PlayStation Plus: Free Games for February 2018

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for February 2018

Knack and Rime lead the PS Plus lineup going live next week.

February is a short month, so be sure to plan accordingly with all of these great games coming to PS Plus this month!

First up, we have RiME. This single player puzzle adventure is set in a beautiful world where you play as a young boy who has awakened on a mysterious island after a torrential storm. Armed with your wits and a will to overcome, you must explore this mysterious island, reach the tower’s peak, and unlock its closely guarded secrets.

PlayStation Plus February 2018: KnackPlayStation Plus February 2018: Rime

Next up is the family friendly adventure game Knack. Take control of Knack and his signature size-shifting abilities to protect the world from a dangerous threat – the invading Goblin Army. Knack is a fun-filled adventure that lets players wield fantastic powers and discover a uniquely vibrant world.

This month’s PlayStation Plus lineup also includes:

  • Spelunker HD, PS3
  • Mugen Souls Z, PS3
  • Exiles End, PS Vita
  • Grand Kingdom, PS Vita (Also available on PS4)

Just as a reminder, all PlayStation Plus members can get Starblood Arena as a bonus game through March 6. This arena combat game was built from the ground up to be played in VR with your PS VR headset*. Attack, evade, and move in any direction as you compete against pilots from across the galaxy. You’ll fight for glory, credits, and your life.

Lastly, for all Gems of War fans, get your hands on the new PlayStation Plus Starter Pack starting February 13th through March 13th. The pack includes the Nobend Brothers troop, capable of causing all kinds of trouble on the gem board without even losing a turn. It also comes with 10 rare gem keys and 2,500 souls to level up all your new troops. Get started on your journey today!

And there you have it. See you next month!

* PlayStation 4 system, PlayStation VR, and PlayStation Camera are required to experience VR functionality.

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  • Thanks Sony for not giving away any of my favourite games this month i am short on games budget this month . Will reload ps plus in march if thr were good games ofcourse i might reload for 1 year will skip till good games . . Earth defence force will be nice or hell blade .

  • KNACK!!!!???? FINALLY! We get a true MASTA piece to play on our ps4s instead of uncreative and brain dead garbage like MGV

  • Complete and TOTAL s*?t!!! I think we’ve all gotten used to getting crap served to us from Sony every month on the Vita and PS3 for the past year and a half but to get THIS on PS4 after the stellar January PS4 lineup is just wrong. I know people don’t want to hear it but we all wouldn’t complain as much if Sony kept a consistent form of quality with their offerings. To go from Mankind Divided to Knack is why we’re hurting Sony god damn you. And for love of the big G Almighty can people stop saying the games are ” FREE “. Whew, just had to get that rant off my chest even though I never comment on these things.

  • Yet again bad games what as been free before
    Getting sick of this bad games playstation you need to put better games you make millions a day sure you can do better them a cheap game

  • Super excited to play through Knack! I recently played through the Knack 2 campaign in co-op with my sister and wanted to experience the original. I was also really close to buying RiME during the holiday sale, but now I’m glad I didn’t. This is a great selection. Good job Sony

  • PS Plus ran out for me in December… still havent found a valid reason to get it again. Every month there wre no games that warrant having a valid subscription. I cant remember the last time I downloaded a free game. I guess I will wait to see what March offers, :)

  • Sad that all the loyal psn members wont get farcry 4, member for 3 years and i cant renew my membership and get farcry 4. Not very good customservice Sony! January was a good month but february is a new low.

  • I just purchased grand kindom for $12 a couple weeks ago, that sucks.

  • great games for vita, keep it going!!!

  • Thank you Sony for another great month! Can’t wait to play Rime!

  • i dont know why i buy ps plus—80 percent of the games they put on here for free ive already bought and paid for–so an occassional discount on games barely makes it worthwhile to get it–my renewal date is almost up i prob wont renew it for the fact its not of any benefit to me–any others have same complaint>?

  • Надеюсь они хотя бы будут интересные -_-

  • Other than knack looks like a really solid line up a lot of games you don’t normally see on here and types of games that I really like, keep up the good work.

  • LOL i almost picked up knack on the flashsale. Great list, i dont have any of these games, looking forward to trying them out.

  • What a letdown! O well…

  • Cool I’m excited to try rime, grand kingdom, and exiles end.

    Knack was great so more the marryier with that one. Just don’t expect to platinum it, it has the worst collectible system ever!!!!!!

  • Sony this is by far the worst gamelineup for Plus Members! That I’ve seen in quite sometime I’m an adult not a child you fools! But I already called about your dreadful free game’s that there should be a better selection in the future but this is not it!? Why can’t Plus Members get Primal that Farcry Game?! Or DEX or better yet Horizon!? Just something better then this!? I feel like you played a joke on us Plus Members not cool Sony not cool at all! Because were paying for it!

    • This is far from the worst lineup it is one of the better ones. What about the December when we got kung fu panda. There have been other bad months but I don’t remember what they are.

  • Ya know what would be really cool for March, it would be Subnautica…(if it’s released on PS4 by then) but yeah I think Subnautica should one of the two headers for marches ps plus free game giveaway thing. (Again only if it’s released by then. Just my opinion

    • Why do you think Subnautica will be free the next month when the game just came out?
      I would like to like it, but I do not see the reason for it …

  • Much better was prediction for dark Souls 2 and Far cry 4. For me will be better than you give us one of this game rather then this two games. Knack is vey old game, Rime is too old, but I really think that you give us Dark Souls 2, because many of us didn’t know anything about Dark Souls franchise and this will be brilliant pre sequel to buy Dark Souls 3 remastered. Second, Far cry $ will be amazing pre sequel for much of us who didn’t play this game, since Far Cry 2, and fore hole public who never play Far cry 4 but have intention for pre order Far Cry 5. i know that the Ubisoft does not have good marketing and Ubisoft was a full if they thinkto give us PS+ members free far crz 4 that be for Far Cry 5 increased demand for the same game…
    Rime was similliar at first look to Zelda and I don’t klnow anything about this game…
    P.s: You must give us some of the time, one free game for PSVR, for all us who buy this PSVR set for 500$ and more, for Move Controller’s, Aim controller’s etc…
    But tnx anyway, this is only mz opinion, maybe I’m wrong…

  • Please Do good games i dont like the games you do free in plus .
    do like Call of Duty
    anything like this

  • Za ty jejich výpadky by mohly dát něco přijatelnějšího než tohle

  • It’s absolutely RIDICULOUS how whoever writes these posts can’t even be bothered to state the EXACT DATE new games go live. As if it wasn’t important at all.

    Or is this the company policy?

    • TVippy – First Tuesday of the month. LIKE EVERY SINGLE MONTH BEFORE.

    • The real thing that is absolutely ridiculous is that you haven’t realized by now that the PS Plus games always become free on the first Tuesday of the month.

  • So you guys finally did it. Would have made more sense to have Knack be free before 2 came out to try and generate buzz and hype, but HEY – apparently your marketing team is a bit dense. Not a bad month though!

  • Great well done Sony. Knack was critically and commericially panned by critcis and fans, scored less than 60 on Metacritic and was the butt of jokes on Youtube. But I know lets put it on Ps+ Free…..

  • Why that type of games
    there are so poor… I was waiting something better… :(

  • Knack Bay bee! Here comes the $$$$$$$$$$$$$!

  • So about my paid PS+ service… it was down for 3-4 days…… is anyone addressing that publicly?

    • It was never down 3-4 days. I’ve logged on every day this past week. Being down for a few hours is different than being down 3-4 days.

  • i all ready own Spelunker HD and it’s DLC but still this a decent list. PS4 get’s platform games Vita get’s RPG’s PS3 get’s the best of both one 2d game and a RPG.

    this is how it should be almost every month.

  • My yearly PS+ Just expired bout a week ago..
    ~Does that mean i’ll get Farcry when I re^?
    Doesn’t matter I already got bored bout halfway through Farcry4 GOTY on Xbox.

    ~The Vita is the worst gaming purchase since I bought my little brother the Sega Saturn instead of PlayStation
    when we we’re kids..
    *Borderlands resulted in me losing my uber leveled character(Gaige) on PS4+Vita..
    And I dusted it off to play MySinging MOnsters with my family and it’s a bare bones discontinued version. whatThe!

    I want out of the Vita and all the accessories/games etc.. anyone honest wanna trade for it?
    i’ll trade for skate stuff esp older or hardcover books.. (New England)

  • I agree with everyone on the game lineup for February it sucks if im gonna keep paying for ps plus these games need to get better or i will be cancelling my plus account

    • agreed Brotha..
      But lets face it. we are strong armed into PS+ for other reasons.
      We all agree the free games alone aren’t worth it…

      *Those who don’t have ‘Knack’by now don’t have it for a reason!

  • PSN & Xbox needs to give us a way to get somekind of value if we already purchased said monthly games..
    anything is better then being totally frustrated. Esp when it’s a more expensive AAA title like MGS V etc…

    Added frustration is the PS3 free games that I keep getting despite the fact that i’ll never take the PS3 outta the closet again..
    It’s one thing to NOT have the PS3 games Backwards compatable,, but I big ‘DEAL WITH IT!’ when they are offered every month for those super casual whatever gamers who still care at this point in PS4 cycle…..
    **I’m no fanboy to either & own both cause of annoying excluives….But atleast Xbox does the 360 games that are backwards compat,…………..

    This aggravates every gamer not using the PS3 anymore……

    ***So whos the jerk that started the Darksouls2 rumor?
    Now I gotta buy it on console to scratch that itch….jerks! lol

  • Knack is incredible enjoyable <3

    Try and think about how casually fun it is along with Ratchet and Clank, Crash and them.

    Rime I'm incredibly was looking forward to but you know, no money in the sackets. <3

  • People on here have been complaining about not getting Knack and they get it and then guess what. They still complain. This is why you are not taken seriously. You want new blockbuster games. You pay maybe $60, but I doubt it. I can get it for $50 still through deals all the time and during black Friday $40. So if you only have 1 system you get and pay the max you get minimum of 24 games and usually more with cross buys. So lets say you are getting 30 games a year. if you pay $60 that is $2 a game and $40 it is $1.30 a game. If you have all the systems you are paying between $0.55 cent to $.88 cents a game. So people saying they are not “Free”. Can you get online and play your Call of Duty or Madden without the service?

    • No. You are paying to be online and getting games for max $2 a game as low as $.55 that is pretty cheap. Also if you are paying just for the games cheap. Do you go to McDonald’s or Wendy’s and order from the $1 menu and expect Angus beef? Then after paying for it and taking a bite complain that it isn’t Angus beef. The service never says that you will get AAA titles ever month or $60 dollar games a month for $2. That its ridiculous to expect. You do get a gem here and there. So sit back and try some new games and if you don’t like them then guess what? There is next month. If you don’t feel like you are getting your moneys worth then unsubscribe, but guess what? You can’t get online.

  • Far cry 4? Dark Souls 2?

    I don’t see these games here.

    • Sony never said you would get those games. The problem with people like you is that you go believing every idiot who puts up a fake picture on the internet.

  • I pay 50 euros for ps plus getting two games never heard of and net even worth 2 bucks.

  • PlayStation for next month you should put naruto as a free game and dragon ball xenoverse 2

  • Weak games once again.

  • for whining for less then 40 quid a year :)

  • This is absolutely bull we get should have games every month last month was okay this is just ridiculous We’re Not Kids we’re grown adults we want some adult games and I’m not talkin about pornos

    • I’m a grown adult and I enjoyed the heck out of RiME. Just because a game doesn’t have blood and gore doesn’t mean it is for kids only.

  • knack baby

    my favorite game

  • Another **** month

  • Knack? I want a quality game, not that junk. I am happy that Grand Kingdom is there for my Vita and PS4. But that is all. I might check out Mugen Souls, but otherwise… another lousy month of games.

  • Grand Kingdom seems pretty good

  • I would like to ask someone who made this list possible of games, is Grand Kingdom going to be the exact same case as it was on Psycho Pass Mandatory Happiness where we get the PS4 and Vita versions for free, even though that the game is not cross-buy?

  • Great more crappy bargain bin titles. I’ll be cancelled my
    PS PLUS membership I see no value in the service anymore

    • PS Plus has always been that way. I have been a member since day one back in 2010 and we have never gotten brand new $60 games for free. Even games like Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite on PS3 where $20 or less by the time we got them for free.

  • I like the new games i been wanting to play Knack but i guess i have the chance now

  • So when is PlayStation gonna give us some good games because all I see is crap so far

  • Sadly I own all but Grand Kingdom already. I played the demo for Grand Kingdom and found its system very deep. I will put this in my library for another day.
    Thanks for the games SEA.

  • what day will these be going up for free?

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