PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup for June 2018

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PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup for June 2018

XCOM 2 and Trials Fusion headline June's lineup for PlayStation Plus members. Enjoy!

June is just a few days away, so let’s take a look at your next PS Plus lineup.

PlayStation Plus June 2018

First up, we have XCOM 2. This tactical, turn-based strategy game is sure to keep you engaged. Twenty years have passed since humanity lost the war against the alien invaders and a new world order now exists on Earth. Join and lead the XCOM forces as they rise up to eliminate the alien occupation of Earth.

PlayStation Plus June 2018

Next is the ultimate platform-racing game, Trials Fusion. Using your skills, strive to set track records against the best Trials players from around the globe. Whether you’re racing alone, with friends, or in a global tournament, competition is always around you.

This month’s PlayStation Plus lineup also includes:

And there you have it. See you next time PlayStation Nation!

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  • Being that they are getting rid of Vita games soon at least they could put some bangers on there once in a while. How come there are never any PS1 classics included? Last one I think was FF Tactics waaaay back when and that was a great idea. We need more of that

  • lol some people here mad over the games for ps plus last time i check i thought people brought ps plus to play online not for the monthly games smh

  • lol some people here being upset over the games for ps plus last time i check i thought people brought ps plus to play online not for the monthly games smh

    • why wouldn’t they be ? If they left online free i grantee you 90 % of the people on here would care less what ” Free” games were available.

    • Multiplayer is what Steam games are for, actually. :D

    • I actually buy PS+ for the “free” monthly games, which btw, I think they have been great the last 6 months.

  • AEEEE!!!! XCOM 2! Joguei o “primeiro”e achei do baralho. Tava afimzão desse, ainda bem que esperei pra ver se lançava na Plus. Vlw =D

  • TheMostBetterest

    I already have Xcom 2 on PC, but my computer can’t run it overly well. I can’t see what the graphics are like on PS4. This is a really solid game, btw, in case anyone was wondering. I would really recommend it.

  • ragesixsixtysixx

    So everyone is still complaing about free games? X com alone is almost half the price of the yearly ps plus price. Its only $60 a year and the free games we get equal way more than 60 a year. Try the games i never played x com so im gonna try it out

  • great games and not complaining but i thought they were not going to release monthly games for ps3 and psp

  • A Red Lynx Game + A Turn Based Strategy game=… THIS IS A SECRET ANNOUNCEMENT OF Pathway To Glory HD/3! At last my N-Gage can retire!

  • What a bunch of crybaby snowflakes. Xcom 2 is absolutely magnificent. One of my all time favorites. Trials has always been awesome and it’s a game I somehow don’t own yet. :D

  • PS Vita has been lackluster and this month is no different. Atomic Ninjas has a lot of online trophies which anything online related with the PS Vita is really a slap in the face. Seeing that the PS Vita has only 9 months of free games left hopefully we will get some good ones like: Rayman Legends, Bastion, Y’s Origins, Dragon Quest Builders and a few other bigger titles.

  • Oh my Goodness XCOM 2 yaaas!!! Ive waited so long and held back so many times during sales. Great month! Why are people complaining.

  • LetsPlayGamesTM

    There’s a lot of cry babies in this comment section. How is this a bad month with bargain bin games? I have XCOM 2 and it’s definitely not a bargain bin game, even if you hate turn-based strategy games, you’ll love XCOM 2. And Trials Fusion, It’s a fun little game when you have nothing to do, and trying to 100% the game is worth doing. The PS3 games are good as well, Ghost Recon Future Soldier wasn’t the best game, but it has replay value, I’ve gone back and completed the game multiple times, I might even say it’s better than Wildlands in some ways, and Zombie Driver HD is quite fun as well, you go around and run over zombies and stuff. The PS Vita games are fun as well. All of these games have high reviews, all these have reviews above 60%. And have you seen what Microsoft is giving out? I haven’t seen them give out good games in ages, last month wasn’t bad, but still lackluster, giving out things they already gave out multiple times before.

  • Still playing a bunch of JRPGs on my PS3.

    I’ve got to get a PS4 at some point, PS Plus has hooked up with some nice games for it these last few months and I hope they keep it up.

  • I’ve heard good things about xcom and Trails. not my first picks but also why i have plus and gold, to try new things out… since i buy most everything else.

  • Xcom 2 is a fantastic choice, would really love better choices on vita considering the service will be ending there next year

  • Ive honestly been disappointed these last few month with the free games on offer

  • This is actually very disappointing. I enjoyed the month of Mays choices which were beyond: 2 souls, and Rayman legends. They were both excellent as I have always enjoyed Rayman, and beyond was a fascinating game. But these seem like the generic 5 or less dollar games you’d see for ps3, please add something like attack on Titan 2

  • Why isn’t Killzone Shadowfall a PS plus title yet or Knack??

  • No PSVR game for June?

  • UnleashTheCASEY

    These games may be fine for most but I think I’ll pass. None of these interest me personally. I’m not saying they’re bad games, based on ratings, they’re not. I won’t complain about the service because the discounts have paid for it several times over. Is what it is. I’m disappointed, but not every month can be a gold mine for everyone.

  • Bem ruim esse mês em :( tava feliz que ia mudar os jogos.
    espero que o próximo mês melhore.

  • Ahh, yeah alright, not bad, not bad. Not as good as last month which was amazing, but there’s some good stuff here. XCOM 2 is utterly fantastic, I highly suggest everyone give it a try. Even if you think you won’t like it just give it a shot, you’ll be playing it like 8 hours straight.

    Ghost Recon is much more like it for a PS3 game, but you’re still giving Vita the shaft. It’s your own damn fault the Vita didn’t do well Sony, so quit punishing the people who did buy it with crap.

  • no no …these bad games ….

  • R.I.P JUNE GAMES .:(

  • ImPrawnQuackerz

    I used to rate ps + as good deal monthly games for three platforms but since the price hike and the anouncement of taking away ps3 and vita out of the subscription the service has gone downhill taking away PSVR games out of the monthly lineup i have little to no interest of whats on offer and for those who say the games are free dont forget your paying a subscription. When Ps + started it was on Ps3 when playing online was free so you were just paying for the monthly game im playing less and less online and the majority of games i add to the library and never download for i would prefer a monthly allowance to buy the discounted titles of my choice just a thought

  • infamousgodV2_0

    Look at all the cry baby entitled brats commenting smh. Both Ps4 games XCom 2 and Trails Fusion both rate high on the Metacritic XCom 2 (87) Trails Fusion (79) better then the crap GWG got a $100 DLC package for Smite and the 2D Assassins Creed game. Thats Trash right there

  • XCOM 2 is a fantastic inclusion. The others? I couldn’t care less about.

    And can you PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF EVERY GOD stop putting endless trash out for Vita’s? Give us some real games before you discontinue it for Vita next year!

  • Its not terrible last months was better but overall its a great line up I will definitely play xcom2 and trials ghost recon is also good this year has been definitely worth the plus subscription.

  • Great month Sony keep the good games coming!!

  • I am disappointed in the games because I was expecting God of War because it’s almost summer. Just kidding. Every month people come up with with a lame excuse to why they should get quote `better games`. Whether it be a E3, Christmas, New Years, Halloween, Sony conference, Fourth of July, Valentine’s day, whatever. You are getting Free games! If you can get 2 to
    To 6 games for 3 to 6 dollars a month go for it. Oh wait you won`t be able to play online. Because that’s what you are playing for. That’s why the games are free. Do you all complain about the toy in your happy meals because the service and happy meal are about the same price?

  • Both of these games were already given away on Xbox1 years ago. Lame. Looks like PS and Xbox both having a bad month

    With that said Trials is a fun game, no it is not racing. If you do not know what Trials are in sports, it’s obstacle courses for bikes/motorbike. It’s a fun game by a small developer that has been making this game since 2002 on Miniclip. Ubisoft picked this this series after all the wild success it had online and made Trials HD for 360. Rest is history

  • is it me or that xcom 2 looks a bit like the last maze runners 3. I don’t even know the game but based on what I’ve seen in youtube it gives a lot to desire, the only cool ting about it is the cover of the game. I thought they would give a bit more worthy games. I am new I just bought the playstation plus account and I am starting to regret…. (sorry for my grammar in advance english is not my first language)

  • I stopped playing XCOM 2 because it runs terribly on the PS4. I hope its been improved.

  • I am so happy about this week. I have never played any XCOM games but I’ve heard they are very good and I’ve thought about buying this one in particular. I’ve been very happy with a lot of other games too! Bloodborne, Rayman Legends, Ratchet and Clank, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and many others. Sony really knows how to make people happy. I am so grateful for this. Plus, Microsoft is giving out free to play games on theirs, while Sony is giving super expensive games. It’s great.

  • Great! Future Soldier is a solid offer and XCOM 2 is just magnificent! I was waiting for it for months now!

    PS: The rating system of the post needs to be improved by the way.

  • JacksonMachado46

    Nossa!!!! Que decepção eu esperando um sombras de mordor da vida e vem esses lixos. Psn é foda.

  • JacksonMachado46

    Decepção total. Eu esperando um sombras de mordor é vem isso aff. Nem compensa pagar plus

  • cant wait to try fusion, not to sure about xcom though, ill have to take your word and try it out. havent been a fan of strategy games

  • Nice! I was really wanting to get XCOM 2 the past few months because I’ve heard some great things about it. Now I don’t have to! =)

    I am curious if PS Plus will continue to have free PSVR games (or even some regular games that have VR support) in the coming months. It was nice having a new VR game every other month and I appreciated giving my wallet a break. =)

    I’ll have to check out the more obscure titles too. I don’t have any of the games that were given away this month.

    Thanks Sony!

  • Maaan… And I JUST bought Trials Fusion, like, two days ago or something. Curses.

  • Please! In July month post the crew 1 free or something for Racing please

  • Here are some games that I would suggest in the future

    Mortal Kombat X
    Gravity Rush remastered
    Last of us remastered
    Rise of the tomb raider
    Titanfall 2

  • I hope they have borderlands 1 as. Free plus game within the mixture months

  • Frustração, é a palavra para quem esperou anciosamente pelo mês de junho, para receber 2 jogos muito fracos

  • XCom 2? Not bad.

  • Be nice if they would ever give actual Vita games instead of these ports of either crossbuy PS3/PS4 games, games that look like they were made for IOS that the dev then slapped the “Vita/Playstation” icons on, or made to be Indie-looking so its mainly played by those crappy psuedo-hipster streamers.

    • Especially since they are abandoning everything but the PS4 (& PSVR, for now) for their Plus games next year, and the fact that the PS3 despite being just as dead as the Vita still gets actual PS3 games occasionally.

  • Another Excellent Month from the Fantastic Folks of PlayStation Plus. As said previously, this PS+ year has seen much variety and numerous AAA quality content.
    Much appreciated!

  • Love the XCOM game!
    Please discount the WotC dlc!!
    Thanks a lot! This is the best month for PS Plus (at least in 2018)

  • Anyone want to buy my VR and excessories so I can buy a vive and play Real multiplayer shooters and big boy games?..make me an offer!

  • The reason people are complaining about Xcom is that it only appeals to a VERY specific group. Xcom is nothing like other games of its genre and is actually pretty hard for casuals of the genre.Still a very good game though, I’m definitely trying this one.
    Trials is just a fun time waster kind of game
    And sure Ghost Recon is good but people look forward to the ps4 lineup a lot more.

    • the same could be said about bloodborune from marches lineup. not everyone likes super challenge games. I like games where i can progress in and not feel like I can’t get anywhere. I think that they need yo pick games that appeal to everyone and not to just a few select people.i think the best plus months lately have been january and february even though i am not a fan of the visual novel or the knack games. we deus ex and batman which is pretty fun and in february we got rime and grand kingdom which were pretty fun. grand kingdom is a game that i am glad was free but something i would never have bought. Marches games were highly rated but that does not mean that they are good games as most people have ratchet and clank by now and bloodbourne is too hard to appeal to most people including myself. I just hope they quit giving out mobile games and super old ps3 games.

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