PlayStation Plus: Free Games for February 2018

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for February 2018

Knack and Rime lead the PS Plus lineup going live next week.

February is a short month, so be sure to plan accordingly with all of these great games coming to PS Plus this month!

First up, we have RiME. This single player puzzle adventure is set in a beautiful world where you play as a young boy who has awakened on a mysterious island after a torrential storm. Armed with your wits and a will to overcome, you must explore this mysterious island, reach the tower’s peak, and unlock its closely guarded secrets.

PlayStation Plus February 2018: KnackPlayStation Plus February 2018: Rime

Next up is the family friendly adventure game Knack. Take control of Knack and his signature size-shifting abilities to protect the world from a dangerous threat – the invading Goblin Army. Knack is a fun-filled adventure that lets players wield fantastic powers and discover a uniquely vibrant world.

This month’s PlayStation Plus lineup also includes:

  • Spelunker HD, PS3
  • Mugen Souls Z, PS3
  • Exiles End, PS Vita
  • Grand Kingdom, PS Vita (Also available on PS4)

Just as a reminder, all PlayStation Plus members can get Starblood Arena as a bonus game through March 6. This arena combat game was built from the ground up to be played in VR with your PS VR headset*. Attack, evade, and move in any direction as you compete against pilots from across the galaxy. You’ll fight for glory, credits, and your life.

Lastly, for all Gems of War fans, get your hands on the new PlayStation Plus Starter Pack starting February 13th through March 13th. The pack includes the Nobend Brothers troop, capable of causing all kinds of trouble on the gem board without even losing a turn. It also comes with 10 rare gem keys and 2,500 souls to level up all your new troops. Get started on your journey today!

And there you have it. See you next month!

* PlayStation 4 system, PlayStation VR, and PlayStation Camera are required to experience VR functionality.

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  • Knack and Rime Huh? Something tells me videogamedunkey must’ve picked Knack as a free game this month.

  • I’m confused… I thought it was suppose to be Far Cry 4 and Dark Souls 2 this month?!?

  • … then no game for me this month…
    I’ll have to stick with Deus Ex a bit longer.

  • Its a great lineup but for PS4 only…PS3 and Vita got trash aside from Spelunker HD.

    Knack is good but I have no interest in owning it digital…am really glad about Rime though so I can’t complain.

  • Who remembers the ancient times when PlayStation used to give us good games?

    • Far from ancient times. We’ve gotten many great games just in the past year alone such as MGS V, Infamous Second Son, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Until Dawn and many more. I swear people like you expect them to give you brand new games for free.

    • Yeah I agree with you on that part! Sony is unfortunately getting sloppy with what we get from there old vault

  • Spelunker again?

  • Another bottom of the barrel line-up, your not fooling me Sony.
    After the price hike to £49.99 this is a slap in the face with a wet fish.
    Look at all the money Sony are rolling around in!
    So do they make the PS4 Pro with 4k Blu- Ray? No
    Do they put in a vapour chamber? No
    Do they let you play music CD’s? No
    Do they make a Elite controller? No because “we don’t want the have and have nots” VR £350 LOL
    Making games only playable if you own a VR headset missing out on important games in a series.

    This is why I changed to Xbox One X

  • Each PS Plus lineup is launched on the first tuesday of the month

  • Already have Mugen Souls……But Grand Kingdom is good to me.

  • I honestly stopped caring about the “free” games cos I’m always left disappointed. My plus account is only active so I can play online with my friends. Once my PS4 dies out I’m switching to Xbox.

  • I cant see these free games :(

  • Put there some normal games there at least! When we are members of your freaking club where we pay 1560 crowns a year.
    your playstation 4 fan.

  • This is ridiculous coming from you Sony! Why didn’t you add an appeal for February?! Like Horizon or Farcry Primal?! Thank for wasting my memory on my PS4 Sony

    • Horizon is still too new at this point. If you want new games go buy them instead of spending money on PS Plus. PS Plus nor Games with Gold give you brand new games so quit whining already.

    • lol Horizon? Dude, think before you say something like that

  • wait why are we getting Knack again im pretty sure we got it before??? i could be mistaken

  • I’m not normally negative but really sony….knack…. like the first ps4 game ever.. really scraping the bottom of the barrel now aren’t we. only game for me will be Grand Kingdom since it’s ps4 also.

  • WHAT DAY !

  • We’re already in Feb but the free games that come with ps+ doesn’t show its free.. I have a vita and ps4 should I just wait a couple of days?

  • Where are the games?

  • Great free crap titles like last month please add some games that actually have good reviews and better ratings. You can add one of these lower quality game titles but still add a game that is worth while to play and looks interesting so I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth.

  • I wish Exile’s End was cross-buy for the PS4 version! That’s a game I’ve been wanting to play for a long time. I’m glad Grand Kingdom is, I enjoyed the demo.

  • PS3 games getting worse and worse every month, That makes me sad..

  • Are you aware that PS Plus free games for the vita are not showing up on PSN for download without specifically searching for them. The free games are not under “Featured”, “New Releases”, or “PS Plus”. The only way to actually find these free games, is to type out the full name in the search bar.

    I know the Vita is getting less and less focus, as the product is being phased out, but as long as it’s a supported device, with advertised free PS Plus games every month, you really should take the time to ensure they are visible and available in the same way they are for PS3 and PS4.

    Thank you for addressing this issue.

  • How can some of you say it is a bad month. Have you even heard of Rime before Feburary’s PS Plus games were announced, or do some of you only know about AAA games? Like come on seriously, know about the world of games if you want to be called a gamer. Otherwise get rid of your PS Plus if the only thing you want are mainstream AAA games.

    If people would have done their research, they would have known Rime is a great game with great artistic style. Getting a zelda-esque like game is only something people can wish for. Knack was the AAA back then, and if you think it’s worth $5 if you were to go to Gamestop…well then you are still getting your moneys worth because 48 games a year @ $40 (discounts if you look) is a steal. And yes, PS3 games are still a thing because good games don’t cease to exist just cause they are old.

  • NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA on PS3 please!!!

    Release the old games!!!

  • I’m digging Knack and Rime!

  • I’m good, thanks.

  • I really wish that playstation put a Telltale game I love Telltale games.

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