September’s free PS Plus games: PUBG, Street Fighter V

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September’s free PS Plus games: PUBG, Street Fighter V

The new lineup lands September 1.

Chicken dinners and shoryukens are on the PS Plus menu this September. Take on 99 other competitors in PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or challenge the world’s greatest warriors to a scrap in beat ‘em up Street Fighter V.

Let’s take a closer look at both titles.

PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds* 

September’s free PS Plus games: PUBG, Street Fighter V

Parachute into a treacherous battleground with only your wits for protection, as you loot gear and outsmart your enemies in a fierce battle royale. Build the ultimate soldier from scratch and test your mettle against up to 99 other players across multiple unique maps. Only one life. Only one shot at victory per match. Wreak havoc on your own or take on the challenge in a squad of up to four players to increase your chances of survival — and glory.

Street Fighter V*

September’s free PS Plus games: PUBG, Street Fighter V

New competitors and iconic world warriors square off in Street Fighter V, Capcom’s blisteringly ferocious fighter and the latest entry in the legendary Street Fighter series! Sharpen your skills in a variety of single player modes, then prove you’ve got what it takes to best the globe’s finest fighters in online matches!

What’s more, we’re kicking off Street Fighter V PS4 Tournaments starting September 4 in the U.S. and Canada. These events will offer eligible fighters of all skill levels in those regions the opportunity to compete for cash prizing, a unique PS4 theme and a custom in-game title! Restrictions apply. More details to come.

Both games will join PS Plus on Tuesday, September 1 and be available to download for PS Plus subscribers until October 5.

Last chance to pick up August’s PS Plus games

And remember, you’ve still got time to download this month’s PS Plus games. Take part in the multiplayer* hilarity of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout or save the world in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered. Both games will be available until August 31.

*PS Plus membership and internet connection required for online multiplayer.

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  • Meh not interested but appreciate it nonetheless.

  • Dreadful.

  • Not bad. I’ve wanted to try PUBG for a while now.

    • Nothing I’d be interested in this month. I prefer story driven, single player games. Also I’ve played these on PS Now already. I’ve not been a Plus subscriber since Jan this year, after 8 years of subscribing. Not had a single month so far where I’ve regretted not having the service.

    • You’ll regret saying that. It runs like s-t on consoles.

  • Please explain to me the point of offering two games available on PS NOW? Why even subscribe to both services then? For the online?

    • Exactly what I just said!

    • lol.. Sony doing Sony things

    • Because there are over 40 million PS+ members and only 1-2 million PS Now subs. There are so many more people who will get these games here.

    • And then those who have downloaded PUBG and SFV through PS Now realise they won’t be able to claim the PS+ versions because PSN has awful licence issues.

    • My sentiments as well, I was happy for SFV when it joined Now last month. Feels disappointing to see PS Now games this month

    • Actually, the store just got an update separating PS now, PS plus, and regular game licenses, so you should now be able to claim games from plus that you’ve downloaded via now, or buy games (or other editions of games) you’ve gotten from plus.

      It seems to only work on the PS4 store right now, though, not on the PC or mobile storefront.

    • Sony seems to be very proficient at pitting their own public against each other… PS+ being entirely favored towards digital and PS+ games overlapping with PS NOW…

    • PS Now is only available in a small number of countries.

    • PS Now is not even available in my country and as far as I know it is present only in just a few countries(growing of course), while PS Plus is available for everyone. So that’s why. Be happy that you can use both services and if you don’t like it, just be happy that you can choose which one to subsribe for between the two.

    • @Mercenary09 so only 1-2million paying customers ripped off and that’s fine with you? Lol ok then…

    • They arent being ripped off. QUit being so freakin entitled. For the last time The free games you get with PS+ ARE AN EXTRA ADDED BONUS for the hard of hearing. You are paying to play online and to get all the many game discounts Im sure you take advantage of

    • You mean after they switched the goalposts? You seem to forget that PS Plus was a thing back when online was free, also you dont choose what I pay for I dont pay for the online I’ve not played a game online for years, I pay because it offers games, I cancelled my subscription for this month because the games are available on the other service I pay them for, I will go back to PS Plus when I decide I like the games, not for online, gotta love the irony in someone telling someone why they spend their money and then calling THEM entitled 😂😂😂 GTFOH

  • Not even the Champion Edition of Street Fighter V?


    • lol. I had the same exact thought on this. As old as this game is, you would think they’d at least give you the latest version of it.

  • Worst month for a while

  • Not a bad month.

  • Again, why is the PS+ lineup titles available on PS Now! This defeats the purpose in having both subscriptions and cheats us out of a month of games. Please change this for the consumers that give you twice the money yearly.

    • I think you need to realize that there over 40 million PS+ members compared to 1 to 2 million PS Now members. It makes much more sense putting these games on PS+.

    • Then don’t put them on PS Now give different games.

    • With PS Now having hundreds of games there are going to be times that there is overlap. Get over it.

    • PS Now is only available in some selected countries, not even all of EU and none of Asia (except Japan), Latin America, etc

  • Again, why is the PS+ lineup titles available on PS Now! This defeats the purpose in having boty subscriptions and cheats us out of a month of games. Please change this for the consumers that give you twice the money yearly.

  • Damn finally get some games I don’t own and I could really care less about either. Oh well once again. Somebody will enjoy them at least.

    • If you could care less about something, that means you do actually care about said item, because there is room to go down.

      If you couldn’t care less then that means there is no room to go down. Never understood the confusion with this.

    • Not all heroes wear capes…you, @nalla87, are my hero :D

    • @nalla87 except if you are responding to something saying you couldn’t care less, you are stating that you care enough top respond to something and you always will care that much since you can’t go below that amount of caring such as not caring about the topic at all as saying you could care less would imply. ;)

    • same. F.

  • Nice own sf5 on disk and pubg great game im happy

  • I have psnow too so already had these games. Oh well having alot of fun with fall guys

    • That game was free before like what going on ur give me free that was eligible to be free before and now to be laid down as on option for PS plus next month is absolutely malarkey

  • This is a pretty good month. I own both on disc already but I’m happy to get the digital versions.

  • Not a great selection

  • What a joke! Psplus & psnow subscribers pay double for no additional value.

  • Isso aqui tá uma merda.

  • Pathetic, not even worth adding to the library. I wish Sony would offer a cheaper PS+ option that allows us to play online, but opt out of the crappy throwaway games.

    • You and me both, brother… Been advocating for this fair treatment ever since it’s been mandatory on PS4, about a decade now…

    • Then no one will pay for the games sub just the play online sub, I used to be such a Sony fanboy but now it’s one of the most despised corps. Their screw your customer mentality is disgusting

  • When can we expect the announcement of September’s PlayStation Now games?

  • Sony, why not just change the tagline from “For the players” to “For You”, then just shorten it to FU..

  • I’ll pass, not a fan of fighting games other than Injustice and PUBG seems boring

  • Terrible month amplified by the fact that they are both available on now.

    • Yes they are both available on PS Now for the 1 – 2 million people who have it. This is totally bad for the 44+ million people who have PS+. Clearly too much overlap there. Some of you people need to get a reality check.

    • Then give the 40M+ subs these games and give PS Now subs other games. It isn’t rocket science.

    • Mercenary by name… How much is Sony paying you? Nothing? Then why feel the need to defend them to eveyone voicing their objection to giving two PS Now games as PS+? I happen to own SFV too, but they are overlapping suscription services so should not offer the same games to subscribers. This is not the first time this has happened. It is cheap, lazy and unacceptable.

    • @anlygi PS Now has hundreds of games and many stay on there permanently or for 6+ months. There are going to be times where the 2 PS+ titles overlap with it. Get over it.

    • Mercenary the point you made it painfully stupid and it would never hold in court when I’m comes to getting your money’s worth and actually could be considered as fraud. I sincerely hope Sony gets sued for this by all of their 2M ps now customers

  • If I didn’t already have Street Fighter V that would be cool. But I do like the idea of more players so I can find it easier to find players to fight online.

    Not interested in PUBG myself. Not my thing

  • As a psnow user I may ask why Am I getting the same games on both services

  • YAY! Fighting and battle royale… two game styles I’m utterly dreadful at XD Still, two games I wouldn’t normally pick up, so looking forward to having my butt kicked.

  • it’s okay to give bad games but why always shooters and things taken from the now change anyway say goodbye to a user who pays this mafia every year

  • That’s bad for me got no interest in those.

  • September looks horrible. Just glad that the lobbies will be full in PUBG now.

  • So…..a Battle Royale that is declining and a no complete game…..a very great month………

  • Christ, awful. Both are already available on PS Now.

    • Who cares? There are millions and millions of more people who have PS+. Why should they be ignored so that the few people who have PS Now can be pleased.

    • @Mercenary09, I don’t think the point is to leave out PS+ subscribers off these games, the point it to give PS Now subscribers different games so they don’t overlap and we feel like we are paying $60 a year for nothing. We can’t even claim the PS+ games.

    • PS+ games stay for 1 month. PS Now games stick around permanently or for longer periods of time. There are going to be times where they overlap and that’s understandable.

    • @Mercenary Except Now games don’t stay forever. The majority of Now games added in the past 6 months have had a 3-6 month limit to availability.

  • Another awful month.

  • PS Now games announced next week better be sick >:( These games are Now titles, pretty disappointing

  • Nothing I’d be interested in this month. I prefer story driven, single player games. Also I’ve played these on PS Now already. I’ve not been a Plus subscriber since Jan this year, after 8 years of subscribing. Not had a single month so far where I’ve regretted not having the service.

  • Great, both are on PS since you can play Now games online as a Now customer, you’ve NOW given us no reason to keep Plus

  • Sony you outdid yourselves. SF V is a game with 4 years of DLC characters and PUBG which no one plays. Its the worst, literally the worst lineup in Ps Plus ever. Every month a shooter. I feel like last gen when most PS exclusives was shooters or games with shooter mechanics. Shame on you.

  • At least Fall Guys will continue to have its servers full of PS players… As a PSNow and PS+ subscriptor what is the value in PS+ for me this month?

  • I always look forward to the new games every month but past few months not so much. With all the COD games, fps, and uncharted I was hoping for at least a good action game or rpg. Instead we get another shooter and a fighter. Not a good month Sony.

  • Not too bad of a month. I’ll play them anyways.

    • PUBG you’ll hate after about 2 matches. It’s terrible on consoles. Beware. Sounds and other features in the game DO NOT work as intended.

  • I really regret getting the 12 month subscription…

  • why even bother added the both games while they already available in Ps Now SMH

  • Man, I already own Street Fighter 5, and it is on PS Now (I think PUBG is too). This month’s not good for me.

  • For all of you whining. Shut up. Unlike PS3 you’re paying for PS Plus to play online. So if they gave us NO games, youd still be paying for it unless youre not gonna be playin online.

    Anyway always wanted PUBG

    • Poor excuse paying to pay online when the majority of games are peer 2 peer hosted,if the games were all hosted on dedicated servers it may justify the mandatory PS+ subscription for online play.

    • *you’d

    • Stop devaluing the service that is PlayStation Plus, Duo.

      The ability to play online, 100GB of Cloud Storage, 2 games each month, special in-Store offers and the ability to fully use Share Play are all equal parts of the PlayStation Plus subscription.

      Don’t try and sell people on the idea that they are paying for Online Play and that the rest is gravy because it simply is NOT.

    • Maybe so, but we’d be paying less. What you pay for in the current combo are the games and discounts (PS+ was an optional service at around the same price before online costs), online is a free extra they threw in to make it mandatory for everyone who didn’t subscribe to PS+ voluntarily (this enables them to ask the same price even if you’re only interested in the online part) . Just because you paid this much for online on Xbox at the start, doesn’t mean that’s how it is in general now.

    • Wed be paying less? Really because correct me if I’m wrong but Xbox (the original was ALWAYS pay to play online and that’s ALL they got and they paid this much. So if anything id say you’re lucky Sony gives us all the stuff they DO give us along with it cause as Microsoft has proven, they don’t have to give us anything EXCEPT the ability to play online and we’d still pay for it or just be SOL)

      I mean every month ppl are in here whining about the free games. Then don’t pay for the service? No ones making you. You sound like one of those people who ***** about how bad Walmart is but still shop there every day or how bad AT&T phone service is but still paying them every month. You DO know there are OTHER stores to shop at and OTHER cellphone providers to go to right?

    • You DO know that this PS+ digital rental service is the ONLY WAY to get online? So opting out just like that and changing services isn’t an option, that’s the problem. (I never whine about the games because I never download them, I buy physical). And as I was saying in my previous comment, this isn’t Xbox in its early years, the market and people’s expectations and standards have changed. They’re welcome to give it a try, charging this for just online after we’ve been getting the online+games combo all these years. And in the end, we’d still be forced to cave and pay. But it wouldn’t reflect well on them and you don’t have to support their choices… I’ve been forced into PS+ for the lack of a seperate online sub for almost a decade now, should I congratulate them instead?

    • Not considering Xbox. If they provided a seperate sub for online (without the games), that’d be cheaper, right? At least compared to the PS+/online combo. This would be great for the consumer, but it would mean less profit for Sony, since a bunch of their current PS+/online subs would switch over to the cheaper online-only. They rather force us into it than provide choice and lose some profits. Real consumer friendly behavior.
      But yeah, compared to early Xbox they obviously look better, having introduced games into it. They did it to have a competitive edge, not to do us a favor.

    • Better to get no games then to get these and just as you voiced your opinion everyone else has the right to do the same. Make sense someone like you will like pubg

  • Awful month if you are fan of fighting games you would already have Street-fighter V and PUBG is alright if you are eleven years old and want to mix it up if you are always playing Fortnite.

  • SFV Is a 4 years old game that’s been on sale countless times. If you don’t own it already, you’re simply not interested. As of PUBG, there’s so many free Battle Royale games already it’s hard to justify it’s purchase. Pretty disappointed.

    Saw a comment asking for a cheaper version of PS Plus without free games. Not a bad idea at this point.

    • From the OCD guy in me:

      4 year old*
      Its purchase*


    • I might be the only one (probably not though) but I’m happy to be getting SFV.
      I like fighting games but none of my friends really play them so I usually don’t feel like spending money on them.

  • Pubg and street fighter? Are you serious sony..smdh.. 💩 games

  • 2 juegos que deberian ser Gratis SIN plus, SFV es bastante antiguo y encima no dan ningun contenido extra, y un Battle royal que es gratis en otras plataformas. Uno se acostumbra a que den juegos mediocres pero este mes se lucieron.

  • Please not more Battle Royale.

  • Not into fighting games or battle royale. So you can stop sending me those 25% off PS Plus codes because I’m damn happy not to be subscribed for this mess. Hope you got something amazing planned for November.

  • A good follow up month after getting Fall Guys. Most of already own Street Fighter V but it’s a good selection nonetheless. Also, my friends play PUBG so I may give it a try. I don’t buy PS Now for all the reasons mentioned above.

    • Street Fighter V has only sold like 5 million copies across PS4 and PC. There are 44+ million PS+ members. Don’t even try to act like “most of us” have it already. Unless you don’t know how to do basic math.

  • Both games already on the PS Now, what’s the joke ! With all the games you have on the store, it’s not possible to find original and différents games??? So deceiving. I think when a member are subscriptors for your two services, we have the right of be well served !!! Pathetic 🤔🤐🤨

  • Majority: tHiS iS nOt WhAt We WaNtEd
    Minority: Awesome, thanks!

    • How constructive.

    • Wow, my comment got deleted, so I’ll try again:

      Sony, you need to fix the way you’re running your services in the coming generation, unless you want to be left in the dust by the competition. What I believe should happen:

      – Remove the games from Plus, and reduce the price.
      – Make PS Now available in every territory, that Plus is available in (at least for downloading games).
      – Offer a Plus-Now bundle at a reduced price.
      – Bonus: Improve PS Now in terms of streaming quality and availability (both territories and devices). 720p streaming in 2020 just doesn’t cut it, and adding the service to things like mobile is a must going forward. I know Apple are being problematic in this respect, but maybe teaming up with Microsoft and Google would make Apple see sense in the future.

    • And now my comment got nested. This blog…

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