Celebrating The Last of Us Part II With a Limited Edition PS4 Pro Bundle and More

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Celebrating The Last of Us Part II With a Limited Edition PS4 Pro Bundle and More

Get your hands on a new Limited Edition PS4 Pro, Gold Wireless Headset, and Seagate 2TB Hard Drive.

We’re all counting down the days till we rejoin Ellie in her journey next month, and today, we are thrilled to announce the Limited Edition The Last of Us Part II PlayStation 4 Pro bundle, which will launch alongside the game on June 19, 2020. This special bundle features a fully customized matte finish PS4 Pro console engraved with Ellie’s tattoo design, a Limited Edition DualShock 4 Wireless Controller, a physical copy of The Last of Us Part II game, as well as a code to redeem digital content* such as The Last of Us Part II PS4 dynamic theme, avatars, and more. This limited edition bundle will be available across the U.S. and Canada for $399.99 USD (MSRP) / $499.99 CAD (MSRP).  

The Limited Edition DualShock 4 Wireless Controller also will be available as a standalone for $64.99 USD (MSRP) / $74.99 CAD (MSRP). Presented in a Steel Black matte finish with white detailing and PlayStation shapes, this Limited Edition wireless controller features Ellie’s iconic fern tattoo engraved on the lower right hand side and The Last of Us Part II logo on the touchpad.

More Images: The Last of Us Part II Limited Edition PS4 Pro Bundle

John Sweeney, Art Director at Naughty Dog, shared some background and inspiration behind the design: 

When we first revealed The Last of Us Part II, we had no idea how quickly fans would embrace Ellie’s tattoo. Within a day, we started seeing real-life versions showing up on social media and fans have been sharing photos of their new tattoos with us week after week ever since. 

When the opportunity arose to create a custom PS4 Pro for The Last of Us Part II, I worked with our graphic designer at the time, Angel Garcia, and we considered a few different ideas, but we kept coming back to Ellie’s tattoo. By that point, it had become a symbol of the game and for the community–much like the Firefly logo in the first game. It was the clear choice, but we wondered: what if it could be engraved? It hadn’t been done before, so we weren’t sure it was even possible, but thanks to the incredible efforts of the teams at PlayStation, we found a way. 

The result is something we feel is really special–a design that honors the passion of our incredible fans and that we ourselves would be proud to own.

We can’t wait for you to see it in person and for you to experience The Last of Us Part II for yourselves!

Furthermore, we’re also launching a Limited Edition Gold Wireless Headset presented in a Steel Black matte finish with contrasting, crimson inner ear cups – this stylish wireless headset features Ellie’s fern tattoo and the game logo. The headset will be available for $99.99 USD (MSRP) / $119.99 CAD (MSRP). 

Lastly, we’re partnering with Seagate to introduce the Limited Edition The Last of Us Part II Officially Licensed Seagate 2TB Game Drive. The officially licensed Game Drive features a laser-etched design of Ellie’s tattoo, and offers an external hard drive upgrade for PS4 systems (software version 4.50 or higher), with the capacity to install 50+ games**. The Game Drive will be available for $89.99 USD (MSRP) / $114.99 CAD (MSRP). 

Products will be available at participating retailers, while supplies last. 

And for those of you who live in the U.S., we partnered with Boulevard Brewing Co. to create special Space Camper Cosmic IPA six-packs to celebrate the launch of the game. You’ll also have a chance to win the Limited Edition PS4 Pro console by entering through their website***.

Let us know what you think of the designs, and what you’re most excited for in The Last of Part II in the comments below! 

* Voucher expires 5/29/2023. Internet connection and account for PlayStation Network required to redeem voucher.
** Based on an average storage requirement of 39GB for PS4 games published on or before June 2018.
*** No purch nec. Sweepstakes ends 8/31/20 11:59 PM CT. Ages 21+ in US and DC ONLY. Void where prohibited. Click here for terms and conditions.

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  • I like the engravings a lot, but I think the design would be more elegant without the logos.

  • I’m not sure why there’s people here that would continue to back this game. For me it’s not even about the identity politics. Don’t care about that stuff nearly as much as the blatant disrespect of the relationship that the fans had with already established characters. This argument about characters not being ours isnt productive either. Everyone is aware of that, and we aren’t claiming ownership, we’re just showing distaste at the fact that those characters we come to love are being treated poorly by someone we know not much about, especially since their arcs weren’t even really finished. It’s VERY odd to me personally that this story goes in the direction it does when it was implied that Ellie was the key to curing mankind, and I honestly would have loved to see her Joel butt heads over it if she eventually found out he was lying to her at the end of the first game, or at least I was expecting another arc where that lie might come back to bite him. What’s been revealed with those leaks tells me that visiting that kind of arc is a 0% possibility now and that’s disappointing. The idea is from the sound of the leaks, TLOU2 isn’t going to be the kind of story people were thinking it was going to, and as a result of that, many won’t buy that might’ve. That’s just how things go, you don’t get to call people pathetic for wanting something out of a story. You wanted your identity politics in a story you love? Pathetic! See how silly that sounds? Also blocking out dissenting opinions is the quickest way to lose trust in a brand, so no I will NOT just trust Naughty Dog. I’ll wait to see where the story goes before I even touch the game. You don’t get my money just cause I’m a fan of the series… and by fan I mean someone who immensely enjoyed the first game and wanted more game like it, not some blubbering consumer zombie some people seem to be advocating that I need to be to be a “true fan”.

  • So like I totally understand collecting stuff, but getting a PS4 now at this point is just a waste of money, with the ps5 supposledy coming this holiday season and all.

    • If you’re on a budget: yes. I preordered one to add to my console collection because it’s that beautiful.

  • She’s a beauty, indeed. I already own 4 limited edition Pro’s; I gave in to its allure and preorder one immediately.


  • If only Sony would re-release the limited edition spider-man ps4 pro.

    It’s hard to justify otherwise buying a pro when the 5 is just around the corner. Not saying this one is bad or anything, it’s just not as distinctive as the spider-man ps4.

    Also…I wish there was a fair way to buy this. The moment this goes on sale, like just about everything else, it instantly gets scooped up by scalpers.

    • If people would stop thinking they HAVE to have this and pay the scalpers the extra money to get one then the scalpers would lose BIG and after a few times they would just go away.

      People are not like this though and that is why the scalpers always win.

  • Your response to the leaks is why i will never spend money on this game and likely any future Naughty Dog games. Mass flagging and illegal abuse of DMCA and Copyright should be punished by law, but will not due to corruption, so i will be content to do my part in not supporting such actions.
    I was already on the fence about PS5 due to Sony turning in to censor puritans, while still maintaining double standards depending on the political ideology of the game. Sony was fully involved in these illegal silence tactics against their critics. That is something that can not be ignored. I have only ever been a console gamer but i really think i may go PC…. sad times

  • Not a fan of Ellie’s tattoo because y’all had to put a damn butterfly in it…for those who dunno what a butterfly means for the type of game TLoU 2 is trying to be with its agendas and such well can’t blame you but anyway impossible to deny that it looks pretty cool this design on the PS4,not for me though.Liked the controller and the HDD more so might get them in the future if they happen to still be available at a reasonable price ha.

    Want to say something about the leaks…didn’t see them,won’t see them but can’t believe it’s as bad as people are saying.Since the reveal of heavy agenda bs on the game on E3 2018 ma hype for it dropped to a point where I was never hyped for it anymore until they showed Joel last year.Gonna trust ND cuz they never failed me and are still best devs in the business along with Santa Monica.Really sad to see how deep in the agenda darkness TLoU 2 got but it’s the fate of everything that becomes too popular,oh well if it’s as bad as they say this will be the last game I buy from ND knowing what they’re working towards and just gonna remember them from before TLoU 2.

    Really not liking this path Sony is going to…Spidey had huge agendas on it although people didn’t notice,TLoU 2 is blatant heavily on agendas.Sony has always been light in the game industry but darkness is getting its grip on it.Might have to quit supporting y’all,we’ll see how things will unfold from now on.

  • Can we pre order it in Canada?

  • Even with a single player campaign that I don’t care about anymore, I would’ve still bought the game is it had multiplayer. Maybe after it’s added in a Black Friday sale.

  • In the article it says that is 2TB But the pre order is only 1TB

  • Has anyone bought the Seagate hardrive yet? I cant seem to find anyplace in Canada that has it up for a pre-order?

  • What is a GameDrive? Is that just a nice way to say “Not an SSD?”

  • clutch_king_2288

    I want one, enough said!!

  • It would be really cool if Sony sent OG members like me because I really wanted a PS4 Pro and my birthday is on memorial day but I parents can’t afford one

  • Yeah its a good looking console im a big of playstation i never bought a XBOX and i currently have a ps4 pro i bought on 2019 june 3rd
    It broke 2 weeks ago ive been trying to call playstation support i cant even live chat through typeing to put a request for a service repair since i looks brand new out the box same day NO scratches at all and its giveing me error code software is currupted and i got every other famous error code for the ps4 pro and now i can play 1 level of a game 1 round of a online game session but it completely just freezes and crashes if i put it in safe mode it turns off so i dont know what to do i rebuilt database i initialized it i updated it i tried everything im done i want playstation support and there not picking up all in all i love playstation i had every playstation and i had a PSP the first one that came out lol

  • Their isn’t a fighter better than me on earth plan and simple.Don’t @ me

  • Funny how some folks here are already dismissing the game when they haven’t even played it yet, sheesh. Anyway, really nice limited edition. But with the PS5 right around the corner, likely will hold off until then to purchase a new console.

  • Such an awesome deal. Keep it up SONY.

  • Wish they’d put effort into making acc region change possible :)

  • What on earth are you babbling about?

  • katrinracheva_99

    I actually need new headphones for gaming and these will be great. But I have a question… Are they with cable or they are with Bluetooth?

  • snipersupreme10

    This is so awesome but
    what have me shock is it comes with a charging pack

  • only wanted to voice my opinion. i bought ps4 2 years later the ps4 pro came our so the 5 year cycle for me was destroyed by sony so im gona be waiting for a ps5 pro to come out and then when it does buy a second hand ps5 and why because i dont want to buy a ps5 on release only for a better gpu or cpu version to come out. i absolutly hate that. i am happy to upgrade a console one time every 5 years but no less. Also due to ps4 experience, firat year or two felt like a lack of choice in games and the weak contoller battery life. The fact i had to look up on google how to turn my ps4 off and not sleep mode all painted a negative ps4 experience so. im not gona be a ps5 lauch date buyer and i wouldnt be surprised if there is alot more like me.

    • also when i do buy the ps5 i hope its fans run quiet like my xbox one s and not the very loud ps4. sorry its loud and i use a atmos denon speaker setup and i can still hear the ps4 fans

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  • Must have… whole set…

  • When PlayStation 5 release date

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