Polls Closed: PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year 2019

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Polls Closed: PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year 2019

Vote now in categories including Best PS4 Game, Best Art Direction, Gaming Moment of the Year, Most Anticipated, and more.

Update: The polls are now closed! Thanks for voting — we’ll reveal the winners later this week.

It’s time! After a year chock-full of huge new games (with a few surprises along the way), the polls are now officially open for the annual PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year awards. As always, these awards are decided entirely by you, the readers, so get in there and go to bat for the games you think deserve the win. We’ve got the categories you’d expect — Best PS4 Game, Best PS VR Experience, Best Soundtrack, Best Art Direction, and more — but we’ve added a couple new ones this year too. What was the best gaming moment of 2019?

Polls are open now, and we’ll keep them live until Sunday night. Then we’ll reveal the winners before 2019 draws to a close.

Important note: As always, any game that is barred from another nomination in that category.

Finally, I know we’ve said this a lot over the past few weeks, but it bears repeating: Thank you! It’s because of our readers that we’re able to do fun stuff like this, so we — and I, personally speaking — sincerely appreciate your continued support.

Now then, let’s vote!

Best Narrative
Best Graphical Showcase
Best Art Direction
Best Soundtrack
Best Multiplayer
Best Role-Playing Game
Best Action Game
Best Sports Game
Best Ongoing Game
Best Independent Game
Best PlayStation Console Exclusive
Best Performance
Gaming Moment of the Year
Best PS VR Experience
Best PS4 Game
Most Anticipated Game
Studio of the Year

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14 Author Replies

  • Good luck, everyone!
    Rooting for FFXIV: Shadowbringers.

  • I hope Death Stranding gets Game of the year. It’s story is the best I’ve ever seen but some of the gameplay can get tedious and boring over time.

    • It was the opposite for me. Got the plat and never got tired of being a mailman for some reason, but the story was a bit weak. I mean the plot was interesting and all, but mainly the pacing was just bad. Like no story for 80% of the game and then just a massive series of info dump cutscenes in the end.

    • I’ve got 116 hours clocked in Death Stranding and I’ve only just finished the story! Looking forward to working toward the Platinum on that one.

    • naaaaa that game was boring af…hopefully is DAYS GONE

    • I voted for death stranding the most and re2 remake a close 2nd and devil may cry 5 they are my top 3

  • Umm…wheres last of us 2?

    • Call of duty modern warfare did a fantastic job with the dark and realistic story campaign and action packed multiplayer. Deserves some awards for sure

    • @destruction1983 What’s that have to do with the original comment?

    • It won Most Anticipated years ago and like they said any game that has won it before can’t be nominated again.

    • TLOU 2 won “Most Anticipated” in a previous year’s GotY poll, so it can’t be nominated again. Gotta give other games a chance to shine!

    • “Important note: As always, any game that previously won a Platinum Trophy in the “Most Anticipated” category is barred from another nomination in that category.”

    • THIS


    • I was wondering the same exact thing, but I filled in the “other” option. Shame.

    • Seriously? That is inarguably the most anticipated game.

      Also why isn’t Star Wars up for best art direction or soundtrack?

  • Last of Us 2 in most anticipated, please.

    • I believe it won most anticipated last year (or the year before), and thus is ineligible to win again.

    • It won already either 1 or 2 years ago so it can’t be nominated again. Wouldn’t be fair to have it up for it and win every year.

    • Nice to see Ace Combat 7, Judgement and Kiseki (Trails of Cold Steel III) are at least acknowledged in a category here. Ace Combat 7’s soundtrack is without a doubt one of the most beautiful this year, as is the game itself. Only guys that came close to them in my opinion was Falcom Sound Team JDK. Those guys are absolutely brilliant musicians/composers and they did a phenomenal job with Cold Steel III’s tracks. Can’t believe Falcom and NIS America managed to bring another great (J)RPG to the West, which we would probably otherwise not have without love for the series. Seeing the series evolve from its humble Sky beginnings, then to Zero and Ao, and finally to full 3D with Steel brings a tear to my eye seeing how far Falcom has come. Truly one of the best long running (J)RPGs, so I gotta root for the home team. Here’s to both Sen No Kiseki IV’s and Ys: IX’s localization!

      So many other great games being mentioned is also really cool. Fantastic way to get more people to notice games that they may have overlooked.

      R.I.P Code Vein though :( Thought that game was fairly solid, but it was probably overshadowed by everything else.

    • Whoops, my bad. I was trying to make a general comment on the blog post, but it got stuck as a reply here for some reason. Weird. Oh well, hope someone can fix that.

  • Is this a joke list? This list is sad. It doesn’t even have Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on it…

    • It’s not only nominated multiple times, but is currently in the lead in at least one category! I went ahead and added an additional nomination for it under Gaming Moment of the Year, though.

    • Thank you for getting that added!

    • The last jedi has bad character design and the animations look nasty especially the lady with the pepe eyes.

    • @ GoldPaladin777 – True…people never take tech into account when judging games though.It’s as if animation wasn’t important lol.

  • Devil may cry 5 my best game and following Resident evil 2

    Capcom rocks this year

  • This was an awesome year for games and I can’t wait for what’s in store for 2020!

  • Ghost of Tsushima is my most anticipated game, come on sucker punch

  • Katana Zero? So its gonna shadow drop on PS4 tommorow after State Of Play?

  • Rooting for Kingdom Hearts 3 especially for music the lovely Yoko Shimomura deserves her due. the rest of my vote goes to Judgment god what a masterpiece

    • Personally I think Keiki Kobayashi’s ACE COMBAT 7 score is more deserving of the Best OST, but Kingdom Hearts does have amazing soundtrack also!

  • Death Stranding for almost everything. Masterwork.

  • I hope that FFXIV (shadowbringers) and Sekiro win something.

    Most anticipated game should go to FFVII Remake please!

  • Plugged in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III everywhere it was missing and made sense. Easily the best gaming experience I had this year from story to gameplay to soundtrack. And of course looking forward to part IV, which is hopefully not terribly far off now.

  • Is Katana Zero available on PS4?

  • Here’s hoping that Ghost of Tsushima wins most anticipated.

    • Indeed it looks sensational plus I’ve been waiting for an open world game in feudal japan for almost 2 console gens now and it’s finally within reach

    • Yes Ghost has been ma most anticipated game since the very announcement.For sure SP is being helped so we can expect the deep gameplay mechanics of Horizon on it…high chance of Ghost being among the 5 best PS4 games.Last time I had such a good feeling about a game was with Horizon which turned out to be one of the best games ever made,Ghost will follow that path too no doubt.

  • Most anticipated game is Dying Light 2

  • They wronged my boy Tommie Earl Jenkins AGAIN for ‘Best Performance’. Voted him in. Strange that TLOU2 wasn’t nominated for ‘Most Anticipated Game,’ but another comment said that it already won previously so was ineligible. All good, my vote would’ve gone to CP2077 anyway.

  • Death Stranding is a misunderstood masterpiece. That’s all.

  • Days Gone for the win!

  • They are all great or most of them and the voting is really hard and I think Control deserves to win big.
    It’s not marketed by the proper way..!

  • Best Game : RE 2 Remake
    Soundtrack and art : Valfaris!!!

  • I was surprised there wasn’t an option for taking down your first hoard in Days Gone under “Gaming Moment of the Year.” I ended up writing it in, but Control’s Ashtray Maze was pretty epic too.

  • I voted for Death Stranding.. a lot

  • How is Outer Wilds not listed under Best Indie game?? Had to write it in.

  • Hello Games deserves studio of the year. Look at what they have done with No Mans Sky!

  • Best PSVR Experience and no FW:ZH???

  • Knack 2 babyy!! Game of the year once again.

    Most anticipated game? Gotta be dat Knack 3.

  • I DONE MY PART! (b^_^)b

  • Days gone all the way! Highly under rated game.

    • This is true. Critics slammed it when it 1st came out And this caused it to get negative Reviews. But for those who played it they know this is one of the greatest games To ever be made for playstation In recent times

  • I really hope Ace Combat 7, Cyberpunk 2077 and Death Stranding win in their categories, I’m in love with those 3.

  • I hope A plague tale Innocence get some awards.

  • Days gone was my game of the year, can’t believe all the negatives reviews. Can’t wait for a sequel.

    • This was my game of the year too. I think people judged it way to quickly. I’m on my second “survival 2 game +” game. And I still love it.

  • FFXIV, for all the cat

  • FFXIV for all the categories that it’s in!

  • Almost no Bloodstained or Valfaris. Come on, Justin, you gotta expand your horizons a little.

  • There are so many great games here, but Astroneer is noticably missing from the Best Independent Game category. Any chance that can be corrected?

  • How in god’s name is Dying Light 2 not listed under “Most Anticipated”? That’s legitimately insane, especially with the developers being one of the few in existence who have constantly supported the game for years post launch, including multiple free DLC (*yearly*), while simultaneously working on the ambitious and innovative sequel. Not to mention the first game already set the bar for zombie games (including surpassing Dead Island), so again not seeing the sequel listed under the aforementioned title is a bit ignorant to say the least. Only rational explanation I can think of it that it won that award already..?

    Also obviously had to vote for Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine, which took me by surprise to see listed because it’s the only The Walking Dead related nomination posted, even though this year’s season wasn’t her best performance with the character. Still great work, though. The Final Season deserves some type of award, seriously. I’m still amazed at what they did with the gameplay.

    • Well here’s an explanation: Everything you wrote (aside from having free dlc) is an OPINION about the game. People can have different opinions :). Just because YOU love something, does not mean the mass does as well.

  • All that matters to me is Ace Combat 7 winning Best Soundtrack! It deserves way more recognition. Have a listen and you’ll see why it’s a strong contender.

  • Games I enjoyed this year were.

    Outer worlds
    Dmc 5

  • How come bloodstsined ritual of the night wasnt on the list ? Its an amazing game.


  • Kingdom hearts 3 all the way

  • Very good year for games, i vote.

  • A lot love for Sekiro

  • Death Stranding is sublime. It is a mark as an adult game. A work created by Kojima that has something very relevant to say to the world. This game makes me think even more about our world and our social and natural relationships as a species.

    Concrete Genie is an intimate, bold, sensitive and enchanting work. Another game that was created with the premise that you should create a game when you have something to say to the world. And that is unbreakable.

    These are the best games of the year for me.

    • Glad someone else understands Death Stranding.Yes the deep meaning behind Death Stranding is one of its best things.Reading the interviews while listening to Low Roar is quite the thing.

  • Why is Death Stranding on the Best MP category?…also didn’t vote for Monster Hunter as best RPG cuz it’s always the same bs here,a huge DLC does not make it a new game Monster Hunter does not belong in the 2019 awards.No Warframe on best Ongoing game?…lol ok then.And lol again…Jesus how many times y’all gonna put Destiny 2 in the awards?…this is the 3rd damn year Destiny 2 is here guess other games from past years should be here too to make it fair.

    Oh well 2 things I must say…1 – Only one choice for best graphics and it’s Death Stranding…2 – Considering how much Sony tried to push lame a** control on everyone’s throat I’m already seeing the bs of control in a lotta of awards.

    PS:Didn’t know Judgment was exclusive even though I know all Yakuza games are…damn Sega much respect.

  • Hi Everyone:)
    Best moment of the year was in RE2R when MR.X come to you or when you saw MR.X for the 1st time LOL with the RE Engine i was shocked how Capcom did a hell of a job with that game ^^ lol:P Devil May Cry 5 too was an astonishing game and Death Stranding was an graphical Masterpiece game by Kojima^^ for Soundtrack im divided between DMC5 with the main theme and the track Ludens from Death Stranding Ace Combat 7 have a nice set of Soundtrack too but i take the OST of DMC5 and for most anticipated game of 2020 its very hard to choose between FFVII Remake Cyberpunk 2077 Last of Us Part 2 Doom Eternal and Resident Evil 3Nemesis Remake who are not announce yet but i hope they will be unveil by Sony at State of Play streaming event or at VGA on Thursday^^

  • My top 5 games of 2019:
    2# DEVIL MAY CRY 5
    A good mention to:

    My top 5 of most anticipated games of 2020:
    3# CYBERPUNK 2077
    4# LAST OF US PART 2

    MerryXmas everyone ^^

  • Siiiiii!!! Por favor, no se olviden de The Walking Dead también! Ojalá Death Stranding hecho por Kojima no sea un trabajo tremendo de añoa sean en vano! Aguante PS!

  • I wish more people played Sekiro and gave that game a chance. Many dropped it just for it being to difficult. But even after getting platinum, I’m still not tired of it. It has a good story and a top- notch gameplay system(not to mention some of the best combat seen in a game this decade). That’s my GOTY as it has a good combination of both story and gameplay unlike another game in the nominations. My 2nd GOTY would be RE2.

    Also for all the people saying they voted for DS for everything, well thats the one game that got the most nominations in this list :/

    • Sekiro is tough!! I played for a few hours but didn’t manage to finish it… a black mark on my gaming resume. I need to go back to it!

      I’m definitely voting for Death Stranding in a few categories, but so many games deserve recognition this year!

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