PlayStation Plus: Free Games for January 2019

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for January 2019

Steep and Portal Knights headline the PS Plus lineup for January.

Mid-Month PS Plus Update

Great news! Firewall Zero Hour will be free to play for active PS Plus members this weekend: January 18 – 20!

The Firewall Zero Hour: Weekend Trial Demo will include all the pulse-pounding modes of the full game (Single Player Training – Player vs. AI, Multiplayer Training – Co-op vs AI, and Multiplayer Contracts – PVP Players vs Players), as well as the entire roster of maps in the game, including the newly added map, Containment!*

Any XP/Crypto you earn in-game during the Weekend Trial Demo will carry over to the main game upon purchase of Firewall Zero Hour at PlayStation Store. Trophies, however, will not.

*Paid Firewall Zero Hour DLC items not available to Weekend Trial Demo players.

Greetings PlayStation Nation! Let’s take a quick look at the free games for January, which will be available January 1, 2019 to February 5, 2019.

First up, we have Steep. The mountain is yours to explore in this massive open world sports game. Drop in to the most epic mountains, and ski, wingsuit, snowboard, and paraglide your way to victory. This game is for those looking for a little excitement this winter season.

Next up, we have Portal Knights. Step into the fantastic and unknown in the delightful action-RPG. You can explore alone or team up with up to three other friends in cooperative multiplayer*. This is a delightful romp of a game that is sure to please many of you.

This month’s PlayStation Plus lineup also includes:

And as a reminder for those Warframe players, Digital Extremes’ dev team has you covered! The Warframe: PlayStation Plus Booster Pack III has a little bit of everything to jump start your game. This includes 100 Platinum, 100,000 Credits, Quanta (a Corpus laser rifle), Quanta Obsidian Skin, 7-Day Affinity Booster, and a 7-Day Credit Booster. PS Plus members can get the pack for free from now until January 15, 2019.

And that’s it! See you next month!

*Internet connection and PS Plus membership required to access online multiplayer.

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  • Ficou bem a desejar em , na Xbox deram

    WRC 6 FIA World Rally Championship

    Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
    Far Cry 2

  • Peoples mistake is that they are too reliant on PS Plusgames every month. You can come in to to blog and vent your frustration all you want but ask yourself this are you being heard from the looks of it no. So find another way to get the games you want.

    • OR… Sony could just start doing a better job. How about that? For some of us the monthly games are the SOLE REASON FOR SUBSCRIBING. And Sony has a habit of choosing completely MEDIOCRE games to pass along. 2 – 3 times a year they surprise. You need to understand not everyone subscribes for the reason you subscribe and may be disappointed in their return on investment. They complain in the comments BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT’S FOR.

  • And if you can’t find another option to get the games you want then seems like you have a personal problem. If you don’t know by now the games you get for PS Plus is a hit or miss at times if you don’t know now you know.

  • First of all the blog is intended for US and Canada.

    second off your blatant racism is against the comment policy. not that the blog polices all the ad hominem attacks and other bs on the blog.

    you can post on the euro blog if you wish and we see people from different regions posting on different blogs for years now.

    you can purchase currency online psn / ps+ cards for different regions and partake in thr store fronts and plus games so these people have that option to post with a psn account, sony could restrict if they wished.

    many people understand english but do not speak / write it well.

    get over yourself, so disgusting these comments are not called out by staff.

    it’s a weak january folks, and the games are not free we pay for the dross.

  • Hey your online service is not on par with xbox it is poor, missing features, p2p etc.

    your games are low metacritic titles or old or on platforms the majority don’t use or own anymore.

    the big “free games” are not free and are the gateway shell editions of old failed titles that want to bleed microstransactions.

    celeste on xbox one > alome is better than the entirety if what is offered this month. there have been a few good months this year but people can speak their mind without it being personal. for Sony it’s only business.

    it’s not about relying on plus it’s about the value proposition for the average user.

    i buy many games, but i want value out of the game rentals they offer, frankly it’s pretty hit or miss even owning all 3 platforms for my tastes.

  • first comment.

    People have a right to say if they dislike or like a service they are paying for on the official blog.
    what people don’t have a right to is personal attacks and inuendo like so many people do on a monthly basis.
    just because they don’t put people in their place, and seem to allow the free labour marketing department to abuse other customers and it doesn’t make it right.

    you see the value at 59.99usd well i don’t see the value proposition for me anymore at $69.99 cad.
    that’s fine enjoy the service you have a right to. But you don’t have the right to attack or criticize other paying customers for speaking their mind / feelings in a courteous way to Sony and it’s blog.
    Things would be different if they offered a base option for online saves and discounts, but they don’t for a reason.

    • I just picked it up when it was on sale this year. Otherwise, I went month-to-month. This month’s lineup…ain’t great. As far as personal attacks and stuff, I don’t really understand it.

      “Some people think cucumbers taste better pickled.” – Dave Chapelle.

      People are great big babies.

  • These games are brutal, starting to become a disappointment month after month!

  • Super excited for ZoE HD Collection on PS3. The Vita games are always nice to have, but I have a 4 GB Memory card so I hardly ever touch it. It’s so INCONVENIENT to have to keep swapping out ‘n’ such. I’ll get an expensive-as-heck memory card at some point.

    Steep, tho? Ehhh…

    Portal Knights is pretty dope, though.

    I can’t believe I missed out on the Yakuza 4 & 5 being on PSN a long time ago. I just discovered that series this year and I’m entirely addicted to it.

  • WOW, what garbage. Steep is already on PlayStation now. And I have never heard of the other title. Not a good way to start off the New Year, especially with all the new PS4’s out there that people got for Christmas as well as the new VR’s. Which VR’s have an issue with causing controller disconnects, I have to disconnect my VR or else I get constant controller disconnects.

  • I cant wait for the free Steepppp!!!

  • Portal Knights is a fun game with friends or kids, hope to see the online community expand with this.
    And Fallen Legion looks interesting.

  • Can we get like one really good game in there for once like an older call of duty or another series type of game or a nice story lined game.

  • Whine whine whine, that’s all so many people do on here!! The games are free! You are paying for a subscription service, just like you pay for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. They don’t have to give us crap at all any month, but they do! If you play just one or two of the free games per year, then you’ve already made up for the subscription cost. This year alone we’ve had so many amazing AAA games like Deus Ex, Batman, Knack, Mad Max, Trackmania Turbo, Heavy Rain, Mafia 3, God of War 3, Destiny 2, Bulletstorm, Yakuza Kiwami…that’s just off the top of my head lol!
    Portal knights I have no use for, don’t care for mobile games ported to consoles. And I am in no way into skiing or snowboarding, but I played the Steep beta a couple years ago and it was an absolute blast! The wingsuit flying alone was so much fun, plus the ragdoll physics while you’re falling down a mountain are awesome! So I’m looking forward to the full game for free.
    So quit your bitching and just play! Just because it’s not a game you like or have heard of before, doesn’t mean it isn’t good. And hey, if you don’t like it, just delete it! It’s free anyway! Game on!

    • Its not free, and ps plus started as a game subscription service, they are rented since you lose them at subscription end. And online requirement came later and is why the games either suck or are very old because they pay based on amount of downloads, unlike when it was on ps3 and was soley for the games they released new games and 4 a month.

    • The games are free, or to help some of you people understand better, they are included with the subscription service. If you cancel your Netflix subscription, would you expect to still watch their movies and shows for free? No, you can’t. It’s that simple. That’s why it’s a “subscription” service. You pay to subscribe. PS plus was always required for online play, even on the PS3. The only difference was, on PS3 they provided online game play for free, and it still included the extra free games with it, whereas Xbox has always charged for online game play since the 360, for example. When the PS4 launched, Sony decided to charge for the service to bring it inline with what Xbox had been doing for years before. It’s really not that hard of a concept to grasp.

  • Wanted to play ZOE since forever. Time to undust my ever lovely PS3!

  • Lets get something like mass effect or elder scrolls. A good long lasting RPG.

  • Are you fracking kidding, Sony?
    Second month I won’t download any game at all.

  • Poxa esse é meu segundo mês como assinante da PlayStation plus e já me decepcionei duas vezes seguidas assim vocês vão acabar perdendo muitos players!

    Xbox dando só games tops e vcs jogando migalhas a nós isso é uma vergonha!

    Deam mais importâncias aos seus assinantes por favor! Sou um grande fã do trabalho de vocês mas ultimamente só estou me decepcionando

  • When will Steep be available? It’s Jan 1st…no Steep.

  • Is anyone else having trouble accessing them? Its been 4 hrs since the were supposed to be released.

  • Is this a joke ? They charge us tax now and now they give us these crappy games .What is up with this ? Who picks this garbage? And to see ps3 and vita go n lose there as everytime i go into our local game store i see shelfs full of pss3 games and only a few ps4 games .

    • What do you mean charging tax? They cant charge tax on digital products, only a few places in the US did thay and theu are being sued and is headed to supreme Court, unless you live in chicago i haven’t heard of that

  • Same here. I’m hoping that will change around noon.

  • Can somebody help me I don’t see Steep in the online store. Did it not update or something?

  • if its not going to be released during the day , i am gonna sell my ps4

  • What’s with the hold up on January PS Plus games? They should be available already but they’re not… What’s that about?

  • Still no games available to claim….

  • Sony, I’m curious to know why you hide the free cross play and Vita games on the Playstation Store for PS4 lately? I know support for PS Plus on Vita is ending but while it’s still available, why do I need to come to a site like this to see the free Vita games? Go into the store today, for example, and it only shows Steep and Portal Knights as free… Please fix this before it’s too late.

  • Why hasn’t the PS plus monthly games been updated yet? It’s already January 1st 2019.

  • Where are the new ps plus games? I can still only see last month’s garbage.

  • When is it caming to new Zealand it’s the 2nd and we still dont have it

  • Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion is listed as a cross-buy for PS4, but it shows as $19.99 when I click on it (the other PS4 games show as $0.00)

  • I want to play steep, but still not updated… it’s the 2nd of January in Europe

  • The one thing i hate more than people who complain about complainers are ignorant people who argue for the sake of arguing and are WRONG. Ps plus was not for internet and the games are not free. It started out on ps3 with AAA games released every week, mostly newer games, amounting to 4 a month, then vita was added. when it wasnt required less people had it so they could release newer and better games. The games are not free and you lose access once your subscription lapses, so its more like a rental of games. Dont be ignorant and say it’s free or is here for Internet. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but what i stated are facts and you complain about people saying they dont like these games this month is totally wrong, you have no argument saying these are free or its for internet. Like me a lot of people had ps plus for years before this requirement and just because you are new to ps plus and dont know how it used to be needs to do your research first or just shut up, it makes you ignorant. I remember the good old days of ps plus getting borderlands2, payday 2, remember me, bioshock infinite, devil may cry, etc within a 2 month period, those games were newer at the time. So in comparison yea ps plus is crap now.

    • “when it wasnt required less people had it so they could release newer and better games” is the dumbest thing ever written less money coming in means better games ?? cwkatl what are you trying to say there?. everyone knows that you used to be able to play online without a sub until the ps4 came along & charged everyone to play online & we all know that the games lockout as soon as you stop u ps plus sub , do you really thing all these millions of people would be signing up for ps plus every month if you could still play online without the ps sub?

    • Not sure why you’re having such a hard time grasping the concept of a subscription service man. I copied and pasted this from Wikipedia, so hopefully this will finally help you to understand lol.

      PlayStation Plus

      Members 34.3 million (as of September 30, 2018)[26]

      PlayStation Plus, abbreviated to PS Plus, is a paid-for PlayStation Network subscription service that provides users with access to premium features. These extras include early access to upcoming games, beta trials, regular store discounts, and the ability to have system software updates and game patches download automatically to the console. As part of the subscription, members are given six games every month—typically two for each platform—and 10 GB of internet storage space for up to 1,000 saved game files. PlayStation 4 online multiplayer requires a subscription to PlayStation Plus.[27] Users may choose a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription.[28]

      Continued below:

    • Membership includes access to a rolling selection of free games, known as the Instant Game Collection. New titles are made available every month, while older games are withdrawn from the collection. Members can keep all games in the Instant Game Collection as long as they are a member of PlayStation Plus. If their membership lapses, these games will become locked and unplayable. However, once the membership is renewed, the games will become unlocked again. The longer a user is a member, the larger their game collection will become.[29] In 2014, PlayStation Plus provided more than US$1,300 worth of games in the Instant Game Collection.[30]

  • How about the The Division?

  • US has portal knights already for free releases in the store…. where are our games in Europe???

  • I just want to cry it’s second of January and still nothing.

  • Look at at all these kids complaining about free games:/

  • Jk, agreed, not that good

  • still no the plus games for january or do we have to wait till next month before they finally ready for download , 2days into the newyear & a fail already, is this why the price for ps plus was increased last year or why the ps3 & vita games will be cut out this year, more for less is the new model then? , less games , less service & a higher price tag

  • Not the best time of year to show how to not keep promises.

  • I’m snagging the games for the vita. I got Super Mutant Alien Assault no problem but Fallen Legion is still trying to charge me $19.99.

  • It’s 2nd of January and PS Plus games are not available st8ll… What’s going on? Every source that I’m checking it says that it should be downloadable since yesterday but there’s December line up still. Anyone knows anything about this delay?

  • Steep… well its no SSX Tricky (which I’ve mentioned every month) but I guess I’ll give it a try. These games look decent.

  • I really wish they would put more PS2 games on the store for PS4. Lets be honest, the PS2 had one of the greatest video game libraries of all time. Notice all the recent HD remakes?.. and before you say “go buy a PS2 then” I own one, but I prefer the convenience and power that the PS4 offers. It would be nice to play those games on an updated system. They’ve already shown it’s possible. Just my opinion but I’m sure others agree.

  • For some reason they won’t show up I have still got last months games

  • Why aren’t the january games showing up on the PS Plus tab on the store here in Australia? It still offers the December lineup… Come on Playstation, it’s 3 January already, how hard can it be to update the store? I want to play Steep.

  • I’m actually enjoying steep a lot. I was thinking about getting ssx for my GameCube, but steep changed my mind. Great game, thanks guys.

  • It’s 3rd jan and I still see the dec games… :(

  • Still has the games from last month on the ps3 and vita.when is this going to be fixed.

  • Pozdrav,
    ne mogu jos skinuti free igre za january 2019. godinu ne znam zasto pa ako netko moze pomoci,

    • Hello,
      I can’t download yet free ps plus games for january 2019, I don’t know why can you help me, I’m from Croatia, Europe,
      thank you,

  • I was really looking forward to playing steep but it’s the 3rd of January and still no games.

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