The Last of Us Part II is now available

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The Last of Us Part II is now available

Naughty Dog’s long-awaited follow up is finally here.

These words have been years in the making: The Last of Us Part II is out now! 

When we set out to make this game, we knew it would be risky. We’re fortunate that so many of you loved The Last of Us and that it left a lasting impression. These characters and their stories mean so much to us, as we know they do to so many of you. Which is why we didn’t take lightly the task of returning to their world for another story. In fact, we debated this for a while whether we should, but the problem was that we had landed on a story concept that inspired us. It felt thrilling and intrinsic to the world of The Last of Us, but more importantly, it felt like a story that needed to be told.

On the surface, it may seem like a simple “revenge story,” but as you dive into the game, its deeper themes will emerge. This is a story of obsession and the lengths we will go to for justice and the ones we love — when is it time to let go? And when should you hold on at any cost? This is a story of trauma, redemption, and empathy. 

Seven years ago, we set out to create a video game that would explore these challenging themes. Since then, hundreds of talented developers have dedicated their passion to bring this vision to life.

We crafted a character driven story, focusing on flawed individuals and the difficult choices that they make. As you experience it with them, we hope you’ll laugh, cry, and even feel their struggle through heavy moments that are designed to be emotionally challenging. Most of all, we hope this game inspires in you the kind of philosophical debates we had while making it.

On behalf of everyone at Naughty Dog, thank you for being a part of this journey.

Until next time, endure and survive!


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  • I’m not going to say nothing, Just want a refund. I got a digital copy, any chance I can get my money back? Any help would be appreciated Thanks.

  • So I got the physical special edition yet can’t use the theme that comes.woth it.and have no idea where the access for the digital soundtrack is… Anyone able to help?

    • There should be a leaflet with a code in the box. Open the PS Store on your PS4, go to “redeem codes” and enter the code there.
      However – I think the theme might only come with the limited editions? Not sure. I have it but I bought the Special Edition.

  • Great game, I loved the second half! The story was so good, made me question everything. I’m still thinking about the characters, their motives and the world they live in.

    Also, shout out to City of Thieves making a cameo. It’s one of my favorite books and I’ve never made the connection, but I can totally see how this could have been an inspiration for The Last of Us! And of course the og revenge story, Monte Christo, got a mention as well :))

  • The Last of Us was a brilliant game. Loved it on PS3, bought PS4 remaster, too.

    This one is probably very, very good too (I’ll know when I buy it and I will buy it when the price goes down). But I wonder, was it worth the human cost?

  • Can you explain how you allow a graphic sex scene, but make Capcom sensor a shot of a butt in Devil May Cry? I wish this would have been the game that continued Joel and Ellie’s story but this was awful.

  • 6 hours in and I am loving it!

    I was confused by all the negativity but I can see now what going on. Some people just can’t cope with a good story and wants it to all be perfect.

    Plus lots of odd comments bringing up Ellie being gay being a bad thing and ASAP bizzar comments about another character being trans just because she goes to the gym.

    Anyway, really love this!

  • Can’t wait!

  • 👎 👎 👎No word on you ILLEGALLY copyright striking Youtubers like geeks&gamers, mr. H, heel vs babyface and more for exercising their right to free speech? Look it up.

    • Um….if they were given copies of the game early, under the explicit rule that they wouldn’t reveal key plot points and they chose to do so anyway…. that’s on them.

      Anyone sharing leaks are also dealing in stolen product, and should be punished.

  • I just finished the game what a disappointment 6/10

  • Finished it yesterday and it is awesome. Great gameplay, story, presentation. Well worth avoiding the spoilers and going in blind.

  • PewdiePie hates the game, AngryJoe hates the game, StruggleNation hates the game , Tyrone Magnus hates the game , the Korean streamer
    who cut the game discs into 4 pieces hates the game. The list is endless. Don’t get fooled by Metacritic user scores slowly climbing , as I am sure
    you have heard by now that Metacritic is now rejecting negative scores.

  • Don’t listen to the haters. This game was PHENOMENAL!!! It broke my heart a few times but it was a thrilling ride the entire time.

    Keep taking chances, and daring to be different Naughty Dog. It’s games like this is why I stick with PlayStation. ❤️

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