Presenting PlayStation’s first global ad spot showcasing key immersive features for the PS5 console generation

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Presenting PlayStation’s first global ad spot showcasing key immersive features for the PS5 console generation

Developers also share how adaptive triggers and haptic feedback provide new game experiences on PS5.

PlayStation fans, I hope you are just as excited as I am for the launch of the PS5™ console this holiday season. Each console generation provides an opportunity to tell a unique story through our marketing. This new generation will be especially fun for us given the new suite of features that will come with the PS5 console. 

Today, I am pleased to share with you our first global spot for PlayStation that showcases some of the immersive gameplay you will experience on the new PS5 console.

In our first global digital ad for the PS5 console, you’ll see the new console’s features come to life through a young woman’s eyes and her movements. It starts as she walks across a frozen lake, feeling the crack of ice at her feet. As the character senses danger, the sudden explosive reveal of the kraken from the icy surface showcases the haptic feedback sensation you can feel from DualSense™ wireless controller for the PS5 console. 

Sound then comes from all directions as the central character reacts to everything she hears – whether it’s coming from the front, the side, above, or from behind her – showcasing the PS5 console’s Tempest 3D AudioTech. Closing out the spot – as the central character draws her bow – the tension of her bowstring is a sensation you’ll also feel, made possible through the DualSense wireless controller’s adaptive triggers.

We are quite excited about these features and we can’t wait for you all to get more immersed in the world of games with the PS5 console and DualSense wireless controller in your own hands. 

Our partners in the development community have been hard at work either creating or dreaming up the next generation of games. Read on to learn some of the ways they are working with the DualSense wireless controller and its built-in capabilities.

“The haptic feedback precision allows us to do all sorts of new things. In Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, we’ll be hinting to players which direction attacks are coming from by providing haptic feedback from the appropriate direction on the DualSense wireless controller. What does it feel like to use Miles’s stealth ability? How does a Venom Blast feel? Because of the high resolution of DualSense wireless controller’s haptics system, we can really push the dimensionality of the feedback. For instance, as you hold down Square to do a Venom Punch, you feel Spider-Man’s bio-electricity crackle across from the left side of the controller, culminating in the right side on impact.” –Brian Horton // Creative Director, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

I’m really excited by the adaptive triggers and the haptic feedback, both features that will bring some physicality in game experiences, and give important feedback. Deathloop being a first-person shooter, we do a lot of things to make weapons feel differently from one another. One I like is blocking the triggers when your weapon jams, to give to the player an immediate feedback even before the animation plays out, which prompts the player in a physical way that they have to unjam their gun. –Dinga Bakaba // Game Director, Deathloop

Just as the name “trigger” suggests, the main use of the DualSense wireless controller’s adaptive triggers in Ghostwire: Tokyo is for “active” actions—to shoot or trigger something—and we also use them to create the sensation of recoil. We’re also looking at ways to take advantage of the adaptive triggers to express a sense of persistent energy, or a balance of forces if you will, and for perhaps actions such charging, loading, and a sense of accumulation of power or energy for things.The haptic feedback, in comparison to the vibration function of previous generations, allows us to utilize a much wider range, starting from a very strong vibration that is much more powerful than before, down to extremely light vibration. This way we can offer players very detailed, “textured” nuances. Because of this, our approach is different – it isn’t a transient or a constant vibration level anymore, it allows us to meticulously adjust the feedback throughout the game. – Kenji Kimura // Director, Ghostwire: Tokyo

Horizon Forbidden West features new weapons that are designed to feel unique and play a specific role in combat with machines and human opponents. The DualSense wireless controller adaptive triggers will help us to make the weapons feel even more unique and satisfying to use.— Mathijs de Jonge //  Game Director, Guerrilla

With the DualSense wireless controller and the power of haptics, we can make the combat [in Demon’s Souls] feel grittier, darker, and deadlier. Now you feel every blow as you strike down your enemies and cast each spell. You’ll experience the force of a titanic boss’ attack as you pull off a well-timed guard. Metal strikes metal when your foes block your attacks or you block theirs. That extra sensory feedback through the controller allows you to know your attack hit home and your perfectly-timed parry was a success, so you can react faster and more decisively.

We can also turn the simple act of pulling a lever to open a gate into a sensory experience. This is something that rumble could never do. It could never replicate the feeling of metal striking metal or fire crackling in your hand as you conjure magic. Haptics [are] integral to the experience, to immersing the player in the world and adding to the gameplay. The visual, aural, and tactile working together takes this new generation of gaming into the future. — Gavin Moore // Creative Director, SIE Japan Studio

As a player, I’m excited to finally FEEL which weapon I’m holding in my hands without looking at any UI. I can also sense where an enemy is spatially, even outside of my field of view. — Keith Lee // CEO, Counterplay Games

The adaptive triggers are something we’re excited to feature [in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart]! For instance, the Enforcer is a dual-barreled shotgun type weapon. As you pull the trigger, you’ll fire from one barrel, and you can feel resistance around halfway down the trigger. Need a bigger blast? Pull the trigger through that resistance point and you’ll fire both barrels at the same time. — Marcus Smith // Creative Director, Insomniac Games

As a developer, we want to surprise with unexpected feelings so the haptic feedback has been our central focus [for Astro’s Playroom]. The concept of “feeling the world” is omnipresent, that’s a significant step forward in immersion. I tried turning haptic feedback off once, and could not believe how much I missed it. It is a game changer for sure!

We use haptic feedback throughout the entire game. The most striking are the surfaces because players will notice within the first few seconds. Astro’s steps can be felt running on plastic, metal, sand, and even splashing in water. –– Nicolas Doucet // Studio Director, Japan Studio

Adaptive triggers have enabled us to provide sensations which match what Sackboy would feel in game. For example, when picking objects up, there is a tension to each press which conveys that the little guy is struggling to carry it. Similarly, when equipped with the grappling hook, R2’s ‘Weapon Mode’ makes the player feel like they’re actually firing it themselves.— Ned Waterhouse // Design Director, Sumo Digital

I think the most effective use of the adaptive trigger [in Gran Turismo 7] is for representing the operation of the antilock brake system (ABS) while braking. A typical ABS releases brake pressure intermittently while the driver applies pressure to the pedal. The adaptive trigger is suited for recreating this pedal feel, and it will allow the player to accurately feel and understand the relationship between the braking force they want and the tire’s grip.

Compared to the rumble force feedback we had in the past, the special character of the haptic feedback is that it has a bigger range of frequencies it can produce.

What this means, is that sound design and tactile design can be handled in a continuous, integrated manner. — Kazunori Yamauchi // President, Polyphony Digital

We’ll have more to share in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes peeled.

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  • sony never fails to make an amazing ad… (except PS3 ads :D)

  • Awesome.

  • Cool. So when is that next event coming?

    • This is the only reason i keep checking back up. When will they announce price, launch lineup and launch date!

  • cannot wait to play on the ps5

  • Will we be able to turn the trigger feedback off?

  • A commercial for a product you can’t even pre-order is.. interesting!

  • what’s the launch line-up?

  • So many games pushing the DualSense. The Demon’s Souls part was HYPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. CMON SONY RELEASE IT ALREADY

  • So uh, how much? And when? Please tell me. Please take my money. Please.

  • All of this will be useless if don’t have the greatest strength of PlayStation = “Only on PlayStation”

  • Just like the transition from 3 to 4, I’m more worried about the controller than I am excited. Dualshock 3 was perfect for me. Dualshock 4 was too big and never liked the slower triggers better than the original R1/L1 buttons (nor the accompanying Xbox setup of having triggers in the back and bumpers in the front, forcing you to use the same fingers). Dualsense is even bigger so that’s a definite downside as far as I’m concerned. I’m also fervently opposed to gimmicks. I’ll give the haptic feedback a try but I generally think rumble (or any influences from outside the game) is annoying and have always shut it off. What I’m most worried about are the adaptive triggers. Not being a fan of triggers and outside influences in general, triggers with resistance seem like the worst idea to me. I sincerely hope these gimmicks can be turned off and I can enjoy my games from what’s happening on screen, not outside of it.

    • More constructively, I wish they’d put resources in different controller options. I would definitely be interested in a smaller version, for example, without the gimmicks. Or better yet, PS3 and PS4 designs that function entirely on PS5. With retro consoles being a thing now, why not for controllers? I know they said the PS5 design is supposed to work for all hand sizes, but I’m skeptical on that.

  • omg just announce the release date and price already. stop playing this unnecessary waiting game with microsoft to see who says something first..

  • You know… I’m normally a pretty positive person when it comes to PlayStation. Don’t often find myself agreeing with the array of naysayers or gamers who seemingly just complain about everything, but… We’re, what, a few months away from the launch of the PlayStation 5 and STILL zero news on price, other colors of controllers, or pre-order availability. I mean, I’m a poor schlep who definitely can NOT afford a PS5 at any price this year (and still have stacks of PS4 and PS3 games to play so I’m not in a rush anyway), but I really gotta feel for people who are super interested in being an early adopter to the next PlayStation system.

    • It’s Only 3 months more.. we can wait

    • Patience is a virtue.

    • What’s the big problem? I carefully put away at least 800 quid the past year since PS5 was named and I’m certain that will cover me. I’m sure its the same for others unless they think it will be 150 or something lol.

    • People were shocked by the PS3’s “599 US Dollars” launch price and it almost failed. I really hope Sony and Microsoft don’t make the same mistake this time.

    • @PS_man1984 $599 isn’t the same amount of money to people in 2020, as it was back then. A lot of people spend that or more on smart phones every couple of years nowadays, so that amount for something that will last them 4-8 years, depending on a Pro version being released or not, wouldn’t faze them.

    • I am astonished

    • I am so happy for ps5 to come out I want to give it a try

  • One of the best ads was the god of war ascention.

  • Was really hoping to see a release date at the end of the ad. Since PS5 could launch on November 20th t would of made sense to do it today, exactly 3 months before possible launch. Oh well I just wish I knew the price and pre order date.

  • Ahhhhhh!!! I’m so excited and can’t wait to have the dualsense in my hands ps5 4 ever

  • I can’t wait!

  • I cant wait, i want my PS5 and launch exlusives games <3

  • Wow Release it already plz

  • Don’t care. Release date please!

  • If the leaks are true on the pricing, then this is a no brainer …its just a question of buying it then

  • Thursday, it is… Do it Sony. Just do it!!

  • Will this console come in black?
    What is the price tag for this?

  • Also, offtopic, I wish they did more with their televisions than just add a promotional ‘ready for PS5’ tagline on some. My trusty Sony full HD just died and I have no idea what to get next, other than it preferably being a Sony. Any recommendations for a Sony with low input lag that’s future proof? Or should I just wait for newer models more in line with PS5? Just my luck for this to happen prior to next gen… -_-

    • Get LG OLED CX, you will not regret it. Perfect dark, great HDR, great WebOS system, HDMI 2.1. Perfect TV for PS5.

    • Yeah, my brother recommending LG too. But I’d really like to stick with Sony, love their picture quality. Read about these PS5 ready models with only 7 ms input lag but they had no HDMI 2.1 if I remember correctly… I kind of read up on all this stuff for HD but 4K is completely new to me…

    • You could have a look at the new Sony xh90 2020 model, that has HDMI 2.1 (not too sure about the input lag though).

    • Get a new LG OLED UHD tv 👌🏻

    • The new LG’s have HDMI 2.1 or available via firmware update from 2.0 to 2.1

    • As squeak said the Sony X900H / XH90. Same model different region.
      X900H is HDMI 2.1 (limited to 40GB/s currently until later date firmware rhen possible full 48GB/s unlock) as is the CX (40GB/s no firmware expected).
      But to note, X900H = LED (+Brightness) & CX/C9 is OLED (Black Levels).
      ***Noteworthy*** LG C9 IS FULL HDMI 2.1 @ 48GB/s but the Advanced processor in the CX (A9Gen 3) “handles motion better” (but yet to be seen as per true 2.1 source.

      For a comparison against the LG CX / C9 against the X900H go to unbiased reviewers such a professional calibrators like HDTVTest YouTube Channel or (Pronounced Ratings or go to their YT channel).

  • And y’all haters are saying it’s gimmick… I count 9 games implementing this. Being able to tell where your enemy is from ur controller is gonna come in handy for all those soul like games where death is second nature. Well, haters gonna hate. Just imagine it being implemented in GoT. When u drive ur katana into an enemy, the feels should be amazing!

    • Doesn’t matter how often it gets implemented, doesn’t make it less of a gimmick…
      I’m glad you’ll be able to get value out of it, but I won’t. It increases the size and power usage of the controller to boot.

    • People used to think rumble was a gimmick, 4 shoulder buttons was a gimmick, triggers were a gimmick, D-pads were a gimmick, analog sticks were a gimmick. All these things are now standard.

      Haptic feedback and gyro (tilt controls) are standard on phones, and I think it’s about time these features come to game controllers.

    • IMO it’s gimmicky when it’s redundant and not really necessary. WiiU pad with an external screen is a great example of that (because, why waste all that space and power on something you can simply do in-game). From your examples, I would consider rumble, motion and triggers gimmicks; shoulder buttons, sticks and d-pad are integral to the core experience. Not to say gimmicks are bad per se, to each his own, but for me they ruin the immersion instead of adding to it. I don’t even want to realize I’m holding a controller. :) And phones are the last thing they should draw inspiration from as far as I’m concerned.

  • Sony backs at it again. PS5 for the win!○^X□

  • Hey Sony, I am really looking forward into buying the console for Christmas, I have a suggestion if yall are available to take those. Can you please release a controller with color buttons and the colored Playstation symbol like it was on the PS1? I mean this is a suggestion but please bring it into consideration. Thx can’t wait to buy it. P.S. Are Playstation 4 controllers going to work with the PS5?

  • Don’t care. Just need a date and price so retailers will allow us to pre-order a couple systems. Don’t even care about the price, one month of commission easily covers it.

  • Shut up and take my money.

  • I cannot wait to try this controller out!

  • Just make sure every game running on PS5 is 60FPS 4K standard.

    Also make the PS5 play all PS4 games from day one with advanced versions for free.

    Also, any chance of making the PS5 30% smaller it’s far to big.

    I will probably buy a PS5 sometime next year when there some decent games, hopefully by then Sony will release a smaller PS5 👍😁

    • Not everyone has a 4K TV (my TV is 1080p and games look good to me). And I honestly can’t tell what framerate a game runs at, as long as it isn’t stuttering like an N64 game then I’m fine.

    • PS2 slimline was such a practical beauty. Not even going to get into the controllers. On the other hand, I’d rather have a bigger one if it’s more quiet and better ventilated.

  • I really wish more games would utilize the touchpad and gyro features. Lots of Switch games use the controller’s gryo for aiming and steering, but hardly any PS4 games used it (aside from GT Sport, Flow, Flower, Infamous Second Son). I also want to see the touchpad used for more than just an extra clicky button.

    It’s a shame developers care more about Nintendo’s unique controllers and ignore what Sony offers.

    • Not true. Nintendo’s Joy Cons have HD rumble (ala haptic feedback that the dual sense has) and no devs have used them since launch, not even Nintendo. Which sucks. I also agree about the Touchpad, I thought switching between stuff ala Killzone SF was a good use of it that all FPS should do

  • Give us full bc: ps3, ps2, psone. Digital only works for me.

    Fix remote play. Find myself using the feature more often now a days but doesn’t work the best. Vita missing some buttons. lol

    • At the very least I would’ve liked to have seen PS3 BC, that way we’d have all the consoles with ‘trophies’…

    • Wish they would let you use remote play on mobile data. I don’t have WiFi, but I use my phones WiFi hotspot to connect my PS4 to the internet. But won’t let me use remote play unless I’m on wifi.

  • I’m Hyped for PS5. The next generation of Sony Playstation hardware is going to raise the bar of immersion to another level with its CPU and Dualsense controller technology. Roll on end of the year 2020.

  • Coming out in two months and we don’t know much like the price for example yet.Is it normal for new generation launch to reveal all of it 5 min before pre orders?????

    • It’s certainly not normal for them to wait this long, but it’s not completely unheard of either. Sega Saturn’s US price was revealed literally the same day the system launched in the US after all 😅

  • I’m so excited for a new console generation to finally touch down. Hearing about some of the new features of the DualSense controller is making the wait even more unbearable, I couldn’t be more hyped. 😁

    I am so glad Sony is taking a leap forward with the new generation and creating experiences that just weren’t possible before.

  • Ad is ok. Kinda hard to show how the dualsense works without actually using it i guess. But im more interested in a UI demo and hardware teardown that was promised. I dont care about the price, just interested in the design choices more than anything

  • Under promise and Over deliver, am I right?

  • WOW amazing I am so impressed with the sound of the trailer. And then i read about how games can lock the trigger if a gun jams in the game impressive features love them.

  • This gives great cause to give in to playing Senran Kagura Reflections.

  • I love the gun jam idea. really miss pressure sensitive face buttons though

    • I mostly don’t as I haven’t had many games that used them except for MGS, and they provided too little if any resistance to show they were pressure sensitive, and not just mushy. However, now a lot of games have a single button do so much so you end up doing the incorrect action when 2 actions with the same button are near each other and you didn’t mean to (ex. picking up an item and talking both on X button which caused me to steal in Elder Scrolls). Pressure Sensitive face buttons can definitely help in those cases

    • In my experience the pressure sensitive face buttons just responded better. It didn’t get used a lot but they were better buttons in general. On DS4 my face buttons often don’t respond (probably because they’re too deep or I don’t push them hard enough). On PS3 I almost just had to float over for it to respond and could quickly go for another button, whereas on DS4 they feel more like slower ‘seperate’ buttons IMO. Triggers are slower too… :(

  • So was the ad supposed to show me what to expect from the haptic feedback, or was it supposed to show me, how much the sound will be better? (I watched it on PS4, so obviously my PS4 can produce the sound the ad is trying to show as revolutionary).

  • I come back almost each day to check if there s any new update but…..oof cant wait to play GT7.

  • I gotta say, that’s just awful. Fire the firm who created this one. Bring it back to the PS9 commercial era. Or, idk, if you want to talk immersion perhaps showcase better. Watching a 2 minute movie w/ a clip of a PS5 at the end, just doesn’t show anything. 2 cents

  • I think you should tell us as soon as possible information regarding the date and price of the console release, according to players all over the world have waited long enough for these informations.

  • …and I’d also like to see the pre-orders opening soon

  • Sounds awesome, I am looking forward to these new touches. But I hope the DS battery life will be substantial enough to warrant these extra effects.

  • I am worried !! After 2 months what Sony has to offer is a remote control !!!
    I begin to doubt the graphics capabilities of the PS5.
    We are 3 months from the launch of the PS5 and only talk about the controller and the SSD !!

    Sony, I’m a fan but I’m not stupid.
    Don’t treat me like that!

  • Didn’t the Dual Shock rumble activate when braking from GT2 onwards? So all this time, has it not been the car skidding, but the ABS brakes actually kicking in, or have I read it wrong?

    I think the Haptic Feedback (HF) on the brake trigger should pulsate your trigger finger, then sharply go down halfway, and then carry in pulsating your brakes trigger at the same time trying to lift your finger up… I do hope the controller has that much control…. pardon the pun.

  • No, no, just NO.

    The most frustrating thing for a gamer is when control is taken away from their character. When you’re running along and suddenly your character slows to a snail’s pace to accommodate an in-game event, or when you press a button and the game doesn’t respond, or if you get slowed down by an enemy’s attacks…it’s always awful.

    And now you’re going to manifest that physically? You’re going to jam the triggers on me?

    This isn’t a selling point, it’s a reason to check out your competition.

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