PS4 System Software Update 5.00 Out Now

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PS4 System Software Update 5.00 Out Now

New update features improvements to tournaments, broadcasting, messages, family management and more.

Our next system software update for PlayStation 4, version 5.00 (codenamed NOBUNAGA), is available now! This update introduces features like the new “Family on PlayStation Network” system, an enhanced Twitch broadcast option on PlayStation 4 Pro, and a variety of new features for Notifications, Messages, and much more.

We’ve already outlined a number of key features before our beta program started, but we wanted to share some additional features that are coming to PS4 with this update.

Team Tournaments

Prepare to recruit the best players you know, because Team Tournaments on PS4 are almost here. With this new functionality, you’ll be able to compete against other teams for prizes and status.

Team Tournament functionality will kick off on October 5, shortly after the release of the 5.00 update. The initial batch of titles supporting Team Tournaments will be Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, World of Tanks and Mantis Burn Racing, with more on the way. Head over to the Events section on your PS4 to check out details for different Events and Tournaments, and to start creating your team.

You can join or own up to a maximum of 60 different teams, and each team will have an owner and captain(s) who can manage the team. Only teams will be able to register for official Team Tournaments. Your team will have its own customizable team page where you can see team member information, and view upcoming and ongoing events that your team is currently registered for and competing in. In addition, you can easily check out your team’s results in past tournaments with a new bracket viewer that shows full tournament standings for Single and Double Elimination tournaments directly on PS4. Communicating and coordinating with your teammates is also simple via the integrated team chat feature.

Follow Anyone

PS4 5.00 - Who To Follow

Before 5.00, you were only able to follow Verified Accounts, but now you can follow any user without having to be friends with them (subject to privacy settings). This allows you to follow content creators, game broadcasters, and other gamers in a community without having to dip into your friends list. And at the same time, this will allow these users to expand their reach and build more interest in what they’re doing. Your What’s New feed will be updated with the activities of the users you’re following, so you can easily keep up on what they’re up to. And under Friends, you’ll see a new Who to Follow section that will give you customized recommendations of who you can follow. The recommendations will be displayed in separate categories, such as Featured Verified Accounts, trending users, and suggestions based on games you’ve recently played.

Messages Update

PS4 5.00 - URL Preview

We have one more feature to add to the list of updates coming to Messages on PS4. If you send a message that contains a link to a website, messages will now display a preview of the website, like headlines and thumbnails.

App Updates

Outside of PS4, some of our apps are getting updates today too:

PlayStation Communities

Following this update, you can switch the app into landscape mode when you flip your phone sideways, so you get a wider view of the app and it makes it easier to scroll through. In addition, you’re now able to view and post animated GIFs on community walls. We’re also adding the following languages to the app: Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Romanian, Thai and Vietnamese.

PlayStation Messages

Horizon Zero DawnUncharted The Lost Legacy

Stickers for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Horizon Zero Dawn are being added. And similar to the PS4’s Messages update, the PlayStation Messages app will also be updated to display previews of a website if you’ve received a link. Support for Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Romanian, Thai and Vietnamese are being added to the app.

We’re excited for you to test out these features for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments. We’re listening and always appreciate your feedback!

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  • They’re money hungry for…releasing a free update and not releasing more games for you to buy? You’re not a very bright kid are you?

  • So I just bought a new game, and was going to try it out. I am now unable to do anything on my PS4 because the new update (5.0) has now broken my system. I hope this gets fixed today and I didn’t just waste $60.

  • I dont know why i have to pay do play online its a abuse. The PSN is trash, i will not subscrive anymore to PS Plus you thiefs 24€ for 3 months ? F you. Its an absurd not to speak about the hackings its 3 or 4 times every year

  • I can’t connect to any servers now. All my games got messed up with this update. Why did you have to even mess with anything. It’s already annoying enough to have to go through the update process.

  • When can we do cross platform play so we can play with our Xbox 1 friends and when are we going to get back backwards compatibility??

  • I love the new Family feature, but I really wish they would make it easier to run multiple systems on 1 account. I bought a PS4 and PS4 Pro and have a PS3.. I use the Pro and PS3 while my daughter uses the PS4.. The problem is I cant have all those machines on my account, even though I own them all along with a TON of games for them all.. Come on Sony, we can make this work much easier! Please FIX THIS ISSUE!

  • These are updates that I’ll rarely use! Why not update the fact that the pro is constantly freezing on a ton of games. I’m so fed up with this, I’m slowly playing more games on the Xbox, and I’ve been a pretty die hard for my ps4. And now that the new Xbox is about a month away, I may only come back to my ps4 for exclusives that I wanna play

  • A new CEO will hopefully breathe some life back in to Playstation. They have clearly grown complacent and become stagnant. Hopefully he/she can bring in some new people with new ideas, creativity and forward thinking.

  • Well damn this update sucks. So lame that this is all it is after waiting so long. All I really wanted was the option to delete old betas and demos from library to clean it up. Is that to much to ask really. Whatever. Sony fails again.

  • When are you going to make an update that lets me take icons off of the home screen without deleting the actual game? How has this STILL not been addressed??

  • I tested 5.00 in beta, and had to revert to the previous system software version as my headset seemed completely incompatible with it. Upon installing 5.00 I’d lose all audio / mic capability and regain it when using the previous system software version (all audio / device settings remained the same).

    I assumed this would just be a beta problem that the team would iron out before full release, but apparently not. I’m still getting the same problem, even after posting about my problem in the beta forums weeks ago. Obviously as I can’t revert back to the previous version anymore I can’t use my headset. Really disappointed

  • Small steps. I appreciate the improvements, so not complaining. I look forward to the next set up firmware updates in the upcoming year.

    Also curious if we’ll be seeing any PSVR firmware updates/improvements in the upcoming weeks. I know the new models of PSVR with HDR passthrough support are launching along with new models of the Move controller with Micro USB, but I’d like to see more features be added into the PS4 support.

    Kind of like theme’s for the PS4 live-area…Any chance we can get themes for Cinema mode or for traditional 2D games. It’d be nice to change the environment you play a game in.

    For example: A Cabin, Theatre, Beach, Stadium, Living Room, Plane…Whatever people want…It’d be cool.

  • What’s up with this update I can’t even use the internet or see half the things in the ps store smh

  • Would be nice to be able to send a video in a message. Like say you have a montage or a funny moment in a game and want to share it with friends. Surely this can be achieved right??

  • Hey guys i didn’t received update why?

  • Sony don’t listen to what you want, this has been proved time and time again with the same requests not getting fulfilled, I moved to Xbox ages ago because of this fact alone, most of the things requested by their customers has been added or is in the pipeline, they seem to care for what their players want and actually listen, only throwing this out there as I loved my PS4 at one point and really beat myself up when I bought a Xbox but it is the best thing I did, of course this is a personal choice.

  • So… still no free online multiplayer?

  • If u are having problems with installing update. Try going into safe mode and updating from there.

    • Sitting at the safe mode screen and my controllers don’t work. Even after resetting them and then plugging them in.

  • I’m sorry to be “that guy,” but as someone that has been visiting this blog for several years, and used to get excited for PS3/PS4 updates (especially x.00 updates,) this is one of the most lackluster major updates I’ve ever seen. I think I would have been more excited to see “Software Stability Improvements,” since at least then there’d be a chance Destiny 2 would stop crashing on my PS4 Pro.

  • For the next update, please allow users to send recordings through messages, screenshots can only show so much

  • Where the nba 2k update tho? Jk

  • Update 5.00 sure did fix a lot of privacy concerns. Though, the list of who I follow and the list of who follows me should be treated as two separate permissions.

    The family of 7 children is okay for me, but I have some friends that have more than 10 children, so they won’t use Sony devices.

    My child came back from Church with a CD and my wife just assumed that the PS 4 Pro which just came out for Christmastime 2016 would play normal CDs. We got rid of all our other stuff that was clogging up near the TV, like the playstation2 which did play CDs, the Samsung Blu-Ray player which did also play CDs, and the little Sony Stream. When will the PS4 Pro play CDs? My wife wants the PS4 just to work, and my daughter doesn’t understand why the PS4 doesn’t just work.

    CDs do not play.

    Please make CDs play.

  • Four years, four major updates. Coming from Xbox with 8+ years of XBL. Decided to move platforms, definitely going back to Xbox after the X. No wonder Andrew House is leaving, you guys really don’t listen to the players. Look how long it took for DLNA streaming and the media player. No backwards compat. Development, no video chat, no cross platform play. Sony thinks sinking money for exclusives will win people over, look what happened to Xbox when that happened… people started leaving cause the games sucked. Now we’re going back… as Xbox has made efforts completely doing 180s to
    Make the console even better. Every update 4.2 and above has slowly made my PS4 harder to navigate with, with more load times in between menus. My PS4 legitimately has heart attacks at times from becoming unresponsive. And what’s up with those Ads? I thought this was PSN not Xbox in 2011. Excuse the poor English grammar, half pirate.

  • Awesome!

    Would you guys also fix the Media Player’s fast forward and rewind on PS4? They’re super fast and when you miss something and want to rewind for a few seconds it’ll rewind / Fast forward a few minutes! PS3’s RW/FF were perfect.

    Thanks a lot.

  • This updated bricked my PS4…I turn it on and it’s stuck on “An error has occurred.”
    Can’t hit ok (as the controller doesn’t come on) nor can I use the power button to turn it off.

  • Too baf my console wont update it keeps saying error occured for no good reason. I done multiple things to get it to work and it won’t. This sucks.

  • I’d like to be able to change my name, but I can wait for that other than that not a bad update. I really didn’t think enough like 6 years ago when I made my name. NBD though even if I can’t change it ever.

  • Hey Sony. I don’t give a crap about any update that you create unless it allows us to play & copy music on my ps4. Everytime I think about how it does it make me regret not going with xbox one.

  • So I got an error when trying to install the update. What the heck Sony? This is my only day off work for the next 9 days and I can’t even go online with my Playstation because of some error. Please help!

  • I mostly use my PS4 for streaming apps (Netflix, HBO) but the TV/Video section is obnoxious. There are so many ads in the way! PLEASE clean this mess up. I’ve started using my Roku more because it’s just easier.

  • Thank you for the update. By chance do you have a place to post suggestions for future updates? I’m hoping for an ability to clear the PS4’s Notifications section in a future update. It’s a cluttered mess. Also, is there a way to have higher resolution game icons in the What’s New activity thread? They are very blurry (have a PS4 Pro and using a 4K TV). These are the only blemishes I see on an otherwise clean UI. Thanks!

  • Can you please allow the app to work in different countries like in the Caribbean

  • When will we be able to send clips through messages? I don’t wanna have to upload 1 clip to YouTube then send my friend a link so he can see like a funny 10 second clip.

  • After the update i cant play online in watch dogs. One thing is that now for some things we need to pay but even if i pay it doesnt load. Online gaming was the best part and now i cant play anymore, please fix it with a new update soon.

  • Well after updating and firstly having an initialization error, now I can’t use the internet features, the system is running slow, to open apps or games takes way to long if they even open sometimes, the internet freezes on pages and I have to shut it down to get out of it fix these issues please

  • I just want the ability to play my massive ps1/ps2 and 3 backlog and not depend on playstation now

  • I got the same error message and none of my controllers (I have 4) would connect, so I couldn’t even back out of the message. I turned it off for 10 min, no change. Reset router, no change. I did it all over again, blew on it to cool it a lil, got it back to the downloading update now screen and for the past hour it’s been in standby doing it’s thing. How long should this take? I’m hardlined in.

  • All of these new features… can we just get the ability to change our own already?! Nobody even wanted this crap you’re putting out now.

  • Of course you read and respond to the “positive comments”. Your update broke PS4s for most players. Fix your console and stop updating if its not essential. No one cares about chat emojis this is a GAMING CONSOLE not a cellphone

  • Since I’ve updated my PS4, I haven’t been able to view share play properly if the other player is in a game. I always tend to watch a friend when they play a certain a certain game and now I can’t becauee it constantly comes up with ‘the host’s game screen is not displayed becauee the current scene is a blocked scene for share play. Wait until the blocked screen has finished’ when they are actually playing the game. I used to be able to watch them before I updated my PlayStation but now I can’t. Is here something wrong with the update?

  • For a 5.00 update, this is pretty underwhelming.

  • Does anyone else find it annoying that you can’t join your friends through the party tab in the quick menu? It even shows that you can join them or that you have an invite from them but you still have to go to the party screen or the notifications to join. It’s not a major problem but an annoying on at that.

  • So I’m getting an SU error and the system appears unresponsive beyond reporting the error. Now what, Sony?

  • After this update I wasn’t able to use my apple ear buds because of the sheer fact that it keeps making this white noise. The problem didn’t occur until the update was complete

  • I used to have the internet browser blocked on my PS4 (young eyes, curious minds, don’t touch my PS4), but now I can’t do that without paying for some $20 subscription? So….no parental controls on internet content without paying extra? WTF is this?

  • I tried updating it many times and have gone to safe mode and everything. I keep on getting the same error code help

  • will I finally be able to change my PSN name?

  • Any time I try to update it, I get the error (SU-30638-0).
    I can’t do anything on my playstation until I update it and it won’t let me update.

  • Having problems with my PS4 since the update I wasn’t able to do the update it kept crashing and freezing I turn the Playstation off last night when I turned it on this this afternoon screen was blue I then took that turn the power off and left it for 10 minutes and turned it back on again and it loaded up normally when it asks me for system update it won’t let me do a system update it crashed and everytime that I try and do it it keeps freezing and crashing it won’t let me go and it won’t let me do anything in the system manually and at the minute I can’t turn the Playstation on at all

  • And yet Sony STILL …. STILL… does not have a way for us to delete message spam from the notifications.
    STILL! I’ve had to turn all non friend messages off.
    And now you geniuses are adding website previews.

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