Presenting PlayStation’s first global ad spot showcasing key immersive features for the PS5 console generation

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Presenting PlayStation’s first global ad spot showcasing key immersive features for the PS5 console generation

Developers also share how adaptive triggers and haptic feedback provide new game experiences on PS5.

PlayStation fans, I hope you are just as excited as I am for the launch of the PS5™ console this holiday season. Each console generation provides an opportunity to tell a unique story through our marketing. This new generation will be especially fun for us given the new suite of features that will come with the PS5 console. 

Today, I am pleased to share with you our first global spot for PlayStation that showcases some of the immersive gameplay you will experience on the new PS5 console.

In our first global digital ad for the PS5 console, you’ll see the new console’s features come to life through a young woman’s eyes and her movements. It starts as she walks across a frozen lake, feeling the crack of ice at her feet. As the character senses danger, the sudden explosive reveal of the kraken from the icy surface showcases the haptic feedback sensation you can feel from DualSense™ wireless controller for the PS5 console. 

Sound then comes from all directions as the central character reacts to everything she hears – whether it’s coming from the front, the side, above, or from behind her – showcasing the PS5 console’s Tempest 3D AudioTech. Closing out the spot – as the central character draws her bow – the tension of her bowstring is a sensation you’ll also feel, made possible through the DualSense wireless controller’s adaptive triggers.

We are quite excited about these features and we can’t wait for you all to get more immersed in the world of games with the PS5 console and DualSense wireless controller in your own hands. 

Our partners in the development community have been hard at work either creating or dreaming up the next generation of games. Read on to learn some of the ways they are working with the DualSense wireless controller and its built-in capabilities.

“The haptic feedback precision allows us to do all sorts of new things. In Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, we’ll be hinting to players which direction attacks are coming from by providing haptic feedback from the appropriate direction on the DualSense wireless controller. What does it feel like to use Miles’s stealth ability? How does a Venom Blast feel? Because of the high resolution of DualSense wireless controller’s haptics system, we can really push the dimensionality of the feedback. For instance, as you hold down Square to do a Venom Punch, you feel Spider-Man’s bio-electricity crackle across from the left side of the controller, culminating in the right side on impact.” –Brian Horton // Creative Director, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

I’m really excited by the adaptive triggers and the haptic feedback, both features that will bring some physicality in game experiences, and give important feedback. Deathloop being a first-person shooter, we do a lot of things to make weapons feel differently from one another. One I like is blocking the triggers when your weapon jams, to give to the player an immediate feedback even before the animation plays out, which prompts the player in a physical way that they have to unjam their gun. –Dinga Bakaba // Game Director, Deathloop

Just as the name “trigger” suggests, the main use of the DualSense wireless controller’s adaptive triggers in Ghostwire: Tokyo is for “active” actions—to shoot or trigger something—and we also use them to create the sensation of recoil. We’re also looking at ways to take advantage of the adaptive triggers to express a sense of persistent energy, or a balance of forces if you will, and for perhaps actions such charging, loading, and a sense of accumulation of power or energy for things.The haptic feedback, in comparison to the vibration function of previous generations, allows us to utilize a much wider range, starting from a very strong vibration that is much more powerful than before, down to extremely light vibration. This way we can offer players very detailed, “textured” nuances. Because of this, our approach is different – it isn’t a transient or a constant vibration level anymore, it allows us to meticulously adjust the feedback throughout the game. – Kenji Kimura // Director, Ghostwire: Tokyo

Horizon Forbidden West features new weapons that are designed to feel unique and play a specific role in combat with machines and human opponents. The DualSense wireless controller adaptive triggers will help us to make the weapons feel even more unique and satisfying to use.— Mathijs de Jonge //  Game Director, Guerrilla

With the DualSense wireless controller and the power of haptics, we can make the combat [in Demon’s Souls] feel grittier, darker, and deadlier. Now you feel every blow as you strike down your enemies and cast each spell. You’ll experience the force of a titanic boss’ attack as you pull off a well-timed guard. Metal strikes metal when your foes block your attacks or you block theirs. That extra sensory feedback through the controller allows you to know your attack hit home and your perfectly-timed parry was a success, so you can react faster and more decisively.

We can also turn the simple act of pulling a lever to open a gate into a sensory experience. This is something that rumble could never do. It could never replicate the feeling of metal striking metal or fire crackling in your hand as you conjure magic. Haptics [are] integral to the experience, to immersing the player in the world and adding to the gameplay. The visual, aural, and tactile working together takes this new generation of gaming into the future. — Gavin Moore // Creative Director, SIE Japan Studio

As a player, I’m excited to finally FEEL which weapon I’m holding in my hands without looking at any UI. I can also sense where an enemy is spatially, even outside of my field of view. — Keith Lee // CEO, Counterplay Games

The adaptive triggers are something we’re excited to feature [in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart]! For instance, the Enforcer is a dual-barreled shotgun type weapon. As you pull the trigger, you’ll fire from one barrel, and you can feel resistance around halfway down the trigger. Need a bigger blast? Pull the trigger through that resistance point and you’ll fire both barrels at the same time. — Marcus Smith // Creative Director, Insomniac Games

As a developer, we want to surprise with unexpected feelings so the haptic feedback has been our central focus [for Astro’s Playroom]. The concept of “feeling the world” is omnipresent, that’s a significant step forward in immersion. I tried turning haptic feedback off once, and could not believe how much I missed it. It is a game changer for sure!

We use haptic feedback throughout the entire game. The most striking are the surfaces because players will notice within the first few seconds. Astro’s steps can be felt running on plastic, metal, sand, and even splashing in water. –– Nicolas Doucet // Studio Director, Japan Studio

Adaptive triggers have enabled us to provide sensations which match what Sackboy would feel in game. For example, when picking objects up, there is a tension to each press which conveys that the little guy is struggling to carry it. Similarly, when equipped with the grappling hook, R2’s ‘Weapon Mode’ makes the player feel like they’re actually firing it themselves.— Ned Waterhouse // Design Director, Sumo Digital

I think the most effective use of the adaptive trigger [in Gran Turismo 7] is for representing the operation of the antilock brake system (ABS) while braking. A typical ABS releases brake pressure intermittently while the driver applies pressure to the pedal. The adaptive trigger is suited for recreating this pedal feel, and it will allow the player to accurately feel and understand the relationship between the braking force they want and the tire’s grip.

Compared to the rumble force feedback we had in the past, the special character of the haptic feedback is that it has a bigger range of frequencies it can produce.

What this means, is that sound design and tactile design can be handled in a continuous, integrated manner. — Kazunori Yamauchi // President, Polyphony Digital

We’ll have more to share in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes peeled.

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  • I am sorry Sony but controller gimmicks are awful and not innovation as they have all been done in other consoles. The same “amazing new experience and immersion” hype is used every generation by every manufacturer. The gimmicks are not amazing experiences and not immersive. The gimmicks are not liked by gamers or developers. They have not taken off in the switch or xbox one. Older gimmicks in playstation controllers have not taken off and not been popular. Sixaxis controls in games like shaking the controller to charge a torch in the dark, totally destroys immersion and the tension built up in a game. And I hate the idea of my triggers in the PS5 controller being jammed on me. The gimmicks just reduce the play time on sony controllers. The failure rate on sony controllers is higher than any other console. With the number of gimmicks in the PS5 controller that trend is likely to continue. Using sixasis motion controls while holding the controller in 2 hands is just slower and less accurate than conventional controls, so it always feels bad and frustrating. My heart sank when I saw sixasix controls being promoted in the Astro Bot playroom demo. And finally, I am an adult and have NO desire to blow into my controller. I hated doing it on the DS and I never wanted to do it again! A controller is all about comfort and responsiveness and a big thank you for the shape re-design. I can’t wait to try it as it looks so much more comfortable to hold compared to the PS4 controller.

    • Totally agree. Except that the shape design has been going downhill for me too and getting too big (PS3 was my fav and after seeing 5 I’ve gotten a lot more appreciation for DS4)

    • Some said the same about analogue sticks. Some said the same about vibrations. Some even said that on the PS1 controller, that there were too many buttons. I say, why not wait and see before judging? You have no idea how much it will or won’t shape the way games are played moving forward. It could be a gimmick, or it could be a staple. Regardless, it’s an example of innovation. Otherwise gaming becomes stagnant and stuck in the past. Let’s keep moving forward. Play has no limits.

  • I am very excited for 3D Audio when used in VR with a new PSVR version 2 headset. That is not a gimmick at all and will actually increase immersion in VR. I hope we don’t have to wait too long after the PS5 launch for the launch of a new generation of VR. With the extra power in the PS5 the next generation of VR could be amazing. But it MUST have proper VR controllers. No more move controllers!

  • Looks great but I know nowadays it’s “pay to play”. As a suggestion, maybe we could use the playstation network to purchase a Playstation 5 and/or accessories? I mean you can buy games and memberships why not hardware too?

  • Wow that is Playstation commercial and I hope it will be surprise of Playstation studios and it is too dark and I feel energy and dualsence welcome to the future

  • Is there an official price yet?

  • Hey will there be a mono option built into the system? I’m deaf in one ear so trying to detect sounds or pin point sound direction in stereo can be difficult. It would be a most appreciated feature for someone like me.

  • Ready for this ps5. #futureofgaming

  • when will the ps5 be released in canada what price will it be and will you sell a bundle with headset charger and gta5 on pre order included asking for all my freinds and my self as we have bin waiting patiently and following every video You released so please let me know if you can will the disc be 399.99? Or will that be digital

  • I just hope that the price doesn’t go past $400 because I mean I get it “high technology” means more but im just saying if they want us to buy there stuff don’t make it expensive, I also wanted to add that it really does look realistic and all I can’t wait to play it especially grand theft auto 5 and maybe 6 if they make it ☺️🙃 btw I have ideas for the next gta game but I d doubt rockstar will even notice me or allow me to help think ideas for games but I would have to say if a company wants to make money take advise from the gamer that plays there stuff because u could actually make things alot more fun for everyone who buys/plays the game #listen to the gamers

  • Excited!!!

  • Please announce release date and price of PS 5

  • Has anyone thought of the UI of the Playstation 5? Last time I checked it was supposed to be shown to us on the 15th!!!!

  • Please show price in the next event

    • Something Sony should have done MONTHS ago! How are we supposed to decide whether or not to buy it if we don’t know how much it costs ahead of time? Does Sony WANT us to find out only when the receipt gets printed and is in our hands?

  • Cant wait for the ps5

  • Hi
    Can you use 2 remotes with the PS5? How large a ssd drive can be added to the PS%>

  • Can’t wait for PS5, customer since 1995

  • Can’t wait to stream my game play for ps5 to my 5 million subscribers

  • This is going to be awesome

  • How much does the PS5 cost?

  • I can’t wait to buy this! Please need pre-order

  • Amazing using headphones

  • Sweet! Anyone get a invite to buy ps5 yet? They should have based it on longevity. I had this game tag for the longest time and I got my kids into playstation! Come on guys get me a invite!😭

  • I am very excited to play games in playstation with its controller and very excited for its ganes

  • I am very excited to play games in playstation with its controller and very excited for its games

  • I am so ready for thr PS5! I have my 500 hundred ready for pre order! I just want to see the start up screen 😖 as weird as that may seem to you guys.

  • What’s her name? Why isn’t she accredited? Why is she only referred to as the “young woman” or “the character”? I heard onlt that it was filmed mostly in her apartment, but nothing more in regards to the actress.

  • I love PS3 The Best 4ever cuz no Paid Internet 24/7

  • I’ve never been more excited for a console generation until now!

  • Today is a sad day for me after hearing about playstation adding first party games are going to PC

    I do understand the shareholder wanting more money the problem I have with that is the it wasn’t the shareholder the made playstation great it was us the fan’s of the playstation exclusives

    They probably don’t understand the the reason we are loyal to playstation is because we feel a sense of pride to have something made exclusively for us the fan’s who supported the brand from the beginning

    Seen this happened is heartbreaking to me my brother is a PC gamer and I got him a ps4 for his birthday to enjoy and invest in playstation now I don’t have a need for playstation he can just play on pc

    I know this is just a stupid fanboy talk about a plastic box and a corporation the don’t care about no one and I know my English or spelling is not good however I do feel like I have to speak my mind

    I had ps1 because of my parents and in that time I wasn’t even a teen in that first year I treated my consul like a part of myself I didn’t even allowed my friends to put in I game the didn’t speak to me

    When I became a adult I purchased my ps3 the OLD G one I had to pay $700 for it when my kid was one year old I had 4 ps3 in my house when there was no need for it I even purchased a 55 inches 3D tv for $4k just to support Sony

    I am a fan and I was proud of it because all the money I spend on Sony playstation got me great experiences and good memories most of all playstation made me feel like a first class citizen whenever I got a playstation exclusive I even have my 3 kids invented on playstation because of it

    Now I don’t know if the future is going to make me feel like we the fan’s are first class citizens and if that’s the case my loyalty may be gone with the exclusives going to PC

    I sad day for me

    I did love all things playstation 💔

    PS. Sony check my PS ID in all the playstations I had I am a big fan of the brand please don’t do this PC gamers didn’t spend money on your brand and they wouldn’t spend on it either they are going to pirate the games and you are going to have lots of fans mad you may lose more money then what you are going to get re think this please

  • Can’t wait to try the haptic feedback on the controller. Hope it’s all it’s said to be. Fingers crossed.

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