PlayStation Plus: Free Games for January 2019

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for January 2019

Steep and Portal Knights headline the PS Plus lineup for January.

Mid-Month PS Plus Update

Great news! Firewall Zero Hour will be free to play for active PS Plus members this weekend: January 18 – 20!

The Firewall Zero Hour: Weekend Trial Demo will include all the pulse-pounding modes of the full game (Single Player Training – Player vs. AI, Multiplayer Training – Co-op vs AI, and Multiplayer Contracts – PVP Players vs Players), as well as the entire roster of maps in the game, including the newly added map, Containment!*

Any XP/Crypto you earn in-game during the Weekend Trial Demo will carry over to the main game upon purchase of Firewall Zero Hour at PlayStation Store. Trophies, however, will not.

*Paid Firewall Zero Hour DLC items not available to Weekend Trial Demo players.

Greetings PlayStation Nation! Let’s take a quick look at the free games for January, which will be available January 1, 2019 to February 5, 2019.

First up, we have Steep. The mountain is yours to explore in this massive open world sports game. Drop in to the most epic mountains, and ski, wingsuit, snowboard, and paraglide your way to victory. This game is for those looking for a little excitement this winter season.

Next up, we have Portal Knights. Step into the fantastic and unknown in the delightful action-RPG. You can explore alone or team up with up to three other friends in cooperative multiplayer*. This is a delightful romp of a game that is sure to please many of you.

This month’s PlayStation Plus lineup also includes:

And as a reminder for those Warframe players, Digital Extremes’ dev team has you covered! The Warframe: PlayStation Plus Booster Pack III has a little bit of everything to jump start your game. This includes 100 Platinum, 100,000 Credits, Quanta (a Corpus laser rifle), Quanta Obsidian Skin, 7-Day Affinity Booster, and a 7-Day Credit Booster. PS Plus members can get the pack for free from now until January 15, 2019.

And that’s it! See you next month!

*Internet connection and PS Plus membership required to access online multiplayer.

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  • No love for all those who got new PSVR units this holiday???

  • Not in love with this lineup. Hoping ita better in feb or march.

  • I’m more excited for the PS3 games!!! I’ve been wanting to play ZOE HD and Amplitude I never played. Steep is on PS Now btw and Portal Knights is kinda meh. Very excited for the PS3 games!!!!

    • Fallen Legion also looks good. May try that out.

    • FTW, Amplitude is on PS4 as well and is crossbuy.

    • I’m really pleased with the PS3 lineup next month. Always wanted to play Zone of the Enders so im pumped. Definitely the best games for PS3 in awhile. Kinda sad the PSPlus support is gonna end for it and the Vita soon.

    • PS3 had free games for how long now? It is sad to see it go but I think the majority of PS users have PS4 and barely touch PS3 anymore.

    • I agree GaMeR_bOi_83. It is a shame, but I’ve only been on my PS3 for 6 hours over the course of three years.

    • Oh wow! I think I played on my PS3 for about 24-40 hours since the PS4 released? I jumped right into next gen. I can understand why Sony is stopping the IGC for PS3 and Vita. The story of PS3 is one for the history of gaming books. Went from the laughing stock of the industry to being where it’s at now. MS was mopping the floor with PS3. The way it came back sold more units the 360 is amazing.

    • I still play PS3 a lot…maybe more than PS4 as all of my great games are on there…I’m not just gonna rebuy them for a pretty new skin….I do have my fair share of PS4 games, but games nowadays you can beat in 2-3 days

    • zone of the enders is great

  • December was such a great month that everyone should have seen this coming. The PS3 games are the only real good games in this lineup. I already have them, but others who don’t will find they’re awesome games.

  • I would have rather had the ZoE on my PS4, lol. ah well.

  • Another month of mediocre games that i won’t bother downloading. Why not give us the PS4 version of Zone of Enders instead of PS3. That would at least be one good game this month.

    • This is why I don’t count in PS Plus games & get everything I want in Black Friday you should try it sometime.

    • Lol it’s the same damn game so go troll elsewhere.If you don’t have your PS3 to play it anymore it’s your fault and if you don’t wanna play it on PS3 just because you don’t then it’s your sissy problem.

    • — The PS4 only has ZoE2. The PS3 collection includes both games.

    • Because it’s been out for less than three months?

    • “If you don’t have your PS3 to play it anymore it’s your fault”

      Who the hell even has their PS3 still hooked up to the TV lol?

    • “Who the hell even has their PS3 still hooked up to the TV lol?”

      people that actually enjoy their hobby and game for more then a week and go to the next “it”. Like myself, most collectors have even their oldest home consoles connected with either third party hardware or self jimmy rigging.

    • I also have my ps3 still hooked up and unless I can play it on ps now I spend more time playing my PS3 than my PS4. But minus the PS3 games I won’t be downloading the ps4 games. Last few months the games they give out are on PS Now so lost for me. Yet I love my PS Now sub more than PS+ since I don’t play any MP on any titles just a SP type of gamer. The cloud is why I keep PS+ now if they drop a game I want to play I just count it as a bonus.

  • it’s a good thing we’re paying more for playstation plus with crummy lineups like this

    • If people don’t see by now that PS Plus games every month are not going to be what you like you need to find another way to get the games you want like catching sales on the PS Store, Amazon, & Black Friday etc.

    • — If you enjoyed one or two of the 72 games provided for free over the course of the year, you got your money back. That’s not counting the additional sale discounts.

    • Hate to break it to ya but the world doesn’t revolve around what you like :/

      I’m excited for these freebies <3

    • You’re paying for free games and be able to play online, you should also learn to try new games whether you are interested in them or not chances are you might find one you like, I wasn’t that interested in Yakuza Kiwami and SOMA but I downloaded them when they were free anyways and had a hell of a time.

      Also you don’t have to download them now but you can put them in your library if you ever get the itch to play games you don’t normally play.

  • Remember when they were going to have a new PSVR game included every 2 months? What happened to that plan?

  • That’s was a funny joke
    Now, Where are the real games?

  • I’m always down for new titles, most of the time I’ve never heard of them so try them out anyway and sometimes I like them however I’m really wanting to try the UFC game but it’s like £55 on the store, which is a lot for a game I’m not sure about. Do you know if this will be coming in sale again at any time? It says it was only £19.99 recently and you can buy the disc for around £25 now but I’d much prefer the download, anyone got any ideas and thanks

    • Thank you!! Not sure if you read my comment but I see you’ve added UFC now for £15.99, thank you so much, I’ve just bought this now so thank you Playstation!!

  • I am very happy with the PS4 titles! They are both games I have had interest in at some point.

  • LOL, the ZoE bundle is actually pretty awesome, not so much anything else though……

  • Portal Knights is a great game and Steep not to sure about but will give it a try.

  • Garbage. This is what new PS+ subscribers get for Christmas for their new consoles & VR units they payed good money for?

    • Games can’t make everyone happy all the time. That’s why when Black Friday comes around once a year I save up money & get good games. You should try it next time.

    • If you where able to get a PS4, PS VR, and A membership why did you not just buy the games you want instead of relying on Ps Plus “free game”?

    • Theres been three weeks of Holiday Sales including the most amazing VR bundles to date.

      Also I really like these PS4 games.

      Think with your heart ;)

    • Tsunami please, Sony sells ps PLUS as a great combo and the people just paid for it because if not you cant play online.

  • I do have a very big question to ask. I just look at the Playstation Store, and I noticed that Amplitude is crossbuy on PS4 and Ps3. Now it says we are getting it on the PS3 for free, but I did notice that it was on the cross platform PS3/PS4 section of the store. (This is the link here.) And usually with crossbuy, if we get it free on one platform, we automatically get it free on the other platform as long as we are a member. NOw I noticed on the game description it didn’t mention crossbuy at all when I picked Amplitude, but I noticed the same thing with December’s Iconoclasts, nothing said that it was crossbuy on the description but was seen on last’s month blog being PS Plus.

    So the question is, will we be getting Amplitude on PS4 for free since it is crossbuy with PS3?

  • Might as well start calling PS Plus “reinvigorating online games with little to no user base”. This is, what…the seventh title in a year on PS4 that had a dwindling online base the be released through Plus?? FFS.

    Mind you, Steep wasn’t terrible, it’s just that it’s EA, so.

    Portal Knights IS just a better looking Minecraft, though it does look fun none the less.

    Not a terrible month, we’ve certainly had far worse. We’ve had better though, too.

    • Ubisoft, rather. Both are equally terrible though, so!

    • Hmm a typical ubi hater that doesn’t have a clue of what he’s talking about.Ubi terrible?…more than that,as bad as EA?…haha that

    • Hmm a typical ubi hater that doesn’t have a clue of what he’s talking about.Ubi terrible?…more than that,as bad as EA?…haha that was a decent joke right there.

  • I think I’ll be playing Fallen Legion way more than Steep or Portal Knights

  • No interest in STEEP, but Portal Knights looks fun as heck :-) Looking forward to another year with PS Plus!

  • Nice! Fallen Legion always looked great but I never picked it up because of the way they handled multiple versions of the same game. Guess I can finally check it out now that it’s a plus game.

    Also might as actually boot up my ps3 to give zoe collection a try.

    Good stuff.

  • It never fails…. Every single month when the FREE games are announced all I see are a bunch of cry babies. How about this…. Instead of whining every month about how you don’t like what’s being given to you just shut ya trap and don’t download them….pretty freaking simple. Just plain sad.

    • These games aren’t “free” they are part of a subscription package which we pay for. Also, Sony has marketing and PR teams, they don’t really need gamers like you to white knight for them. Why are you offended when your fellow gamers seems disappointed with a product they are paying for?

      Instead of accusing people if whining, why don’t you shoot for simething more positive? If you like the selection this month, maybe just say that? Personally I consider this to be a terrible selection and won’t be downloading anything, but I am not going to use hyperbolic insults toward those that liked the lineup. Customers are allowed to voice their opinions on products they purchase…

    • I agree. Why complain about getting FREE games?

    • Hate to break it to you ZenKwan but yes, they are “free”. You pay for server saves and online play. This is just extras that people WHINE AND COMPLAIN ABOUT, when it’s not something that just came out. If this hobby hurts your daily living so bad you whine about free extras you may need a new hobby. …or crazy yet better job and spending habits.

    • Well, online play should be free, as you are already paying for internet. Sony blocks it behind a pay wall, and bundles in “free” games as part of this “service” package. Customers have a right to complain if they feel the included games aren’t good. “But they are free!” is a poor response to those complaints, as a poor free game selection bundled into the “service” leaves you paying to get past the wall Sony slammed in front of online access without any real benefit offered in exchange.

      And regardless of any of that, customers have a right to complain about goods and services that they have purchased. Your disagreeing with the complaint doesn’t negate their right to complain. People complaining about complaints…yeesh.

      Maybe instead of whining about a customer’s complaint, and calling them “cry babies” and such, scroll on by, or offer opinions as to why you feel the month’s selection is decent instead.

    • Sky-Shadow gets it.

    • typing a bad rebuttal and making fake accounts to agree doesn’t help you. people have been doing this since dial in bbs.

    • its a rental of games, u pay a sub every month to play a growing library of game(if you download them) but if u end ur sub all those
      games are locked out until u resub back up again, so really these games are no different from paying for ps now.Last gen i had the 360 which ment if u wanted to play online u had to pay so i didnt play online much until gta5 but atleast the games u got with xbox live stayed playable after the sub was cancelled , i can still go on my 360 4 years later & play any of the games with gold games i downloaded back then , tho if i wanted to do the same with the ps4 id have to reactivate the ps plus account & what happens years from now when the servers are off? i guess all those 100s of game will just be unplayable as im sure everyone has seen that shutdown timer that appears if ur internet goes down when playing a ps plus game (licence cannot be verified 30sec to shutdown) these games are not free just rented

  • Cool I almost bought steep a few times now it’ll be sweet to get it for free

  • Great really great lineup,Steep is a perfect offer one of those games that looks cool but I always had doubts about it.Portal Knights looks ok.

    Zone of the Enders HD is a great offer too and so is Amplitude.

    Vita getting Super Mutant Alien Assault is awesome,that’s a game I’ve been waiting on a good price to buy it.

    Awesome month,good job Sony.

    Never asked anything so 2 games I always wanted to see on Plus.Try to bring them before shutting the PS3 games will you?…Resident 6 and Batman Arkham Origins,two average to crap games that I would really like to see on the lineup as I ain’t paying for them anytime soon lol.

  • I can here to remind myself why I don’t watch game related YouTube videos and play mostly single player games now.

    I also came here to say that Steep is a pretty cool game that was under appreciated. It is also gorgeous and plays like butter.

  • Soooooo glad my subscription ends end July coz I really can’t stand these titles anymore. I don’t even play online anymore, I only fire up Dark Souls; Horizon and God of War so needing online went out the window a long time ago. Thanks for making my decision to let PS+ lapse a real easy one Sony and NO, I am not some entitled person that trolls the forums and complains about plus titles. I would be okay if we got 1 decent title on each platform. If both PS4 titles were bombs and there was just 1 good PS3 and 1 good Vita tile then I’d be a happy skipper but when you get shovelware on the PS3 and Vita then the current gen system is also getting turds then we really have a problem! NO ONE can honestly tell me that Steep gets them excited.

  • Cara, 3 meses seguidos com jogos fracos, ao menos libera um jogo de peso ao mes, pois a concorrente ta melhor na liberação e pagamos mais caro!!

  • Sorry PlayStation Plus i’ll be too bust to care about this months offers i’ll be busy playing Celeste on the Xbox 1 but i’ll checkout portal Knights been meaning to get that.

  • Decepcionante!

  • While the lineup doesn’t have something quite as good as Celeste at least it doesn’t have duplicates. Can’t believe some of us are only getting 3 titles on Games with Gold this month b/c Microsoft is screwing those of us who have been members from the start. Don’t repeat free games.

    As for the Plus lineup, I don’t have Steep or Portal Knights so looking forward to checking both of them out. Zone of the Enders and Amplitude on PS3 are cool too.

  • Ladrones!!! Sony, están estafando a los que te dan de comer, hijos de puta.

  • Ok ok ok nice joke guys lol lol lol now tell us the real line up for the first month of 2019 thx.

  • What’s going to happen when they get rid of the PS3 and vita titles? Are we going to be sick with 2 bottle of the barrel PS4 and shovelware? Honestly what is the plan?

  • Realmente los Juegos del mes pasado ni ganas me dieron de jugarlos todavía y los de este mes tampoco espero que empiecen a mejorar los juegos que ponen a bajar, pareceria que no le estan poniendo ganas

  • This is a weak start to the new year, last month was better. Only one crossbuy title, no PS VR titles… I can’t wait for Vita and PS3 to be retired from plus.

  • Question the lineup says Zone of the Enders HD collection, but when you click on a link it only goes to the first game. Are we just getting the first game or are we getting both Zone of the Enders 1 and 2?

  • Please stop complaining about the monthly games.

    The same thing every month. Regardless of what they give us people just complain and complain and then complain some more.

    Remember that these “Free” PS+ Games are just extra incentives… Stop forgetting that the MAIN PURPOSE of PS+ is to be connected and play games ONLINE. PS+ is required for 99% of all games and their ONLINE components. Hell even some single player only games out nowadays won’t let you play unless you have an online connection.

    • Maybe playing online is why YOU subscribe. I subscribe for the complimentary games each month. YOU get what you want… The ability to play online. I, and others, DON’T get what we want… Decent complimentary games. Don’t act like others are whining just because you’re so easily pleased. Some of us have standards and would like a little bang for our buck.

    • @nico9rd Wow. The OP is right, the service is working as SONY has intended it to. You are mad because the service is not working the way YOU intend it to. That’s called entitlement FYI.

    • I PAY for the service so, YEAH… I’m ENTITLED.
      I’m ENTITLED to have an opinion on WHAT I’M PAYING FOR.


      PS Plus isn’t just an ONLINE SERVICE. It’s a PACKAGE. THIS part of the package NEEDS IMPROVEMENT.

    • Im so tired of these ignorant people like you, only thing worse than a compainer is someone complaining about someone complaining. Apparently if these ignorant “gamers” say ps plus is fot online play than they didnt have ps plis before ps4. Ps plus used to be an amazing service that the core drive was getting 4 tripple a games a month on ps3 and vita. It had nothing to do with internet cause its free on ps3. To educate you guys ps plus became required to play online on ps4 and the worst part was they raised it to 60 from 50, crapped the games, and everyone has it. When less people had it they could offer better games since they pay for the royaltiea for these games based on amount of downloads. So dont be ignorant and say its for internet, that came later. And we thought ps4 would be great addition, we were wrong, it made it worse, same with price hike. So when ps3 and vita is gone it won’t be better.

  • La verdad q x lo q sale el servicio es una vergüenza los juegos mediocres q dan este mes,ya q van a poner juegos tan malos deberian poner el online gratis,la pregunta tb seria si con esta pobre calidad de juegos q dan si a partir de marzo mes en el q dejaran de dar juegos para ps3 y psvita el costo de la suscribcion bajara xq la verdad seria patetico pagar 60 dolares un servicio tan feo y con juegos tan malos eso,al cambio q tenemos en Argentina ese precio equivale a mas de 1500 pesos

  • Every month it gets worse. Why do I subscribe to both PS Plus AND PS Now when you give me the SAME MEDIOCRE JUNK on both, just a month or two apart? And you type up the same hype every month like you’re dropping the most AMAZING games on us!


    Stop whizzing on my leg and telling me it’s raining.

    Get your (bleep) together and give me some ACTUAL VALUE for my money for a change.

    “But they just added FIFTY GAMES to PS Now in Dec!”

    Quality over quantity, please.

    I swear… Sony makes me sick sometimes.

    • Now, you say they don’t give quality games. From what I have seen, we have received plenty of quality free games. Just from AAA games standpoint, Yakuza Kiwami, Bulletstorm, God of War III remastered, Mafia III, Destiny 2, Xcom 2, Black Ops III, Bloodborne, Ratchet and Clank, Mad Max, Heavy Rain, Dues EX: Mankind Divided. Those are all AAA games only, on top of some really quality Indie games like Dead By Daylight, Friday the 13th, Batman Telltale, Trackmania(Also Ubisoft), and some fun PS3 games if you have a PS3. Now, if within the whole year, which if you buy on Black Friday is $40, you can’t tell me you aren’t getting your money’s worth right there. Last year also had quite a few AAA and Sony Exclusive titles. What games are you really into? I can tell you that I don’t like Fallout, and I think in my opinion, it’s a really boring game that is dull and lifeless. I get why people love it, but it’s not something I would be excited for. There are lots of AAA games I hated having free on plus this year Because I owned 90% of them already from sales where they were around $10 or less.

      If you say these titles are bad that are up above, then what is good?

    • Dont let the trolls get to you, your facts are right man. We know how good ps plus was on ps3 before everyone had it and they crapped the games and put older ones on due to more royalties paid for more downloads. I literally posted for first time to put these ignorant people to shame who call rentals that expire at subscription end free and its for Internet, which came later. Your in the right, happy gaming man. Read my later posts on page 2.

  • You can claim that reason all you want.. But that isn’t the reason.

    So you are going to sit here and tell me that you subscribe to PS+ monthly in HOPES that Sony/PlayStation will give you a “FREE” game that you want to play.

    That right there is a waste of money.

    Regardless if you play online games or not that’s your fault… But that still does not stop the main reason of PS+ being required for ONLINE..

    That is the sole and main reason PS+ exists. All the other stuff. Free Games, Backup Saves to Cloud Storage and Extra Discounts on Sales/Deals are extra plain and simple.

    You keep talking about “bang for your buck” but you forgot that PS+ was a thing before the monthly “free” games were. PS+ doesn’t need “Free Games” for people to continue to subscribe.

    If you want a “Games To Play” service with hundreds of games then you need to look into PlayStation NOW because once again if you SOLELY SUBSCRIBE to PS+ on sure faith that Sony will deliver a “free” game you want to play then you are just throwing money at them for nothing. Use your head kid I’m 34. Been around long before PS+ was a thing. Go look up some articles of back when PS+ first launched worldwide. It wasn’t about any “Free” Games.

    • Ps plus actually did give out free games monthly before the ps4 was even released. Also Xbox is able to release way better games per month. Sony promised better games and online gameplay when they required us to pay to play online. It was part of the deal for charging customers to play online.

    • Yeah I know back in 2010 when it launched.. But I’m mainly talking about the PS+ on PS4… When the PS4 was first announced it was also announced at some point that PS+ would be required to play online.

      Which let’s face it the majority of people complaining about the games are complaining about the PS4 titles every month..

      I mean’t to reply to that guy Nico9rd but I messed up. 308 games played… Only 9 completed… He barely even plays a game once he starts it.. He just moves on to something next..

    • The Xbox Games with Gold has been so bad since launch, do you own an’ Xbox?

    • First of all, KID… I’m 42. Second of all, dunno who’s stalking me, but I’ve BEATEN way more games than you can count. I just don’t care about 100%. Third, PS Plus was a thing BEFORE you needed it to play online. But, you KIDS might not remember that. Fourth, I DO subscribe to PS Now. It’s ANOTHER reason of frustration as they ADD THE SAME GAMES TO BOTH SERVICES GIVING ME ZERO VARIETY and making it POINTLESS to subscribe to both.

      Got any more uninformed statements, KID?

    • Hahaha… Yeah you’re 42 alright.. I can tell from your very immature post… And the fact that your kept saying KID over and over… I guess me calling you a “Kid” must have really hit a nerve.. Hahahaha…

      It’s ok to admit when you’re wrong…

      The point I was making is easy… I don’t care if you care about 100% completion or not but it’s easy to tell you don’t care about the games you play.

      From the amount of games you’ve played on your account/trophy %’s you just play a game for a few hours or so and then you move on to something different.

      You just want an endless amount of handouts so that you always have something “different” to try out. Maybe if you spent more than a few hours playing each game you would get a little more “bang for your buck” as you so like to put it.

      Have a good day! I have no more time for this, Kid!

    • oh and it’s not stalking it’s called “public” profiles and trophy tracking websites like

      If you don’t want people seeing your “games” and other stuff then change your privacy settings.

      But I mean you’re 42… I would think you would know what the actual definition of “stalking was” and how to use privacy settings…
      My Bad!

    • Well, it looks like we found out what “Bizzle” stands for.

      First, I couldn’t care less if you wanna rub yourself while digging through my profile.

      Second, if I wanna play only the first ten seconds of every game on the planet, that’s my prerogative.

      Third, being 42 also means I have children! Children who play on my profile and like to try any game that comes to their whim.

      Fourth, if you’d REALLY like to get in the stalking spirit…come find me! Open up the old FB and look for Justin Michaels. I work in Pro Wrestling and also have my own TV show called Yesterland Waltz. (just so you know it’s me)
      I would LOVE to have a private conversation, DeeNozzle311….
      Or do you only run your smart mouth from a keyboard, kid?

    • Lol… I think you’re a tool

      You said you stated an opinion. Then remember it’s just that. AN OPINION.

      You’re trying to act like I’m wrong for being unhappy with what I’m getting in regards to a service that I PAY FOR. Again, PS Plus is NOT SOLELY AN ONLINE SERVICE. IT WAS A SEPARATE SERVICE BEFORE IT WAS REQUIRED TO HAVE IN ORDER TO PLAY ONLINE. AM I TYPING LOUD ENOUGH FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND?

      Maybe to you the store discounts and monthly game catalogue increase are minor bells and whistles in addition to the wonderful PRIVILEGE of playing online, but NOT TO ME. Being able to play online is a minor bell/whistle to me as far as the service. I could do without it and never miss it.

      You say I’m entitled. YES! I’m a PAYING CUSTOMER which ENTITLES ME TO AN OPINION!

      I’m not mad that I’m not getting new games I want on the cheap. Remember when they dropped Fallout? That was great! Older AAA budget titles are perfect! Guess what? I’d already BEATEN it! Still was happy to see a QUALITY title being offered. It happens rarely, though. And, again, as a PAYING CUSTOMER I’M ENTITLED TO BE DISPLEASED. It doesn’t make me wrong.

    • And remember, trophies don’t equate to games “beaten”. (story completion) Not everyone creams their jeans every time a trophy unlocks. But, hey…. #LifeGoals amiright?

    • We have literally gotten every genre of games from Trackmania Turbo to Mafia 3 and yet people still think there is no variety.


  • What a load of **beep** Wonder how they feel knowing Microsoft cares more about their customers to release games players ar3 actually interested in. I thought the whole point in paying for a monthly subscription was to get better. If it wasn’t for the online I wouldn’t pay for it for these worthless games. I get better stuff on my phone for a fraction of the price if not for free. Don’t let them fool you. They’re not free. We are paying them to feed us monthly.

  • I really wished it was better or more interesting games and not these

  • @gaborj I do. I still record games from it sometimes with the Elgato as well. So many good games on it that got no real love. I personally like White Knight Chronicles for example.

    Granted I prefer the Dualshock 4, but I can hardwire them to my PS3. Plus I can always turb it on and play Legend of the Dragoon or something like that. Also Final Fantasy VIII until they decide to put that on PS4.

    Though I also still have my 360, Wii U and Dreamcast hooked up to my TV.

  • Pelease Stop, Stop!!! Every month its a deception!!!!

  • Tengo ambas, ps vita y ps4 y todavía sigo desilusionado del abandono de la primera y el robo que hicieron con ps vita tv en vez de lograr una conexión entre ambas hacia la tv. Aún así sigo apostando pagando la suscripción, pero responden con juegos de mediana calidad…
    Como se nota que todo es negocio últimamente para ustedes

  • PT-BR Portuguese to Brazil – Os jogos do PlayStation 3 até que enfim melhoraram . Só que não confio na Sony . A ultima vez que ela ia dar um jogo de boa qualidade pros assinantes Plus PS3 , ela substitoiu um jogo de boa qualidade por um inferior . Não confio na Sony .

  • not the worst lineup but not the best either. just be glad we are not getting another visual novel or another online only game this month. it seems like a lot of the online only games get shut down after about a year or two. hopefully we get some good games next month i don’t care if they are aaa as long as they are good games. will we get 6 ps4 games in march or only 2 once they stop giving out ps3 and vita games on plus?

  • Why no ps4 crossbuy on Ampllitude :(

  • This sucks, I bought Steep and the Olympic Pack not that long ago. All of a sudden its making me not want to buy games because I am batting like .800 lately when I buy a game for full price, it ends up on PS Plus within 1-2 months.

  • Decepcionante. Muy por debajo de lo que ofrece game pass.

  • I’ll probably enjoy Steep, the last snowboarding game I played was Snowboard Kids 2 on N64 (they need to bring back). I hate Minecraft so Portal Knights is a no for me. I was just hoping for something a little more narrative heavy that I could get lost in while waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3.

  • When will vermintide 2 or divinity original sin 2 be free for ps plus users those would be amazing as free ps plus games.

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