PlayStation Plus: Free Games for December 2018

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for December 2018

Soma and Onrush lead the year's final lineup.

Greetings, PlayStation Nation! December is just around the corner, so let’s take a look at the PlayStation Plus free games lineup for next month.

PlayStation Plus: December 2018

First up, we have Soma. Dive into this sci-fi horror title from Fictional Games, the creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It is an unsettling story about identity, consciousness, and what it means to be human. Delve through locked terminals and secret documents to uncover the truth beneath the ocean waves.

PlayStation Plus: December 2018

Next, we have Onrush, the all-action, gravity-defying, racing game. Drive on the very limits of control in an effort to win victory for your team. This game is action-packed and full of unlockable customization options.

This month’s PlayStation Plus lineup also includes:

All games will be available from December 4, 2018 to January 1, 2019.

For Warframe players looking for a healthy set of extra resources, Digital Extremes’ dev team has you covered! The Warframe: PlayStation Plus Booster Pack III has a little bit of everything to jump start your game. This includes 100 Platinum, 100,000 Credits, Quanta (a Corpus laser rifle), Quanta Obsidian Skin, 7-Day Affinity Booster, and a 7-Day Credit Booster. PS Plus members can get the pack for free from now until January 15, 2019.

And that’s it! See you next month!

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  • Man SOMA is such a good game! Great month just for that. Beautiful and haunting.

  • SOMA is incredible. I’m so glad more ppl will get a chance to play it now

  • I love Steins;Gate and its a plesure to see everone getting the chance to try, even though its on PS3.

  • Excellent month. Even the Vita games are super high quality! Excited to check out Papers Please

  • If you only knew how many times I was about to buy Onrush but was short a few dollars. Can’t wait!!! Iconoclast looks fun. May give that a try.

    • It’s a fantastic game. I loved every minute of it. Played it from start to finish on my Vita. If you don’t play anything else off this list, Iconclasts is the game you should play. Though I’d talk you into two games as OnRush is fantastic as well.

  • Onrush yes! Was always willing to buy at a cheaper price but this will add to the player base, great month!

  • Got both but great selection !

  • Am I the only one feeling the urge to puke?

    • They could’ve put RDR2 and GOW and you would still complain.

    • Yeah I’m disappointed as well bruh!

    • no,,i feel ya…

    • I’m with you on that one. I feel like why are we still getting games that are not crossbuy?

    • Soma has good reviews, it’s a good game. OnRush is only 6 months old, is a $60 dollar game, and doesn’t seem to be like anything else…

      People want new games, then they complain. They want expensive games not $20 games then they complain. They want something not in their collection so they give you a game that has a niche’ probably no other game in 90% of the PS Plus owner’s collection is likely to fill…

      More complaints.

      Yet you don’t even mention what kind of games would make you happier. Oh and PS Plus was on sale for Black Friday deals all over, but I’m sure you’ll still complain. Can you at least say the last time you were happy with PS Plus? Or I dunno… Crazy thought… try some of the games, or at least pretend to be open minded?

    • This is why Xbox will always be superior to PS. these free games are absolute garbage. Whereas Xbox Game pass has not only 100+ free games and backwards compatibility but the quality of the games are fantastic. Glad I traded my ps4 for an Xbone.

    • Wow ps plus and xbox game pass are two different things seriously how stupid are you compare the game pass to psnow you reject and if you switched over to a ******** then why are you posting on ps forums idiot troll

  • Wow. This might be one of the best PS Plus months ever. That’s a fantastic list.

    • You must be new to Playstation Plus….while not a bad month this probably isnt even in the top 50 of best months

    • @ abraves1221 – Really?…You must be new to Plus too…Soma and OnRush are 2 great games and OnRush is only 6 months old.PS4 wise at least this is definitely among the 10 best months,considering PS3 and Vita games are not bad I’d say yes this is one of the best Plus months ever.

    • @Welmosca Onrush is a burnout ripoff and Soma is a walking simulator lmao

  • ICONOCLASTS! That’s really awesome! Another indie Metroidvania to play!

  • Well this sucks.

  • Another strong month! I am even excited for Steinsgate for PS3. I already bought Steredenn

    Steins;Gate is probably the best game on there I’ve played.
    Haven;t played Soma.
    Daru avatar may be biased but it’s such a solid game.
    Time for my,,, 5th copy of the game? Already own the PS3 and Vita physical editions but I’ll play again lol

  • Nossa mas que bela porcaria, pqp…

  • Great game selection this month!

    And that Warframe booster pack ain’t too shabby either!

  • fantastic lineup but what happen to psvr games????

  • We’re getting some really fun looking games this month and people still complain. And they wonder why people say gamers are entitled

    • entitled?
      is this youre new thing whenever someone disagrees with something Bro?
      *I now own Soma on every platform.
      *~SteinsGate would be a great addition if I/we could actually play it…
      **OH YEAH WE CAN!?!?!? IF WE HOOK UP the PS3.
      most didn’t keep it..i did but don’t wanna hook it up…

      *I bet SteinsGate is a Vita game.. how ironic its not cross play…I hope im wrong..
      this month sucks..

      I would be Aok with PS+ never offering a AAA game that isn’t 2 years old.
      I just want stuff the majority can play & wanted but never bought.
      Soma isn’t in that category nor is the racing game..

      *I suggest everyone do what I did & use GAMEFLY..
      2 games at any time for $16 a month..
      Right now I have DragonQuest XI
      & AssCreed. both are $60 but no replay value so play return=repeat..

      Don’t fall into that ‘entitled’ bs these wannabe game journal;ist spit out..
      they are no friend to gamers Man….

    • It’s because these are minor – play them once, get bored games. If it was something like Titanfall 2 (just an example) that would be better as it has replayability.

    • While I get your point, please don’t forget that people do different things for different reasons. Like, I don’t really get a ton of value from Plus. I rarely play online and I rarely download the free games. It’s enough to typically get $40 worth, but it’s still a service. I can get $10 of value from Netflix but still be disappointed in the selection from time to time.

    • No it’s the OLD version of entitled.

      believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.
      “his pompous, entitled attitude”

      So basically you want amazing games that failed because you didn’t buy them, in the hopes that they would end up on Playstation Plus.

      believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

      You want games that you don’t already own.

      believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

      You want to want the game rather than… I dunno. Try something new and maybe finding a new love?

      believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

      How many people dissed towerfall or a similar game and then fell in love with it after they played it? I remember when people used to freak out over game demos and subscribe to magazines over them. Now we get actual games and people are so entitled they don’t even want to try out games that come with a service that will pay for itself in game discounts alone if you are a real gamer.

    • I’m sorry, but expecting a degree of high quality, from a service that you have paid full price for, does not make you entitled. People have a right to expect the value they pay for. I think the racing game may be fun, but its the only title that interests me. To say that that one title will be worth the price for this month, is rather unlikely.

    • @ McSipp – You sir is the very problem with the gaming community.Complaining about a game being offered for PS3 only when you still have your PS3 but “oh I don’t wanna hook it up”,you’d rather rent games than pay for them and saying Assassin’s and Dragon Quest have no replay value?….oh ok then what does?…your F2P fortnite?…you can’t possibly expect people to take you seriously after writing those things by that one can easily see you don’t give a crap about gaming,have no respect and dont care about your games thus why you complain when Plus offer great games like this lineup.

    • @ Zeita-Core – It’s funny when you say expecting high quality referring to your just released triple A games.What about the cloud save?…the discounts?…y’all expect triple A games on Plus but where on Plus terms is written that Sony is supposed to give the best and just released games out there?…Plus started by giving PS1 classics and only PSN games which for people who appreciate games like me thought it was awesome.Now we have triple A games less than 1 year old and people complain.You say only 1 game does not make the service worth?…$60 is the yearly subscription now go look at the price of OnRush.Most of y’all who complain are paying to play online anyway…you should consider the free games your bonus not something that must be what you desire.

  • NICE! Now this is a pretty good lineup for the Vita!

  • Lol thanks but how about the game tited Bully next time

  • Wouldn’t Soma Had Been A Choice For A Free Halloween Game Instead Of Christmas?
    Soma Is A Horror Game Not A Christmas Game

    • Christmas time is horrific so good horror game is on point.

    • Christmas used to have a rich tradition of telling ghost stories as well. A tradition that has been lost to the ages but was commonplace in mid 19th century Victorian England. Centered around the winter solstice which always lands 3-4 days before Christmas. Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year and the longest night. People believed the extended nightfall created a thin veil between the living and the dead. Thus that night would be the most likely of nights to experience supernatural hauntings, or be visited by ghosts from beyond the grave. Come Christmas Eve and Christmas day, friends and relatives would gather and share their spooky experiences from that winter solstice a few nights prior. IE Telling ghost stories.

      In a way, the horror genre can feel right at home alongside the presents and carroling.

  • Awesome month. I have been wanting to play Iconoclasts for a while.

  • Is Papers Please a cross buy game? I would love to play it, but am not willing to buy a Vita just for that…

  • They JUST put Onrush in sale like a month ago for super cheap and I got it. Now it’s free.

    Iconoclast and papers, please is a good get tho.

  • Great to see soma come to ps4. Can we get clarification on the end of ps3 and vita games is March the last month or february?

  • Soma has a really fantastic story but the gameplay is pretty… meh if i’m honest. Stein’s gate, iconoclasts and papers please are much more interesting in my opinion.

  • I just bought OnRush like a month ago during a sale…. Haven’t played it much but I liked it a lot so I’m glad it’s free so other’s can play this sleeper hit

  • Thank you Sony! I’ve been interested in checking out both Soma and Papers, Please for a while. And Iconoclasts and Onrush both look fun. Plus I just traded in my Sony rewards points for PSN credit which I used to buy Celeste and the Spyro trilogy. I’ve got some good gaming sessions ahead!

  • For many of us another month of “I already own those game” woes lol. Steins;Gate is arguably among the top five VNs of all time. However, Steins;Gate Elite will finally be available worldwide early next year for PS4. Soma is a passable story-rich walking simulator. TBF Onrush looks decent, and the reviews I just google for it were mostly outstanding. I’m looking forward to a title that I wouldn’t played otherwise.

    • I can’t find that edit link to correct “google” for “googled” and “played” for “have played” lol.

  • Could at least please add The World Of Nubla for all countries and not just Portugal and Spain who get extra games in many occasions? This game seems to be very interesting and seeing that next month we won’t be able to play all those games on PS4, this game would be a great addition for PS4 owners.

  • Already have SOMA, but On-Rush looks like a blast.

  • This is a killer line up. Been looking to play OnRush and Soma is amazing. But lets not forget Iconclasts. Which is one of the best Metroidvanias out there. Two thumbs up from me Sony.

  • Wake up Sony ! This is trash games for christmas.

  • So I should never buy a game on sale because they will end up in ps plus a month later.

  • Great games but only 2 platinums to earn. Wish there were more plats.

  • Wow, Papers Please on Vita. Sony giving the Vita some love finally.

  • I was waiting for a sale on Papers.
    So free is a pretty good sale.

  • Really great lineup for the ps plus games next month.

    But will it be possible to add Watch_Dogs 2 for the January ps plus games?
    It wasn’t THAT successful but some people enjoyed it which includes me from the 3 hour trial.

    Really hoping it is.Playstation Plus is a great subscription.


  • Oi eu sei que todo mundo tem seus gostos e especialmente suas respectivas opniões sobre os estilos de jogos, eu respeito muito.
    Mas infelizmente este ano só encontrei 2 jogos interessantes que foram PS PLUS sendo eles Metal Gear V e Darsiders 2 …. Bloodborne e God of War já compraram mas se não tivesse sido baixado, quero dizer que estou um pouco chateado com os jogos gratuitos que eles estão oferecendo.
    Hi I know everyone has their tastes and especially their respective opnions regarding the styles of games, I respect a lot.
    But unfortunately this year only found interesting 2 games that were free PS PLUS being they Metal Gear V and Darsiders 2 …. Bloodborne and God of War had already bought but if it had not downloaded, I mean I’m a little upset with the free games they are offering.

  • Really Sony??? Indie games for Christmas?! You couldn’t at least get us 1 AAA game in here for December? I’m super disappointed.

    Supporter since 96’

    • Onrush is a AAA title from Codemasters. You know the same people who do Grid and Dirt. It is not an indie game.

    • @Mercenary09 Onrush AAA title? LOL! Doesn’t matter who the developer is, but the budget, amount of money it makes, and its fanbase do. You can’t seriously compare this to Dirt, or any other actual AAA title. I’m not complaining, it’s just people keep broadening the spectrum of what a AAA game is, and for the most part, PS Plus games aren’t.

  • Another insult to PS4 payers. Good for those who missed the many times SOMA has been on sale but no no cross-buy for three of the four PS3/Vita games? Xbox Gold is much better value: every old (X360) game they give away runs on the Xbox One. Every game. Talk about the arrogance of market leaders, shi++ing on their customers.

    • This is a fact about XboxGold..
      Look, if you are an adult gamer & only have 1 console & some pretend loyalty then you have yet
      to learn what we all eventually do= you’re only hurting yourself..
      *I subscribe to em both & Humble Bundle Monthly for PC/Steam.
      no I don’t want a cookie…
      but I want maximum value for my games as a powerGamer like you probably are too…
      ***No backwards compatibility is why I buy every non exclusive on XboxOne instead of PS4.
      despite my like the ps4 controller better..
      ***Daune Inferno was awesome in November as a BC game from the xbox360..everyone would like this game..
      it has all the action RPG level up loot with stats/gear etc and a God of War Divine Comedy story of hell…

      if SteinsGate was backwards compatable i’d be stoked like a mf….
      But now I gotta hook up my PS3. hahahaha that’ll happen…
      im w/ ya Genjira

    • Then go play with your XBOX…? What are you doing here If Sony is supposedly treating you THAT badly and Microsoft is THAT great? Makes no sense to me. Jeez, entitlement sure is getting out of hand these days.

    • It’s going to change in march anyway. PS3 and Vita will no longer be a part of plus so it will switch to all PS4… Something you need to realize is that Playstation is juggling multiple platforms (3) at the same time. PS+ started with the PS3, so it makes sense why they release games on it. Since the console is fully out of commission they are ending it’s service next year. Due to architecture differences, they are unable to port PS3 titles to the PS4 easily. It would take a huge investment that’s not really worth it for them. Microsoft’s consoles share similar hardware, so it’s much easier for them to bring over old 360 games to the XboxOne. It’s nothing about trying to screw ps4 owners or one platform being better than the other..

    • Yeah b/c I’d much rather play Never Alone and Q.U.B.E. 2 over SOMA and Onrush…Not. PS+ beats the crap out GWG this month. Heck they had to dig far into the past and hand out an original Xbox game this month. Ugh no thank you to that ancient crap.

  • Bad, very bad!

  • I’m so glad to see Onrush, it’s on my wish list. I can’t wait for you guys to stop PS3 and Vita titles and add PS VR instead.

  • I’ve heard good things about Soma and Papers Please

  • This is a nice Plus surprise Great work guys!

  • Onrush is so good I’m excited

  • Is something wrong with the Blog sometimes the post button doesn’t respond so you double tap which double posts.

  • That’s it… two PS4 games. That’s trash what happens to a big selection I mean come on it’s december. That month is gonna be horrible.

  • Sweet. I’m really in to the horror genre so this should be fun.

  • What no OG PlayStation games that count as Ps3 games !! Bullcrap sony Xbox just got a OG Xbox game for December GWG I Quit PlayStation Plus /s

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