Introducing PlayStation Classic, with 20 Pre-Loaded Games

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Introducing PlayStation Classic, with 20 Pre-Loaded Games

Featuring Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, Wild Arms and 17 other legendary titles, the new mini-console launches December 3 at an MSRP of $99.99 (CAD$129.99).

PlayStation Classic

Almost 25 years ago, the original PlayStation was introduced to the world. Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, it was the first home console in video game history to ship 100 million units worldwide, offering consumers a chance to play games with real-time 3D rendered graphics in their homes.

Today, we are excited to announce that we are bringing back the original PlayStation experience in a new miniaturized version – PlayStation Classic! The console will come pre-loaded with 20 classic titles, including fan-favorites such as Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms.

The mini console is approximately 45% smaller than the original PlayStation, and it emulates the original’s look and feel by featuring similar controllers and packaging. Long-time fans will appreciate the nostalgia that comes with rediscovering the games they know and love, while gamers who might be new to the platform can enjoy the groundbreaking PlayStation console experience that started it all. All of the pre-loaded games will be playable in their original format.

PlayStation Classic

Available for pre-order at select retailers across the US and CAN, each unit will also come with an HDMI cable to connect to their TV, a USB cable, and two controllers for local multiplayer within compatible titles. PlayStation Classic will be available for $99.99 USD (MSRP) / $129.99 CAN (MSRP) on December 3, 2018 – a historic date for all of us at PlayStation.

Visit for more details on regional availability, and stay tuned to the Blog for the full lineup of titles coming to PlayStation Classic. There are more fan favorites, and we can’t wait to share more details in the coming months.

PlayStation Classic

What are your favorite original PlayStation memories? Share in the comments below!

*AC adaptor sold separately

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  • I’m so excited for this.

    • What are the full game list?
      Does it come with Final Fantasy VIII?

    • Seriously, only 20 games when the NES mini and SNES mini have more pre-loaded games on them?

    • I loved PS1 from the start, and still to this day! PS1 games came with an originality and style of development that you don’t see in today’s games! Many PS1 games were sized-down original arcade classics or original designs. Will I be able to play PS1 classsic game CD’s on it!? I see Ridge Racer type 4 will be one of the 20 in it. I still have my orginal RRT4 cd!

    • “Does it come with Final Fantasy VIII?”


      “PlayStation Classic! The console will come pre-loaded with 20 classic titles, including fan-favorites such as Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms.”

    • @TySoltaur
      NES ROMs top out around 512KB, and SNES ROMs go up to about 4MB. PS1 EBOOTs start somewhere from 12 to 25 times that and can go upwards of 2.5GB (such as if the 5-disc Riven were brought into the mix). That alone makes a smaller game count reasonable.

    • I looks like the console has real outlets for controllers. Does this work with PS2 and PS1 controllers? Since i literally have like 5 or so still lying around 3 that are as good as new. Would be awesome if i could get any use out of them.

    • It better have Gran Turismo and Metal Gear Solid!!

    • Please!! Metal Gear Solid must be there!!! And Also crash team racing; FFVIII and IX; Legend of Dragoon; GT; Spyro; ahh, too many games!!!
      Thank you I will buy this for sure

    • i’ll only get it if it comes with Chrono Cross or the legend of dragoon

    • Please confirm Legends of Dragoon is on this!

    • Don’t buy this crap. Sony could of gave us ps classic on the PS4 but didn’t want too. Games like Xenogears, breathe of fire, legend of dragon, dragon ball Z Final Bout but nope.

    • Xenogears? If not at least give us a port to the PS4…

    • @cgmcav

      VIII = 8
      VII = 7

      So it was a valid question.

    • I was exited for about 2 minutes until i realized it dosnt look like it can play discs, 20 games loaded and no way to play my own discs, no thanks waste of money

    • I would rather play these on PSN.

    • Please include Suikoden 1 and/or 2.

    • Suikoden is a true PlayStation classic. A console true to the classics must include this.

    • 129$ for 20 games?? jesus… great way for sont to make extra money… get a simulator on your PC or MAC laptop, hooked up to my TV with HDMI, and play with a wireless remote (i use my ps4 remote). FREE! and ALL THE GAMES lol… thanks but no thanks Sony. what a disappointment

    • *crosses fingers* Jade cocoon please…..

    • Ac adaptors sold separately???

    • For only 20 games it seems a bit undercut for the price. Sony, please consider adding more games to the pot!! Still very excited about this release!

    • Only games I want for it are Crash Bandicoot and Cool Boarders

    • I have bunch of PS1 games that I’ve purchased which I can only play on my PS3 that I no longer have because I upgraded to PS4 Pro. Please bring PS1 support to the PS4 , so we can play our existing purchased games. Be on the Gamers side for once Sony!!!!

    • You’re going to have a lot of upset people who don’t know why their PlayStation Classic isn’t turning on, or keeps rebooting due to insignificant power from using their own USB wall adapter that came with their phone 5 years ago.

      For $100, you can throw that in. Make sure everyone’s gaming experience is enjoyable.

    • Super excited for this… but a few games this absolutely needs are: Final fantasy tactics; Grand Turismo; Command and Conquer; Tomb Raider; and Syphon Filter.
      If it doesn’t have at least one of these, I might wait and pick up the Xbox edition of FFVII next year… as that’s the one core game that [so far] makes this interesting.

    • Am I the only one hoping for Legend of Dragoon? How about some love for Ape Escape? Tony Hawk Pro Skater?

    • Please include an optical drive.

    • Is there going to be trophies?

    • So FF VIII?

    • I hope it will have Crash Bandicoot 1-3, Tomb Raider 1-5, Soul Blade, Need for Speed 3, Croc 1 & 2, Nightmare Creatures, Nuclear Strike on it.

      Also, will we be able to buy games? Or if we have discs (I currently own 165 PS1 games on disc) can we transfer those onto this system?

      When and where can I preorder. I would love to have one….no…I MUST have one!

    • Will it have Azure Dreams on it?

    • Why the hell wouldn’t they include the DualShock controllers? Idiotic mistake already.

    • I forgot from earlier, please included LOADED!!!!

    • Shut up and take my money!! This is going to be an awseome christmass gift!!
      When it’s going to be available for pre-order in Europe? Thank you Sony ❤

    • I only want one thing. A USB or cartridge port that new game can be sold later and played on the system.

    • Dragon quest 7 (Dragon warrior 7 in west) must be included.

    • * A compatible USB AC adaptor (not included) is required to use this console. Use an AC adaptor that supports 5 V, 1.0 A USB (Type A) output

      Are you kidding me? $100 and no AC adaptor!?! pfff

    • Why is there no AC adapter included? I hope this is a mistake. I swear I will walk into a store and steal whatever “official” ac adapter Sony tries to sell just to spite them if they seriously do not include one in the box.

    • Some of you really do set yourselves up for failure with over expecting but I will say the funniest comment so far has been “be on the gamers side for once, Sony!” in reference to Sony adding ps1 support to ps4. I maybe wrong but I don’t know alot of people who are begging for this feature other than nostalgia hounds.

    • Please put Nightmare Creatures on it!!!!

    • …. $100 for only 20 games AND you dont include a power cable? What a rip off.

    • The price is pretty steep honestly (especially for us Canucks), but I’m impressed they really did it. I wonder if we’ll see a PS2 and 3 Mini down the line.

    • If it comes with the game “Board Game: Top Shop” I’ll buy it no questions asked.

    • I didn’t get the ps4 I’m still a loyal fan of the ps3 but Sony you out done your self yet again I already pre order the ps1 Classic and happy for it I do like that you staying on top of the gaming industry just the first ps4 wasn’t to much of a upgrade the ps4 pro would be my idea ps4 consoles but I will be on the for front for the ps5 if I have the $$$ will go for the day lunch hopefully you make the ps5 like a power house just like the ps3 did can’t wait to get a piece of history the ps1 Classic thank you Sony

    • I am still sore not being able to buy my PS1 classics I bought on PS3 on my PS4. There is no way I am buying this. Give us our PS1 digital collections on PS4!

    • Hi ppl . i really like old ps1 games are if you consider that games like ff7 is 4 disc and orher titles may be the same . Nintendo and the others dont stake up , I’m not saying nes was bad . it’s the first unit i had and my sister in-law and i had competition on whom would beat games first . i beat mario 12&3 first . never care for sega except for sonic and mega man is back on tv too but i can’t wait to get the ps1 classic because it probably will save money and room ( since games will store in it and not my ps3) so this is a deal . thanks to all and play harder

    • This is great, can’t wait one of my favorites was Tomb Raider and Doom.

    • I’m excited for this, just wish the full game list was there, although all the best games may be a surprise! Who knows!?

    • this so cool I’m excited for this so bad

    • Wow a lot of people complaining about something amazing, the back looks like the same charger used on an android device. I preordered mine PS fan since 97!!!!! The best video game company in the world.

    • Bushido blade

    • I hope this includes the Tomb Raider’s, Metal Gear and Hogs of War.

    • @TySoltaur

      “Seriously, only 20 games when the NES mini and SNES mini have more pre-loaded games on them?”

      Do you really not understand how much larger PS1 games are then 8-bit and 16-bit Nintendo titles?

    • @TySoltaur :You cannot compare NES and SNES game size with the ones from a PS1. Just Final Fantasy VII is 3 discs. Use your logic here! This is like 10 to 30 times bigger than the Nintendo generation.

    • so cool. hope john madden is on there

    • One game, Sony. There is one game I want to see on here. I will accept all the rest as long as I get this one on the Classic.


      Please do not disappoint.

    • will it include Crash Bandicoot or Spyro 1

    • Syphon Filter 1, 2, 3

      Crash Bandicoot 1, 2, 3

      Crash Bash

      Crash Team Racing

      Castlevania SOTN

      Harvest Moon BTN

      Twisted Metal

    • @TySoltaur You can literally fit every single NES game on 1 CD, every SNES game would also almost fit on 1 CD. There were plenty of PS games that were 3-4 CDs each.

    • cool

    • Hopefully they add demolition derby

    • Hopefully they can add demolition derby

    • I love the idea of this, but I’ve already purchased PlayStation classics on my PSN Account, and would love a current gen device to play THOSE on instead of having to rebuy them again on PS4 or a whole new device. Is there internet connectivity? A digital store front? PSN Account connectivity? Or is it just another way to spend $100 to play FFVII in a semi nostalgic way?

    • Some games I wish would make it on this list are any of these series.

      1. Suikoden 1 / Suikoden 2
      2. Silent Hill
      3. Castlevania Symphony of the Night
      4. Battle Arena Toshinden 1-3
      5. Lunar Silver Star Story Complete / Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete
      6. Resident Evil 2
      7. Mortal Kombat Trilogy
      8. Parasite Eve 1 / Parasite Eve 2
      9. Chrono Cross
      10. Final Fantasy Tactics
      11. Breath of Fire 3 / Breath of Fire 4
      12. Bust A Groove / Bust A Groove 2
      13. Persona 1 Revolutions / Persona 2 Eternal Sin
      14. Street Fighter Alpha 3 / Street Fighter Ex + Alpha
      15. Legacy of Kain / Legacy of Kain :Soul Reaver
      16. Xenogears
      17. Vagrant Story
      18. Vandal Hearts 1 / Vandal Hearts 2
      19. Alundra 1 / Alundra 2
      20. Rival Schools 1 & 2

    • They need to put Resident Evil on this!!!

    • Any Gran Turismos, Toshindens, Wipeouts, Marvel/SF/X-men/Capcom fighting games, NBA Jam: TE, Spyro, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Destruction Derby, Oddworld, FF 8&9, Suikodens, Castlevanias, Tomb Raider please

    • My biggest childhood had returned, I’m really forward to buy this mini console, so cute. It gives me very nostalgic ever since it was my first console. One thing is, Will it include every other games like Einhänder since Final Fantasy VII is getting a preloaded game and it’s from SqaureSoft. The Lost World Jurassic Park for PS1 and original Spyro games. I wanna know please so it can be worth it to buy it!!

    • You guys need to add Metal Gear Solid.pls

    • Only 20 games and no power adapter? I see trying to get in on the band wagon with everyone else and put out a mini digital version of a classic console. But common no way to power it straight out of the box? I get it everyone must have an old charging block from and old phone or something else laying in a drawer somewhere but that it’s just stupid. How many people do you think will know what kind of ac adapter to get. I’ve always loves Sony all of your products not just video game systems. But only 20 games? Really? Come on Sony!!!!! And for $100 Usd that is just a slap to the face for most of your customers including me. I have two Ps 1 and a ps2 and a ps3 and a ps4………… I’d say I’ve been a loyal customer. Why not instead of jumping on the money train too bank town you be loyal to the customer and be different from the other competitors, In a good way, not negative like no ac adapter negative and include an ac adapter and include more games or a way to add more games to it via Ps Store or Rom downloads. Miss good old companys that thought about what they were doing and not how to squeeze more money out of their customers.

    • Xenogear, final fantasy tactics, breath of fire 3 are the ones I would like to play again or see on the ps4

    • favorite games: “legacy of kain” , “medievil”, “tomb raider”‘,”Rollcage”and “Fifth element”. The console seems small to fit any cd-roms

    • This is awesome. Klonoa door to Phantomile is my favorite PlayStation memory. The whole game was such an engaging experience. The story was phenomenal and the gameplay was super fun. Challenging but super rewarding


    • Hey Sony, put wifi in this beast and have a store front for PS1 games. sell it for 150. Id do that.

    • -Tony Hawk 2
      -Gran Turismo 2
      -Fifa world cup 98
      -Resident Evil 1
      -Silent Hill
      -Medal of Honor

    • My PlayStation Classic game suggestions (Europe).

      Castlevania Symphony of the Night.
      Resident Evil 1.
      Resident Evil 2.
      Gran Turismo 1.
      Wipeout 3.
      Destruction Derby 2.

  • Is there no CD tray? And why are the controllers without the analog sticks? Doesn’t seem like a good investment.

    • the PlayStation one controllers never had analog stick they were introduced with the ps2 controller

    • The DualAnalog was there at first, then the DualShock (I had both on my PS1). A few years later they introduced the PS2 with the DualShock2 controller. So, yea, the PS1 had analogue sticks, and they rocked in Gran Turismo 1 and 2 =)

    • Yep, the PS1 DID have analog controllers. They just didn’t have them at launch. Ape Escape was the first PS1 game to require their use.

    • The dual analog controllers didn’t debut until roughly 2 years after the console launched. I find the original controllers being part of it rather fitting.

    • Take it back further fellas. This isn’t the ps1. This is THE PlayStation. It came before the ps1. It didn’t have the sticks. Those are replicas of what the PlayStation came out with. I’ve bought them all: PlayStation, ps1, ps2, PS3, PS4, and PS4 pro.

    • As demann973 the PsOne had dual analogue, heck, it even had dual shock, however these classic controllers were for The Playstation. And as it is called the PlayStation Classic, it suits not having the analogue sticks.

      From memory, it was actually Bushido Blade and Tobal 2 that first used the sticks.

    • @jlkaratekid Actually the dualshock controller came out just before Gran Turismo came out on the PS1.
      I remember reading about the game and the new controllers in a magazine and I picked up the controller and nothing I had used the sticks yet. Then Gran Turismo came out and it was all crazy from there.
      I remember playing Medal of Honor or something as my first shooter to take advantage of the sticks soon after.
      Changed everything.

    • Initially, PS controllers didn’t come with analog sticks. However, they introduced the controller with analog sticks with the release of Ape Escape, which utilized both sticks. It was a bizarre experience at first because being able to move the camera was unheard of up until that point.

    • Why no wireless controllers. Why not a dualshock with dual analogue?
      Most importantly, why no retro compatibility with the PS4?
      Sure, I guess it can’t play PS3 games because it’s very complex.
      But it should run PS1 and PS2 games easily from the disc .
      Also. Where is Final Fantasy VIII?

    • “the PlayStation one controllers never had analog stick they were introduced with the ps2 controller”


    • This is inaccurate. The PS1 DID have Analog On DualShock1 controllers that were released around 97-98ish. They were actually playable and used on many PS1 titles . PS2 introduced Dual Shock 2.

    • On the contrary later controlers did have analog sticks, i have the old ps1 as proof

    • The original Playstation had DualShock controllers. They were added some years later after the console’s release. My guess for not having them there is for budget purposes.

    • Actually the analog stick first appeared on special versions of the original playstation controller. As of the ps2, they became standard for all controllers

    • How could it have a CD tray at that size? What, are they gonna release Mini-sized Discs?

    • The original PlayStation controller didn’t have analog sticks, they didn’t make the DualShock until November of 97

    • lol PSONE mini with duelshock and wifi (for ps store ps1 games lol)

    • Gamecube sized discs lol

  • It looks nice. However, I’d much rather play all my PS One classics that I bought on PS3 on my PS4.

    • How do you manage that? I can never find PS1 titles on PS4. And I know that I have PS1 titles on my PS3.

    • itsbigmak93: Pretty sure he meant the ability to play them on his ps4. As in, I have Silent Hill purchased on my ps3 as a ps1 classic but it would be nice to play it on my ps4 too instead of having to switch entire consoles to do so, it kinda defeats the purpose of being an all in one entertainment machine if you still need other machines to do the same task lol

    • All models of the PS2 and PS3 include Playstation/PS1 hardware inside the console. This allowed the PS2 and PS3 to play PS1 and Playstation games without any form of emulation being required.

      Early versions of the PS3 also had all of the necessary PS2 hardware inside it to allow it to also play PS2 games without any emulation being required. Eventually later models removed some of the PS2 hardware necessitating some degree of emulation which caused software compatibility issues with various PS2 games and eventually all of the PS2 hardware was removed from PS3 consoles (the claim by Sony at the time was that it was too expensive to keep manufacturing the PS2 hardware) making it impossible to play PS2 games on the last couple models of the PS3 without full emulation of the PS2 console and PS2 emulation was pretty bad back then.

      The PS4 I believe has neither Playstation/PS1, Playstation 2 nor Playstation 3 hardware inside it which means emulation would be needed to enable any kind of backwards compatibility. This is almost certainly why the PS1 games on your PS3 account aren’t accessible on your PS4.

    • @Nicholas_Steel PS3, Vita, and and PSP used emulation for the PlayStation games. They don’t have PlayStation components in them. The PS4 could easily play those classics.

    • @Nicholas_Steel
      Not quite. The reason PS2/3 could play PlayStation games from disk was because PlayStation games werent encrypted. The encryption came later with PS2 games which is why only first generation PS3’s could play them (with a patch) because they found it too costly to add backwards compatibility to all the consoles. You can actually pop certain PlayStation disks into a computer and depending on the software some are playable

  • Chrono Cross. Thanks.

  • My favorite moment was when I didn’t have to worry about the console coming with a power source. For $99 you guys can include the needed power cable…

    • It’s USB powered & comes with a USB cable. If you want the Power Adapter (which is what plugs into a wall outlet) you’ll have to buy that separate.

    • Ac cable is not included because you use the USB cable to power it, not the ac cable… You will be able to turn it on, don’t worry lol

    • How many of you athat are even the slightest bit interested can tell me you do not have a usb power block anywhere around you. I have them built in my surge protector.

    • Directly from the Playstation site:

      * A compatible USB AC adaptor (not included) is required to use this console. Use an AC adaptor that supports 5 V, 1.0 A USB (Type A) output

      So no, it probably won’t power on through USB :(

    • “Directly from the Playstation site:

      * A compatible USB AC adaptor (not included) is required to use this console. Use an AC adaptor that supports 5 V, 1.0 A USB (Type A) output

      So no, it probably won’t power on through USB :(”

      It doesn’t come with an adapter glug like those that come with an iphone. It is still powered by USB, just plug it directly into a surge protector that has USB ports or any other USB to AC adapter.

  • AC Adapter sold separately? Wow Sony, you already torpedoed this thing. Unless you don’t need an ac adapter to play it, which would be odd.

  • Let’s get this out the way now:


    – Small design
    – Cool titles


    – No A/C included yet you have the USB cord needed for it? Why? Just add the A/C.
    – No DualShock? Come on bruh…
    – $100 feels too much especially when there isn’t an included A/C.

    • The original PS1 didn’t have DUALSHOCK (it didn’t exist until PS2) and the USB is the power source.

    • DudeDam…stop lying. PS1 had DualShock controllers (fun fact: PS2’s controllers were called DualShock2).

    • The USB cable *is* the AC adapter. It’ll power off of any USB port and doesn’t need a wall adapter.

    • PS1 had dual shock controllers @DudeDam.

    • No, it didn’t originally have dual shocks. They didn’t exist until a couple years later. I bought one when it came out. When it was called the PlayStation, not the PlayStation 1. These were the controllers that came standard if you bought the original PlayStation.

    • @Air0087 Dudedam is right, The ORIGINAL playstation did not have dualshock controllers; it was not until later that Dualshock controllers were made for the PS1.

    • The Original Dual Shock WAS for PlayStation and came out a few years later. I remember because there was a lot of praise for the way that MGS used the dual shock. Shortly before that, they had released analog controllers without the vibration feedback. The original classic PlayStation just had the digital controllers.

    • He specifically said it didn’t come out until the PS2, which isn’t true.

      Some of you are trying to say there were two different Playstations, the original PlayStation (PSX) and the PlayStation One (PSone; the smaller, round version) and the dual shock came out with the One. This isn’t true. The original dual shock came before the PS1.

    • A usb is fine for use, if they used an real power pack with a plug they would probably need to make the console bigger.
      Pretty much everyone has a usb plug sitting around or just borrow the one from your phone !
      It’s really not a big deal

    • Just use a usb plug, it will work perfectly fine
      You get them with most phones or tablets etc
      It’s playstation classic eg… none of the games require DualShock or can utilise it so it would be a waste

  • I bought my first PlayStation the day it came out in the US. I must’ve played Ridge Racer until the next day. What an amazing console!

  • No thanks, I already have a PS1 mini: it’s called the PS TV (Bita TV aun Japan).

    From the looks of it, the PS TV is even smaller than the aforementioned PS Classic, and not only it can play the PS1 classics from the PSN that I’ve been buying since the PS3’s days, but also PSP classics, PS Vita games and can also be used to remote play PS4 games when away from home.

    • Also the PS TV comes with the power cable, so this entire thing is just lolworthy

    • You’re missing the point Hakumen: It’s all about the nostalgia baby! Even the box-art is a replica.

      Hopefully your ps1 classics, from the psn, will work.

  • No thanks, I already have a PS1 mini: it’s called the PS TV (Vita TV in Japan).

    From the looks of it, the PS TV is even smaller than the aforementioned PS Classic, and not only it can play the PS1 classics from the PSN that I’ve been buying since the PS3’s days, but also PSP classics, PS Vita games and can also be used to remote play PS4 games when away from home.

    • Indeed, a great little system, even if a few PS1 Classics weren’t allowed to play on it. Supports multiplayer players as well, and with dual analog support that looks to be missing from this Classic.

  • Gotta get it!

    I hope Xenogears is one of those games.

  • I want to know the specs of that thing. Thanks.

  • -No A/C adapter included? Seriously?!
    -Did we forget about the PS TV…?
    -Could we please have our already-purchased PS One Classics accessible on the PS4?

    • It’s powered thru USB, it just doesn’t come with the USB to AC adapter. You can use one of those little iphone wall plugs or any number of usb/ac adapters out there. Hell just plug it directly into a surge protector since most of the newer once have usb outlets.

  • Honestly, I’ll skip this. Maybe if it had PSN support for PS1 Classics and offered a few exclusive titles unavailable on PSN, like Ape Escape, I’d be all over it, but with just pre loaded games I can play on my PS3 or PSTV already, I’ll give it a miss.

  • Look at Sony being all #metoo. Cute.
    For $ bucks they could have at least doubled the amount of games on it, easily!

    “*AC adaptor sold separately”

  • Look at Sony being all #metoo. Cute.
    For $ bucks they could have at least doubled the amount of games on it, easily!

    “*AC adapter sold separately”

  • If it comes with Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil 2 its a must buy

    • I don’t think those will happen with THIS one. This’ll be more focused on non-DualShock titles, probably. MGS is best played with analog and vibration support.

      Those two are definitely PSX classics, though!

    • They are re-releasing RE2 on the PS4 a two months later with updated graphics for $60, so it won’t happen for that reason as well.

  • The original Digimon World was the best!! Would love to see this available !

  • PS1 games on PS4.

    And purchases must be accessable on the next PS.

  • Sony should add Petscop to the list of preinstalled games.

  • look cool but not worth $100.00 for 20 games.

  • I am remembering playing Syphon Filter, and a bit of Metal Gear.

  • $99 and you can’t include THE PLUG? LOL!!! No thanks, besides I still have all my PS1 games, 2 PS2’s, and most of my PS1(and some PS2) titles on a card for my PS Vita AND Vita TV…. no point in getting this.

  • When’s Valkyrie Profile???

  • Oh man an accessible MGS would suit me fine on this

  • Here’s a better idea PlayStation…Rerelease the PlayStation TV with the following changes:

    -Streaming apps support such as Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/PlayStation Vue/Crunchy Roll/etc.
    -Included DualShock 4 w/ charging cable.
    -SD card support instead of proprietary memory cards (i.e. Vita memory cards).
    -Retain PlayStation Store access & support for PlayStation Classics, as well as some select Vita titles.
    -Keep PS4 Remote Play support, as an added value for those that already have a PS4 & want to use it on the go.

    • PS Vita with a dock that delivers HDMI-Out and DS4 support.

      Sony’s already done this before, too: PSPgo had the Cradle, video-out and DS3 support (via USB). It’s so weird that these features didn’t carry over to the Vita.

  • It looks cool. But I want to see a full list of the 20 games first, alright?

  • “*AC adaptor sold separately”
    Are you stupid, Sony? What kind of bs is this?

  • Mixed feelings. The PS1 was the first console that I really fell in love with, and I still have a couple working PS1 consoles with me today. But I just want my *current* digital PS1 Classics library to be available on PS4.

  • Can we please have Soul Reaver on here!!!!

  • how about the graphic?

  • Looking forward to seeing the complete list of games. I hope it has Destruction Derby, Tenchu: Stealth Assassins, and Blood Omen: Legacy of Cain.

  • I’m assuming easily moddable too which is the only reason I’ll get. I’m just curious as to what this console has in it compared to the SNES mini that I have. I put a bunch of SNES titles and GBA titles and have alot more room left. If the PS One Mini doesn’t have alot of extra room, that’s a pass. I love it for the simple fact that it really brings things back and the controls etc. But like the SNES mini, it isn’t important nor do they matter when emulators can play up to N64, PS games on basically anything. So these are bought more out of nostalgia. I only bought the snes mini recently because I had money to spare and it was at EB Games when I got to the store browsing. I’m assuming it’ll be released alot better than nintendo’s mini’s. If so that’s probably my only chance of getting it lol

    • Probably less spare room compared to the Nintendo retro systems for one reasons, game size. Game cartridges were tiny in comparison to CD storage (several megabytes for carts compared to up to 700MB for a CD), so with more than 20 discs (since at least one game is multiple discs) stored on this, the total storage space will be more, but also more will be used.

  • Digimone world or Digimon world 3

  • Why are avatars on here half broken? I want to see my Spidey avatar.

    Also, this is great news for me as a Playstation collector. For my wallet, this sucks as I’ll likely never play a game for longer than 5 minutes lmao.

  • lol so this is why the PS4 doesn’t have the PS1 classics the PS3 had (that I already paid for)?

    weak, sony.

  • Stick to ps now or make ps4 backwards compatible…quit being like the rest of the gaming companies just for nostalgia….if it was a ps1 w×1ith the ability to play old discs on top of playing preloaded games, then this woulda been a hit… not shelling out 100+ dollars for a system that doesnt have an ac adaptor and games that are already playable on the psn through a ps3 or ps4

  • Hold my beer…!

  • If you put Legend of Legaia on this, I’ll buy two @playstation

    • Legend of Legaia was a great game. Still own a copy, but mine was an ex rental, and stopped working around half way through the game.

  • *Scalpers intensifies*

  • Why not innnn indiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa please make it available for indiaaaaa please please playstation

  • yup. and pay for the SAME games again and again. just like with Xperia Play.

  • Please @playstation !
    – Crash Bandicoot
    – Spyro
    – Medievil
    – Bugs Bunny Lost in Time
    – Ape Escape

  • I’m buying this just for nostalgia and collection. Having said that, we need to be able to play our older games in our PlayStation consoles. Also, $100 and no AC adapter? Come on Sony, your better than that. Include it and it’s a day-one purchase.

    • *you’re. Stupid auto correct.

    • Why would they do this: “Having said that, we need to be able to play our older games in our PlayStation consoles.” When you’ll do this: “I’m buying this just for nostalgia and collection.”

      They seem to be banking on making more money off the latter behavior than by enabling & permitting the former, so…We’re kind of stuck until Sony starts listening to any of their customers.

  • MUST HAVE!!!

  • I wonder if the $6-$10 PSOne Classic versions of any of the included titles will remain on the PlayStation Store after this comes out, or if their continued availability will be dependent on some executive’s coin flip.

    Glad these titles are being made available for modern consumers on currently-manufactured hardware, but I’d take the existing digital titles and physical discs being finally made playable on PS4 (and beyond) over having to take up yet another HDMI port with this box.

    • As someone who still owns a PS3 and PSP, I really hope they don’t remove those games from the store. I still buy the occasional games for both systems, even if PS4 is my current priority.

  • Final Fantasy 8 is my favorite memory from PS1…

    If that’s on here, I’ll definitely buy it.

  • Gonna pass on this one but I’d be all over a ps2 version if it came with a power cable.

  • Ac adapter sold separately wtf???

    • This console is for collectors who make the collection of old console and old games.
      I think let myself be tempted, just for the collection because I must admit that this version is quite attractive.

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