First look: Box art for upcoming PS5 games

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First look: Box art for upcoming PS5 games

A sneak peek at what PS5 games will look like when you see them on store shelves this holiday.

A quick update for our fans — here’s your first look at the box art for PS5 games you’ll be seeing on store shelves this holiday, starring Marvel Super Hero Miles Morales.

PS5 box art of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

PS5 box art of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Any thoughts on the new look?

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  • Is that a used game from gamestop? jk
    I was kinda hoping it’d have a two tone aesthetic in the top bar of the cover akin to their new top-left corner logo on their youtube channel.

    • I love playstation games box is so amazing and I can feel it in my life I always buy everything at stores and gamestop thank you for putting games box and make difference design

  • Is it too late to change it? Black would look so much better for the case! The blue case just looks so out of place. I see people recommending a white case but the black case makes it more aesthetic and pleasing because of the co-ordinated contrast

  • I have mixed feeling on this. First impression: “blue plastic feels like ps4 and didn’t feel right with white stripe on top”. On second thought I might get used to it and it is somehow good. Time will tell… but can it look cooler with white plastic box with blue stripe or some other variants? It is hard to me give some good alternatives though.

  • Ditch the blue case for white, black or clear one and we are in business.

    • Yup, I agree. I think going with the black case get’s you further away from PS4.

      I think going with a black plastic case is the best way to go.

    • I definitely think a clear or white case with a thin blue strip between the white PS5 logo and the game box art would look cleaner. Not only would it look cleaner I think it matches the aesthetic they seem to marketing better as well

    • Clear case to make the artwork and specially the white bar at the top, to look better. And also that would distinguish it from the PS4’s blue case.

    • Would be better with a black or white stripe instead of blue

  • Looks sick cant wait for Ps5 to come out and look sick

  • Box should be black.
    Logo and ps text should be blue.

    Now, that would be awesome!

  • I think the box should have been black or white instead of blue. The blue doesn’t match the black and white part.

    • Vanlischtenstein

      I Think do not want to discard the blue tone, since PS is associated with Blue, like Xbox: Green and Nintendo:Red

  • White stripe is kind of boring. Blue case is asking for people to confuse ps4/ps5 games. Recommend black cases that are sort of opaque/seethrough.

  • AlisonPentouseus

    Awesome. It would be more awesome if you ditched the blue case for black or white

  • Me:
    Sony, have you considered a reversible cover that matches the all Black PS5 when it eventually comes out? Basically a reversed design? You know, Black background border with White PS5 logo for the box design?


  • Vanlischtenstein

    I find it nice. Particularly the blue colour staying. With all SONY’s adverts i was convinced that the PS5 would change the blue classic colour to Black/white tone. The UI-teaser made me believe that a violet tone could be predominant, but…
    Playstation is blue
    Nintendo is red
    Xbox is Green

    so as
    Intel: blue, AMD: Red and NVidia: Green lol

  • White header looks weird on blue box, use Black boxes instead. Looks a LOT Better!

  • I love the case make sure not to forget Only on PlayStation Logo or PlayStation Exclusive that the First Party PS exclusives had during the PS5 reveal.

  • Looks great.

  • For us collectors having the same box collor of the previous generation is a no go. Ps3 was transparent. Ps4 is already blue. Ps5 could be black or white.

  • Clean! Matches the new look perfectly.

  • I love the black and white theme for PS5 box art! Minimal and sophisticated it links into console style perfectly, and also allows the colourful game artwork to stand out. Hope this will carry through into all PS5 branding. Awesome!

  • If you guys are sticking with the white strip then change the cases to either white or black.

    To be honest, in my minds eye I expected the PS5 games to have Black cases. The Blue cases are so last generation guy… Change them.

  • The repeated ‘PS logo’ with the new ‘PS Studios’ logo looks a bit redundant and lack of ‘Only on PlayStation’ commitment unfortunately says a lot.

  • I really don’t like it. Looks like a 5 year old did it. I made a better one in a couple of minutes. I would post it here but I don’t know how. I hope this design isn’t final. Please don’t let this be the final boxart design.

  • I think that the box must be of white color

  • I’ve liked it.
    But where is the “Only on Playstation”?

  • Me gusta mucho, con ganas de que salgan. Está bien la idea combinada de ese blanco/gris con negro.

  • This would DEFINITELY go better with a BLACK BOX.
    Pretty Please!


    • They’re doing away with that for 1st party titles. Look for the new logo at the bottom that says “playstation studios.” That will be your new indicator

  • This is super lazy. Cases should either be clear Black or clear White. Sony Interactive Entertainment unlike the true former Sony Computer Entertainment (disrespecting Japan with the censorship, handicapping differential)
    continues to show they don’t know what they’re doing and are mostly reactionary (get off ResetERA and start listening to people who actually play games i.e. Reddit, Twitter, etc)

    This is supposed to be a generational leap in every aspect yet you guys these days can’t even grasp that simple concept even when it comes to packaging (unlike your predecessors who were running it)!?

  • Looks nice :)

  • I don’t know if I don’t like it or not. I could be about the blackish/bluish hue of the Spider-Man Miles Morales background but the color scheme just doesn’t wow me. Also isn’t the The disc player UHD and if that’s the case why have a blue case aren’t normally UHD cases black. I agree that the case should be white while the logo banner whatever you call it should be a different color

  • The white box at the top is not really working for me. The design seems unbalanced and perhaps not too elegant.
    Since probably you don’t want to include a gray gradient there maybe you could try to achieve the same effect (to balance the design and add some love) by using a fake gradient using the buttons from the dualsense (triangle, circle..) in different sizes and positions/patterns.
    In the ps4 blue box you have a gradient that’s misisng here and that really helped in that case.
    And the blue plastic case doesn’t work in the front view. However in the side view instead I think it works very well (and probably it represents the blue led from the actual console).
    Can you make a plastic case with 2 colors (or even 3: blue, black, white)?

  • I really like it. Definitely makes the box pop! Something you’ll notice when you go into the game section at the store.

  • cchhiillllyy2077

    hmm, I like it but the blue case color doesn’t go very well with the black and white cover

  • Love the design and the white and black to math the console is perfect. This is more of a future proof complaint but please don’t make PlayStation hits cases red, keep them blue for uniformity on the shelf.

  • My thing is, every Playstation generation has had a distinct look for their discs. I liked how they’ve evolved each time, from the original disc looking like CDs, to the PS2 on the DVD dimension covers, to the PS3 with the clear covers, then the PS4 with the blue covers. The PS5 should be an evolution from there as well, otherwise it just feels like buying a variation of PS4 games instead to be honest…

    XBox on the other hand have always stuck to the green colours so I expect their next gen to still be a variation of green… that’s their style and it works for them. Sony’s style on the other hand, has always been to change the look of the discs and covers significantly with each generation, so the expectation is that the next generation should look fresh, new and different…. not just a variation of the previous generation.

  • I love PlayStation more than my dog, more than my kids, more than my wife, more than my scrote

  • It looks like it’s missing something in the white part. Don’t like it.

  • It doesn’t look like it’s worth $10 extra.
    Still excited to be a day 1 digital edition buyer.

  • Now it has a plain white top…okay, it looks a bit boring but on the other hand fits with the mainly white PS5 I guess.
    It has the new PlayStation Studios logo on it wich is used for Sony studios and timed exclusives so that is not saying much (and of course exclusives slip to PC now so everything is a go I guess).
    The box is still blue…
    When the PS5 got revealed, Jim Ryan stated this all should feel like a “generational jump”, like something “new and exciting”, and it is but the box is boring. Why not go for a more environmentally friendly material or make the box thinner or wider and add extra stuff in it like we had in the PC days, that was fun.
    It’s effective and boring is all I can say when I sum it up.

  • Looks okay but I’d rather the box be black or white instead of blue. Just my two cents.

  • superb. but box color should be black too. blue is for ps4, isnt it?

  • I like it. I wonder what it would look like with blue text though. Maybe a gradient of dark to mid tone blue.

  • ITS DOPE! Very clean. I see me puttin that sexy beast on my shelf.

  • Not digging the blue. Think white or clear would look better.

  • Nope. Don’t like it.
    White looks bland and boring.
    And change the template! C’mon!
    Same’ol one continuous bar at the top?
    Do something different and fresh! Like the console or the controller!

  • They should lose the blue and settle for the black cases like the 4K dvds have now. It’ll look better with the white striped logo at the top!

  • Not a fan unfortunately, I loved the PS3, Vita and PS4 boxes, but the blue case and white cover doesn’t mesh for me at all personally.

  • I personal would like a different color for the box itself, so that the box looks different from the PS4 game boxes.

    I get it that since they are bluerays you want to use the same box color, but at the same time they are UHD not just HD.

  • >Any thoughts on the new look?
    Yes, white header should be with BLACK BOXES, not blues.
    This looks like a weird version of a PS4 Game.

    And, is this coming to PC and XB? Why it doesn’t say “Only on PlayStation”

  • It’s obvious that (per marketing 101) you want the blue case to stand out for the PS brand, but at the very least someone should have thought outside the box and realized that the size of the case should be more sleek, small and efficient.

    PS3 game cases were the pinnacle of playstation game cases. Less wasted space when stored, efficiently smaller (ps2, ps4, and xbox game cases are larger than they need to be. It should be near the size of the disc itself), and the compact nature of the cases were just an overall aesthetically pleasing site. Less is more in this case.

    For PS6 have someone put 20 ps4 games on a shelf and stick 20 ps3 games right next to it. Also have someone hold both at the same time. Not rocket science to figure this one out.

  • It’s nice but you should’ve gone with a black case.

  • savagemaverick90

    That looks CLEAN!!

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