Polls Closed: PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year 2019

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Polls Closed: PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year 2019

Vote now in categories including Best PS4 Game, Best Art Direction, Gaming Moment of the Year, Most Anticipated, and more.

Update: The polls are now closed! Thanks for voting — we’ll reveal the winners later this week.

It’s time! After a year chock-full of huge new games (with a few surprises along the way), the polls are now officially open for the annual PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year awards. As always, these awards are decided entirely by you, the readers, so get in there and go to bat for the games you think deserve the win. We’ve got the categories you’d expect — Best PS4 Game, Best PS VR Experience, Best Soundtrack, Best Art Direction, and more — but we’ve added a couple new ones this year too. What was the best gaming moment of 2019?

Polls are open now, and we’ll keep them live until Sunday night. Then we’ll reveal the winners before 2019 draws to a close.

Important note: As always, any game that is barred from another nomination in that category.

Finally, I know we’ve said this a lot over the past few weeks, but it bears repeating: Thank you! It’s because of our readers that we’re able to do fun stuff like this, so we — and I, personally speaking — sincerely appreciate your continued support.

Now then, let’s vote!

Best Narrative
Best Graphical Showcase
Best Art Direction
Best Soundtrack
Best Multiplayer
Best Role-Playing Game
Best Action Game
Best Sports Game
Best Ongoing Game
Best Independent Game
Best PlayStation Console Exclusive
Best Performance
Gaming Moment of the Year
Best PS VR Experience
Best PS4 Game
Most Anticipated Game
Studio of the Year

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14 Author Replies

  • Sekiro for everything :)

  • Legal continue assim com os jogos melhores do ano e ranking das melhores empresas e desenvolvedoras e criem games mais rápidos que fãs da Konami querem os games metal Gear séries sagas e Zone of The Enders também então me poupe?!….

  • Legal continue assim com os jogos melhores do ano e ranking das melhores empresas e desenvolvedoras e criem games mais rápidos que fãs da Konami querem os games metal Gear séries sagas e Zone of The Enders de voltatambém então me poupe?!….

  • poderia ter continuação de todos os jogos PS1 e PS2 para ps4

  • Why isn’t Devil May Cry 5 (88) listed as a nominee for best PS4 game. It literally has a higher metacritic than every game listed on there, except RE2 (90) and Sekiro (89)?

  • Death Stranding aaaaaall the way.

  • I voted Path of Exile, best game ever!
    New to PS4 platform, completely free to play, this 7 years old PC game (2013), is a revelation for the future!

  • Jugdment for sure (story was really good and the gameplay ooooh boi I still play it just for all the substories xd)

    Cod campaign was good but the rest was more mediocre.

    RE 2 was also very good and didn’t touched fallen order yet :p

  • Haven’t played any of the Games released this year expect for DMC5 but was didn’t play through it again, weren’t too comfortable with the controls, same with all DMC games (they had said they made it accessible to newcomers but it didn’t do it for me)
    recently brought AC Odyssey, and Replayed most of the games released years before: God Of War, UC4.
    Planning on buying Death Stranding.

    Most Anticipated would be between FF7 Remake and Ghost of Tsushima!

  • I was really blown away by Kingdom Hearts 3 and Devil May Cry V this year. Just picked up Death Standing.

    Great year for video games!

  • Best on going game Minecraft

    Best soundtrack rdr2

    Best multiplayer game gta online

    PS4 exclusive last of us remastered

    Best graphics rdr2

    • gta and red dead didn’t come out this year. graphics to a ps3 remaster sure dude.

      and minecraft, lomg since eclipsed by other nauseating games like fork knife. owned by microsoft makers of hardware with no games since those shooters and forza on egg bok 360. yup great list.

      if you think the pc milking makes it count it doesn’t its last years game, you’ just playing it late.

    • exclusive to a ps3 remaster, yup for sure. you must play lots of games let alone exclusives.

  • Best Soundtrack
    Kojima: Yes!

  • Tank you


  • I caught myself voting for Days Gone in every category they were listed in. Just a really, REALLY good game. Loved everything about it except that it had an end. Can’t wait for part 2!

  • So your categories are flawed as usual

    the exclusives are telling incredibly weak this year, especially for us that own ps4 pro and switch for our children. I bought more new or current Nintendo games than Sony, so step your game up next year.

    I need a gaming incentive to drop a lung for the ps5 otherwise i’m happy to wait a year or two and get a quality 4k tv with it when there actually games worth my time.

    from the ps4 launch i bought killzone ac4 fifa 14 the lame camera i ended up selling and an extra controller. i went on to play primarily on my ps3 for the better part of a year. Games like UC4 the reason i bought ps4 came years later. Canadian dollar was par so i bought at launch, not the case now.

    Finally i vote for stuff i want to buy on discount or that actually deserves it. As always. I can’t wait to see the ds circle jerk fart sniffathon.

    low res vr blood and truth, generic days gone, and pretentious not actually fun death stranding. what a year.

  • Death Stranding is really a great game.My best game of the year.
    Control is also very good,and RE2 remake.

  • FFXIV shadowbringers deserves to be the best game of this year amazing story, OSTs, New places dungeons and raids!! and so much more!! i’ll vote for ffxiv no doubt about that and so should you.

  • Adicionar game Zone of The Enders ADD

  • I know it got mixed reviews, but sad to see Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan didn’t make the multiplayer cut list. Played through it on couch co-op “movie mode” and am currently playing through a second time online (thanks, studio, for the one-time-use friend pass!) and although it might not be game-of-the-year material, the multiplayer is one of my most enjoyed/remembered gaming experiences of the year.


  • Days Gone is my GOTY

  • For me Resident Evil 2 and Death Stranding is the best games of the year.

  • Voted FFXIV in every category I could. Game got robbed in the Game Awards and really deserves to be recognized.

  • Final Fantasy XIV deserves a lot of love. And of course, Persona 5 The Royal as the most anticipated game. I can’t wait to see the results.

  • Can’t see the lists in Firefox.

  • Just completed Control and would like to nominate Dr Casper Darling’s performance of Dynamite as a gaming moment of the year.

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