PS4 System Software Update 5.00 Out Now

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PS4 System Software Update 5.00 Out Now

New update features improvements to tournaments, broadcasting, messages, family management and more.

Our next system software update for PlayStation 4, version 5.00 (codenamed NOBUNAGA), is available now! This update introduces features like the new “Family on PlayStation Network” system, an enhanced Twitch broadcast option on PlayStation 4 Pro, and a variety of new features for Notifications, Messages, and much more.

We’ve already outlined a number of key features before our beta program started, but we wanted to share some additional features that are coming to PS4 with this update.

Team Tournaments

Prepare to recruit the best players you know, because Team Tournaments on PS4 are almost here. With this new functionality, you’ll be able to compete against other teams for prizes and status.

Team Tournament functionality will kick off on October 5, shortly after the release of the 5.00 update. The initial batch of titles supporting Team Tournaments will be Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, World of Tanks and Mantis Burn Racing, with more on the way. Head over to the Events section on your PS4 to check out details for different Events and Tournaments, and to start creating your team.

You can join or own up to a maximum of 60 different teams, and each team will have an owner and captain(s) who can manage the team. Only teams will be able to register for official Team Tournaments. Your team will have its own customizable team page where you can see team member information, and view upcoming and ongoing events that your team is currently registered for and competing in. In addition, you can easily check out your team’s results in past tournaments with a new bracket viewer that shows full tournament standings for Single and Double Elimination tournaments directly on PS4. Communicating and coordinating with your teammates is also simple via the integrated team chat feature.

Follow Anyone

PS4 5.00 - Who To Follow

Before 5.00, you were only able to follow Verified Accounts, but now you can follow any user without having to be friends with them (subject to privacy settings). This allows you to follow content creators, game broadcasters, and other gamers in a community without having to dip into your friends list. And at the same time, this will allow these users to expand their reach and build more interest in what they’re doing. Your What’s New feed will be updated with the activities of the users you’re following, so you can easily keep up on what they’re up to. And under Friends, you’ll see a new Who to Follow section that will give you customized recommendations of who you can follow. The recommendations will be displayed in separate categories, such as Featured Verified Accounts, trending users, and suggestions based on games you’ve recently played.

Messages Update

PS4 5.00 - URL Preview

We have one more feature to add to the list of updates coming to Messages on PS4. If you send a message that contains a link to a website, messages will now display a preview of the website, like headlines and thumbnails.

App Updates

Outside of PS4, some of our apps are getting updates today too:

PlayStation Communities

Following this update, you can switch the app into landscape mode when you flip your phone sideways, so you get a wider view of the app and it makes it easier to scroll through. In addition, you’re now able to view and post animated GIFs on community walls. We’re also adding the following languages to the app: Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Romanian, Thai and Vietnamese.

PlayStation Messages

Horizon Zero DawnUncharted The Lost Legacy

Stickers for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Horizon Zero Dawn are being added. And similar to the PS4’s Messages update, the PlayStation Messages app will also be updated to display previews of a website if you’ve received a link. Support for Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Romanian, Thai and Vietnamese are being added to the app.

We’re excited for you to test out these features for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments. We’re listening and always appreciate your feedback!

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  • Why PlayStation app not got the same update ?
    Is the second time after 4.50 the PS app didn’t updated

    • I don’t know really

    • Well my App updated yesterday so I don’t know why yours didn’t and I’m on Android

    • I downloaded the patch and got error code (SU-3075-0) AND Now none of my controllers will connect I’ve tried to fix it myself for about an hour now w no luck. Any help would be appreciated

    • Dark blood, I suggest chatting with support. Same thing happened to me. Hold power button until you hear two beeps, while ps4 is off, you will be in safe mode. Plug controller into USB or whatever you are charging with, and select option 5. On the regular ps4, not pro

    • @DarkBlood666266 Wich device you already own ? ps4 or pro ? did u got ur games digital or copy’s !

      Am afraid to press on download update for just I got all my games as digital now and I have already downloaded an 1 TB of games If my device fail in update and if I lost all those games I will break my Ps4 pro for good I won’t apply to download all those 1TB again

      Please let me know if u had fixed them or not


    • Mustapha the easiest way for you to have piece of mind is to get an external hard drive, let all the game get copied over to it, tell the PS4 to unmount it in the options, unplug the device, and then when you know it’s working, plug the hard drive back in, let it do all the stuff it needs to do, and now you have all of your games safely.

      You can either copy the games back to the PS4 at that point, and use that hard drive to create backups of your PS4 so that you won’t have to download all of your games again short of catastrophic hardware failure, or you can keep the games offloaded onto your external hard drive and plug it into other systems. I keep most of my biggest games on my external EXCEPT the games I play in VR (free up a USB port that way) or games that I play most frequently. I have a favorites folder, and if a game is in that folder it’s on my hard drive on the console.

      I also keep smaller indie games on there because if I log into someone elses PS4 I can download the game quickly enough.

    • Darkblood I heard of someone having a similar issue. it think they solved it by going to hardware, devices, unregistering all controllers, then registering them. (maybe safemode could help but someone else covered that) and that will hopefully fix your issues.

    • The app that got updated was the Messages app not the PlayStation app and i’m on android

  • Are PSN Message Thread owners now able to remove friends (or ex-friends) from an on going thread without having to create a new one? We’ve been needing this feature for years now…

    • @DarkBlood666266 and every1 else having problems connecting your controllers after the new 5.00 update all u have 2 do iz turn off your ps4 use something pointy and hit the reset button on the back of your controller then use your usb cord connect the controller then turn on the ps4 manually once it turns on hit the ps button on the controller and ya all should be good…it happened to me aftet i did the update and it worked perfect…i hope this helps every1 out there havin this problem

    • If anyone is experiencing error code (SU-3075-0) ,where there controllers dont work or anything < i have a FiX
      The controllers actually does work just instead of trying to select a option when the controller is light bar is blue
      while you have a charger in your controller and the light bar is orange try selcting a option
      i did that and it helped me so much i dont know why my controller was acting kinda retarted tho but just try to select an option while you ps4 light bar is orange and is on the charger
      if this helped make sure to ADD ME ON PSN @ fookster101
      im planning to have a future as an employee at playstation HQ one day

  • Can we finally delete multiple messages at one time instead of just leaving them one by one? It’s very frustrating when you want to clear up the messages and you have to go one by one.

    • Yes you can delete multiple at a time now.

    • Yes you can! Just open up Options in the message list, select Leave, and choose the message groups you want to leave.

    • I like the updates and extra features and stuff. But for example with like all the followers and “notify when friends go online” type of stuff.
      But what about the people that don’t want any of that?? I mean yeah I get that we can set our “privacy settings” to prevent certain things… But there is no option to prevent people from following you.. to prevent a friend from being notified when I go online… stuff like that.
      Basically I’m just saying I’d like an option to not let anyone follow me for example… I mean I wanna log on and play online and not change my status to “Hide Offline” but I also find it kind of creepy if someone on my PSN friends list has it clicked to notify them everytime I log-in.
      I’m just saying if there are all these options to stay updated/connected/following then there should also be options for those gamers that don’t want all that stuff.
      Call me paranoid I guess.. I just get wierded out that PSN User: – GenericNameWhatever wants to be notified everytime I log onto my PS4.

  • Still no way to change our names? No real feature improvements? Bah. Getting bored with you Sony.

    • good. it’s abused on pc and it’s abused on xbox.

    • I don’t see how it’s abused on PC… What service is it abused on? It sure isn’t on Steam… And I doubt it’s abused on Xbox, but I could be wrong… Either way, if it is abused, I doubt a majority of the name changers are the abusers considering you have to pay $10 with each name change.

    • You should have thought about your name before you picked “DirtyUnderWearSniffer” Not cool bro. Must suck having 3 people on your play list. CLOWN

    • its not abused on xbox since you have to pay $10 every time.

    • I agree. Sony should implement a “name change” feature. Honestly, I admit that I was a “kid” when I first got my PS3, and I hadn’t put much thought into my name. When I got my PS4, I wanted to keep my trophies and change my name, but I couldn’t have both. I’d have to lose one or the other, so I decided to keep the name. I’d really appreciate it if Sony allowed us to change our name, even if they make it a one time only thing.

    • Is the UI still laggy? I just rebuilt my database a few days ago and it’s already laggy again on my PS4 pro ☹️

    • I hate to burst two bubbles at once but yes on steam of all things it is very common espcially among what people today call “trolls” and the people that just cause problems. Xbox has always ALWAYS had a problem with the very same facet of “trolls” and cheaters/”modders” abusing the name change system. It’s not something new as id change was at once a costly endeavor and had a time you couldn’t change it again.

    • i would take ANY username over the one i made 7 1/2 years ago. dont know a CLUE why i used my name and birth year. even if we could do it like steam where the original name sticks when searching for the account, but have the ability to change the display name

    • Changing your name has nothing to do with a UI feature update. This would be an account thing, and I would expect this to be something that must be done on their website. Is it needed… yeah… but as a UI feature on a PS4… that’s stupid to expect that.

    • Yea this is a meaningless update. PS4 is basically feature complete unless they’re going to improve performance. Hate when bringing up the quick menu lags, for example. PSN Name Changes would be the only remaining feature to have I can think of.

    • I would just be happy if they did like Xbox and purged old names so people can pick decent names again without having to add numbers. Lol

    • I for one chose my name wisely so this is not a sticking point for me. But it is one of the reason I left Xbox I missed my annual subscription by a month because I had not gotten a reminder email after a year and had not been playing my Xbox and they let someone else have my name. I was done with them after that. Also the grieving and changing the name is too easy some of you act as if 10 bucks is deterrent for Trolls that is so naive. I’ve seen trolls spend more money just to piss people off than 10 dollars.

  • Sadly, you can’t add Family from other region :(

  • Great another update that actually didn’t address a bunch of the existing issues. How about stopping the plethora of chat bots and figuring out why the previous update managed to wipe out the all my game updates? I see this update has already generated an unknown error that continues to prevent the PS from initializing. I won’t log onto any network until the bugs have been sorted.

    • This update was in testing before the chat bot issue happened. If there’s going to be a fix it’s not going to be instant or magic’d into the newest patch. The issue with installs only popped up if you were in the 5.0 beta group and installed the 4.74 update a couple weeks ago. The full release of 5.00 should fix that 4.74 broke but you’d have to actually use it to know instead of complaining that everything is still broken with 0 firsthand experience with the new patch.

    • Those chat bots more than likely come through the playtation website which has been allowing messaging, I personally have experience with the coding of bots and most don’t come throught the app or the actual game. That’s the reason they only recently(In comparison to PS3 and Xbox 360) recently appeared is both Playstation and Xbox added messaging through other forms than just the console without properly adding an antispam method. Example: You can now send messages directly from the playstation website at Which is why these bots weren’t on PS3 as much.

  • I was really hoping this update would include a fix for the silly Primary PS4 game sharing. My kid has his own PS4 in his room and it’s a pain that we have to switch back and forth all the time for people playing in the living room to share my digital purchases. I got excited when I saw “Family Management”. Guess I need to just keep buying discs, but my ps+ has garnered me quite a few digital offerings.

    • I have 2 ps4s my primary account is on my kids and my secondary ps4 I use and no problems just lock it account on primary account so the kids don’t spend all ya psn cash on ya lol

  • This is a pretty disappointing update overall. We really need some more of the top requested features. The only useful thing here is the notifications in the quick menu and deleting multiple message groups at the same time.

    • So does this update bring true family sharing? Can I now share digital games between family members on three or more ps4s?

  • Plz make it to where we can Change our names at least once

  • So… when are you planning on adding the ability to play our purchased cross-play PSone and PS2 Classics from PSN? You know, the ones that can play on lesser systems such as PS3, PSP and PSVita?

  • maybe not the stuff you wanted but stuff people wanted. clock on the softmenu for one, more options on the soft menu also which had been HIGHLY requested.

  • This update sucks… come on Sony… give us what we want… I wanna be able to play my movies from my external hard drive on my ps4… how long is this gonna take. ..damn

  • You know what would be great…. If you could select your own sounds for people coming online, incoming messages and many more possibilities!!

  • Thanks for the new stickers! Friends and I use these all the time and had want new for some time now.PLEASE add even more new stickers. Thank you

  • You do know that there has been a Ps2 to Ps4 section in the store for awhile now right? And Ps4 doesnt need backwards compatibility it would be pointless just like the name change, Only people that want that are people who thought oh yea Ill name my self something dumb and not think of a normal name without a ton of different numbers or X’s or whatever. Should’ve put more thought into it or not have played much on that account if you did that you wouldnt have a problem making a new account. The update might not have been feature heavy with things people really wanted but alot of the features people want they’ve been asking for since back on early Ps3 days. Why would they add them now

  • i just wish they could have at least 10 people in the chat room instead of just 8 so when we are playing basketball games 5v5 we can all be in the same chat to communitcate with each other and other sport games

  • Trophy collection games alphabetization PLEASE.

    • That and update the trophy level cap to 999. I may not reach level 100 any time soon, but for the hardcore trophy hunters out there (you know who they are…) this would be great.

  • Please fix the background recorder from skipping. While in gameplay, vids are skipping a second or 2. This isn’t when private info is being shown. It’s during gameplay. And it’s happening way too often. It’s been like this since the PS4 pro got released.

  • While it’s not a bad update, it’s not that great either. I too was hoping for PS1/PS2 backwards compatibility. And to answer Jim Ryan’s question about PS1/PS2 games “Why would anybody play this?”, while, here’s your answer Jim.

    1) They’re more challenging (I hate it when games nowadays hold your hand. I understand they’re trying to make games more accessible to the general public, but that doesn’t justify making them cakewalk)
    2) They focus more on gameplay (they don’t need to have “pretty pretty shiny shiny” graphics nor pointless stories/backstories to be good)

    • 3) They don’t shove microtransactions and/or DLC down our throats (remember when you can just earn extra characters, stages, etc. by playing the game? remember when you can earn in-game tokens a lot quicker? remember when you don’t have to pay real money to get either of them? Pepperidge Farm remembers.)
      4) They don’t always rely on realism (the addition of realism in a game may not be a problem to some people, but to be honest, it just takes the fun out of it.)

      There’s your answer Jim Ryan.

    • Typo: I was meant to say “well” not “while”.

  • Make it to where we can delete friends so much quicker and easier.

  • Update ShareFactory. I want to be able to split clips at any length. Also add more filters and overlays. Fonts. Transitions. Stickers. Everything. And please make the time bender run more smoothly when you add it to a clip.

    In messages, I can only send photos. We should be able to send videos also. From our phones and even from our capture gallery.

  • Not an exciting update tbh

  • With Family Management, does this mean my kids can play games that I have installed on my ps4 or theirs. Master/sub would allow this but it was a pain. I really don’t wan’t to purchase Fifa 18 twice.

  • Not sure if this will get seen by the right people, but on the ps3, we had the option to video chat with friends/family, do you think we can bring that option back with the ps4

  • Who asked for any of this?? I just want an easier way to save and share game captrues. That quick menu option still leaves you a sitting duck in a multiplayer match. And NO i dont want to record anything longer than 30 seconds so i can record it when its safe to do so. I dont want to have to edit out a bunch if unnecessary footage to get to the highlight. Like photos i should be able to take a quick capture. Plus you shouldn’t have to upload to YouTube just to share it. All recordings/screenshots should appear on What’s New acticvity feed automatically

  • this should of been a 4.9.1 update not a 5.0 update.
    it’s very meh, with nothing drastically innovative, unlike 4 0, or the external hdd update.

  • Increase party chat limit. Increase party chat limit. Increase party chat limit. That’s all I need.

  • I have a question. When I play a game why is it that is not posting on facebook if I achieve a trophy? My settings are
    Post trophys automatically on facebook – ON
    but it doesn’t work at all.
    My English is not that good, sorry for that.
    Please help me

  • This update has nothing interesting… Sony should concentrate on what really matters: gaming!

  • Why do you keep putting on the software upgrades just before the store update?
    Whatever I buy today I can’t start downloading it unless I go home and update the ps4. And I’d rather not do it right away because you always break something with every new update!
    Don’t push updates on Tuesday, it’s a stupid thing to do!!

  • Cool that Horizon and Uncharted Lost Legacy stickers are being added to Messages.

  • Messages: here’s the thing Sony, nobody reads messages anymore, they disable message notifications, that’s how my friends list is

  • Well i DO see a lot of cosmetics, i really do. But what about FEATURES?! Will we ever be able to see any improvements? Or I should stop hoping for the best?

  • What I want to see in update 6.00

    Change PSN ID
    Add MP3s to hard drive
    PSOne classics compatibility
    Ability to add custom backgrounds and themes from USB
    Alphabetize trophy list
    Delete trophies regardless of percentage
    Delete old betas and demos from library

  • I was really hoping this would be the update where we could change our gamertag.

  • Sharing captured clips to messages would be nice. Also, the PlayStation App either needs a native, material design, lightweight overhaul that supports purchases that doesn’t use a browser or a stand alone store app. Thanks for all the great games and amazing sales.

  • Update feels like 1 part chasing Microsoft (Team Tournaments sounds like Xbox’s Arena thing) and 1 part enabling “influencers”. You know, those people who are ruining gaming.

    Nothing at all here for me.

  • I don’t understand how or why the name change is the biggest issue here. Before committing to creating an ID, you had plenty of chance to review and edit sooooo

  • This update is very helpful with keeping kids in check. So, maybe on the next update you can a wishlist with a notification of those games go on sale or something like it?

  • *inserts generic i want to change my name comment on every major update patch* yea but its the highest requested feature that sony is very aware of. i would gladly pay full game price to change a name i made when i was 15 or 16 years old. i have over 14 plats and over 3000 trophies i dont want to lose because of my dumb username that i didnt think would be such a big deal as the time went on.

  • Im not a streamer and im never goin to care about making playstation like a facebook or something

    Can i just play some of my classic games you wont release on 4 bc you want everyone to rebuy everything with trophy feats or whatever.
    But nope another watch me stream dweeb update

  • I’d like to see more spam protection settings for accounts and the messages app. Spam messages from blank accounts are getting worse.

  • Update isn’t available for people without blu ray so we’re stuck with a useless ps4… needs to be fixed ASAP! Didn’t spend 400$ for nothing

  • Boy, what a dud of an update!

  • Request for the next update: let us project our Smartphone screen into the VR headset and have it on as a background function you can suspend. Sometimes I need a trophy guide and taking the headset on and off is annoying.

  • Backwards compatible please

  • Give us a new handheld while you are at it. I’d prefer to support Sony over Nintendo but I want to play my @$#% on the go.

  • Update the notifications so that it doesn’t feel like stupid non stop spam. You DO NOT know what I may be interested in and nothing you ever suggested implied any attempt to learn amything anyway. I dont even look at it even more.

  • I would love to have a notification button that allows me to see which friends are going offline.

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