PlayStation Plus: Free Games for October

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for October

Friday the 13th: The Game and Laser League headline October’s PS Plus lineup.

We’re already getting into the Halloween spirit, and we’ve got a great line up in store for you this month. So let’s just jump right in!

First up, we have Friday the 13th: The Game. Players can take on the role of a teen counsellor or Jason Voorhees. As a teen counsellor, you and up to six other unlucky souls will do everything possible to escape and survive while a masked killer tracks you down. Survival is entirely up to the player as you either hide from Jason or work together to either escape or bring the fight to Jason. How will you play?

Next up, we have Laser League. This all new multiplayer experience is easy to pick up and incredibly fun to play. What starts out as a simple test of your reflexes becomes a strategic competition with deep team tactics. Developer Roll7 (OlliOlli series and NOT A HERO) brings their approach to a near-future competition.

This month’s PlayStation Plus lineup also includes:

As a reminder, PlayLink and PlayStation VR bonus games are still available for download as part of your PS Plus membership!

In Here They Lie for PlayStation VR*, explore a nightmarish city inhabited by strange, malevolent creatures in this first-person horror game, where unsettling encounters and environments come to life. Here they Lie is available for PS Plus members until October 2.

In the PlayLink game Knowledge is Power, this party game is sure to entertain as you outsmart your opponents with a massive variety of trivia questions and tactical challenges. Be sure to have a compatible mobile device and companion app and you’ll be all ready to play! Knowledge is Power is available through November 6.

Finally, for fans of H1Z1, we have the PlayStation Plus Blueshift Pack. This pack is perfect for new players and pros alike, and includes the Blue AR-15 schematic, Pro Gamer Hoodie, and Marine Blue Offroader – all free for PS Plus members.

*PlayStation 4 system, PlayStation VR, and PlayStation Camera are required to experience VR functionality.

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  • not bad :)

    • and definitely not good

    • With some many great brand new games releasing in October, this line-up looks to fill in the gaps between big time releases.

    • FACT~ Don’t ever believe the reports of awesome games like Diablo3 or Nioh coming to PS+..
      **I don’t own Friday the 13th because I/we don’t want to..

    • Once again very disappointed. It has been quite a while since I have seen Sony put something worthwhile on there. PS Plus has turned into the dumping ground for the mediocre games. Quite a long time of boring and uninteresting games being presented. It is almost as if they go through the list of games to find those middle of the road games that no one bought or has stopped selling. Step it up!

    • Destiny 2, God of War III Remastered

    • Why did they give us Friday the 13th it’s so bad and honestly was a waste of 30$

    • How can anyone be super pumped for diablo 3 and Nioh? If you havent played either of these along with most AAA titles then why are you complaining. They both got great reviews and by most who played are considered a buy. Pay the $20 a piece if you want them. Sony also likes to appeal to those that buy the good AAA titles and give us something that didnt strike our interest originally . Most AAA titles that are offered are a throw away month for me and many I know. I almost never buy a game for $60 but once a price drop occurs a year later I pick it up leaving a constant stream of great titles for cheap. This month allows me 4 titles as I already own laser league to try out. Even if I put 5 hours into each that’s 20 hours for my $5 monthly cost. How is every month a complain fest on the comments? $60 a year isnt worth getting 2-5 games a month? GTFO entitled brats

    • Dont let me hear you complain when you dont get Nier:Automata in 3 months when you can pick it up right now for $30. 30-60 hour 9/10 game that somehow nobody can afford. Boo hoo.

    • I don’t understand people complaining about the free games added every month. What? Do you think they’re going to have the newest, highest rated AAA title for free? If you want a game that isn’t free, buy it. I was planning on buying Friday the 13th, but I got surprised with it being free for October. I swear, every one of you act like entitled toddlers.

    • This is a joke right? This list isn’t even Steam quality. Friday the 13th is in the middle of a lawsuit. The rest is crap, retro crap or online crap. Why are you charging us for this steam pile of garbage? Microsoft gets Forza, Metro redux (2 games), Wolfenstien TNO and a lego game, along with some crap. That’s about 7 months this year that microsoft has a MUCH better line-up. How can you not be microsft? They literally have no good exclusive games this generation. None.

    • To the guy who said “if theres a triple A title you want then buy it, the thing with me is there isnt one! I thought this service would let me in on some good games! so far on ps4 there isnt any and thats bull, games really suck now a days

    • anyone remember when there was PLAYABLE GAMES on consoles? wtf none of this crap looks fun. nothing on ps4 or xbox one looks good

    • Glad it’s not Nioh and Diablo 3 cause I already own those. That’s been happening with the monthly “free” games way too much lately.

    • “Quite a while since Sony put up something worthwhile.” Not sure if you remember, but Bloodborne was free in March, we got Mad Max after that, Cod Bo II (which I’m not a huge fan of, but it still sells for nearly full price.), and even more recently God of War III. If you don’t think those are some good games, go back to playing Fortnite you Hanzo maining weeb.

  • I guess I’ll take a look at Friday the 13th but still wishing it was single player. Weaker lineup this month, but the last few have been stellar. Keep up the good work!

  • I get Friday the 13th for Halloween (COOL!)… but isn’t the game involved in legal issues? (Or does that just stop any DLC?)

  • yes, I can’t wait to play Nioh ……. wait what is this?

    • LOL did anyone expect that “leak” to be real?

    • Expect? No. Hope? Yes. A thousand times, yes. But I would have been surprised.

      The two headliners are games I looked at and dismissed already, nothing I had on a wishlist. I was really hoping for something different this month…but they can’t all be winners. Honestly, The Bridge looks most interesting to me, out of these.

      Then again, if Laser League has good couch play support, that could be a sleeper hit with the family. We’ll see.

    • I certainly hope this helps to boost Laser League’s player base. I hear there have been fewer players despite the game being pretty good, not just “decent.”

  • Dead by daylight and friday the 13th are perfect on my ps4

  • I knew the Rumor of Nioh and Diablo 3 were too good too be true. but F13 ( right after getting Dead By Daylight In August ? ) this is a terrible month. such a let down

  • Didn’t we get a Friday the 13th game 2 months ago?

  • Not complaining but wish we got at least one single player game for PS4. Being a husband and dad while working a full time job doesn’t really give me time for MP games. But I can try them out. Thanks Sony.

    • Both games have single player content. In Friday the 13th, there are some single player missions that challenge you to kill campers in various ways, and there are also bots that you can play the “normal” mode with offline. There is no bot for Jason, though, and I’ve read they are a bit brain dead, but isn’t the real fun of a F13 game being Jason anyway? And aren’t the counselors usually pretty brain dead in the movies?

      For Laser League, you can play offline with bots of varying difficulty levels and it is still as really fun and challenging as it is online.

    • I mean, they’re providing a free service. They don’t HAVE to do this. If there are single player games that you want, buy them.

    • @ Herecine
      Free? What are you talking about? Everyone pays for PS+. If you got it for free, tell me how and where so I can jump on the bandwagon.
      As it stands, the service that I paid for has barely broke even for me this year (through purchase discounts) and I’m pretty sure I won’t be renewing.

  • So, this is why we love PS+
    6 games that I would never buy, each and every one of which I will try.
    Plus, for the trophy hunters, there’s a 6 hour platinum in there if that’s your thang.
    An interesting, varied and thought-provoking line-up.

    • wait, which one of those is a 6 hour platinum?

    • Master Reboot, according to playstationtrophies dot org.
      I find their estimations to be a touch optimistic, so maybe plan for 8…

    • oh, I don’t have a ps3, so its 100% useless for me. ah well.

      you are right though, their estimates are meant for people who are much faster at playing games than I’ll ever be :P

    • Faster?…funny how you say that as if it was an ability,more like meant for trophy who*** rushers who play only for trophies and for trophies only.

  • Yes! Rocketbirds 2 is the best game on here. I’ve always been intrigued by Read Only Memories too. The Bridge is pretty nifty, I have it on Steam.

  • Yes, another Multiple Game I would never play.

    Only hyped for Rocketbirds 2, enjoyed the original back when it was on Plus.

    Hope Va-11-hall-a is next month Vita offering. Gotta play the sequel after 2064.

  • Friday the 13th??!!!! a game full of bugs, laggy servers, poor sales and an average score of 60/100. Geez Sony.

    • That’s just not true. Poor sales – it was one of the top selling ps4 games of 2017. Also the servers are dedicated and they’re not laggy.

  • Really weak on PS4. I’m happy for Master Reboot, 2064, and Rocketbirds 2 (I already own The Bridge, which is good), but Laser League and Friday the 13th I couldn’t care less about.

    • I agree, Gorvi. October 2018 is disappointing, and I’m really hoping that they knock it out of the park for November 2018’s lineup of games. I don’t usually put much faith in leaks but I’m really itching to play another shooter like Sniper Elite 3.

  • Awesome. Keep up the great games!

  • I’m happy to be getting 2064, as I played (LOVED) VA-11 Hall-A which is set in the same universe.

  • Bought Friday the 13th used once and returned it do to the then lack of single player content. Almost pulled the trigger on it digitally a few times since the single player stuff has been added, and glad I waited!

    I already bought Laser League. It’s a great game and the devs really deserve more support, but hopefully it being free will boost the amount of people playing, at least for a while.

    Good line up in my book! And I wasn’t really expecting the “leak” to be true anyway, so I’m not at all disappointed it wasn’t true.

  • Dead By Daylight >>>>>>

  • Friday the 13th from what I have heard and actually seen others play, mainly kid behind the camera, looks great. The lazer league game looks like something from 1983 threw up and tried to make another Tron. but failed miserably.

  • Rocketbird is the best game this month in my opinion.

  • So March 2019 is when better ps4 games willl be given when ps3 and vita is dropped ?

  • the only game out of the lineup that interests me is rocketbirds 2. I don’t know why to this day, since I’m not normaly into side scrolling platformers, but I enjoyed the hell out of the first one, that they gave away with PS plus before, so looking forward to playing 2.

    the bridge is interesting I guess. meh on everything else. oh well.

  • Not terribly interested in any of these, to be honest. I guess I’ve been spoiled by the amazing freebies this year! Judging by the comments, Rocketbird seems worth a go. Laser League might grip me but time will tell. Friday the 13th looks quite unpolished, and the reviews don’t help. Could be a nice idea for a Halloween party, though.

  • Well… I’ll just wait next month I guess :/

  • The entitlement is pretty strong in some of these comments.

    • Unless they are given GTA 6 (sic) for free, they won’t be happy.

    • We pay for this. We expect games of value, rather than failing ones. We all understand thst they’d make LESS money by giving quality games, but then again. They’re choosing money over customers feedback, doesnt that tell you something about Sony?

    • Everybody complaining about you paying for games. You are paying for being online. Not games. Like it or not both companies do it. The other company use to give nothing back in the day and charge $50 a year. You also act like you pay $60 a month. I don’t pay more then $50 dollars a year. If you don’t like it then go use that $4 dollars a month and go get 2 games. I bet you will not get much. If you do then go do it. This is why people call people you entitled. You are spending $4 dollars a month and expecting $60 dollar games. Every once in a while you actually do get a game that is worth $25 or more dollars. Also people get to try out some games that might not get noticed and enjoy them. Another way you are showing you are entitled is not every game is catered to YOU. If you only like COD or Madden then you probably will not like much of anything. Also Please explain how your $50 dollars a year = $60 dollars games a a month? I would love to hear how you pay $4 to $5 dollar a month and you deserve AAA games every month.

  • only wish it was the November lineup so I could completely ignore it and just keep playing RDR2 without having to worry about my backlog getting bigger … anyway, October is going to be a good month to finish something from the pile of shame :)

  • Most times there is something I can see myself playing each month with PS+ till now. This maybe the worst lineup they have ever released. Isn’t F13 pretty much dead due the lawsuit?

  • this is a joke?

  • I guess after having June and July be not awful I shouldn’t of expected anything worth while for my “free” games for the rest of the year.

  • At this point, being disappointed is just expected. We’re always getting terrible free games because Sony isn’t making enough money off of it. So instead of always giving us good or decent games they give us trash games. All that money Sony has, and they can’t bother to give us a game that isn’t failing to sell well.

    • Just think about what you have said from a business point of view. If the game is selling, why on Earth would you give it away for free?
      That would be like MacDonald’s dropping the Big Mac because the sales are too good.
      Just not logical.
      Honestly, sometimes, it’s really important to think about things.

    • Because Sony has been screwing up and disappearing the customers. Non stop terrible free game options, continuous server issues, and the whole cross play controversy. They let their greed control them when they already have a lot of money just from console sales and exclusives. The least they can do is listen to the consumers and please them, and give better free monthly game options. Not just games that are meant for getting players to spend more money on DLC than the base game is worth..

    • Where exactly is Sony disappearing these people to. Are they magicians? I don’t know what you are expecting. They don’t have to give out anything, but they are giving out free stuff every month. Rocket Birds 2 is averaging what over 9 out of 10. Mafia not too long ago had good reviews. Not every month is going to have your cup of tea. They can’t give out $60 game for free. That doesn’t make any sense. I’ve yet to have any server problems this year. They already turned on cross play and I don’t know why everyone has been crying about it. I switch to PC to play Fortnite and still able to play with my PS4 friends. Sony giving away these games come at a cost to them. These developers aren’t just giving them away for Sony to hand out. I will never understand people’s lack of business common sense.

    • It seems you lack that common sense too, cause to my knowledge you need to pay to have plus so this “Free” games are not actually free

    • hahahaha Until you play a game for yourself, you will never truly know how great or awful they are. I’ve come across amazing indies and crap AAA games. I remember a day when you were forced to pay to play online and got nothing (thanks Microsoft). At least Sony initiated giving out games so you get the chance to play and experience games you otherwise wouldn’t. If you have a problem with that, get a better job so you can buy games day 1.

    • Think about this, mrgalla6:
      If you could buy a card that cost you 5 pounds / euros / dollars, but that you could take to the supermarket and trade in for 60 or 70 pounds /euros / dollars worth of groceries, but the stipulation was you could only choose from a specific range, would that annoy you, or would you see it as excellent value?
      You want Coke ? We understand, but this month you can only get Pepsi.
      You want the latest lasagne? Sorry, my friend, you can have lasagne, just last year’s lasagne..if you want this year’s, you gotta pay full price.
      Does that seem reasonable, or not?
      Cos that’s the same thing.
      You don’t expect to get groceries at such extraordinary discount. You do get video games at such extraordinary discount but, apparently for you, that’s not good enough.
      Get a grip.
      Have a coffee and smell the real world, love


    • ZanFear, just because microsoft does it doesnt make it any less scummy. You shouldnt have to pay to play online at all, and im sure you agree with me.

    • I definitely agree with you. Paying to use my Internet to play with others is pure greed. But if 1 company can make money and get away with it, another company is sure to follow with the same method. At least Sony integrated PS4 online with PS+ so I felt less guilty about having it as long as I was growing a games library. I still believe though that you have to play a game before you judge it, instead of complaining right away.

  • Only thing that stinks about Friday the 13th is that they just went through a big lawsuit and are not allowed to make any new content for the game due to licensing conflicts. :(

  • This would be fine if it was year 1 of ps4 life cycle or you hadn’t just released Dead By Daylight, essentially same terrible game. Pass and no thanks. Give out some decent games that were exclusive outside peoples comfort zones with multiplayer. Nioh obvious choice already own it but it deserves to be played 3 months straight of trash. D2 is already free with Forsaken so that dont count.

  • Worst yet :( Friday the 13th is a broken and dead game

    • Well, at least it won’t be so dead anymore with the future wave of plus users taking over the servers. just like what happened with Dead by daylight when it went free

  • It’s amazing how many people expect to get a AAA game every month for free. They’re not going to give amazing games away until they’re old and the sales for the game pretty much stop.

  • well thats….a really disappointing lineup. But at least there’s a Vita game I want for once in the last year

  • Wow…

    I knew maybe that Diablo 3 rumor was too good but dear god, i didn’t expect the official lineup to be this mediocre. Nothing here for any single player gamers looking for story. Offline missions in Friday the 13th mean nothing.

  • Worst PS plus lineup so far.. Just horrible…

  • Absolute TRASH games this month. How about give us an actually good Halloween game like Costume Quest 1 on PS3 or maybe even the 3 Deathspank games on PS3? They dont all have to be triple A games. I fear when they get rid of Vita and PS3 releases next year what rubbish PS4 games we’ll get.

    • Just as you think these games are trash, people think Costume Quest was boring and Trash. That is why there are different games each month. I’m with you on the Deathspank, would like to see another one of those games.

  • Friday the 13th is literally in legal limbo, and they aren’t allowed to update the game AT ALL for god knows how long, if ever. It’s effectively a dead game, yet you give it to us for free through Plus??

    What the hell is this trend of giving us dead games or games that otherwise REQUIRE DLC (Destiny 2) in order to keep playing, Sony, you jerks??

    Also – LASER LEAGUE?? Come on. That’s an utterly trash game.

  • Mais uma vez a Sony super decepciona nos jogos da plus. Dois lixos de jogos.

  • I guess it’s cool cuz they’re free but we just got dead by daylight. Why would I want the same exact game over again?

  • Doesn’t feel that good getting Friday the 13th after getting Dead by Daylight 2 months ago. It is the same game mechanics, just bit different look.

  • What a crappy month. No single player games for PS4. Lucky me, October will be the month for Red Dead Redemption and Castlevania.

  • I have a list of old games that I want and a list of old games that I kinda want. None of the October games are on my lists. The long wait for the November games begins now… *sigh*

    • Long wait?…you make it sound like you depend on Plus games to play…if thats the case might wanna drop gaming and go do something else.

  • Serio mesmo ….

  • Thank you Sony! I appreciate any line up you guys put out. It also gives me a chance to play different kinds of games then i normally would if the options don’t jump out at me. People really need to expand their taste in games. People really need to stop being so greedy as well.

    • I can admire your optimism, but i think some people, including me, are tired of getting games that are ex. In a lawsuit or releasing DLC that blocks certain gamemodes unless you pay. Sony are the greedy ones here. And they dont care about our feedback one bit.

  • Am I the only one excited for Rocketbirds 2? haha I use to love part 1 and never even played part 2!

  • it should have been outlast 2 for halloween

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