Secret of Mana 3D Remake Launches February 15 on PS4, PS Vita

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Secret of Mana 3D Remake Launches February 15 on PS4, PS Vita

Our first look at Square Enix's 3D remake of the RPG legend, launching February 15, 2018.

One of the greatest RPGs of all time, Secret of Mana, is coming back to life in 3D! Secret of Mana will come to PS4 and PS Vita digitally, on February 15, 2018 worldwide.

Secret of Mana holds a special place in many hearts here in the office, so we could not be more excited for new fans to experience the time-honored classic for the first time, and for existing fans to dive back into the fun fantasy adventure that they know and love.

Secret of Mana for PS4 and PS Vita

“I’ve heard of Secret of Mana, but I never played it and I’m just used to more modern graphics.”

The above is basically the gist of conversations I have had with most of my gamer friends, and could possibly describe how many of you feel about the game. We’re here to fix that! Here’s what you should know about the remake:

The game will faithfully adapt the beloved story and top-down gameplay while adopting modern 3D graphics and controls. Meaning that the game has been fully rebuilt from the ground up, but still remains true to the whimsical gameplay of the original. In this new remake, you can expect the great game all your friends have been saying you missed out on, reborn.

Secret of Mana for PS4 and PS Vita

Secret of Mana for PS4 and PS VitaSecret of Mana for PS4 and PS Vita

After playing the original, watching this trailer hits me right in the nostalgic feels… EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. So, if you’re like me and played the classic version, but wonder what new things you can look forward to outside of the completely revamped 3D graphics and updated gameplay:

  1. VOICED CHARACTERS: That’s right, you heard Randi in the trailer and you’ll finally get to hear Randi, Primm, Popoi and many other characters talk and express themselves throughout their adventure!

    To add to that, the game will have language options which will allow players to experience the game using Japanese voices and/or subtitles.

  2. A NEWLY ARRANGED SOUNDTRACK: We’re excited for you to hear a beautiful, newly arranged soundtrack that pays tribute to the original.
  3. LOCAL MULTIPLAYER: Yes! Sit down with two of your friends (up to three players) to experience the adventure together.

Secret of Mana for PS4 and PS VitaSecret of Mana for PS4 and PS Vita

To give you the lowdown on the story: Secret of Mana revolves around a courageous young man named Randi. I think Randi will successfully make headbands cool again (some may argue they were always cool, and I would agree.) Anyway… Randi inadvertently discovers the Mana Sword, a weapon of great power, and finds out that he can harness the great power of Mana. He then embarks on a quest to defeat the evil forces attempting to control Mana, and is joined by a tenacious and caring noblewoman named Primm, and a mischievous yet kind sprite named Popoi. Together, the trio take on a treacherous empire in attempts to bring balance to the world.

“If I love the series and want something a little extra to make my experience that much better, what is there?”

You are in LUCK sir and or madam. If you pre-order the game on PSN you’ll receive:

  • Individual PSN Avatars for Randi, Primm, and Popoi as an instant reward
  • DLC Costumes at launch on February 15
    • “Moogle Suit” for Randi, Primm, Popoi
    • “Tiger Two-Piece” for Primm
    • “Tiger Suit” for Randi and Popoi

Secret of Mana for PS4 and PS Vita

Look how adorable those costumes are! I wonder why the Tiger Suit makes Popoi look so grumpy…

For those who want to preorder on PSN, you can click here. Preorders will go live at 1:30am PDT!

If you’re excited and can’t wait to get your hands on the game, we’re happy to announce that Secret of Mana will be playable at PAX West from September 1-4 at both the Square Enix booth and the PlayStation booth!

As a fan, Secret of Mana is a personal favorite of mine, and I’m honored to be bringing the title to the west. I sincerely hope that all current and potential fans are as excited as I am and will love the game. As we lead up to release, be sure to keep up to date with all of the new Secret of Mana content through our official Square Enix channels!

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2 Author Replies

  • The two piece tiger suit… honestly? Maybe in Japan they wouldn’t think twice, but that is just embarassing…
    “Let’s just slap a bikini outfit in there for the girl character, that’s HOT, they HAVE to pre-order that!” What a joke. Sex appeal really has no place in this game. Makes a mockery out of it in a sense.

    • It’s fine in Japan, and it’s fine everywhere. Education. The Tiger Bikini has been there from the start and is good armour. When you bought new armour in the original SNES game it just didn’t change the look of the characters clothes. It’s cute and hilarious-in the sense that a bikini gives higher protection then some full suits of armour. Doesn’t make a mockery of the game at all, you just weren’t paying attention. All the original production artwork for the game showed bikini’s etc., in the armour lists, Nintendo Power magazine and the Instruction Booklet.

  • Where is the Switch version? This is a remake of a SUPER NINTENDO classic, to be real.

  • Had this way back on the SNES way back in the day early 1990s if I recall.

  • The bland art style looks bad, but oh well. Classic game and Day 1 purchase nonetheless.

  • Since this is being hyped as a ‘3D’ remake, will it support stereoscopic 3D? Owners of 3D TVs need some love!

  • I truly love this game so much. It brings back memories of when me and 2 of my friends would stay up late trying to beat a certain boss and being so enthralled with the world (and the ring menu!). Something doesn’t feel right about this remake. It looks cheaply done and I don’t know how I feel about the characters being voiced(btw when did they get names? From what I remember, “Randi” was simply Boy that you renamed, and “Primm” was Girl). The 2d sprite models were beautiful and had so much character. I would’ve much preferred SE keeping this game the same as it was in 1993 and ADDING Seiken Densetsu 3(Secret of Mana 2) with an official English translation.

  • This is clearly running on the Adventures of Mana engine (remake of Seiken Densetsu 1 aka Final Fantasy Adventure aka Sword of Mana aka Mystic Quext, phew!) yet that game did not come out on PS4 or Steam… it was handheld-only, for mobile or Vita.

    Since this Seiken 2 (Secret of Mana) remake is headed to PC (Steam) and PS4, does this mean we can get Adventures of Mana ported to PS4 and Steam as well, please?

  • This before Chrono Trigger!!! These Devs have lost their minds!!!!! Fun game though.Just kinda mind blown at that decision.

  • In the Super Nintendo era, this was a masterpiece of action RPG games!
    These days, much as overgrown it. Doing a remake with cutesty graphics for ONLY PS4 & Vita… ok BUT AT A FULL PRICE??? WTF SQUARE-ENIX???????? All ****ING UP again are you!

    THIS IS A DOWNLOAD ONLY 20-30$ AND NOT at a higher price!!!

    People, DONT PRE-ORDER THIS! Wait till its on a sale before thinking of getting it!

  • It says here that it comes out on 2/15 but the ps store says 3/31 please fix sony

  • I absolutely adore Secret of Mana! So excited for this.

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