Introducing PlayStation Classic, with 20 Pre-Loaded Games

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Introducing PlayStation Classic, with 20 Pre-Loaded Games

Featuring Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, Wild Arms and 17 other legendary titles, the new mini-console launches December 3 at an MSRP of $99.99 (CAD$129.99).

PlayStation Classic

Almost 25 years ago, the original PlayStation was introduced to the world. Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, it was the first home console in video game history to ship 100 million units worldwide, offering consumers a chance to play games with real-time 3D rendered graphics in their homes.

Today, we are excited to announce that we are bringing back the original PlayStation experience in a new miniaturized version – PlayStation Classic! The console will come pre-loaded with 20 classic titles, including fan-favorites such as Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms.

The mini console is approximately 45% smaller than the original PlayStation, and it emulates the original’s look and feel by featuring similar controllers and packaging. Long-time fans will appreciate the nostalgia that comes with rediscovering the games they know and love, while gamers who might be new to the platform can enjoy the groundbreaking PlayStation console experience that started it all. All of the pre-loaded games will be playable in their original format.

PlayStation Classic

Available for pre-order at select retailers across the US and CAN, each unit will also come with an HDMI cable to connect to their TV, a USB cable, and two controllers for local multiplayer within compatible titles. PlayStation Classic will be available for $99.99 USD (MSRP) / $129.99 CAN (MSRP) on December 3, 2018 – a historic date for all of us at PlayStation.

Visit for more details on regional availability, and stay tuned to the Blog for the full lineup of titles coming to PlayStation Classic. There are more fan favorites, and we can’t wait to share more details in the coming months.

PlayStation Classic

What are your favorite original PlayStation memories? Share in the comments below!

*AC adaptor sold separately

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  • Titles I’m hoping for that would likely make it:

    Chrono Cross
    Legend of Dragoon
    Metal Gear Solid
    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

    Other games I’d love but doubt would make the cut:

    Arc the Lad Collection
    Brave Fencer Musashi
    Legend of Legaia
    Silent Hill
    Lunar: SSSC
    Vagrant Story

    Possible titles:

    Parasite Eve
    Twisted Metal
    Tomb Raider
    Gran Turismo

    Titles that probably won’t make it cause they’re sequels with the original titles available:

    Resident Evil 2
    Suikoden 2

    And probably not Final Fantasy Tactics since there’s already an FF title.

    • Lunar Silver Star Story
      Lunar 2 Eternal Blue
      Legend of Dragoon
      Final Fantasy Tactics
      Final Fantasy 8
      Valkyrie Profile
      Legend of Legaia

      I have all of these for the ps1 still but no backwards compatibility on ps4 so theyve been sitting on a shelf collecting dust for years….

    • @lax87 Oh my god, a man/woman after my own heart. You just listed my t3 of my top games that I REALLY want this mini PS to have. I’ve been waiting forever for Legend of Legaia and Valkyrie Profile for for the Vita. I’m pretty sure I have them on my PSP but I don’t even know if it’s still working lmao. Like seriously, Sony! ><

    • When is Sony going to Remaster Socom 2 and Combined Assault?!

  • Before anyone panics about the controllers, let’s get out in front of it with a brief history of Playstation 1 controllers:

    The controllers pictured alongside the PlayStation Classic are modeled after either the SCPH-1010 (released in 1994) or the 10% bigger SCPH-1080 (released in 1996). Analog sticks weren’t featured until the brief introduction of the Dual Analog controller in 1997, and then again (later that year) with the DualShock…

    I hope that this will help.

    • Yeah, but the digital controllers are sad because they mean no chance of Ape Escape. Also, I hate using digital pads for games with analog support. Still got a DS1 for my PS1 games.

  • At least include a USB adapter so we can use our old Dualshock controllers.
    It’s a real shame to leave out analog controls for Ridge Racer Type 4.

  • Is tenchu gonna be in there most likely MGS aswell.

  • Oh yes!!!

  • No ac adaptor. Possibly no sports titles. I’ll pass.

  • Hmmmmm interesting… While this is tempting… It’s really no different than the NES or SNES mini…

    But for a price of $99 and only 20 games I feel like you’ll have a better experience if you just buy a pre-owned PS1 or a pre-owned PS2 (capable of playing PS1 games) and just go with that instead.

    I mean I suppose emulation could come into play with this PS1 Mini and people will eventually unlock the whole catalog of games that were available on the original PlayStation.

    Also I’m pretty sure at the very bottom of the article it says that the A/C adapter isn’t included…

    Since when does a piece of electronic equipment not come with a means to power it?

  • Cool, I hope it also has legend of dragoon and final fantasy 8, as that game looks like its not coming to modern platforms.

    Also, it would be cool if Sony gave us away to use those ps1 controllers on our PS4 :)

  • My ps3 died a while back & I decided to not get it repaired. RIP anyway I agree with a lot of people here and say Sony PLEASE let us play our classics on ps4.

  • Just so everyone sees this. THE CONSOLE IS POWERED BY A. U S B not a AC cord the sold separately part is a joke because of how it was originally sold. Also yes the original console had dual shock just not at launch.

  • -No analog sticks
    -No Crash Team Racing
    -No sale

  • Please put ffviii on too

  • The only games that would sell this to me are currently unavailable classics like Battle Arena Toshinden, Tenchu, & Bushido Blade. No interest in buying something with just a handful of PS1 classics I can already play on the Vita or PS3.

  • Gran Turismo? 1 and 2. You know the games your company actually owns ALL rights to.

  • I will buy even if I have multiple original systems and hundreds of games :D
    The best thing with mini systems is that they come with new high quality controllers, I rebuild them with a new microcontroller, original system plug and 5 mins of coding, and bam quality controllers for our beloved retro systems!
    The system themself is great for the living room TV/Projector since the original systems lives in my mancave :)

  • This is cool and some people might enjoy this…but here is the thing, Sony from the get go when you released the PS4 you should have made it backwards compatible with PS1 like every other playstation before it. Second most and if not all of these games are on PSN, so PS4,PS3,PS Vita, even TV should have all these titles. And Why release this? And You know how many Orginal Playstation 1’s there are A lot!….like you said first ever Playstation to sell 100 million + and there is the PS2 (even more consoles) and PS3 to play Ps1 games… Honestly there is no need for this. Unless you put rare games on here, then maybe…. But agian there are things called (Emulators and Roms) LOL bye

  • An improbability nigh impossible, but if it includes Star Ocean 2 I am getting this no matter the cost. Certain other games might also catch my interest, but all in all am excited for this. :)

  • Is this going to be just a america thing or will we be getting it in uk as well?

  • Metal Gear Solid was my most memorable PS1 memory. The entire game is burned into my memory. GOAT.

  • Will you be able to use ps1 controllers with analog sticks?

  • So how much will it cost in Mexico?

  • My hope is that they one upped Nintendo and added a downloadable feature, that will allow at a price more games to be added to the system at later dates. I feel like this is the perfect system to start this with!

  • Wild Arms and FFVII, good pick. Now give us also Suikoden I+II and Metal Gear Solid and I´m in heaven!

  • No analog sticks or Dualshock? I don’t care if they weren’t introduced until the console’s later lifecycle. It was STILL a historic part of the PS1.

    ONLY 20 games? The PS1’s library filled with TONS of critically acclaimed games. Should be 50 at least.

    Why no AC adaptor? This needs to be explained.

    $100? And that’s all you include? Yeah hard pass. I know you can do better than this Sony.

  • The original playstation launched this controller which was then phased out mid to late 97 for the dualshock controllers. So anyone saying PS1 didn’t launch with the dualshock is correct.

    Anyway I’m looking forward to trying to get one of these when it releases.

  • What about sales for the UK? Is it even coming to Europe and UK? I already have an old ps1 but I’d still like this to add this to my collection of playstation products

  • You have 5 games announced already. Please have these other 5 as well. You can’t have a discussion about PS1 without talking about these games.
    Crash Bandicoot
    Tomb Raider
    Metal Gear Solid
    Gran Turismo

  • Hopefully Metal Gear Solid, Theme Park and R-Types pre-installed!

  • I’m glad that this will exist, but I’m kind of annoyed that they announced this without the full list of games.

  • I’ll stick to my backwards compatible PS3. Please make the PS5 backward compatible even if it’s only PS1, PS2, PS4.

  • My uncle who just passed away this year, is who first introduced me to playstation over 20 years ago, some of my best memories with my uncle is when i would go and visit him and we would play playstation, i have had every console and every hand held system and have spent thousands of dollars on playstation products i even have a tattoo of the buttons on my right hand. Playstation Forever.

  • Muppet race mania!!!!!

  • Morning, you better get them while you can. The scalpers on ebay have already started. I pre ordered mine. Good luck everyone.

  • Stop complaining about the AC adapter. Any USB adapter will work to power this.

  • «Offering consumers a chance to play games with real-time 3D rendered graphics in their homes for the first time.»

    Oh yes! Rewriting history like the Ministry of Truth in Orwell’s 1984! As real time polygonal rendered graphics (with textures!) wasn’t available in other game consoles a year BEFORE the release of PlayStation in Japan (for example in Atari Jaguar and 3DO Interactive Multiplayer), not counting polygon graphics in older systems like Commodore 64, Amiga, SNES and Mega Drive and so on! Well done Sony!

  • Is this an emulator or does it contain original hardware (maybe on a new manufacturing process to drive down costs)?

  • I really truly hope Syphon Filter and Gran Turismo is on this thing.

  • $100 what drugs are you smoking. Still have my original PlayStation 1 with final fantasy vii and more. What is with these classic consoles being so stupidly expensive when you can just go buy them for like 20 quid.

  • Just a quick question. Is it gonna be released in ZA?

  • is it available in Australia?

  • Just thinking of a few non-analog style games that’d be great. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Twisted Metal 2, Cool Boarders 2, Jet Moto 2, PaRappa (plus Um Jammer Lammy), Suikoden 1 & 2, Tales of Destiny, Final Fantasy Tactics, Blasto, IQ, Incredible Crisis, Legend of Dragoon, Tomba, NFL Gameday (with current rosters!), Vib-Ribbon, WipeOut 3.

    I really love this idea. Follow it up with a version 2 and DualShock enhances titles (Gran Turismo, Metal Gear, etc.) and make more money.

  • If Legend of Dragoon isn’t on this. Then it’s not worth the price

  • Wish to add Crash, Driver, Metal gear solid, tomb raider 2ans resistant evil

  • Wow! What a great time to play again Resident Evil 1, 2 & 3… Tenchu 1 & 2… Dino Crisis 1 & 2… Silent Hill 1… Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare… Twisted Metal 4… Syphon Filter 1 & 2… Tekken 1, 2 & 3… Crash Team Racing… Chrono Cross… Gekido… The King Of Fighters ’98… and so many others! ♥

  • Please add bushido blade 1+2 as well as bloody roar1+2 to the PlayStation classic

  • WTF is this garbage without the analog sticks in the controllers and the AC Power adapter sold separately…. WTF does that even mean….?!?!?

    This better be some sort of mistake given that the OG PlayStation is the one that introduced dual analog sticks!! Not going to buy this garbage if it is true…

    • The PS classic is a replica of the OG playstation which originally didnt have dualshock controllers. The smaller “PS ONE” model came out after this one and was the model that introduced the dualshock controllers. Sony might make a PS One classic later down the road with the dualshock controllers and games that support them. Chill out Lol

    • @chevycarlo78 and the shocking amount of people throwing out completely inaccurate facts about the DualShock1. The original PlayStation released in 1995 with the digital controllers, that’s true. TWO years later they released the dual analog (which did not have rumble,) and by November of 1997, they released the DualShock1 and that became the standard controller that was packaged with all Playstations going forward and the original controllers were phased out.

      The DualShock DID NOT first get introduced with the PSone, which was released THREE years after the DualShock1, in September of 2000. It also did not first get introduced with the PS2, as that controller was called the DualShock2.

      So for the majority of the Playstation’s Lifecycle, the DualShock was the main controller bundled with the console, and notable games such as Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil 2/3, Gran Turismo, Ape Escape etc supported analog controls. Which is why it’s odd that they’ve chosen the original controller over the DualShock that the majority of the Playststion’s lifecycle had shipped with

  • Wouldnt mind seeing the 1st 3 digimon world games on the PS Classic as well

  • While this is an interesting development, Sony jumping on the “classic system” bandwagon that Nintendo’s been riding for the past while, this is really unnecessary. For that 100 dollars, you can simply buy a Vita TV, hook it up to an HDTV, play games in 720p (for better or worse, graphics-wise) and have access to every PSOne Classic on PSN. I’m looking at Chrono Trigger, all of the Final Fantasy games (including the ones on PSP), the Suikoden games, and a heck of a lot more. And seeing as the prices of games on PSN are about 6 dollars, you could easily choose which ones you wanted and which you didn’t. Personally, I’m only interested in two games on the confirmed pre-load list: Final Fantasy VII and Wild Arms. BOTH of which I have on my Vita and Vita TV as well as my PSP and PS3. Buy this if you wish, but know there are better options, frankly. Sony SHOULD have made this pre-loaded WITH a working CD drive so those of us with a library of disc-based games could play those as well. Considering a replacement CD drive from China is about 15 dollars. Make it happen Sony! And this is coming from a guy who got his first PlayStation on the 29th of January, 1996.

  • Being this is the Original PlayStation it would be a SIN not to have two of the Biggest Original PlayStation games on this Classic Console. War Hawk and Twisted Metal are MUSTS!!! Also Battle Arena Toshiden. ;)

  • Jade cocoon
    Digimon world 1,3
    Yugioh forbidden memories
    Final fantasy

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