The Last of Us Part II is now available

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The Last of Us Part II is now available

Naughty Dog’s long-awaited follow up is finally here.

These words have been years in the making: The Last of Us Part II is out now! 

When we set out to make this game, we knew it would be risky. We’re fortunate that so many of you loved The Last of Us and that it left a lasting impression. These characters and their stories mean so much to us, as we know they do to so many of you. Which is why we didn’t take lightly the task of returning to their world for another story. In fact, we debated this for a while whether we should, but the problem was that we had landed on a story concept that inspired us. It felt thrilling and intrinsic to the world of The Last of Us, but more importantly, it felt like a story that needed to be told.

On the surface, it may seem like a simple “revenge story,” but as you dive into the game, its deeper themes will emerge. This is a story of obsession and the lengths we will go to for justice and the ones we love — when is it time to let go? And when should you hold on at any cost? This is a story of trauma, redemption, and empathy. 

Seven years ago, we set out to create a video game that would explore these challenging themes. Since then, hundreds of talented developers have dedicated their passion to bring this vision to life.

We crafted a character driven story, focusing on flawed individuals and the difficult choices that they make. As you experience it with them, we hope you’ll laugh, cry, and even feel their struggle through heavy moments that are designed to be emotionally challenging. Most of all, we hope this game inspires in you the kind of philosophical debates we had while making it.

On behalf of everyone at Naughty Dog, thank you for being a part of this journey.

Until next time, endure and survive!


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  • I’m sorry, but no.

    You sold us on the next adventure with Joel and Ellie.

    I want that game.

    • You can wait for another 4-5 years.
      As of now, I’ll play TLOU 2 when get off work.
      Can’t wait

    • Well given the reviews and the content that’s in the game.
      The virtual card of Neil Druckman as a villain and others claiming the sex scene is a cameo of Neil himself.

      Seeing the backlash and the reviews out there, Sony must be really thinking about demoing Neil, replacing him for his “Power Ego” of untouchable.

      There won’t be a worthwhile studio if they mess up like this in the future. Naughty Dog always made great game, but many key personnel left the ND company and there seems to be a great lack of quality leadership at ND.

    • Ffs! Another entitled “fanboy” who somehow thinks Naughty Dog owes him.

    • Don’t start trolling here too

    • Too bad you’re lacking imagination and adventure. I can’t wait for my TLOU2 PS4 Pro to arrive, and begin enjoying his awesome game.

    • The go play it. It is already released.

  • Congrats on the launch Team. Can’t wait to spend the weekend playing it!

  • Sony, why the Hypocrisy in Censoring the games? THIS gets a pass while it has full blown mo-capped sex scene while you Censor Japan Based games.

    You lost a customer today, for your games, services and console.

    • They need to follow and respect the games rating boards in other regions as well with additional guidelines.

    • Can’t you just play your hentai visual novels on pc like a normal weeb weirdo?

    • Ralstonizer for real tho!!! If your take away is that you can’t play Japanese sex video games on ps4 from this message and how insanely well this game was crafted, what went into it’s development and the mental/philosophical questions posed by this game then you need to try to attempt to socialize with actual women and lose the obsession with video game porn/sexual interaction….

    • The fact you’ve blamed Sony as doing it on purpose just to upset gamers and not (the real reason) of the censorship and decency laws of each individual country shows you know nothing about WHY the game is censored in certain territories round the world

    • Those games are uncensored on Switch

    • Go play that beautiful game.
      I just don’t get it.
      Hate and disrespect won’t lead to anywhere

    • Pretty weird that those “decency laws” don’t come into play for the same games on other platforms, didn’t affect TLOU 2 in particular, and only became a concern after PS’s HQ moved to California. Hmmmm, so weird.

    • 100% agree with blazebolt7.

      You need to be consistent across the board.

      So either you allow sexual content on all games (because they have been approved by boards in other countries), or you’ll need to censor TLOU2.

      You have to pick which side you land on, you can’t have both.

      There was less sex in DMC5 and it got censored.

  • Can’t wait to experience the next chapter that has been a long time coming. Been a fan of Naughty Dog since Crash Bandicoot and have grown up with this company. can’t wait for the next project. Thanks for all the memories.

  • Thank you to everyone at Naughty Dog for all their hard work on this game! I’m super excited and cant wait to play it. You guys rock!

  • Let’s gooo, huck the faters, your team is amazing and I can’t wait to playthrough this masterpiece, thank you Naughty Dog!!

  • Congrats to you Naughty Dog on the launch. Super excited to continue the journey!!!

  • How did Sony allow for a sex scene with topless woman nudity, but then censors scantily clad animated women?

    • They haven’t done just to upset or confuse you, look into your country’s decency laws first and you might actually discover the true answer to your question

    • You came to the wrong place for that demanding.
      Go to PB to get that

    • My country’s “decency laws” which 1) dont exist and 2) would apply equally to all games. Where are you from that laws are applied subjectively?

  • it’s a decent game but not a masterpiece

  • Hey Neil, How many illegal false DMCA claims did your company make today?

  • Started playing as soon as the store would let me. I am really enjoying it so far. Well done. I just finished TLOU last week for the first time (ironically while living in SLC).

    As for the controversy, I think that can only help to be honest. Be hot or cold, the worst would be a lukewarm followup. The attention to detail and marked improvements in combat over the original are quickly noticeable.

    Yes, bracing for a rocky storyline – I’m okay with that, though.

  • I’m an hour in Naughty Dog team! And I already love every bit of it!
    I want to shout out a special thanks to the ENTIRE team that worked countless hours on the project! It wouldn’t have been possible without every helping hand:) A lot of hard work and time was put in to the game… Don’t think it goes unnoticed:) I can’t wait to keep pushing through!

  • This game is soooo good so far and I’m only a few hours in, I can already tell this is going to be one hell of an emotional, brutal and nerve wracking ride!!!! 2 things up Naughty Dog!!!! Thank you for not going the conventional route of video game sequel and taking this game to an unexpected and horribly dark place within humanity and not just making another generic shoot em up zombie-esque game!!! The guitar sequence in the beginning was a genius use of the touch pad as well!!!!!

  • Not buying this game. Sorry, but games are supposed to be fun and less controversial. The amount of violence and sex scenes are unnecessary. Sony have just lost a Lifelong fan with this stunt. I am not getting a PS5 and will get a Xbox Series X instead due to I have moral value and standard.

    • That’s unfortunate

    • OKBYE!

    • Hmm… I see no other response but “Get over it and stop acting like a child!”

    • The amount of violence? It boggles the mind that folks can play a game like God of War or Call of Duty where you kill hundreds of people but they balk if you kill a dog or animal on a game. Nothing would have been said if it was just infected and hunters that were slaughtered huh? It’s a survival game and animals attack. Get over it.
      As far as the sex scene it barely qualifies as that.
      With your user name go play your xbox awhile. If you want to complain about violence and sex send a letter to steam while your at it lol

    • With the Xbox moniker we already knew that:
      a) you’re a troll
      b) that you’re predisposed towards purchasing an Xbox over a PlayStation
      c) you have no idea about fun or how to enjoy yourself anyway

    • Great
      How do you know it was not fun when u have not play it yet?

    • … said thebigXBOXski haha haha you’re hilarious!! Come on don’t stop the party!!

  • Can’t wait to play, thank you all for this. Last of Us was a masterpiece, can’t wait until this 1!

  • This game is so good I love it, if people dont like it then dont play it you dont have to hate on it some people are so over the top

    • Your opinion applies equally to yourself. Why should your opinion be valid to post but others shouldnt? Play the game if you love it, no one is stopping you.

  • Endure and survive!

  • So far it looks like my retailer screwed up with the collector’s edition preorders… I’m pissed to say the least.

  • I can’t find The Last of Us: apart II EQ preset for the Gold headset?

    • There isn’t one but one of the game developers suggested us to us the Uncharted 4 profile. It’s work pretty well with this game too.

  • Αγαπητή SONY

    Είχες ένα Studio (Naughty Dog) το οποίο στην προηγούμενη γενιά έδωσε 4 τίτλους και 2 νέα IP. Στην τωρινή γενιά σου έδωσε 2,5 παιχνίδια εκ των οποίων κανένα νέο IP. Επίσης στην προηγούμενη γενιά η δημοτικότητα της Naughty Dog και η αγάπη που είχε ο κόσμος για αυτήν ήταν στον ουρανό με κάθε νέα κυκλοφορία να αποτελεί γιορτή. Αντίθετα σήμερα αρκετοί είναι οι πικραμένοι Gamers και το κλίμα πιο πολύ διχαστικό παρά γιορτινό είναι όταν έχουμε φτάσει στο σημείο να απαγορεύονται τα σχόλια στα social media και να ζούμε ένα ιδιότυπο κυνήγι μαγισσών.

    Μια φιλική συμβουλή από έναν άνθρωπο που έχει πάρει όλες σου τις παιχνιδομηχανές και σε στηρίζει τα τελευταία 23 χρόνια:
    – Σταμάτα να εθελοτυφλείς και να στρουθοκαμηλίζεις.
    – Γίνε περισσότερο Microsoft και σφίξε τα λουριά στα Studio που έχεις.
    – Στείλε για καμιά επίσκεψη στα γραφεία του ΟΑΕΔ κάτι τύπους που ακούνε στο όνομα Neil Druckmann και φέρε πίσω ανθρώπους σαν την Amy Hennig πριν είναι αργά.

    Συγγνώμη αν στεναχώρησα.
    Πάντα φιλικά και με αγάπη.

  • Started playing last night and already reminded how immersive getting into a Naughty Dog game is. I had to force myself to stop so I can get some sleep before a new work day. I’ll be returning to the story once my weekend starts.

  • I remember back when I planning on getting this game. That was a few weeks ago. Game will probably be a huge hit but not going support companies that virtue signal that hard and then copy strike to try and suppress views.

    • Too bad
      Hope you’re doing ok.
      Hey you can watch gameplay on YouTube
      I’m going to play it after work

  • I don’t know if you will see this or not, but I just wanted to let you know that no matter what the critics or anyone else says, you guys/gals are amazing. You knocked the first game out of the park and I know deep in my heart this one will be just as amazing if not more. Thank you for all your hard work! God bless and I look forward to many more!

  • I want to buy it today ,but I’m not buying it until I know for sure I’ll be able to play it on my ps5 with out buying it a second time! Developers answers only

  • What a major disappointment, just another day in 2020

  • What a major disappointment, just another day in 2020

  • Yeah
    My copy just arrived
    Can’t wait to play the game.
    Congrats to ND teams.
    Another great games to Sony library’s.
    Forget all haters. They can go play Halo infinite. I’ll play it too but on my Pc.

    • Hey UCforce, long time no see. :) You really are a blind sheep if you think it is OK for Sony to allowed such violence, brutality and forced sex in their own games. Whatever happened to the UCFORCE that I used to know that stands for humanity?

  • Massive disappointment, second half is just awful

  • Thanks ND!! I will always play your games and enjoy them. Please give us more Uncharted! Can’t wait to play the Last of Us Part 2!

  • I played the first one 3 times (PS3, PS4, and PS4 PRO) and the sequel is finally here.

  • Pass

  • Ok wait people are hating this game due to a little bit of sexual content which is not even that sexy comon guys its rated for mature its not ratchet and clank Tbh i’ve been playing it since the preload was available and it is insanely beautiful dont judge something before you havent tried it yourself

    • Asfar as I know the biggest hate is for two reasons:
      1) Fake leaked info that made many people very upset and turned out not to be true (but some people still believe it :-D )
      2) Story. Not because it is bad, but because it goes in the other directions than people wished. ND dared to tell their story instead of the what people wished and they can not handle some events. :-/

  • Thank you for making a Masterpiece as a fan to your business this game came at a most need it time to distract from this deadly coronavirus thanks so much. Got my copy today at Walmart looking forward and please keep making this beautiful games to come for PS5 see you soon.

  • Bland story, mostly reused animations, same dumb AI, literally feels like a bad fan fiction, no mp at launch, and ellie doesn’t even act like herself anymore, seen all gameplay and cutscenes, glad i didn’t buy it, never thought id dislike a game more than metal gear survive, usually outrage is over done, but this time, they were actually right

    • Welcome to a standard Sony first party game. Mostly made for screenshots, with “made for Youtube” game play and a “story” that’s always just a list of “shocking” bad things to another boring character. Pretty much designed for twitch streamers and people who post reaction videos.

      Writing a sad “gritty” story takes almost zero effort, but all the teenagers think it being sad makes it “mature” and “intelligent”. So undoubtedly more lazy writers will go for the easy option. Unfortunately, there’s increasing evidence that being constantly exposed to sad media not only causes depression, but increases the risk of dementia in later life.

  • Dear Neil,

    It is a pleasure to greet you, my name is Andrés Chang. I am from Guayaquil, Ecuador. Sincerely since the first The Last Of Us, I consider that its history and content are incredible. I write on this blog (for the first time in my life that I do) to thank you for the majestic work done by the Naughty dog ​​team. This game is a gem as far as I can play it.

    One thing I would like to ask you is please include Latin Spanish audio for purchases made from PS accounts in Spain. The dubbing of Spain is excellent, but in my case as a Latino I would like more to be able to live this game as it did on the previous occasion with this language. I honestly do not understand why they have not included it, but I will be eternally grateful if they do.

    Thank you

  • Is there an option in-game to skip the lesbian sex scene stuff? If there is, I’ll buy the game, but I’m not gonna pay $60 to not have that option… it’s irrelevant to me and don’t wanna even see it. If the answer is “no, there’s not” then I guess I’m out.

  • As of now,there are user 18487 Ratings on Metacritic with an average score of 3.3. There are tons of well deserved 0’s.

  • I’m about 6 or 7 hours in and this game is incredible. Next gen looking graphics, so much detail to the world. The story is so powerful too. I’ve been emotionally wiped out, Im blown away and I’ve barely got started.

  • I’m actually very unhappy with tlou 2 dam censoring You have lost a Loyal customer for all your games, consoles, and services…

  • I am really enjoying the game. I can not stop playing it

  • The amount of detail in this game is insane. You guys poured your heart into it, and it definitely shows. I’m blown away. I really hope all the negativity surrounding the game doesn’t keep people from playing it. This game shouldn’t be missed. It’s truly something special. Thank you for all of your hard work. You guys are the best.

  • I wanted to buy this game, I had high hopes, but it’s message of hate for specific groups and violence toward dogs is just too much. The first game was fantastic, I wish this was remotely like it. Thanks for the past Naughty Dog, you’re just that, now. The past.

  • Loving the game so far. Gameplay and graphics are sweet. Enjoying the story as well, not sure what everyone is crying about. People that hate women in videogames need to get a life.

    • They are trump supporters

    • @soldierzombies, so people you disagree with and dislike something a game because of its story are suddenly trump supporters? That’s some kindergarten level logic right there

  • Apparently walmart have dropped the ball. Preorders for the special edition were not ready on release day like promised. Didnt notify me about the order being delayed. Called to see why the pickup status hadn’t changed to ready to be told its delayed until sometime next week maybe…they don’t know and might end up canceling it on me. What bs. Anybody else get screwed?

    • Damn, Walmart sucks!

    • I’m in a similar situation in Poland, didn’t get my collector’s edition yet and I’m afraid I won’t. If that is the case, I wish they told me ahead so I could at least get the special edition. So far my order is still being processed though, officially anyway.

    • Ended up getting a special edition instead. Picked it up last night. The game is amazing.

  • I’m so hyped about this sequel, too bad I have to wait until Monday to get my copy.

  • Well, I will always trust in naughty dog. They made amzing games. It was not the best choice doing the game history like this. But in the future they will do the best exclusives for Playstation

  • The game is incredible. I’m glad I avoided spoilers. One thing though…that throwing mechanic with the rope and cable ect,. It needs more work in the physics department it’s not quite right ;) lol too slinky

  • Last of us 2 completely destroys and enrages anyone who loved Joel and Ellie. Their entire emotional journey is laid to waste with this game.
    You don’t take a beloved character and torture murder him in front of his adopted daughter. You don’t then take Ellie and turn her into a person she’s not. Story made No sense whatsoever and Neil D. is one messed up person from making this bs game. It’s trash.

  • In honor of this release I am finally playing the first game. It is pretty good so far.

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