September’s free PS Plus games: PUBG, Street Fighter V

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September’s free PS Plus games: PUBG, Street Fighter V

The new lineup lands September 1.

Chicken dinners and shoryukens are on the PS Plus menu this September. Take on 99 other competitors in PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or challenge the world’s greatest warriors to a scrap in beat ‘em up Street Fighter V.

Let’s take a closer look at both titles.

PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds* 

September’s free PS Plus games: PUBG, Street Fighter V

Parachute into a treacherous battleground with only your wits for protection, as you loot gear and outsmart your enemies in a fierce battle royale. Build the ultimate soldier from scratch and test your mettle against up to 99 other players across multiple unique maps. Only one life. Only one shot at victory per match. Wreak havoc on your own or take on the challenge in a squad of up to four players to increase your chances of survival — and glory.

Street Fighter V*

September’s free PS Plus games: PUBG, Street Fighter V

New competitors and iconic world warriors square off in Street Fighter V, Capcom’s blisteringly ferocious fighter and the latest entry in the legendary Street Fighter series! Sharpen your skills in a variety of single player modes, then prove you’ve got what it takes to best the globe’s finest fighters in online matches!

What’s more, we’re kicking off Street Fighter V PS4 Tournaments starting September 4 in the U.S. and Canada. These events will offer eligible fighters of all skill levels in those regions the opportunity to compete for cash prizing, a unique PS4 theme and a custom in-game title! Restrictions apply. More details to come.

Both games will join PS Plus on Tuesday, September 1 and be available to download for PS Plus subscribers until October 5.

Last chance to pick up August’s PS Plus games

And remember, you’ve still got time to download this month’s PS Plus games. Take part in the multiplayer* hilarity of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout or save the world in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered. Both games will be available until August 31.

*PS Plus membership and internet connection required for online multiplayer.

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  • I guess there’s not much reason to bother renewing my PS Now subscription once it lapes. Losing count of how many games you’ve given on Plus that are already on Now.

  • Pitiful month.

  • Great disappointment …i expected much better

  • It’s nice to have SFV, but it should’ve, at least, been the Arcade Edition, not the vanilla. Decent month though, I will try PUBG for the first time.

  • I have both of them already they could have did better they be giving out the same games every so often it sucks I pay for ps plus to play online only the games lately have been a disappointment

  • both are already available on PS Now 😡

  • Wow, definitely going with xbox in the next generation. Sick of being screwed over by Sony.

    • Me too it’s either that or pc, definitely not ps5 if sony doesn’t release public apologies and compensation. They’re behavior is unacceptable and it feels like they are deliberately taunting us.

    • Because of the Plus games?…hahaha BYE.

  • What about people that have both PS Plus and PS Now? No added value at all, very sad.

  • I don’t know why I get myself excited all month to see what they are. I should have known I already own them on ps now.

    It’s like waiting for Christmas day and opening your present just to receive the same gift as your birthday

  • horrible month. Two old games and at least one is still broken. It was supposed to get better not worse.

  • Trying to stimulate additional purchases, huh?

  • Soo their both good games … But I already got them on ps now … Plus this version of street fighter has been out for years … Who doesn’t already have this … You can find it for under 20 bucks everywhere.. Sony needs to step up their monthly offerings… And would it kill Sony to add some indie tittles to PlayStation plus…

  • Still think pubg should have been free in the first place for what it offers compared to other battle royal games. Sadly not really into a fighting games like street fighter. Can we get a decent racing game in the future? Nothing to outdated/remastered, not from the 90s.

  • Right..can any of you nice sony people tell me if it is street fighter v the base or the “upgraded” version??..thanks

    • It’s the basic version that goes on sale for not very much money every 5 minutes. The “upgraded” version is called something else.

  • Pubg, nice.

    Next month, plz! One single player game and one multiplayer. Something like RE7 and Anthem perhaps.

  • Disappointing to see ps now games coming to plus. No value for ps now subs. Let’s hope oct and nov especially will have better lineups.

  • well, that’s a shame. maybe next month we’ll get mediocre games at least? pathetic.

  • Nothing I care to play, but decent enough, I guess.

  • You must be joking??? We have Warzone, we don’t need another battle royal game???? Please tell me this is not true?

  • Wow, a battle royale game that looks like all of the other free battle royale games. Brilliant.

    I’ll try Street Fighter but seriously we need some variety here. Enough shooters.

    Give us a platformer and a JRPG next time eh? A Tales game would be nice, one of the Ni No Kunis, or Atelier, something like that.

  • PS+ is just a consumer funded promotional tool (now we know why we got so much COD lately) forcing itself on users with mandatory, inflated online costs. It entirely favors digital gaming with its monthly downloads and digital sales, and yet physical gamers are forced into it all the same for online. It has raised in price despite getting less content. I literally can’t think of a single positive thing for this ‘service’ as it has been this generation (other than Sony getting easy money, but that’s at the cost of us). I love Sony and Playstation to death, but PS+ truly is their badge of shame as far as I’m concerned, way more so since it’s mandatory.

    • Worth stating again, and reminding everyone. Sony provides no servers for third party games, and most games use p2p connections. So Sony incurs basically no cost to provide online games.

      SIE has gone downhill massively since they moved to the US. Losing all identity. A fleet of boring, generic, commercially safe first party titles, basically all made in the US. Screwing customers as much as possible to extract as much money as possible. Ignoring consumers. Basically just becoming Microsoft 2.

      Hopefully they move again before it’s too late.

  • Sony, not to be disrespectful, but where’s the variation? You used to offer up single player, story-driven Indies or hidden gems much more often than you now do; replacing them with mainstream FPSs or multiplayer / online-focused options is really disappointing, especially when it happens SO often. Please please please, mix it up.

  • Sony, your services are a mess, and it needs to be sorted for the next gen, if you don’t want to be left behind the competition. Here’s what needs to happen, in order to be competitive in the coming years:

    – Remove free games from Plus, and reduce the price a bit.
    – Make the monthly games part of Now, and make Now available in every territory that Plus is available today (not necessarily streaming, just downloadable games).
    – Offer a Plus-Now bundle deal at a reduced price.
    – Bonus: Improve Now streaming quality and availability (both territories and devices). 720p streaming just doesn’t cut it in 2020, and getting the service onto mobile should be a priority. I’m aware Apple are problematic in this regard, but maybe joining forces with Microsoft and Google could change their policies in the future.

    • Man Sony didn’t even create one iota of the technology PS Now uses, so even if they cared about making it better, which of course they don’t, but even if they did they would have no clue how to do so.

    • If they removed the games they’d have to pretend that they actually provided game servers. Which they don’t.

  • Isn’t PUBG free anyways?

  • This has got to be a joke? This is an absolute disgrace. Please explain why 2 PS Now games are the monthly Plus games? People that are subscribed to PS Now get absolutely nothing!!! This is just wrong and proves Sony only care about money… If you’re going to put games from PS Now on then the monthly games should be cancelled and Plus changed to online access only because this is just extremely annoying. This month just makes no sense paying extra to get NOTHING!!!

    • Why are you getting PS Now when it’s so clearly and obviously a waste of money? That’s the real question.

  • realy, ps plus doesn’t worth your money
    street fighter, this game is already awful game
    PUGB, come on what did you think?
    look up to xbox and take after it
    you know epic gave out better games and for freee

  • Why no likes/upvotes or reactions on the blog now? You ever gonna gonna fix this? I have honestly stopped looking at this website except to see the PS+ games, the UI is atrocious.

  • Some people are so happy for these old games that are already available for free via other means. I got pubg for free a while back and sf5 is old and should be ftp if we’re not getting the full game just like dead of alive is free for both 5 and 6. Sony you used to be king but now you’re just a court jester about to be executed. What happened to justification for making PS plus cost a fee with great games? Why have I received numerous duplicates for free games from you? I mean if you’re gonna charge for ps plus and ps now you better be giving us better content than Microsoft and especially better than steam as ITS FREE.

  • How wud one be able to contact corporate bout these irrelevant idea choices of game to Worthy of PS plus eligibility I demand Scarface remastered

  • That game was free before like what going on ur give me free that was eligible to be free before and now to be laid down as on option for PS plus next month is absolutely malarkey

  • PUBG is nice for anyone that doesn’t have it already like myself.

    But seriously, you guys couldn’t even bother to pony up for the champion edition of SFV? Come on. That’s pathetic.

  • Two games I’ll never play another month of great potential for free games ruined hopefully October is better

  • Never got SFV due to its borked launch but played the recent demo, so am glad to pick this one up (definitely won’t upgrade until I see the final product price next summer post all the final DLC coming out).

    PUBG I have on my XboneX and PC so I guess I’m completing the Triforce so to speak – remember a time where if Sony had had the sense to push this game to PSN it would have been front page news?

  • Had my eye on Championship Edition of SFV… I don’t think I’ll add the base game to my library though. I just know if I do the Championship Edition will get a deep discount within a couple months meanwhile the CE upgrade will stay full price for evermore…

  • The base version of SFV is really only half a game. So that shouldn’t really count. PUBG is one of the worst things ever created, on one of the worst engines ever created, so also doesn’t count. Nice work.

  • If you have PSN you already have these games so this months games are not good. Like 2k… Who that likes the game wouldn’t already have it? How about a low seller not in the PSN library. To be fare the editions to the PSN have been amazing :)

  • Hmm … a fighting game (👎) and an online-only FPS (👎). Definitely not a good month for me :(

    Aren’t we getting too many FPS games on Plus. Unless I’m mistaken, I haven’t seen an RPG in a very long time.

    • i agree it seems like they’re having a hard time understanding ppl might like/want variety. it would be one thing to have this issue now n then but honestly this whole yr has been very weak if your not into certain things.

    • They simply do not care.

  • Both on playstation now for months? These couldn’t be staggered?

    And yeah Plus has more subscribers than Now, that doesn’t mean Sony should penalize those that have supported that service.

    At least Fall Guys is fun.

  • another bad month for ppl who aren’t into competitive stuff nor multiplayer stuff :/

  • My friend Aisaka Megumi is a PUBG Japan and PUBG Mobile partner, Arigatou for this lineup!!! 😷

  • I’ll “purchase” these, but I doubt I will ever download them.

  • Plop plop fold wipe flush

  • Hmm could’ve at least put the latest edition of SF5,the very 1st edition is bs and PUBG lol not even gonna comment on that crap only that you should keep them battle royales cancer away from the Plus lineup.

    Well a bad month.

    BTW Sony try to fix your stuff before moving on to next-gen bs.Make videos we upload appear on the activities feed again and why do “music” keep appearing on ma quick menu?…so annoying,no point in having the option to remove if it’ll keep coming back.

  • Pile of crap then.

  • two 18plus games 😩

  • I didn’t buy PS plus for these stupid games…
    Expected more.
    I have been playing pubg in my phone.
    Why would I want it in my PS4 which already free in phone?
    Am disappointed

  • Constructive- someone will be happy with this pick, I am not. Both psnow games and neither are my cup of tea. I’ve come to expect this from Sony along with millions of others. Just give us store credit so we can avoid disappointment every month, which only grows the resentment toward Sony.

  • I’ll take these over planting and harvesting corn I can’t eat and driving a tractor I can’t afford

  • Being a PS+ member for a long time I dicided to join PS now this year. Was happy about the PS titles every month and the psnow
    additions. This month however feels very dissapointing. What is the use to subscribe to both sevices if the free ps+ games are both in the ps now library. Hope they will do something extra for their double subscribers that feel screwed.

  • Typical lets add 2 games that are already available on ps now.
    Think they should either put different games on, or at least come up with a joint ps+/psnow membership.

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