PlayStation Plus: Free Games for December 2018

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for December 2018

Soma and Onrush lead the year's final lineup.

Greetings, PlayStation Nation! December is just around the corner, so let’s take a look at the PlayStation Plus free games lineup for next month.

PlayStation Plus: December 2018

First up, we have Soma. Dive into this sci-fi horror title from Fictional Games, the creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It is an unsettling story about identity, consciousness, and what it means to be human. Delve through locked terminals and secret documents to uncover the truth beneath the ocean waves.

PlayStation Plus: December 2018

Next, we have Onrush, the all-action, gravity-defying, racing game. Drive on the very limits of control in an effort to win victory for your team. This game is action-packed and full of unlockable customization options.

This month’s PlayStation Plus lineup also includes:

All games will be available from December 4, 2018 to January 1, 2019.

For Warframe players looking for a healthy set of extra resources, Digital Extremes’ dev team has you covered! The Warframe: PlayStation Plus Booster Pack III has a little bit of everything to jump start your game. This includes 100 Platinum, 100,000 Credits, Quanta (a Corpus laser rifle), Quanta Obsidian Skin, 7-Day Affinity Booster, and a 7-Day Credit Booster. PS Plus members can get the pack for free from now until January 15, 2019.

And that’s it! See you next month!

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  • Puts que LIXO, só porcaria irrelevante que a grande maioria não vai nem se dar o trabalho de baixar. Soy deveria ter vergonha na cara!

  • Kkkkk ridículo. Sony, aproveitem que o PS5 ta chegando e tirem a obrigatoriedade da Plus pra jogar online. Por que a Steam não cobra pra jogar online e vocês cobram? Já não basta os preços dos jogos serem os mais caros na plataforma Playstation, ainda querem cobrar pra jogar online.

  • Little disappointing this month. I’m not saying that I expect something like God of War, but even something like Titanfall 2 (which hasn’t done very well but is still a very good game) would’ve sufficed, it’s unlikely that I will play these games. But that’s my opinion.

  • Iconoclasts is a great Metroidvania. Don’t sleep on it.

  • UGH!!
    ~SteinsGate A game I really want to play..
    So i’ll hook up my PS3 and ….IS THIS A JOKE SONY???

    Backwards compatible~~ this is why I will continue to buy ALL non exclusives for Xbox.
    despite my liking PS4 controller,UI more)

  • Is Papers, Please a cross-buy for PS4? I know it doesn’t say it and I should assume it’s not but that would be so cool!!

    • Papers, Please isn’t on PS4. The only platform it came out on was Vita as far as consoles.

    • Damn, didn’t know that! I thought for sure that all PS Vita games were Cross PLay with PS4.

      Just checked, for PS4 it is TBD. Ah well! I know it is a great game and really wished for it. I may yet still buy it if it comes out

      Thanks for your reply!

  • Would have been cool if Papers Please was a Cross-Buy title too. It’s been a surprisingly strong couple of months for + and Xbox GFG. I’m just glad I waited on OnRush, almost picked it up with Soma back in October lol.

    • I mean in order for Papers, Please to be Cross-Buy it would have to be on PS4. The game only came out on the Vita. I have no idea why so many people here think that game is on PS4.

    • Because we know it is an awesome game and have wishful thinking!

      So many PS+ games were cross play in the past, we just assumed that it was a given now.

  • Glad I held off on both during recent sales! Good month for both Xbox Games With Gold and PlayStation Plus!

  • Loving the recent lineup. If this is an indication of how much higher quality of Plus games we’ll get in 2019, bye PS3 and Vita.

  • PT-BR – Eu tenho certeza que vão fazer com Steins Gate PlayStation 3 o mesmo que fizeram com Deception IV : The Nightmare Princess . No dia esse jogo será substituido por outro . Pois vocês continuam tratando mal os usuarios de PlayStation 3 . E porque vão começar a tratar bem agora ? Vocês realmente escutam seus consumidores , fãs e clientes ? Ou o nosso dinheiro ? Pelo que estou vendo nem as produtoras de jogos japonesas pequenas e medias vocês escutam mais .

  • Que decepção…

  • RIP Vita IGC/Plus games. I already have the last 2 games they’re giving out. =[

    171 free games in my collection in 6 years… apparently only missed 1 (Ninja Gaiden Sigma). Not bad at all.

    Here’s hoping Vita 2 comes to us one day…

  • Papers Please seems tasteless in the current atmosphere.

  • After the Deception: Blood Ties debacle a while back, Soma, Steins;Gate, Iconoclasts and Papers Please are all really solid games.

    I’ve been wanting to play Steins;Gate for a while as the anime is top-notch and Iconoclasts captures that wonderful early-Mega Man X/Zero vibe that is sorely missing from games these days.

    It should be noted that by now people likely have a free PC copy of Soma from various other sources and Papers Please has probably been played to death already, but I’d rather see them on this list than something like Firewatch which is a bait-and-switch walking simulator that has elements of point & click adventure games and minor….horror(?) but aren’t executed so well.

    As free games for Vita and PS3 are soon to end, I restate: PLEASE make sure to focus on games from JAPANESE companies – Capcom, Sega, SquareEnix, Atlus, Nippon Ichi Software, Bandai-Namco, Tecmo-Koei, etc as those are the games I associate with Playstation when I think of good games.

  • I was told by support to come here and leave a suggestion. I bought a second console so I dont have to sit and watch my son play. The problem I am having is that apparently ps plus cant be shared to 2 consoles, even tho we are under the same user name. My son is under my act as family. If we are logged into the same user id info then he should be able to use the ps plus. I should not have to purchase a second ps plus. This is very frustration. Please fix!

    • Make account with ps+ primary in your new console. And you can make new account and play ps+ games. And your son can play ps+ games in old PS4 using your old account. Should work

  • Vish’ com esses jogos o nivel ta baixo pra quem assina o Plus, Ei Sony vamo melhoras os Jogos Gratis ..

  • Pretty decent line-up this month, would have expected a big game to make up for a few months, but I believe OnRush and Soma can deliver. As for the PS3/Vita games, Papers Please is a great game, and Steins;Gate is a solid VN, so for anyone who still uses their PSVita and PS3, play ’em.

  • Not really psyched about this month. I have access to Onrush with Xbox Game Pass, so that’s not a big deal to me. At least I get to “keep” it on my PSN account should Microsoft take it off Game Pass someday. I bought Soma like a lot of people did when it has gone on sale, so bust there too. I have never heard of Steredenn, doesn’t even look interesting imo, but I’ll try it. Have Steins;Gate on my Vita already, might be okay to play on the big screen I guess. I bought Iconoclasts the day it released to help support the developer as it was created by one guy in his spare time, best $20 I’ve spent in a long time. Curious though, people are saying Paper, Please is good, but it has a 3/5 star rating on the PSN Store at the moment. Can’t see how that bodes well, but again I’ll try it.

    Not a good month for me, but rarely ever is as it is getting harder for me to find games I dont already own or have access to. But glad that PS4 (and Vita) owners get Iconoclasts to try, I highly recommend you do, it’s great.

  • Looks as I will be downloading these this month instead of adding to list and not doing much else.

    ICONOCLASTS look’s good.

  • Horríve

  • tks for arruinet chrismas

  • 3rd month of no interest. Just my opinion, but they haven’t pushed anything worth my time. Just saying thank you for the attempt Sony, but I will just wait for next month’s offers.

  • I wonder what weak offerings like this will seem like once there’s only PS4 games every month. If I didn’t have a Vita to play Papers, Please! with I would be quite disappointed here.

  • I mean, I bought ps4 in September of this year, still the only good point of PS plus is discounts, I mean the free games that are given away are sort of for specific target group

  • Looking forward for OnRUSH

  • Well, you can’t please everyone all of the time. I guess this month isn’t one for me. Hate, hate, HATE horror games and racing is just “meh”. At least Yakuza Kiwami from last month will keep me occupied.

  • @RuthRPackard
    So, you create a Playstation account so you can troll the blog? Not sure how, or better yet, WHY, you haven’t been banned yet. This blog is for gamers, not scam artists. Go away, please!

  • On a different note, I’m happy with the PS Plus selections this month. I’ve had OnRush on my radar for quite some time. And heard Soma was a great game, so I’ll try that one too.

  • Wish we had the Asia lineup. Would much rather take Gravity Rush over Soma. Wish we could choose.

  • En serio? Los comentarios son de usuarios o de trabajadores de Playstation?
    Los últimos 3 meses juegos basura,mediocres. Suscripción obligatoria para jugar online. Ya que tenemos que pagar que al menos pongan juegos atractivos y no basura para rellenar los juegos del mes.
    Gracias playstation por otro mes basura. Espero que 2019 lo hagáis mejor

  • Visual novels shouldn’t count as a game.

    • I agree as they are very boring but I still add it to my account and play for a little bit. At least they are not giving out a online only game this month.

  • En serio? Los comentarios son de usuarios o de trabajadores de Playstation?
    Los últimos 3 meses juegos basura,mediocres. Suscripción obligatoria para jugar online. Ya que tenemos que pagar que al menos pongan juegos atractivos y no basura para rellenar los juegos del mes.
    Gracias playstation por otro mes basura. Espero que 2019 lo hagáis mejor.

  • Censura a los comentarios? Me habéis borrado unas líneas del anterior comentario. Jajaja que pena. Eso me hace pensar ” Manipuladores”

  • Give us a port of the PS2s SSX Tricky and ill never complain about the free games again. Shoot id even buy it if it were available. As far as these ive mever played any of them but im gomna give both ps4 games a try.

  • It seems like sony is deleting comments that say these games suck, and as i can see by the people here they are putting in the top of the comments bots and kids because this mouth is probably the worst of the year for ps plus.

  • Wish Steredenn wish on the Vita.

  • I suppose that everbody was a bad boy during the year to receive such poor lineup hehehehe.

  • cade os jogos BONS PlayStation????

  • Yes more racing games for me

  • I just hope 2019 better. We mostly get bad games 45% of the games y’all gave us for free was good, everything else horrible.

  • Soma is top tier. Good month.

  • Why is Steins gate only for PS3 when its also avilable for vita and PS4? I’ve been meaning to play this game for years, but unfortunately I don’t have a PS3 so now I’ll have to buy it x) (thankfully its inexpensive)

  • It’s December 4the & I’ve got PS Plus but it will NOT let me add SOMA or Onrush to my library as it’s not even showing, please help, anyone. Many thanks in advance from a new plus member.

    • As far as I’ve noticed, the ps+ games tend to start dropping as early as 8 AM PST every month. Sometimes the store doesn’t properly update it’s pages to reflect games that are up for grabs till a couple hours later. What you can do is go to SOMA, OnRush or Iconoclasts via the searchbar. You can find the games there. However you may notice that the game doesn’t flat out say ‘free’. What you do then is select the game and go to checkout. Once in checkout, there is a possibility you’ll see that they charge you 0.00, implying ‘free’ . If you however you are still being charged at this point, just wait it out a little while and come back.

    • Same, it’s 11am here and nothing so far.

    • As of right now, i was able to grab both SOMA and OnRush. However I couldn’t do so by clicking the ps+ free games section at first. If you can’t enter it or see any games there, just manually search and you should be good to go. Iconoclasts is still being charged for. Everything should be stable and available to all real soon. (currently turning 9 am pst which is the average each month, never really had to wait longer than that, but we’ll see)

  • Excellent month!!!…Soma is a game that has been on ma radar for quite a while was always waiting for a good sale on it,perfect offer.As for OnRush it’s hard to believe it’s on the lineup since it’s only 6 months old,it’s a game I want in disc but will definitely download to play it a bit.

    As for the PS3 and Vita games…not lookin too good but Papers,Please is something I wanted to try so another win.

    Good job Sony these are great games for Christmas,OnRush is on point.

    PS:As always the sickness on the comments,dunno why I still bother to read.

  • Anyone having trouble with Iconoclasts not showing up as FREE with PS4 X-Buy? I tried through the PS Plus portal and via search in the store.

    Soma and Onrush I have no issues

    • Follow up:

      I also tried adding it to my cart for it to show free as suggested above. It has worked in the past but still not this time.

      Anyone else with this issue or a fix?

    • Final Follow Up:

      “Purchase” the FREE PS Vita version and within the download list for PS4 it will in fact be there. Confirmed after another user brought this up (thank you sefjwm).

      Hasn’t always been like this but good to know for now.

  • Why is iconoclasts not showing as cross play on PS4 psn?

  • Iconoclast not in PS4 ps+ game in store. What’s happening?

  • Iconoclasts is not free it is showing $19.99 what is going on I thought it was crossbuy

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