PlayStation Plus: Free Games for October

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for October

Friday the 13th: The Game and Laser League headline October’s PS Plus lineup.

We’re already getting into the Halloween spirit, and we’ve got a great line up in store for you this month. So let’s just jump right in!

First up, we have Friday the 13th: The Game. Players can take on the role of a teen counsellor or Jason Voorhees. As a teen counsellor, you and up to six other unlucky souls will do everything possible to escape and survive while a masked killer tracks you down. Survival is entirely up to the player as you either hide from Jason or work together to either escape or bring the fight to Jason. How will you play?

Next up, we have Laser League. This all new multiplayer experience is easy to pick up and incredibly fun to play. What starts out as a simple test of your reflexes becomes a strategic competition with deep team tactics. Developer Roll7 (OlliOlli series and NOT A HERO) brings their approach to a near-future competition.

This month’s PlayStation Plus lineup also includes:

As a reminder, PlayLink and PlayStation VR bonus games are still available for download as part of your PS Plus membership!

In Here They Lie for PlayStation VR*, explore a nightmarish city inhabited by strange, malevolent creatures in this first-person horror game, where unsettling encounters and environments come to life. Here they Lie is available for PS Plus members until October 2.

In the PlayLink game Knowledge is Power, this party game is sure to entertain as you outsmart your opponents with a massive variety of trivia questions and tactical challenges. Be sure to have a compatible mobile device and companion app and you’ll be all ready to play! Knowledge is Power is available through November 6.

Finally, for fans of H1Z1, we have the PlayStation Plus Blueshift Pack. This pack is perfect for new players and pros alike, and includes the Blue AR-15 schematic, Pro Gamer Hoodie, and Marine Blue Offroader – all free for PS Plus members.

*PlayStation 4 system, PlayStation VR, and PlayStation Camera are required to experience VR functionality.

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  • lol Friday the 13th? Really? The game is dead. Can’t wait to play a dead game. lmao not

    • The good thing about it going free is that it’s not going to be so dead once it comes out on plus.

      lots of not picky people swarming it like it happened with Dead by daylight

  • I was just about to buy Friday the 13th so I’m happy.

  • Wow another crappy line up….why can’t we ever get a major title like red dead, ratchet and clank, fallout, battlefield, etc. each month. Even if it’s only one title. Like earlier this year we got Mad Max. That was awesome. Also Mafia 3. Like c’mon Ive been paying a yearly subscription for many years and honestly I don’t really get much out of it. Most games are free are just awful. Sony needs to stop being so cheap. And as for games for the older consoles why not SOCOM or Jak and Daxter? Seriously they made their profits off those games. Why not just throw them up for free? Unfortunately greed runs in the veins of large companies like this. It will sadly never change.

    • There have been many AAA titles that have been free. Bloodborne, Mad Max, Ratchet & Clank, Mafia 3, Just Cause 3, etc. So maybe you just aren’t keeping up with it enough in each month. This is definitely one of their weakest lineups, but it’s still not awful. And the fact that we’re getting ~72 games a year with our measly $50/yr subscription is pretty awesome, so there are bound to be weak months. Yes it’s a shame to have a weak month, but it’s gonna happen.

    • I agree, but we did actually get a Ratchet & Clank game recently, Battlefield 1 was at a very low price recently, aswell

    • Arkhaine; I respect your view on this, good point and well written comment.

  • another month, another worthless lot of games.

  • For a month like October I was hoping for Until Dawn to land on here for it being the month of Ghosts and Ghouls.
    Now I would’ve recommended Bloodborne but that came out on the free games lineup back in March so why not Dark Souls 3,Resident Evil 7 Biohazard,Nioh,Batman Return to Arkham,Alien Isolation,or even The Last of Us Remastered

    Heck I even thought a Game like Heavy Rain should’ve been on the October free games lineup instead of July

    • Until Dawn has already been free too, so they aren’t gonna do it again. But this was definitely a rather weak showing.

    • Until dawn`s already been a free game for plus. Return to arkham actually was on a really cheap sale last week. Dark souls 3 and RE7 are still selling so obviously Namco bandai or capcom aren’t going to agree to it.

    • Until dawn was a free game already. Heavy rain was july n not horror at all. Alien would make sense..i bought it for 5 bucks on ps last year. Re7 is still makin too much n dark souls too newly remastered. Im surprised TLOu hasnt been free yet but maybe they waiting till before 2 comes out to promote or naughty dog wont allow..actually ive never seen any of their games free. An older RE game could of been done tho..4, 5, rev 2.

  • Awesome, this is officially the worst lineup of the year! Congrats!

  • i was hoping for better vita games….

  • 60 us for this? Horrible network and garbage games. It’s time to stop being plus

  • I don’t understand why people complain about free games.

  • Esse mês de outubro os jogos da PSPlus não me interessam, relevo pelos últimos meses que foram muito acima da média.

  • Curious about Friday the 13th. First month in a while where I’ve actually been curious, so… good job?

    • The game is going through a lawsuit and wont be able to release any future content. Sony knows no one will buy it because of this, so they put it on the free list to fill in the list of games, and hope players will buy paid content in the game. Money should never come before fans, look whats happening to EA. They’re under criminal investigation and possibly lawsuit (not sure) for refusing to disable lootboxes in a single country (belgium), after Belgium made it illegal. Now, on the other hand, look at developers as CD Projekt Red. They released The Witcher 3, which is an amazing game, aswell as 2 MASSIVE dlc for a very reasonable price. I paid about $21 for GOTY edition last winter, and im still not finished. Again, CUSTOMERS SHOULD ALWAYS COME FIRST.

  • Considering what we have been getting in recent months this lineup is pretty weak. Not terrible, but definitely not that good either. Bummer. Hopefully November will atone for it.

  • Pro mês passado ter sido God of War 3 e Destiny 2 esse mês ta ô uma bosta.

  • Friday the 13th is a smart marketing move, since it’s October. I think it’s funny Dead By Daylight didn’t do this. Missed opportunity by Dead By Daylight. Laser League looks fun too! Could be as big as Rocket League was upon it’s release.

  • I’ve been waiting for Friday The 13th to be a Plus game!
    So I’m happy about this.
    The Lazer one looks… odd to me. Guess I don’t like top down vibe.

    2048 is something I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve been wanting it.
    So that makes me happy too.

    cool lineup. at least I didn’t own any of these before.
    like when I already bought Dead by Daylight day 1.

  • I’m happy these games are being shared with more peeps, just sad they are multiplayer player centric games. though 2064 is great… but i own it… fiddles. Glad to get a try at being jason though. that should be fun. Misconstructions here i come.

  • Yeah, I think their times are pretty much for perfect runs.
    Put it this way, I’m closing in on 150 plats, so I’m no novice, but I never hit their times!

  • Expectativa destroçada. Esse mês foi péssimo.

  • I’m just here waiting on all Spider-Man DLC to be released! (Paid in Full)

  • ps+ is not free..
    and why are they still giving us PS3 games??

    • Always with that dumb argument,indeed Plus is not free but in a single month the games given usually exceed $60 so yes the games after that are all free.I’m not saying this month is good,only Rocketbirds 2 is a real good game on the list but you get the point.

      Also if you don’t want the PS3 games it’s your loss.

  • It’s like sometimes they pick the least selling games on the network and make it the freebies. I think it is time they attached Plus to Now.

  • Is it April already? Coz this has to be a joke :/

  • nothing is better than this trash.
    congrats: october is a lost month

  • For the past few months the offerings from ps plus have been awful. Dropping my subscription until Sony drops the Ps3 and Vita

    • Good call. I would aswell if i wasnt using my ps4 to play with friends so often. That fact alone, that you have to pay to play with friends, is so scummy.

  • Buuuuuuuuuuu wt… Laser League!? I don’t expect expensive games, it can cost $5, but I want to play interesting games. Sony think again how to please your subscribers!

  • Another great game to be platinum. :D

  • I’m a massive Fri. the 13th/Jason fan, and that game is total trash. Specially after getting Dead by Daylight a month ago. Yuck.

  • guess friday 13 make kinda sense but the rest are really meh, im ok with some indies to try something new once in a while but i really want to see more variety of games, there are planty of JRPGs out there to show some love

  • I’m not saying that there isn’t good games. I’m saying that there is very little. The titles i mentioned are ONLY examples. I know some were released for free. But chances are half of the decent games that do go for free are usually already owned. So out of what little decent games they do release are basically cut in half. I think options should be given like release 4 different PS4 games but only allow up to 2 to be downloaded. I don’t think it’s fair that if your stuck with a game you already own you gotta wait an entire month for what may be another let down. But if you look past the one or two good titles what left is there? Just crap really. Low budget games that they push out to make them look like they are being generous.

  • It’s a little early for April Fool’s Day, don’t you think?

  • Not super interested in these games. Oh well. Maybe next month. Hope the people who’ve wanted these games are happy, anyway.
    (And to anyone else, use this comment as an example of how >not< to act like a massive, entitled d-bag in the comments.)

  • Last couple of months have been ok at best, but this is just garbage. Not expecting AAA games, but sometimes they actually give great games. Thank you Sony, maybe next month will be better.

  • A lot of complaints from ya if ya complain so much why still have the playstation plus? move on go to xbox i however am exited for these cool games coming in october keep up the good work playstation people complain about anything now a days , spoiled brats.

  • Last couple of months were ok at best. For my personal opinion, this is just sad. Thank you, but not interested in any of these. Maybe next month. Oh but thank you on all the trivia game as well as that’s you. Those are great.

  • That’s the worst line up ever. This is what we get for the increase in psn plus price as every month since a either been mediocre or poor.

  • Honestly really really bad line up considering this month and last month were so good, I mean if I look at it like Humble Bundle its expected but this is just such a bad line up.

  • Not at all happy that my PS+ subscription is being used to pay an openly hostile developer that literally told over 60 million Americans to ‘eff off and not buy their game (2064: ROM by MidBoss). Haven’t been pleased that my subscription over the past 5 years has been helping to subsidize so many awful indie games, but I absolutely refuse to renew for yet another year if our money is going toward funding an absolutely hateful and disgusting company such as theirs. Please pull 2064 from PS+ immediately (and feel free to replace it with absolutely anything else).

  • Well starting to agree with the wave of whiners sorry Sony but you’re giving them reason to complain,we got that trash dead by daylight game,a recycled game and now the trash Jason game…wow you guys are pushing too hard.

    Not gonna really complain though.Laser League is a perfect choice for the lineup and Rocketbirds 2 is beyond sweet,damn awesome game…give it a try y’all.

    • PS Plus is for online, not free games so to speak. Sony gives those away for no extra charge, so I don’t see a reason for them to complain for getting something for nothing. If you want better games, you ether go to another service that appeals to you or just simply buy the games. No use for anyone to complain over spilled milk,

  • We got Friday the 13th last month

  • they released Dead by daylight two months ago for the plus
    friday the 13th is the exact same game minus intellectual properties

    another disappointing month

  • Im in the minority here. I dnjoy the indies given with plus and am very excited about Rocketbirds 2 (loved the 1st on PS3) and 2064 ROM. (Love Cyberpunk). But yeah i do get why people are complaining about F13 I wouldve given out something else Halloween related since we just got Dead by Daylight.

  • I’m happy, I’ve been wanting to check out Friday The 13th.

  • Triste, fraco, jogos Online “mortos”, o único jeito de protestar é com nossas carteiras, e apenas isso.
    Pois comentar aqui só serve para os usuários, a própria Sony não se importa com isso, até que algumas coisas mudem.
    E ae você pensa a cada dia mais troca seu PS4 pelo Xbox One.

  • Last month was awesome… This month? Jesus… One of the worst months this year.

  • tenho nada contra o sexta-feira 13 só que como eles já deram o dead by daylight acho idiota agora já dar esse, poderiam dar algum outro jogo mt melhor, e esse Laser League não jogo nem que me pague pra isso.

  • just horrible

  • Wow we’ve been getting some awesome Plus games for the past few months! Right on!

  • Sony always disappointing their users. You guys never get tired?

    • Correction, users disappoint themselves for having high expectations/standards. Perhaps gamers should pay less attention to so called rumors/leaks. Also, if you expect every month to appease your gaming tastes, that’s simply not going to happen.

  • When the “leaked” list of games included things like Diablo 3 Eternal Edition, and with how good things have been in the past few months with things like COD BO3, Destiny 2, GOW3, October ends up seeming pretty awful.

    • I will say that Friday the 13th can’t be more of a disappointment than Dead by Daylight was for me. I feel bad for anyone who paid full retail, or anything at all really for that game. The straw that broke the uninstall camel’s back for me was when I realized I was putting skill points from leveling up into unlocking items that were consumable. Waste of points, waste of time, very limited game that never should have been anything more than a budget title.

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