PlayStation.Blog Game of the Decade: The Winners

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PlayStation.Blog Game of the Decade: The Winners

From thousands of incredible options, these are the games you chose as the best of the 2010s

As the 2010s drew to a close, we asked you to scan through an impressive list of games and choose three that stood out as the best of the past 10 years. Now, the votes are in, the winners are known, and it’s time to share your pick for game of the decade.

But why stop with just the top choice? We’ve also gathered the top 20 entries, which combine to form one hell of a list. How many of your picks are below?

The Last of Us
Platinum Trophy Winner

When we started the poll, we had a feeling we’d see Joel and Ellie near the top. Turns out the characters, drama, and grisly action in The Last of Us left such an unforgettable impression on players that it received over 11% of all votes to become the Game of the Decade Platinum winner.

God of War
Gold Trophy Winner

Kratos’ legendary journey wowed the world and brought home all manner of awards in 2018. Today, it proudly brandishes the Gold trophy atop a mountainous list of incredible games.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Silver Trophy Winner

Players tossed a vote to their Witcher enough times to earn it a Silver trophy. Like God of War, Wild Hunt won many awards in its release year and remains a popular adventure to this day.

Grand Theft Auto V
Bronze Trophy Winner

With a vast open world, standout characters, and a consistently updated online experience, it’s no surprise to see GTA V take the Bronze trophy and round out your top choices for Game of the Decade.

PS Blog Game of the Decade: The Full List
  1. The Last of Us
  2. God of War
  3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  4. Grand Theft Auto V
  5. Red Dead Redemption 2
  6. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  7. Horizon Zero Dawn
  8. Bloodborne
  9. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
  10. Marvel’s Spider-Man
  11. Persona 5
  12. Dark Souls
  13. Call of Duty: Black Ops II
  14. NieR: Automata
  15. Death Stranding
  16. Red Dead Redemption
  17. Mass Effect 2
  18. Fortnite
  19. Batman: Arkham City
  20. Resident Evil 2

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  • witcher 3 > the last of us

    days gone > the last of us

    • Days gone should’ve been on there and Skyrim should’ve been in the top 3

    • 100% agree with that and I also say that ANYONE who thinks Nier and Persona deserve a spot on here should move to CHINA!!!!! All Eastern Games BLOW!!!

  • Huge Rockstar Games fan here, but I just finished The Last of Us – and Left Behind – and I see why the majority chose it as their Game of the Decade. It really is a 10/10 experience. Yesterday I restarted it on Grounded Mode and it’s even better now

    Congrats to both the winners and runner-ups!

  • Skyrim is my bomb. Best game ever.

  • For those of you crying about Fortnite being on the list, here’s why. In 2019 Fortnite brought in $1.8(I think) BILLION in profit, millions of which they gave back to the pro community with tons of championships. Fortnite gave its players a multitude of modes to choose from in play and while individually the skins themselves aren’t customizable, you do have a rather large amount of control over your in-game appearance. Fortnite brought us season pass game play completely worth the base $10 you had to spend with loads of unlockable content and a game experience. Unlike any other that combined gunfight and strategic thinking with builds. No longer could you just spray and pray your way to victory. Everything you did you had to think about. Fortnite introduced us to a Creative mode allowing tons of new play experiences to be had alone, with our friends, and even allowing strangers to be part of the many puzzles the community created. Not only were we given a battle royale, but we were also given a story mode playable with other people. Save the World is a very overlooked mode of play but it’s legitimately one of the most fun aspects of the game. One of the biggest complaints I’m seeing is that the graphics aren’t realistic, here’s my question: why does that matter? When the game was created, they didn’t expect it to be what it is now. Toons were the aesthetic developers could work easily with and in my opinion the gameplay itself is what’s important. That’s not to say the game is perfect, Fortnite has tried to fan service a little bit these last few seasons and it’s put the game in a really weird place but that doesn’t take away from the fact that literally just by March of 2019, the game had over 250 MILLION players, all ranging from little kids to adults. You guys can complain and talk all the garbage you want but Fortnite absolutely deserves to be on this list and had an actual panel of judges created it and not just people with completely biased opinions, I fully believe it would have been much higher on the list.

    • Fortnite is the same game every season with different themed maps and a character or two. Yes it is big in the industry, but man is it boring and repetitive.

    • And its a multimillion repetitive and borring game.

    • Some people just don’t like playing with others namely ME!!! Fortnite has no single player mode so it don’t deserve a spot…nuff said! GRRRRR!!!

    • Fortnite much? lol
      My 11yr old use to play it but it was too much for him. The constant Trash talking and just the Stress is crazy. His whole personality changed and he was getting so rattled while playing that game that he was scratching up his face. I personally think even though it’s Creative and Cool looking game, Fortnite is a Giant Money Pit that (For Kids) teachs them how to be jerks. It’s all about how you look and if you have the latest & greatest. And if someone doesnt then it’s okay to tear that person down with Trash talk. It’s just promoting Kids to be Bully’s. Ultimately Not a game for Kids

  • I think ME 2 should have been top 10.

  • Fortnite and Uncharted 4 are trash, I don’t know why they were mentioned.

  • Free to play crap shouldnt be ranked.

  • What is really hard to believe is that Call of Duty Blackops 4 was not even mentioned. That game is by far one of the best games I have ever played but fortnite made it, that’s funny.

  • Modern Warfare making the list must be a publicity stunt because that game is by far the worst that has came out Infinity Ward.

  • Skyrim might only be 6th place but I bet it was the most played

  • I think Skyrim should’ve been top 3 with days gone at 4…. Fortnite is fun to play but the latter two kicks fortnites a**…. and another that I thought should’ve been higher is horizon zero dawn…. that game was titties

  • Where’s Bioshock trilogy???

  • I dont think death stranding should have made the list. it just came out and the gameplay was more of a flop to me. Story wise i heard its great but just delivering stuff shouldnt put it anywhere on this list,
    alot of people complain about fornite but it is still one of the most played MP games.
    The Witcher 3 should be #1 CDPR really showing people how to make a good game.
    God of War and Last of Us are tied for #2 in my opinion
    Nier Automata is still underrated in my opinion. that game was beautiful, awesome combat, and the music was godlike
    it should be #4
    funny thing is i bet at least 3 of top 20 games of the decade in 2030 are coming out this year. Last of Us 2, FF7 remake, and Cyberpunk 2077

    • I agree with the Death Stranding thought. I’m just now playing it and it hasn’t even been out that long. So far I’m not 100% sure it’s on the same calibre as the other games on this list.

  • God of War #1!!! When do we get some new content? Come on already Barlog!!! Let’s get cracking!!

  • Kind of surprise Division games didn’t make the list. I have played a lot of the games on the list and Divison is definitely challenging and has a LOT of folks who play it. Jus Sayin

  • Fortnite???? Nier???? Persona 5???? No, no, no, never!

  • I thought Far Cry 3 or Assassins Creed Odyssey would be on this list.

  • I notice a lot of people are saying black ops 2 isn’t on there? Guys it’s number 13. It’s there.

  • Bloodborne has to be in the first’s five!

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