Star Wars Battlefront II and Call of Duty: WWII are your PS Plus games for June

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Star Wars Battlefront II and Call of Duty: WWII are your PS Plus games for June

Journey to a galaxy far, far away or head into the trenches with a pair of first-person adventures that come packed with explosive campaigns and thrilling multiplayer modes.

PS Plus members face a tough question this month: do you prefer your action to be down-to-earth, or in a galaxy far, far away? 

If the former, Sledgehammer Games invites you back to the dramatic backdrop of World War II as the Call of Duty series returns to its roots. If the latter, join huge Star Wars battles across three eras, and rebel against the Empire, or crush the Resistance in Star Wars Battlefront II. Whether you want to be the hero, villain, or an elite trooper, there’s a Star Wars battle fantasy for everyone. 

Regardless of what choice you make, buckle up: both boast explosive story-driven campaigns and thrilling multiplayer modes* to lose yourself in.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II and Call of Duty: WWII are your PS Plus games for June

Meet your destiny as Luke Skywalker on Death Star II. Get boots on the ground in massive Clone Wars conflicts. Lead the First Order to dominance as Kylo Ren. Rebel against the Empire. Crush the Resistance. 

Join the action and enjoy more than 25 free game updates since launch – including online Co-Op, massive offline battles against AI foes in Instant Action, and the non-linear, multiplayer tug-of-war between planetary surfaces and capital ships in Capital Supremacy. Be the hero in the ultimate Star Wars battle fantasy. 

Star Wars Battlefront II will be available from Tuesday, June 2. 

Call of Duty: WWII

Star Wars Battlefront II and Call of Duty: WWII are your PS Plus games for June

It’s a return to the past in more ways than one as Call of Duty once more reimagines the theater of war that first inspired the blockbuster franchise. In the game’s riveting campaign, play a vital, frontline role across Europe in multiple missions directly inspired by key moments from the real world conflict. Switch over to multiplayer  to battle it out alongside — and against — other players. 

Eager to play? Good news – Call of Duty: WWII is already available for download!

Both games will be available until Monday, July 6.

Last chance to pick up May’s PS Plus games

As a reminder, you’ve still got time to download this month’s PS Plus games. Turn a small community into a sprawling megacity in Cities: Skylines — PlayStation 4 Edition, or embrace the country lifestyle in rural sim Farming Simulator 19.

Find out more here. Both titles are available to download until Monday, June 1.

*Internet connection and PS Plus membership required for online multiplayer.

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  • Damn, I wish they had a consolation prize if you own both of these games- of course one of the best months has to be two games I already own…
    oh well, a healthy onslaught of n00bs will be good for those games- but I can’t help but wish they’d make Battlefield V a free to play game one month- that poor game needs all the help it can get, and is actually pretty fun to play (horrible press and EA PC *** aside)… even though they’re ending content after June literally a month after they just fixed the TTK and denerfed the gameplay…

  • Better than riding tractor and breeding sheeps i guess.
    Oh by the way i like the new blog design, i appreciate dark mode.

    • This I don’t like.

      No more downvote button (we all know why).

      The sales pages are just for NA. Which is ok I suppose unless you’re in the biggest PSN region (EU) then it’s basically pointless.

    • @MiseryPrincess I’m none too keen on this either.

      The site is missing topic reaction emoticons, gamer nationality icons, upvote (and downvote) for individual comments. The worst though is being a part of the US blog and not catered to as even a continent, nevermind a country.

  • A good month. It is, personally speaking, the biggest gap ever in game from from one month to the next. I am not a farmer or an urban planner. I am a killer.

  • I got Battlefront 2 really cheap about a month after it came out. A young lass selling her exe’s games. Treat your ladies right fellas.

  • Terrible

  • Own them both, never played COD yet lol – Single player campaign should be nice, multiplayer is just run and shoot like all the rest….BORING. BF2 single player campaign was OK, nothing spectacular. Multiplayer was, again, BORING as it is just run around and shoot because if you try and develop a strategy and do something worthwhile, it wont work because timmy and janey are just running and shooting. Ugh I hate multiplayer shooters. How can people think they are fun? Each to their own I guess.

    For the ones making fun of the tractor sim – Do you know where your food comes from? I am not a farmer but without those tractors you would be dying in the street. I havent played it but if it is like real life then it should make you work 14 hours a day for a little bit of nothing ;)

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Nah, not a fan of these games at all but i ain’t gonna whine about it. Just stating my opinion.

    I’m liking the new optional dark blog look (with the lil light bulb at top to easily flick between dark and light). That’s nice. :) I prefer dark sites.

    • Some of it is good but there’s so much missing from the previous site. I’m already missing the reaction to the topic (just like is woeful), people’s nationality and being able to like an individual comment.

  • Obviously these are more high profile games than last month, but honestly I think it would’ve been better to have one shooter, one sim game for both months. Silly to expect big games every month, but variety shouldn’t be, well, the point of a curated subscription.

  • Fantastic month for PlayStation gamers!

  • I’d take Battkefront 2 over COD any day which is as tired as me after a 12 hour shift during these times.

  • LEFT__4__DEAD__2

    This battlefront is better than the other battlefront, thank you for a zombies call of duty 💌😚💮

  • Both games of the same genre for the second month in a row? Second month in a row I won’t even bother adding the games to my library.

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  • What a line-up! Already own both of these, but delighted particularly that Battlefront 2 is on there; great to keep the player base growing. Honestly, don’t believe any of the negativity you might read about BF2, it’s a fantastic game.
    In fact, really pleased also about CoD WWII, the player base should again get a good boost and I can now run it from my external hard drive rather than the disk.
    Enjoy everyone, two really great picks this month, and well do e Sony for making up for last month’s disappointments.

  • What a line-up! Already own both of these, but delighted particularly that Battlefront 2 is on there; great to keep the player base growing. Honestly, don’t believe any of the negativity you might read about BF2, it’s a fantastic game.
    In fact, really pleased also about CoD WWII, the player base should again get a good boost and I can now run it from my external hard drive rather than the disk.
    Enjoy everyone, two really great picks this month, and well done Sony for making up for last month’s disappointments.

  • samanosuke_black

    Games don’t own nothing

  • Oh damn I rushed to put CoD in ma library cuz thought it was a limited offer.Amazing month though…since I abandoned CoD 8 years ago CoD WW2 was one that looked ok and made me interested to try it out but of course didn’t want to pay anything for it so it’s a perfect fit for the lineup.As for Battlefront 2 great offer too…but I want that in disc.

    Good going Sony after that mess of may which is basically the worst lineup ever throwing big games like these on june is a good move.

    Can’t believe some people are talking crap about Battlefront 2 btw lol…gaming community is on the edge of the abyss.

  • SoakedInBleach85

    Hmmmm better than last month but on the whole not a gd month again. Nearly everyone would have got cod ww2 when it came out and stopped playing it when the next cod game came out and so on and so on. So its abit of a weird choice as Sony must know any cod fan will be playing the new modern warfare and warzone. Battlefront 2 has improved and still has a fan base so that’s not too bad. Sony you need to change the way you handle the PSPLUS. We all buy the top games when they come out on release or wait a few months until its on sale. You need to make PSPLUS cheaper as the offerings of games are pointless.

  • Hello
    Please who can help? I have a PS Plus for one year but i cant download Call of Duty. When i clicking it is not responding.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Try adding it to your library from the PS Plus tab or in the PS Store and then going to your library and downloading it from there.

      If that doesn’t work then start your PS4 in safe mode and try rebuilding your database and then going to settings > account management and restore your licenses.

      Hope you get this sorted.

  • Apparently, you’ll still need to create an EA account to access those “more than 25 free game updates” for Battlefront 2.

    6 of the 12 monthly games in 2020 so far are shooters (COD: WW2, SW: BF2, Uncharted 4, Bioshock collection, Firewall: Zero Hour, Uncharted trilogy). I’ll cautiously give BF2 a go, but there really needs to be more diversity from PlayStation. I’d really like to be able to explore different games I wouldn’t have played without PS+, this is a crucial function of subscription. Even if I end up disliking some of them, at least there is some possibility that I will enjoy the game, unlike when shooters are just dished out. Because otherwise, so far this year, half the money I paid for PS+ is down the drain.

  • Blah.

  • ya salio el Star Wars battlefrontt ii gratis en ps plus o no

  • I have ps plus but starwars battlefront 2 is asking me for money to download why?

  • Ive been wondering when will we be able to download them its the second of june it should be here already

  • now that’s the way you start off a month! good job sony.

  • why are we on sonys blog talking about the other console company. come on folks.

  • I would like to download both free games this month but only cod ww2 is showing? Can anyone help?

  • Battlefront II is still showing as $19.99 even while being under the free games category for ps plus. Yes, I have an active subscription.

  • So, we get one free game? Odd. COD dropped before June even hit to which I assumed was Sony’s version of, “I’m sorry we just screwed you on those two free shite games! Here’s our apology game!”

    How many people pay a monthly fee of 10 dollars a month for PS plus only to have received two garbage sim games that the vast majority of the population will probably never play? Far to many. Part of being a Plus member is getting two free games a month, receiving extra discounts on sales and being eligible to play multiplayer games online, which, by the way, is already f#$#&ed up that we have to pay for that. Maybe I just live in a generation of gamers that don’t expect companies to put out anymore like they used to because they’ve become comfortable with getting screwed. Hell, back in my day there was no DLC; we just dropped money for a fully completed game rather than a company pushing out something that was 80 percent completed and then asking you to pay 30 dollars or more for that extra “DLC” which should already be included in that 60 dollar game that hundreds of thousands of gamers are going to drop cash on. 🤷

  • Amazing games!

  • I have PS-plus but Star Wars battlefront 2 doesn’t appear on my ps-plus, only CODWW2. How is this possible?

  • bigchunghiboi312

    Cod 3 would have been better but glad that is not hilly games like last time. Thanks, sony keep it up!

  • Already own COD. Anything new in the download?

  • Where are y’all seeing 2 games for june? I only see ONE. COD:WW2 is a MAY released game (along with 2 sim games). They can say what they want. but I see that game as a ‘lets try to fix the mistake of releasing 2 sim’s on t he same month. Only to f* it up, again, by releasing only 1 game.
    And before saying ‘go buy the game you wanna play’, I do that. And I think everyone is paying for the games they want to play. The free ones are a way to make you feel good for paying to play the multiplayer part of the game you paid for.
    I dont like that Sony (and Microsoft) is forcing me to pay for multiplayer. They need money to pay for ‘platform’ costs? Dont they get a share from the games sold thru that said platform?
    Whats next? Steam, Uplay, Origin aso to make me pay to play, on multiplayer, the games that I PAID for?
    I sure hope I am not giving more ideeas to PC gaming

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