my store, that’s kind of odd.

    • The old store was far from perfect, but at least most of the functionality one would expect was there. The new web store is awful. Especially when it comes to DLC.

      The PS3 used to have a nice store on-console, which was then updated to a laggy, hard-to-use mess. It’s awful to think that the last few games I might buy for that system will force me to use that disaster. I don’t even want to think about buying things on my Vita, which never had a good store.

    • @KazeEternal, well said. You speak the truth. The new web store is a joke. Likewise browsing it at 4k. They went from good to completely awful. At least now we know why they removed PS3 and Vita content. It’s bad enough searching for PS4 stuff.

    • The web store is massively terrible now… Like you said it’s walls and walls of massive ads, and very little actual information, or ability for the user to change basically anything… Seems weird to make buying games online annoying when they’re pushing “all digital” consoles. Would make more sense to just go to a normal store made by a professional and order a disk. Would be much cheaper too.

      Though to be fair it’s also like the equally terrible PS4 layout. Masses of extra useless information (ads for games, company statements, streams what your friends are doing) in giant tiles that just seems to get in the way of actually playing games.

      Also where’s the wishlist gone now?

    • Wish lists are being added to the console store soon

  • Great, now if only I could secure a preorder…

  • I really dig it! It focuses on the emotions and excitement of exploring and how we can all have then on PlayStation 5. Travis Scott is a surprisingly good narrator that has an everyman quality. Good work.

  • Let’s go ps5, even though Im not getting it I’m still happy. Can you guys add discord to ps4 please

    • Can’t wait for release day of PS5 😎
      I’m disappointed that we have been shown footage of Gran Turismo 7 and now we still have no release date ☹️
      Been thru this with just about every generation of PS since day dot , sigh.
      C’mon team , let’s get it together and get it out to the public sooner rather then later 🙃🏆

  • The only thing missing now are devices that you can actually buy on November 19th.

  • Love it! Was that Drake and Regina King?

  • BTW, is the reason you don’t list install sizes because the SSD is so paltry?

  • This has quickly become one of my all time favourite Playstation adverts.


  • Finally the new era of PS5 shall begin

  • I like the add overall a great deal. Visually, it possesses quite the impact. I am not trying to be disrespectful but an iconic voice is one that when its heard, 90% of the people recognize the voice immediately. A Morgan Freeman, a Sean Connery, a James Earl Jones. Or a voice that once you hear it, the pitch, the accent, the tone stays with you. Richard Dormer is an example. Or a great choice because of PlayStation history would have been Richard Doyle.

  • I wish I can get one. Every time I’m at checkout it’s already sold out.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I have a day 1 console confirmed… But what brand of new games are there to the show the real power of the new console….when it arrives…. None…. It doesn’t matter if I choose the other brand…Neither have NEW games. I can play old games, that look really good, but there is nothing that I can’t already play on my current PS4… Just saying

    • You do have new games, you can easily look into the PS5 Exclusive and launch catalogue. People just like to complain …. just saying.

    • the Demons Souls remake is enough for me for now, but I’ll probably pick up Spider Man also. Then the new Ratchet and Clank is coming out.

    • @Pringle72 – Sounds like you have no reason to own the console at this point. I’ll go ahead and take that….(yoink)

    • That’s exactly the problem with the PS5. It has no PS5 games yet. At all. I’m also still waiting for something I couldn’t play on the PS4 (or 3). Even the announced games seem like more +1s.

      Lack of progress has been a problem the whole PS4 generation. With piles of remakes/remasters/whatevers and +1s. Sony basically spent the whole PS4 generation basically just reskinning TLoU. Even the PS4’s rather terrible launch lineup was better than a PS4 DLC, a PS4 remake and some sports rubbish.

    • @Pringle72
      Go and watch DS and Spiderman MM gameplay..
      those are the most impressive looking games so far, even confirmed by Digital foundry

    • @MiseryPrincess
      Here another Xbot Damage Controlling ..
      Go and complain to Xbox who has no games at launch at all 😂

    • So your reasoning for me agreeing with a statement that there’s no “next gen” games, is that I’m doing it to support another console which also has no “next gen” games? How exactly would that help me meet my depends?? 😂

      The new generation is probably the first ever without a single new experience (as in something you couldn’t do on this generation, higher framerates and resolutions is what the PS4 Pro did, it’s not a “new experience”)… There isn’t even one on the horizon at this point, and replaying PS4 DLCs and PS3 games isn’t exactly fresh and exciting…

  • i can’t wait :)

  • Great. I like the link of exploring without limits and the technical achievements that got us there. The one thing I personally don’t like is the human element, and the incessant close-ups on their faces near the end.

  • Nice ad. Good luck with the launch. I hope I can catch a PS5 in the second wave of shipments.

  • Kevin Butler is iconic. Travis whatever, lol, is not.

    • Just watched it. Seriously crap. Just doesn’t appeal to me as a PlayStation gamer. The use of mostly grainy old stock/archive looking footage doesn’t really sell a 8K capable machine very well. Will never ever remember this ad like something like the PS2 “Bambi” PlayStation ad from years ago.

      Just like when you announced the Travis whatever team up, I’ll say it again. You are so out of touch with your marketing its embarrassing. This video proves it even more.

  • For old times sake, can we get PSone games on sale for the PS3? Haven’t had those on sale in a while. I’ve been wanting to play some Mega Man Legends and Resident Evil via PS3! You could also add those to PS Now, ya know. Would work as good marketing material. Just sayin.

  • I am SO glad they kept the weird “Playstation!” voice at the end. Puts a dot on it!

  • Interesting angle they’re taking

  • Now it has me happy!

  • When are we going to hear about the VR dongle (attachment) will I be able to play VR on PS5 day 1?

  • As exciting as this is, I’m still extremely worried regarding surround audio support for people with proper 5.x.x, 7.x.x, and 9.x.x setups…. Those questions have been dodged left and right…

    • Even people with 2.0 setups aren’t getting supported at launch. 😁

    • @MiseryPrincess
      you moron xbots can’t even read properly…
      they clearly stated everything will be supported by PS5..
      if you want to use the capabilities though your TV SPEAKERS or Audio Systems, you have to wait .. ONLY HEADFONES will take full capabilities of Tempest Audio Engine by Launch

    • So wait, you’re calling me names for making a statement that you just agreed with? 😂 (oh though “headfones” aren’t supported, only headphones)

      The last non Sony console I owned was a Saturn. I’ve never actually owned an Xbox anything because the games it has are all very generic seeming (and the controllers are awful). I do have a Windows PC though.

      So, you’ll have to try reeeally hard, use both marbles rolling around, and come up with some new names. 😁

  • I hope you’d push the bounds of what’s possible and get the console to me that I preordered a month ago before January, as is the current delivery estimate :/

  • Still such a lack of transparency from Sony. I have so many unanswered questions and the company has done little to even acknowledge most of the customer inquiries. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited to get my hands on a PlayStation 5 someday, but the lack of information has sadly prompted me to cancel my pre-order.

  • What about the M.2 upgrade solution when the tear down was made public? and Awweee Yess im so Hyyped

    • Travis Scott, hey i thought you would have AutoTune on, lol. Kep on makeing moves and music. I dare you to make a song without autotune.

  • Can’t wait so excited!!!!!!

  • Can’t wait so excited!!!!!! So many games to play on release.

  • Sony please, please tell us what M.2 is compatible, im going all in with games during the PS5 era

  • 🔽YEAH🔽

  • What about india guys ?

  • Unrelated question but will there be a new type of PlayStation Plus membership on the PlayStation 5? New prices possibly? Or the same 1 month, 3month, 1 year plan

  • Well a good launch ad and I’m happy I should be receiving my PS5 for launch day as have the day off at home ready to take delivery of the console.

    Was not expecting Bugsnax to be a free PSPlus game as I wasn’t gonna buy it but will add it to my free library.

  • #PS5 I can’t wait for it to come out

  • Great , except you find find one ANYWHERE to buy the friggin thing !

  • I would like an ad that tells me whether or not this thing supports Dolby Vision / Atmos .

  • ok the x square triangle circle reveal gave me goosebumps

  • I want PS5

  • will i be able to go to the store and get a ps5? or do i have to preorder?

  • As a member I feel we should get first chance at new system. Why should we have to wait with everyone else to get one if we are members?

  • This ad was so cool. I cannot wait for November 12th!

  • I want to buy buy turkey to much money

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