Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro Bundle Launches January 29

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Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro Bundle Launches January 29

Featuring an intricate custom design and a 1TB hard drive, this new Limited Edition hardware will help you defeat the darkness in style.

It’s just about a month until we embark on another spectacular journey with Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy in a magical array of Disney and Pixar worlds in Kingdom Hearts III. In anticipation, we’re pleased to announce that the Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PlayStation 4 Pro bundle will be launching in the U.S. and Canada alongside the game on January 29, 2019.

Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro Bundle

Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro BundleLimited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro Bundle

This bundle includes a fully customized 1TB PS4 Pro system with a special design that features iconic Kingdom Hearts elements, a matching DualShock 4 wireless controller, a copy of Kingdom Hearts III on Blu-ray disc, and access to PS4 exclusive digital content.

Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro Bundle

On PS4 Pro, both 4K TV and HD TV owners will benefit from enhanced resolution for a stunningly sharp and detailed look of Sora, his friends, and iconic Disney-Pixar worlds, when compared to a standard PS4 system.

Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro Bundle

The Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PlayStation 4 Pro bundle will be available exclusively at Gamestop in the U.S. and at EB Games in Canada for $399.99 USD (MSRP) / $499.99 CAD (MSRP), while supplies last. Pre-orders start today.

Fight the darkness in Kingdom Hearts III with this special edition console. Let us know what you think of the system in the comments below!

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  • WHERE IS EUROPE?! I was waiting so long for this announcement…. What a disappointment.

  • GameStop Exclusive? Now I’m glad I chose to get the Spider-Man PS4 Pro instead.

  • Will the controller be sold separate?

    • No, as much as fans ask for these limited controllers to behold separately, PS believes it would takeaway from the exclusivity of the console. I don’t agree with it but that’s been the case for every limited edition console for the ps4 outside of the celebratory consoles, 20th and 500 MM.

  • Soooo does this bundle not include the Deluxe Edition?

  • this looks like my pro when i dont dust it for about a year.

  • Finally my work has achieved something it took about a year but it all payed off with this announcement

  • Is it the new “silent” PS4 or the old one ?

  • Why not start including 2 Terabytes ? 1 TB doesn’t hold anything.

    • Honestly. I have 5tb between my internal and external hdd and I have about 500gbs left.

      I should probably start clearing out some space though…

  • Europe comes with the deluxe.. Why doesn’t the US?

  • Didnt the Japanese version have all the games preloaded onto the console (as in 1.5+2.5+2.8)? Why doesnt this one?

  • Took you long enough Mary Yee. It is super annoying that it is online exclusive and requires a $22 fee if you want it day of release.

  • finally a ps4 pro worth getting not like the ugly spiderman one

  • Are they really sold-out already? I clicked pre-order and it told me there are no participating retailers. There are two GameStops right next to me.

  • Love that it will be really exclusive

  • Looks like it’s already sold out. I tried to preorder, but when I go to check out it’s taken out of my cart and says the item is no longer available. I’ve been waiting for this since it was first announced at E3, and now I can’t even get it. Bad enough that it was exclusive to GameStop, but such a limited quantity also?

  • now it’s officially sold out, they havent went up in stores when i called around 12 so trip to GS is the next step unless restock

  • Bro.




  • Will the system be available again at some point before Christmas since it sold out already?????

  • Kind of piggybacking on GoodnessGoddess here; but, you say the system will be available on January 29th as in Sony is going to be releasing into the stores their $500 console. Or was pre-order the only shot you had to get it. I can wait until January that’s fine; but, I really want that system. If pre-order was the only option, then I’m a little dissapointed in my flagship console. I’ve been team Sony for years and it’s been because you guys have foresight; so if you didn’t realize that a game people have been anticipating for a DECADE was going to sell systems with haste, I’d think maybe Sony has lost their ability to forecast. So I hope there are more consoles coming. Just want clarification about the “Available January 29th”


    • I believe it was a ticketed item in Japan so the GS exclusive I would assume is limited to preorders however the good thing about it being GS is that they usually separate their online stock from in store stock so I’m assuming it will show up in stores once they actually know how many systems they’re producing.

    • If Gamestop is already sold out, they hit their initial allocation for the bundle. Gamestop can go back to Playstation to request more allocations which would open pre-orders back up. Considering Pro inventory was already low going into the holiday season, PS may not be able to produce enough to have more available. Then again, that’s why they are called Limited edition, you can’t expect these bundles that cost more to produce to be so readily available. Blame the battlefront bundles that were over produced and didn’t sell because of battlefronts poor reception.

    • I was able to get one from my game stop this morning around 10am est. When i went in to so call pre-order it. I had to PAY in full. It would be shipped to my house by the end of January. They lady said they where extremely limited. They wont be sold in the store. Then before i went out the door the gm came out and said the same thing too. My thought on paying it in store only to ship to my house was to stop Scalpers from buying up alot on line.

  • Yeah if we can’t get a legit shot at ordering this then I am out. I’d rather jump ship then play this exclusive rush to buy or buy from scalpers at double the price online game.

    • Agreed! I wanted this so bad, I am a huge KH fan. It slipped right through my fingers just because I have a full time job and was trapped at work. I want to cry! SMH

    • I was also trapped at work and was unable to go to even attempt to get a console. Is there going to be a midnight release of this console? I REALLY want one!

    • I for the life of me cannot understand why they would limit it THIS much. The god of war and spiderman ones were on sale for quite awhile and available in stores.

    • I really hope they are seeing this and respond. I will never buy Playstation products again if they can’t open this up.

    • I don’t own a PS4 and I wanted this bad, but I had no idea when launch was or that there even was a launch. I just happened to luck out that the day I called them was the 14th and they said they had them for preorder. So went down around 7pm and me and my brother snagged two consoles. They said you could only order 1 per account, so scalpers were somehow bypassing the system limit.

  • Are y’all catering to scalpers? there are new eBay listings as early as 10am today(a few from the same person) in the US for $750-$900+. Beat the scalpers and plan ahead for more people to have access to it. The moment I saw that it was up, I ran to my nearest GameStop and while it was on the website, it wasn’t in there system till an hour later, and when it was finally up, it was already unavailable.Before you ask “Why didn’t you order online?” I was hitting preorder while it was still there and red(while I was in the GameStop too), but it kept coming up as unable to place order. The Rep eventually checked his emails where it stated that it would be availablewhen all stores open coast to coast. So 12-1pm for me, 9-10am for those in California. At 1pm, it change from Preorder in Red to Add to Cart in Grey. What’s the deal yo?

    • I don’t think it’s in stores yet. someone I know said the sku hasn’t come up yet

    • The one in my area had the SKU for both the online only and the regular at 12:30, and it was in the system by 1pm.

    • yes but thats web in store, so there is still hope for in store preorders. That is technically their online stock still. They can call it there and not open preorders but there is still hope for it to show up in store later today or tomorrow. You would’ve had to pay full price then and there. In store preorders is when you can just put the 50$ down. If I get word of it opening I will post. GLTA

    • testing

    • So the GS near me was having issues where it wasn’t showing up in their system, and we were there for a hefty amount of time trying. All he was able to get was the SKU. Another one near where a coworker of mine lives that I drove home said they were no longer available for preorder in store anymore. The GS near my job had them available for preorder instore. so I finally got my Preorder in. Now I asked him how the one store was sold out, and he said they shouldn’t have been. That the Supply of preorder was limited by the Supply as a whole, and not the Supply per store. So unless your go to store is having a problem where it just won’t come up, chances are your store is lying to you.

    • I have a petition on change .org search for “Sony/Squre Enix” It should be the first or second one. Please sign and share.

  • Not worth it

  • Just drop this out of the blue, really? And it’s already sold out smh

    • As of 9:30pm EST it was still up if you went into a store to order one to ship

    • Whoever is saying it was still up for sale in the evening if you go to the store to pay, I called all my local GS and they all told me they couldn’t order it for me and that it was out of stock completely. I too was at work until 4:30 pm PST. I called immediately after clocking out. One employee did tell me to take a minute to call next time if I can and they can put an order “on hold” as long as I come in that day to pay. This is the only limited edition PS4 I was interested in buying. I want to cry. eBay has it for $700 already SMH

    • I know man, I really wanted one! I have been saving since It was first revealed just to have it drop out of nowhere, and be sold out instantaneously.

  • Been waiting for ages to see if this would get announced and then it does randomly, out of the blue and immediately up for preorder and just as quickly gone. And not including 1.5+2.5+2.8 like the JP version of this bundle is another disappointment. You guys really dropped the ball on this one.

  • Dropping this news super early in the morning on a first come first serve basis during a work day is honestly disgraceful and PlayStation should be ashamed of themselves. Especially considering how ravenous the GameStop employee’s can be. The system sold out in hours and I’m willing to bet half the stock went to those employees lol. You can bet I didn’t get one considering I didn’t have a chance until it was past 4:30pm.

  • Why doesn’t the US bundle come with the deluxe game? I’d really love the steenbok, art book, and pin! It feels so unfair because the EU version DOES come with the deluxe game!

  • Considering the KH games are soooo colourful, you’d expect a bold design like how the cover art tends to be. This kind of looks like someone didn’t use a coaster… Often. The barely visible graphic design doesn’t seem worthy of the game it’s bundled with imo…

  • I am extremely disappointed with this release. I know these are hard to get ahold of, but I did try. I don’t think it’s fair that I wasn’t able to grab the only LE PS console I have had any interest in only because I work a full time job and was unable to leave to go to GS or check the internet to catch one online for the ten minutes it was up. I just purchased the RDR2 Pro bundle from GS. It was supposed to take a week to get to me but took two and a half. Multiple GS CS reps straight lied to me about it being shipped. When it finally arrived, straight out of the box, it makes a horrible noise from the disc drive that is NOT normal. These experiences with Sony are breaking my heart. I’ve always been a loyal Sony customer, now I’m starting to doubt my choices. SMH

    • I have a petition on change .org search for “Sony/Squre Enix” It should be the first or second one. Please sign and share.

    • Sounds like either a defect with the system or something happened during shipping. I’d contact GS or Sony to see if the console can be replaced in-warranty with one of those companies. Usually hardware defects like that are straight-forward to resolve.

  • Literally was holding out buying a pro for this. And it’s sold out wtf

  • I was waiting to pre-order the game ever since it was announced for the sole reason of buying the limited edition PS4 Pro. After the JP version came out, there was no word on a NA version and I gave up hope chalking it up to yet another JP exclusive that the rest of the world misses out on because Japan does Japan things. I go ahead and pre-order the deluxe edition of just the game. Lo and behold, the NA version of the PS4 Pro drops Friday morning with the only mention of it being on this blog. It sold out before I even found out about it (because apparently it went on sale at 11am EST and I live in PST) and was sent on a wild goose chase when everyone was saying that it was still available if you went to GameStop and ordered it in-store. GameStop employees told me different things which clearly showed that GameStop was clueless and people were spreading incorrect information as a result. Thanks, Sony and GameStop.

    • They werent spreading false rumors. I went in store and had mine preordered 4 hours ago. The gamestop employees in my area were very nice and knowledgeable. If they tell you its out of stock they are lieing and just lazy ro do it for you.

    • I was able to pre-order my system the next day, Saturday morning. It seems that communications between Sony and GameStop, and GameStop to the stores broke down in many ways. Sony did not communicate very well how to pre-order the console; following the links from Sony’s blog to their store, then to the GameStop store was not helpful. Then, the store page said that the console was unavailable online, despite Sony’s blog saying otherwise with no instructions to preorder the console at a GS store in-person. When I went to a GS on my lunch break, they said that the console had to be preorderd online and in-store, which was weird as there was no communication from GameStop to the consumer about that. Additionally, it’s going to be shipped to your door from GameStop directly with, again, no communication to the consumer aside from a store manager telling me this.

      Overall, Sony and GameStop dropped the ball on the communication to the consumer about how to pre-order the console and how it is going to be delivered. Very confusing and frustrating, but not an uncommon trend for Sony and GameStop. I wish both companies would practice some clarity and transparency in communicating with their customers.

  • I bought 2 consoles at gamestop . after my second transaction , it said sold out. with only 1000 units being sold you were lucky to get 1. I seen on ebay someone bought 4. if you still want a console you’ll pay 2 to 3 times what its worth. good luck to those still looking to purchase

    • Wait…only 1000 units made?

    • when we preordered ours . the manager said there were only 1000 units. he thought it was a typo and called his supervisor who confirmed 1000 units not 10,000. to everyones surprise we all were shocked. so if you can still preorder congrats on getting yours

    • I pre-ordered mine on the 15th at about 3 or 4 pm PST. I almost cried I was so happy. No one seems to know exactly what is going on and each GS is saying something different. They have been re-allocating stock of this console to stores at random times. Everyone’s best bet is to call a couple different stores every day this week, if you want it bad enough. I’m willing to bet you’ll eventually get a GS that can order it. Then you just go in as soon as possible and finalize it by paying. Thats what I did.

  • 1 more thing.. I live in cali so living on the pacific coast had nothing to do with where you bought it. it was merely luck as they sold out quick

  • my girlfriend and I went to gamestop at 9am and waited there till 12 noon. until it finally went live . within a few minutes it was sold out

  • Guys i preordered mine just now. Its not soldout. Go in store and they will have it preordered and shipped. Just need to pay full price

  • I can vouch for kitekun. My girlfriend and I stopped by Gamestop and asked about the preorder. The first cashier said that was unfortunately sold out; however, his co-worker took over when he overheard our conversation. He was able to get us our preorder. We’d have to pay the full price, and the item will be shipped. It really depends on the cashier who really knows how to get the preorder done. Good luck.

  • So.. Does it come with the stand? Preordered one, and it looks like it has one on the box, but it’s not listed in the included items?

  • Kind of a letdown, when I talk to you one of the US re-sellers and they said that it was sold out within 30 seconds of go live. Which means there’s going to be a bunch of people that are going to be reselling the same thing for a lot more money that PlayStation won’t get it.

    • I have a petition on change .org search for “Sony/Squre Enix” It should be the first or second one. Please sign and share.


    • Check your local stores. Ask to speak with the manager about it because not every employee seems to be able to do the order. Check daily. Even a couple times a day if you really want it. I was told they re-allocate stock. They are limited though, so it is possible they are gone. You call and place a order “on hold” and then go in to store to pay in full and finalize it. However, I was told they may be clearing out “holds” throughout the day in order to make it easier to order. So if you manage to put one on hold, go in store ASAP to pay. I really wish you the best of luck. It’s the worst feeling to not get something you want that bad.

  • Why is this a GameStop exclusive? And how many are we getting state side? This system was originally announced in Japan months ago, when I learned of it. It’s stupid that you’d turn around and announce it for the states 2 weeks before a major holiday and demand that we pay full price in order to preorder it. You’ve helped the scalpers and the morons who would pay the ridiculous prices they demand, not the actual gamers.

    And this is why I play more on my xbox than my ps4….

    • I think they limited it to In Store purchase only to avoid the scalpers. They are re-allocating stock every day until they are all sold. I know I was able to pre-order yesterday at 4 pm PST. I had almost given up after being told Friday by GS that they were all gone. I was very sad but decided to call one more store yesterday morning and they just happened to be able to place the order for me. I got there ASAP to finalize it with payment. All I can say is keep calling diff GS stores everyday this week. You might get lucky like I did.

  • Dec 15 9:30AM: So the GS near me was having issues where it wasn’t showing up in their system, and we were there for a hefty amount of time trying. All he was able to get was the SKU. Another one near where a coworker of mine lives that I drove home said they were no longer available for preorder in store anymore. The GS near my job had them available for preorder instore. so I finally got my Preorder in. Now I asked him how the one store was sold out, and he said they shouldn’t have been. That the Supply of preorder was limited by the Supply as a whole, and not the Supply per store. So unless your go to store is having a problem where it just won’t come up, chances are your store is lying to you.

  • Great…. a gamestop exclusive… good partnership there PS. Also horrible pre-order process. The system was sold out within an hour. Maybe try partnering up with Bestbuy instead of lame gamestop.

  • Went to my local EB (I’m in Canada) on Sat morning and asked the cashier if I could still pre-order the bundle. Her first response was we don’t have that. After I told her that both Sony and EB had posted it on thier blog/ FB she checked the computer and sure enough it was available. She did tell me that each store has only been allocated very few(less than 6 for some stores). Might be worth going into stores to see about availabilty.

    Would also like clarification if it really does only come with the standard version of KH3

  • I want either the pro or slim. Actually is the slim coming to the US cuz I was trying to get the pro and it kept leaving my cart then it wouldn’t let me put my credit card info in so Yea I just want one badly.

  • Don’t buy PlayStations products customer service stinks they don’t know what they’re talking about all they do is read off scripts

  • I had two controllers not even 6 months old both broke without being damaged and my PS4 fried my external hard drive PlayStation doesn’t care as long as you giving the money that’s all they care about

  • I went to 3 different stores looking for a preorder and no luck. I don’t know how much stock they have but they need to restock these immediately. I have waited 13 years for this game and it sucks they sold out so quick and I didn’t get the chance to buy one. Hopefully Sony or square sees our pleas and does something about the stock.

    • I have a petition on change .org search for “Sony/Squre Enix” It should be the first or second one. Please sign and share.

  • I am extremely disappointed by this process, I waited months to order this system and then its sold out immediately. I went to the store as soon as it was available and the representative informed be to come back on Monday because it wasn’t available for him to order it in the store. I went to 6 gamestops in my area and called 3 and no success. It is such a popular item and you only made 1000 Sony!. That is a foolish move considering how popular this franchise is. I am so upset its not even right that we cant enjoy this system because we work full time and it is such a limited item that you only made enough systems for a fraction of the fans. I shall dare to say it after this move I can say Sony doesn’t care about its customers!!!!! Yes I said it!

    • I have a petition on change .org search for “Sony/Squre Enix” It should be the first or second one. Please sign and share.

  • I wait for a long time for this console, and in just two hours there is no more?
    On January 29 I hope I can buy it, I’ll even miss my work that day but if I can not buy it I’ll buy an xbox1X

  • I’m just amazed at some of these comments. Guys, it’s a limited edition. Wouldn’t be anything special about it if there was one for each and one of us. Relax.

  • Is there any chance there would be any in Australia??

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