PlayStation 2019 Wrap-Up Looks back at Your 2019 Gaming Year

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PlayStation 2019 Wrap-Up Looks back at Your 2019 Gaming Year

Celebrate your achievements with a free PS4 Theme and seven avatars.

2020 is shaping up to be a great year in gaming, with a new console generation and plenty of new games to look forward to. But first, we wanted to give our fans a look at their PlayStation year-end wrap up from 2019. It’s a fun way to reflect on your fondest gaming memories of the past year.

From today until February 14, the will provide a look back at your* gaming year on PlayStation 4, with stats such as the number of games played, top genres, earned trophies and more.

Take a look at some of my stats below!

To make it extra special, we’re giving all eligible PlayStation fans a free dynamic theme and seven avatars to celebrate their gaming achievements in 2019, and reflect their gameplay persona:

  • Action Hero — for the gamer who lives for the epic moments in action-adventure games
  • Legendary Warrior — for the gamer who steps up to the challenge in fighting games
  • Master Explorer — for the gamer who has continually aced that platformer game
  • Master Strategist — for the gamer who loves solving puzzles in a good strategy game
  • Speed Demon — for the gamer who leaves their fellow drivers in the dust in a fast-paced driving/racing game
  • Sports Phenom — for the gamer with a competitive edge and a love for sports games
  • Marksman — for the gamer who hits their mark in a shooter game

So which avatar are you? Look out for an email** with the results, or go to our website to find out. You can also easily share your achievements with your fellow gamers on social media with the share feature that’s integrated on the website.


*Users need to have a registered PSN account in their region, be age 18 years or over, have played games on a PS4 console for at least 10 hours between January 1, 2019 and December 10, 2019, and have allowed us to collect “additional data.” Users can check their settings on PS4 at [Settings] > [Device Data/Health & Safety] > [Device Data].
** Users need to have opted in to receive marketing emails via the Notifications Settings on their PSN account.

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  • STILL not fixed in U.S… I try to get my theme and such and the thing still gives errors. Like seriously come on!

  • im going to try a different browser. i know some folk said they were able to do it from their system, but that didnt work for me. doubt this will work, so here is a year in review and i’ll give myself hope for the rewards

  • mine are incorrect im kind of disapponted

  • So why are you so racist only in selected locations. and I’m not talking about just this one thing, it’s been always like this, many contents are only exclusive for certain countries. This really piss me off.

  • I tried it on chrome didn’t work, but it worked fine in firefox.. so try different browser …

  • Great Job Sony! Now when will PS Now Be Part of PS+ ? I think it’s about time and this will boost Sales for sure.Here’s to 2020!!

  • Thank you for the stats Sony Interactive Entertainment.

    Please make this a console feature. Meaning every consumer can look up their gameplay stats on console any time they want. PS4 and PS5. At the very least let users see how many times a game has been started/played, and how long each game has been played, individually, and on a nice comparative list together. Of course let all this stat tracking be native to the console, no need to go online. Thanks again, and happy new year.

  • Loving the theme and Avatars ….the color is amazing!!!

  • Still not working. Tried it on both Chrome and Firefox. Still getting the same old “Sorry! There are no rewards available at this time!” I tried contacting their support twitter, but never got an answer.

  • Still saying I redeemed my code but no items awarded.

  • STILL not working in America Sony!

  • By now I think I should be receiving a replacement code for the problematic code I received, but where is it?

  • Best thing ps has come with yet

  • Be great if I could ACTUALLY access my reward. No matter where I attempt to redeem it always says “no rewards to redeem”. Phone browser, PC browser, Blog trick someone said. NOTHING.

    It’s already lame I don’t get the emails many others get, specially for Plats.

  • Good to see this still not working for some of us who were given broken codes as rewards. Been a week and still no fix. Send me a new code already.

  • hola , mi cuenta es de US parece que si cambiamos nombre a la cuenta no registra el wrap—up por favor corregir queremos el contenido exclusivo por fidelidad

  • Can’t redeem mine as it says 0/1 completed even though I got to this screen from the actual 2019 Wrap Up page.

  • I had to use Firefox to get the code, but now I can’t redeem it because it says it’s already redeemed. Ugh.

    Also, my stats have errors like saying I played 77 hours of Apex Legends but 0 hours online which makes no sense.

    This was a fun idea, but it needs a lot of work. I hope this gets implemented better next year.

  • I cannot use the theme. My PS4 states that it: Cannot use the content. To use the contement, purchase it from PLaystation Store.

    Which, of course I can’t do. The avatars work great!

  • Just checking if this is still broken. Still broken.

  • It doesn’t work in USA only? Kinda lame.

  • I love theam very very good

  • Looks like I’ll never get my theme and avatars after all. Thanks for your inaction, Sony.

  • So this is the final 2 weeks to be able to redeem the “code” to get the avatar and theme based on your gaming stats. Still have yet to be able to redeem a code or even get some sort of fix to having this issue. The only advice i got from support was to “keep trying”. Ive tried several times and still have no code, nothing is working and will probably end up facing the fact that i’ll never get this code because of some issue they ignored to fix.

    maybe 2020 will be better. One can only dream or be disappointed once again next year.

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