Star Wars Battlefront II and Call of Duty: WWII are your PS Plus games for June

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Star Wars Battlefront II and Call of Duty: WWII are your PS Plus games for June

Journey to a galaxy far, far away or head into the trenches with a pair of first-person adventures that come packed with explosive campaigns and thrilling multiplayer modes.

PS Plus members face a tough question this month: do you prefer your action to be down-to-earth, or in a galaxy far, far away? 

If the former, Sledgehammer Games invites you back to the dramatic backdrop of World War II as the Call of Duty series returns to its roots. If the latter, join huge Star Wars battles across three eras, and rebel against the Empire, or crush the Resistance in Star Wars Battlefront II. Whether you want to be the hero, villain, or an elite trooper, there’s a Star Wars battle fantasy for everyone. 

Regardless of what choice you make, buckle up: both boast explosive story-driven campaigns and thrilling multiplayer modes* to lose yourself in.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II and Call of Duty: WWII are your PS Plus games for June

Meet your destiny as Luke Skywalker on Death Star II. Get boots on the ground in massive Clone Wars conflicts. Lead the First Order to dominance as Kylo Ren. Rebel against the Empire. Crush the Resistance. 

Join the action and enjoy more than 25 free game updates since launch – including online Co-Op, massive offline battles against AI foes in Instant Action, and the non-linear, multiplayer tug-of-war between planetary surfaces and capital ships in Capital Supremacy. Be the hero in the ultimate Star Wars battle fantasy. 

Star Wars Battlefront II will be available from Tuesday, June 2. 

Call of Duty: WWII

Star Wars Battlefront II and Call of Duty: WWII are your PS Plus games for June

It’s a return to the past in more ways than one as Call of Duty once more reimagines the theater of war that first inspired the blockbuster franchise. In the game’s riveting campaign, play a vital, frontline role across Europe in multiple missions directly inspired by key moments from the real world conflict. Switch over to multiplayer  to battle it out alongside — and against — other players. 

Eager to play? Good news – Call of Duty: WWII is already available for download!

Both games will be available until Monday, July 6.

Last chance to pick up May’s PS Plus games

As a reminder, you’ve still got time to download this month’s PS Plus games. Turn a small community into a sprawling megacity in Cities: Skylines — PlayStation 4 Edition, or embrace the country lifestyle in rural sim Farming Simulator 19.

Find out more here. Both titles are available to download until Monday, June 1.

*Internet connection and PS Plus membership required for online multiplayer.

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  • NOW we talk Sony

    • iamtylerdurden1

      Already own BF2 but still a great month.

      This destroys Xbox GwG.

      WWII and Battlefront 2


      Destroy All Humans, Shantae, Coffee Talk

    • If y’all haven’t you should play Shantae. It’s a good game.

    • iamtylerdurden1

      The Xbox lineup is trash.

      The Xbox One games are Coffee Talk and Shantae Pirate Curse.

      The other games are an OG Xbox title and a 360 side scroller.

      CoD WWII beats that alone.

      About Shantae. Gianna Sisters is a good platformer also, but ppl would rage if a cheap 2D platformer was the PS+ game.

    • I’d take Shantae over CoD/Star Wars any day. Those Shantae games have all be hugely enjoyable and given me many hours of gaming fun. Can’t stand CoD or Star Wars. :P Man i miss when we had PS3/Vita stuff that would often include PS4 versions that would increase the variety and choice and the chances of there being a bit of something for everyone each month. Just two games each month is just.. meh.

    • iamtylerdurden1 personnaly destory all humans and shantae pirate curse are amazing game and beat those 2. the line up from xbox is not trash. it’s made for different genre of games. because they’re not shooters doesn’t mean that they’re trash!

    • This is cool!

  • Nice! This a great pair of games. Well played Sony. Looking forward to checking them out.

  • Good games! Thank you, maybe Dark Souls next month?


  • ” do you prefer your action to be down-to-earth, or in a galaxy far, far away? ”

    I prefer my action not to be just multiplayer shooters.

    • thediarrheataco

      Waaaaaaaaaaa aaaa waaaaaaaaaaa a a a just be glad you’re not driving a tractor this month

    • @thediarrheataco: I haven’t installed it yet, but there’s a chance, just to see what it’s like. There’s zero chance for both of these.

    • @BookWyrm2008 At least the COD campaign is bound to be a solid 8 hours like always.

      Star Wars Battlefront II though? Another 2 hour campaign like ALL of DICE’s efforts the past gen. Not helped by that garbage unoptimised piece of crap game engine beaten only by the Cryengine for worst unoptimised main stream game engine ever.

    • You can’t shoot with a lightsaber jerk off 😂

    • Battlefront 2 has an awesome single player campaign, in that it’s actually extremely well done. Oh, just like with Battlefield V. But there’s no accounting for being clueless in this world I suppose.

    • Call of Duty has pretty great single player campaigns.

      The Battlefront 2 campaign is trash though.

    • Then you’re in luck. Battlefront also has completely awesome starfighter combat modes. You should give those a try. (Not sure why the articles always ignore that large aspect of the game.)

    • @Ralstonizer : You are not even half way into the campaign, but nice try there

    • Call of Duty WWII = campaign

      Star Wars Battlefront 2 = campaign, battle scenarios mode (with offline co-op and versus), instant action (multiple modes), and missions (the online Co-Op mode brought to offline)

      There you go: 2 games that blow Farming Simulator away.

    • you would have to be an idiot to enjoy battlefront 2s story nobody gives a *** about iden or whoever the hell she is, just like we dont care about rey and everyone else from the god awful sequels that nobody cares about. this is a bad star wars game. we wanted to play battlefront 2, not star wars battlefield… heros vs villains is the only good mode in the game

    • Agreed.

    • Then you should be super happy with May’s games of building cities or building farms.

    • @ andrewsqual – Hu you a funny guy what do you have against frostbite?…BF and Battlefront look phenomenal and are probably the best multiplat graphics and overall great tech.Plus about your statement on the campaigns…BF1 campaign was great.And BF1 overall is a masterpiece of a game thanks to its godly-like soundtrack…your loss if you don’t appreciate games.Dice is one of the few talented multiplat devs.Never seen anyone talking crap about them so wa surprised by your nonsense.

  • The title of that COD game still makes me laugh. Imagine being told back in 2005 that a COD game would be called COD WWII someday lol. The other? A garbage Frostbite engine game? Like Fallout 76, wouldn’t touch it if you paid me, I didn’t even touch the, apparently, decent Star Wars game released 6 months ago, I’m just conditioned to avoid something like the plague when EA’s name is on it. Their fault, not mine.

    And I would have left this comment on the EU blog but you clearly have nobody that can moderate any TLOU Part II spoilers so you logged everyone out of the EU blog and now won’t let anyone log back in. Seriously, not a single comment from anyone since earlier in the week and this is clearly the reason why. What the heck are you doing when it comes to the EU end of the business???? Why do we ALWAYS get the shaft?

    • Except unlike Fallout 76 Battlefront 2 has had updates every month for two years with massive community challenges, new skins, characters, maps, game modes, and massive amounts of players….. but okay.

    • Umm, actually Fallout 76 has been updated about every two weeks since it’s release as well, so uh….

    • If you had taken the time to watch some gameplay before posting this comment, I believe your impression of BF2 would be quite different. The game itself is beautiful, and the campaign is quite well done. While the parts where they insert the heros can be obnoxious, it tells an interesting story, in about 8 hours. The online multiplayer can get a bit grindy, but overall is a fun experience waiting to be had. To call something garbage that you’ve never tried would be quite unfair, especially considering you will soon have a chance to try it for free. I hope you open your mind, and give it a chance. Best wishes, sincerely Sh0gun

    • I really don’t EA is missing your $59.99.. And SW Jedi Fallen Order was a great game and the only person missing out by not playing it is you… LMAO

    • Would you laugh if I told you that this is their 10th anniversary for ps plus and there choosing a bunch of shooters rather atleast one exclusive and maybe one other third party? Imo this is the worst choice they could have made for their 10th anniversary.

    • Lol. Have you actually played any game on the Frostbyte engine? I played BF V for a very long time and I have never encountered any bug or glitch and the enviromental destruction is way better than everything I’ve seen. I’m not sure about the latest CoD but up untill WWII it had 0 enviromental interuction. So I’m curiouse, what part of the Frostbyte game engine you consider garbage and in which you’ve encountered it?

    • I concur my friend. We always get shafted on everything from choice to price and everything in between. It’s been slightly better recently but still not great. As for this month’s games I’m pleasantly surprised as I haven’t played either of them which is unusual in itself but I like the look of em too so good one for me this month ✌

    • Seems like the EU blog has now completely vanished, and redirects here.

      Guess the EU Blog was slowly dying a death. I remember when blog posts there would get hundreds of comments – recently they were lucky if they got more than 10.

      Sad times.

    • The translated blogs (German, French …) are still online. Guess they’ll be turned off next.

    • Ah, never realized the TLOU2 spoilers may have been the reason of comments being disabled.
      However, now it looks like they killed the EU blog altogether. Cause I was automatically brought here.

    • Oh i see, there’s a language selector at the top. Well, the EU blog is definitly gone for good.

      I’m already looking forward to the weekly release list, where half of the games do not appear in the EU and the prices are missing … hey, almost like before.

  • killerlightning

    Hey Sony stop being so damn lazy and actually do more of the one genre for each ps plus games. Starting to think more and more Xbox cares more about their consumer than Sony. Get some people who aren’t so lazy and can get different genres for the plus games.

    • cry more

    • Yeah b/c getting an original Xbox game like Destroy All Humans is far more appealing than these 2 titles. Quit crying.

    • iamtylerdurden1

      Go to Xbox.

      In the past year PS+ has dominated GwG.

    • barroththelegend

      Bit harsh, but i see your point. Ya’ll need to hop off his ****, cause he’s making a good point. Not everyone is a fan of sims or online shooters, I haven’t seen a single action RPG for free since Bloodborne, and that was 2 years ago! They really need to put more effort into their free game selection if they don’t want people to complain as much.

    • 10th anniversary btw.

  • All the stupid inbreeds complaining haven’t realized how much updating has gone into BF2 since release.

    • Yeah they do that. A lot. About all sorts of games. Apparently a lot of people don’t know how to research anything. 😈

    • Yeah Battlefront 2 has become a fantastic game. It had problems at launch but the post launch support has been stellar.

    • I think it’s more that they don’t care? It’s an outdated 3 year old corporate shooter that had a botched release and now lives in bargain bins. Only the suckers that dropped a ton of cash on release day and are still trying to justify their purchase seem to still care.

    • barroththelegend

      Not everybody is a fan of shooters, some people complaining here just want variety. It would make sense that FPS players like you wouldn’t be complaining, have some empathy will ya?

    • LOL, where are you coming up with that? This absolutely nothing to do with the variety of the offerings. Wake up. Also, quit acting like a game that improved dramatically over time should be ignored. It’s an absurd notion.

  • Cannot wait for next month’s two racing games!!!

  • So BF’s download is 100 GB…..

  • Well, I do suppose this will get more people to enjoy Battlefront 2, which has evolved into one of the finest Star Wars games ever made, and is in fact one of the best multiplayer games out there as well. I of course know this because I already have it. Yeah.

  • I would argue not as good of a lineup as May but ill still try battlefront anyway.

    WWII is probably my favorite in the COD series only because I believe the Zombies mode is a nice change from the originals made by Treyarch, Never played story because most story’s on COD have been garbage. The MP is solid, Kinda hard to mess up the COPY, Paste formula they have been doing since COD4.

    I dont know why people are still hating on farming simulator…. Must not have friends BC the Multiplayer is Hilarious with Friends… Especially if you try doing tree-cutting with them.
    Cities Skylines is a good city builder, Id argue not as good as Sim City but thats not on PS4.

    • barroththelegend

      People were probably frustrated about last month’s games not because they’re trash, but because people were getting excited about the leak(which was Dark Souls Remastered and Dying Light) and found that we got something of lower quality, which was anticlimactic. Also, players have come to expect incredible free PS+ games every month, farming SIM and cities skylines were kinda a letdown as they’re just average.

  • BF2 EA – great game!

  • i wouldn’t say they’re bad options for people and i’m sure plenty will be happy for them but as someone who isn’t big on either of those types of game i just wish ps+ had more variety each month. last month was just simulation games and this the main pull is the online multiplayer if they had it more balanced i feel people would complain less.

    • barroththelegend

      Agreed, we used to get variety. I think a couple months ago we got Bioshock the collection and Dirt Rally, which was very nice. I already have BF2, and I don’t play COD so kinda disappointing for me but I already have enough games as it is.

    • Exactly – I don’t like sims or shooters so that’s two months in a row I’m getting nothing.

  • It seems that NOBODY realizes that June 2020 is the 10 year anniversary of PlayStation Plus. Been signed up since day one, June 28, 2010 and have never my sub expire ever since. PS+ has always been a great service, here’s to another 10 years!

    • Will PS Plus still be there in 2030 ?… Hope so !

    • Same here, have not missed a game download so my library is quite large….

    • I think it was neglectable when optional, and an absolute blight on the brand since it’s mandatory for online. I’m forced into supporting this digital rental service eventhough I advocate phyisical gaming and it severely jacks up the price of the supposed online costs.
      It borders on blackmail.

    • Especially as Sony don’t provide servers for games (which are either hosted by third parties or p2p) so actually don’t incur any “online cost” other than messaging, which is part of the free service.

      Charging for online “because they have to” and “to improve online” is just one of those lies every console company tells now.

      But we all know that if Sony dropped online fees than plus subscribers would be reduced to 1/10th pretty quickly.

  • A couple of decent games – to me though, whoever is selecting the monthly games needs to get a clue about games. Last month, 2 sims…this month, 2 FPS’s. Just a suggestion: why not offer 2 games a month which are from different genres. And maybe not be so tight & throw in an extra VR game. Just putting that out there.

    • I’m with you there. They dropped the Vita and PS3 games and put the price up. Are they serious about VR? Come on Sony, throw us a few more VR games!

  • June’s Plus games suck. This month was two simulation games, then next month is two shooters… what’s it going to be for the month after? two sports games?

    • So which games do you want? Im gonna guess you dont have an answer to that since I have been writing the same question for years but never , not once, got an answer :) I will probably forget to check for one so it doesnt really matter

    • we want quality single player games lol.

    • @Maaden_Swe When you’re rude, people wouldn’t even dignify that with a proper response.

  • Another month of no download for me. So much for hope gone in an instant. Maybe July will be better for me. For those who enjoy the games that are June selections I hope they give you hours of happiness,but for me I will be waiting for July to come.

  • FalseCracMedEvac

    Wow! BF2 goes on sale for super cheap but still yet pretty dope!

  • So far it looks like there will not be any petitions started towards these Plus games this month.

  • Well great lineup in a while… only problem…I already own both games. So basically, I get NOTHING this month. Everytime I get games I already own I go back to my same suggestion PS/Sony, make a list of like 4 games so people can choose 2. Like, not community vote but so each person can choose their 2 titles, and the other 2 would cancel out of their PSPlus. You guys would still only be giving out 2 games and ALOT more people will be happy. Hope you read this and not ignore it like you do all my comments.

    • I’ve been proactive on games I buy because of this. Certain devs are common on PS plus so don’t buy from them and don’t buy games that go on sale every week, they are usually next on Plus.

    • I was thinking a lot about this idea of choosing from 4 game, and despite the fact that it seems as a good idea at first glance, actually its not…
      On one hand, they give away 4 games, no matter if you can choose only 2, cause others maybe will choose the other two games, so for Sony is 4 titles in the end. On the other hand, just to take example the last two months, for me it would be really hard and bad also to choose only two from the 4 titles (cities, farm sim, cod and bf2) cause im really happy with all of them. Plus, as a bonus downside is with your idea, that the other two games i didnt choose from the offer, for me are lost forever, cause they will never be a part of the offer in the future, right? (i mean for ps plus free mode).
      So yeah, hard to please all of us i guess :)

  • Anyone else unable to access COD: WWII today?

    • There was something funky going on. I also had a PS+ sign with padlock next to the title. When trying to start the game, it said my PS+ had expired (while all other PS+ games worked fine).
      Then I went into my account and COD:WWII actually wasn’t even in my Download List anymore, and the Store also showed I could still buy it, even though I had already done it on Tuesday…
      So bought it again and all is well now.

  • I’m not being a jerk but you picked the worst call of duty multiplayer out there
    And battle front, really ok

  • Oh man i already own both of these games, oh well still good month for people who don’t own it. Plus with all the work they done to BF2 it will be good for people.

  • Well. These are two games that launched terribly. But ended doing well on the long run. And truth be told. LAUNCH. The games are solid for what they are. WW2 has the better loot box system out of all the other cods. Bo4 being second due to having the easy to get weapon bribe. BF2 was also flunked post launch but did well on the long run also. Now people say variety. We got two. Which was rally and the other game. Weren’t they racing games? And also last month simulation. Now shooters. Then sports. Then….what the heck? So you want different genre and Your getting different genre. Next people will complain we got POV fighting games(ex MK11.) That makes zero sense. At least be glad you got free games instead of paying 60 dollars for them.

  • Very disappointing. Would rather have a game like Terraria or a Yakuza game

  • Nice month but isnt battle front pay2win

  • No offense, but you guys could have made a better choice considering that this is your 10 anniversary for ps plus. Something like Crash Bandicoot or God of War would have made more sense, this is your 10th anniversary.

  • Great! BF2 never got the chance to play it because I was a bit disappointed with BF1.

  • Its a shame my girlfriend was hoping for spiderman

  • So more old games that everyone has probably played. Good one.

  • So more old games that everyone has probably played. Good one. Glad I got rid of my ps plus

    • You really have no clue about how games sell. No, not even close to 20 % of Ps4 owners have played these games.

  • I love ps plus game announcements. No better time to see people announce themselves as privileged a-holes than when they are complaining about getting free video games.

    • You don’t seem to understand the concept of a paid service.
      Unless you believe you’re paying for online and PS+ is a free extra, it’s the other way around, actually… You can tell by how PS+ is the same price as it was when optional. They bascially just added online costs to it and forced everyone who wasn’t into the service to sub to it. And people still praise this service somehow…

    • If you give me 7.99 and I give you a free rock, how much did the rock cost?

      Wait, that was a silly question it was free of course.

    • Being able to do basic things like play your games online is a privilege these days according to uh….way too many brainwashed fools.

  • Hopefully this brings in more players. Battlefront 2 is so underrated. This could be the big boost it needs

    • It’s not underrated man the game was sick but the game is filled with bugs and it’s getting no more updates enjoy the game while u can

    • Oh, I’m enjoying the game quite a lot, good thing it’s not the only game I own just in case I get bored lol


  • This is amazing but you probably could have spread these over two months and saved yourself some flack in July

  • I’ll at least download SW, but this month is ****. Sledgehammer sucks almost as bad as Infinity Ward.

  • Gotta say I was hoping for a battlefield game but still some great games to play in the meantime

  • Sancho_andMbappe

    Great job, Sony. Thanks a lot. Good luck

  • NoLifeDGenerate

    Sony should NOT be supporting 3rd party games that force users to make an account beyond their PSN account to play. This garbage needs to stop, and they should not be making games like this free unless EA etc drops their mandatory account BS.

  • Please tell me why star wars battlefornt 2 is on ps plus. The game is dead and boring. I’ve played the game since it came out and now it’s not getting any more updates so it’s dead. What a waste of a free ps plus game. WW2 is good tho

  • PlayStation headquarters:

    – Hey, have you seen? They didn’t like the games last months, they were two sim.
    – Yep, I saw that – what shall we do this te around? I kinda feel that we should redeem ourselves!
    – Indeed! Let’s go for two FPS – They will love the variety!
    – Oh yes, that’s the best idea I’ve heard in my life.

    Seriously guys, the team responsible for picking the games should be fired.

  • Looks like the COD game is already live as free. Not sure about the star wars game might try it out.

  • I mean… its not two sims but its 2 bad first person shooters. I expected sony to do better for their 10 year anniversary of ps plus.

  • Can we please just get the Jak and Daxter collection for free?? thats all im asking for

  • I’m sick of seeing games that are already on ps now, guess I’m not getting ps now next year unless i start seeing games I don’t already have access to.

  • Cool! Whether you’re with team EA or team Activision, there’s plenty of AAA goodness to go around.

  • Angry_Accordion

    Okay, Sony. What gives? Two months in a row the games you put up as freebies are essentially the same thing. May was City Skylines and Farm Simulator, both of which are essentially task management sims, and now you’re doing it again with FPS games. Can we go back to having at least some semblance of variety?

  • i am about on the verge–of not renewing my ps plus membership–their free games have came to be a joke lately and kind of sad

  • Last month’s freebies were hot garbage. Good to see Sony doing things right this month.
    Though honestly they should’ve paired one have last month titles with one of this month titles to create better variety.

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