Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro Bundle Launches January 29

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Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro Bundle Launches January 29

Featuring an intricate custom design and a 1TB hard drive, this new Limited Edition hardware will help you defeat the darkness in style.

It’s just about a month until we embark on another spectacular journey with Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy in a magical array of Disney and Pixar worlds in Kingdom Hearts III. In anticipation, we’re pleased to announce that the Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PlayStation 4 Pro bundle will be launching in the U.S. and Canada alongside the game on January 29, 2019.

Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro Bundle

Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro BundleLimited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro Bundle

This bundle includes a fully customized 1TB PS4 Pro system with a special design that features iconic Kingdom Hearts elements, a matching DualShock 4 wireless controller, a copy of Kingdom Hearts III on Blu-ray disc, and access to PS4 exclusive digital content.

Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro Bundle

On PS4 Pro, both 4K TV and HD TV owners will benefit from enhanced resolution for a stunningly sharp and detailed look of Sora, his friends, and iconic Disney-Pixar worlds, when compared to a standard PS4 system.

Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro Bundle

The Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PlayStation 4 Pro bundle will be available exclusively at Gamestop in the U.S. and at EB Games in Canada for $399.99 USD (MSRP) / $499.99 CAD (MSRP), while supplies last. Pre-orders start today.

Fight the darkness in Kingdom Hearts III with this special edition console. Let us know what you think of the system in the comments below!

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  • as a xbox player im so excited to get this like i already got ps4 pro but i been huge fan of kingdom hearts for long time =]

  • dissapointed with Sony playstation and gamestop !!! Its christmas and all my daughter wants is a kingdom hearts ps4 special edition and i cant even pre order one !!! Im just broken hearted that i cant make her year and give her the gift of a pre order on Christmas day !!! Way to drop the ball !! Gamestop…and Sony …i spend thousands on your games and systems!!! You just lost a valuable customer …MAKE IT RIGHT

  • I have a petition up on change .org if anyone wants to sign it and pass it on I would appreciate it.

  • can’t blame gamestop. this is between sony and square enix. in my opinion mostly square enix. they have to give sony the permission to go ahead with their product. square enix make kingdom hearts not sony. sony just makes the console. now with that said , I was talking to the manager at my gamestop yesterday ( 12-19 -18 ) . he said that he noticed more consoles being released but it was hit and miss when it went live.. keep trying, you might get lucky. it took me 3 hours

  • I’ve been waiting years for this SPECIFIC console edition. You give me less than a week to pre-order and make it exclusive to Gamestop? I’ll never be a Playstation customer again. That is the worst kind of marketing. The only announcement made was through Playstations twitter. It wasn’t even a release announcement with order dates but a link to

    You could have sold thousands more consoles. I won’t buy this crap from a third party vendor either. Such trash.

    • Stop being butthurt. When they announced the japan version during E3, it sold out same day. And it’s been sold out ever since. Now that I think about it the odds of getting one would have been worse if a bigger announcement was made or date drop. Also, why get mad about the limited part of limited edition.

  • Great… I wish i wasn’t so limited… too late now i guess

  • My son is 25 and special needs and has been a huge fan from the beginning and has been saving up his money from doing extra chores around the house to saving up the money he gets from his Special Olympics medals etc. since the announcement at E3, he watches youtube for announcements just about everyday and some how he missed the announcement. We found out the next morning. Called our local store they said it was gone, my son was devastated he was blaming his self for not checking that day. I decided to call the 1800 number and the lady let me preorder it. I have an order number and a delivery date, I just don’t have a email confirmation, I have called every other day to check on it and they don’t know why I don’t have a email yet but they assure me he has one. I hope and pray he does. I really don’t want to spend 800.00 dollars on it, but this unit is a big deal to my son and if I can keep him from being disappointed and pay the other half I will. The way this was released is wrong, a preorder date should have been announced a few days before and they should have only allowed people to buy 1. I hope they release more, I know my sons not the only one that worked hard for it and deserves it.

    • If you gave them your email and you have the confirmation number, you can check the order status and it should be in the system.

  • t’s been more than 10 years since I was able to play KDH2 on ps2, I already have 2 children and I almost do not have time to play but I’ve been waiting so long for this game that when I saw the PS4 PRO special edition of kdh3 announced at E3 I was so happy and I looked every day hoping to be able to reserve it with bad luck the day that they put it in preorder my son got sick and could not go out to any gamestop, now my only hope is that on January 29 they will take out more units for sale. we are many fans of the saga that we are older with children a job and no time but we love the saga of KDH hoping to buy our bunble and not just settle for looking abusive retailers on Ebay that monopolized almost all pre orders

  • Sorry guys. Since the announcement I’ve checked GameStop everyday. You snooze you lose. You all knew it’s limited for a reason, why make so much for everyone e, then it wouldn’t be worth collecting or considered rare. Hate me if you want for saying this but I’m a hardcore collector. If the bundle released with 100,000 units I wouldn’t even purchased or consider it.

  • Wow. I am so disappointed in this process. Great job advertising this, Sony. Really, gamestop is our only option and immediately sold out.

  • How about instead of pumping out 2 million PS Classics that no one wants, you put a little capital into the systems that people DO friggin want?

  • Tried preordering this console a couple weeks ago and was told it is entirely sold out and it has not even hit the shelves yet. It’s becoming quite annoying that all the limited edition consoles that keep being released keep being purchased by scalpers only to be resold for 1000-1500 per console on Amazon and Ebay. Hopefully one day Sony will put a stop to that. It’s not really fair to the gaming community as whole to constantly get screwed over by scalpers.

  • i’m no scalper. I got the 2 I ordered as x-mas gifts. not everyone that preorders a console or game is a scalper. sorry for those that couldn’t preorder but it is limited. I waited 3 hours till it went live. they ( the consoles) were sold out within minutes. I also have the god of war pro , the gold edition ps slim and 2 original ps4’s.

    • Someone tried to say me and my brother should have just shared a console and given someone else a chance, but I don’t live with him. How am I supposed to share? Drive three hours to his house just to pet it sometimes? I mean… it’s tempting to give up my pre-order for $1000 when my car starts making those evil noises, but… I wants the precious. I was in high school when KH2 came out and I’m over 30 now. If this console released 5 years ago I couldn’t have afforded it and this releases right on time for my birthday. I would have been right there with the Salty Hearts if I hadn’t lucked out phenomenally.

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