Secret of Mana 3D Remake Launches February 15 on PS4, PS Vita

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Secret of Mana 3D Remake Launches February 15 on PS4, PS Vita

Our first look at Square Enix's 3D remake of the RPG legend, launching February 15, 2018.

One of the greatest RPGs of all time, Secret of Mana, is coming back to life in 3D! Secret of Mana will come to PS4 and PS Vita digitally, on February 15, 2018 worldwide.

Secret of Mana holds a special place in many hearts here in the office, so we could not be more excited for new fans to experience the time-honored classic for the first time, and for existing fans to dive back into the fun fantasy adventure that they know and love.

Secret of Mana for PS4 and PS Vita

“I’ve heard of Secret of Mana, but I never played it and I’m just used to more modern graphics.”

The above is basically the gist of conversations I have had with most of my gamer friends, and could possibly describe how many of you feel about the game. We’re here to fix that! Here’s what you should know about the remake:

The game will faithfully adapt the beloved story and top-down gameplay while adopting modern 3D graphics and controls. Meaning that the game has been fully rebuilt from the ground up, but still remains true to the whimsical gameplay of the original. In this new remake, you can expect the great game all your friends have been saying you missed out on, reborn.

Secret of Mana for PS4 and PS Vita

Secret of Mana for PS4 and PS VitaSecret of Mana for PS4 and PS Vita

After playing the original, watching this trailer hits me right in the nostalgic feels… EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. So, if you’re like me and played the classic version, but wonder what new things you can look forward to outside of the completely revamped 3D graphics and updated gameplay:

  1. VOICED CHARACTERS: That’s right, you heard Randi in the trailer and you’ll finally get to hear Randi, Primm, Popoi and many other characters talk and express themselves throughout their adventure!

    To add to that, the game will have language options which will allow players to experience the game using Japanese voices and/or subtitles.

  2. A NEWLY ARRANGED SOUNDTRACK: We’re excited for you to hear a beautiful, newly arranged soundtrack that pays tribute to the original.
  3. LOCAL MULTIPLAYER: Yes! Sit down with two of your friends (up to three players) to experience the adventure together.

Secret of Mana for PS4 and PS VitaSecret of Mana for PS4 and PS Vita

To give you the lowdown on the story: Secret of Mana revolves around a courageous young man named Randi. I think Randi will successfully make headbands cool again (some may argue they were always cool, and I would agree.) Anyway… Randi inadvertently discovers the Mana Sword, a weapon of great power, and finds out that he can harness the great power of Mana. He then embarks on a quest to defeat the evil forces attempting to control Mana, and is joined by a tenacious and caring noblewoman named Primm, and a mischievous yet kind sprite named Popoi. Together, the trio take on a treacherous empire in attempts to bring balance to the world.

“If I love the series and want something a little extra to make my experience that much better, what is there?”

You are in LUCK sir and or madam. If you pre-order the game on PSN you’ll receive:

  • Individual PSN Avatars for Randi, Primm, and Popoi as an instant reward
  • DLC Costumes at launch on February 15
    • “Moogle Suit” for Randi, Primm, Popoi
    • “Tiger Two-Piece” for Primm
    • “Tiger Suit” for Randi and Popoi

Secret of Mana for PS4 and PS Vita

Look how adorable those costumes are! I wonder why the Tiger Suit makes Popoi look so grumpy…

For those who want to preorder on PSN, you can click here. Preorders will go live at 1:30am PDT!

If you’re excited and can’t wait to get your hands on the game, we’re happy to announce that Secret of Mana will be playable at PAX West from September 1-4 at both the Square Enix booth and the PlayStation booth!

As a fan, Secret of Mana is a personal favorite of mine, and I’m honored to be bringing the title to the west. I sincerely hope that all current and potential fans are as excited as I am and will love the game. As we lead up to release, be sure to keep up to date with all of the new Secret of Mana content through our official Square Enix channels!

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2 Author Replies

  • Square Enix’s Vita support is the weirdest. So hot and cold. Skip out on FFXII HD, Dissidia, Setsuna Part 2, DQB2 and FFXV Pocket Edition. Won’t localize Romancing SaGa 2&3/Scarlet Grace or DQH2 but will commit to a global launch for this (Remember how hard it was to get Adventures of Mana here on Vita?). I know I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but man oh man lol.

    Thanks, though.

    • Gosh, you said it. WoFF was perfect on Vita. Looks like this might be as well (hopefully the voice acting doesn’t ruin it–remember duck tales remake?). I imagine it comes down to the team developing it and what engine they used? Setsuna, while totally playable, didn’t run great on Vita. It was done in Unity. WoFF was some internal engine (Orochi3?). I can’t find anything about Adventures of Mana’s engine though.

    • NO EFFIN WAY!!!!!! This was one of my favorite games back in the day, and I still have so many fond memories of it. I can’t believe they actually rebooted it. I’m all over that on release day! Freaking epic!!! I love you Square Enix! Now I just have to wait for FFVII to drop and my dreams are complete! WOOT!!

    • Umm, Langdon, WoFF was hardly perfect on Vita. Reduced voice acting I was fine with, but the frame drops were horrendous – particularly the complete freeze-up the game routinely had when transitioning to battle.

      It’s safe to say that Vita is not likely to be getting anything with that level of graphic demand again. Which is in turn why many of these mid-level games are starting to go Switch and not Vita.

  • Any word on a retail physical release?

  • Must. Have. One of my all time favorites and I’m looking forward to this. With the local co-op, I can introduce my son to the series. ^_^

    • Same here. I can finally get my wife and son to play this masterpiece with me.
      Not a fan of the “tiger two-piece” bikini suit though, that’s pretty sexist for a family-friendly game. Completely unnecessary.
      Guess I’ll skip the preorder.

    • To be fair, yentair, it WAS an equip for her in the original game, one of her armors was a tiger bikini. …Not that it’s NOT weirdly skeevy, but it’s not like there’s no precedent.

  • Physical release or no buy.

  • So flippin excited for this, and what it could mean for other remade old-school RPGs. Bring them to PS4. I’ll buy them. YOU BETTER ALL BUY THEM.

  • You just made my day. Im literally in tears right now. Just a few weeks ago I played through the Original with a Friend and we talked about how awesome a remake of this game would be. And now its happening. I just don’t have the words to describe how happy im right now :D

  • I WANT to PRE ORDER ITNOW!! but like usual the PS Vita pre order wont be offert -_-

    • Unfortunately, that’s not SE’s fault. SIEA doesn’t offer Vita games for preorder. In Japan, the Vita version is up for preorder on PSN.

      Speaking of Japan, for those hoping to get a physical version, you might be in luck. Japan is confirmed to be getting one. Since the game is being launched on the same week worldwide, there’s a shot that version might be multi-language. If there’s a physical release for South East Asia, it’ll definitely be in English.

  • I am insanely excited, Secret of Mana was one of my favorite SNES games growing up! Will the game not have CrossBuy/CrossSave support between PS4/PS Vita?

    Unrelated, but I’m still crossing my fingers that the Seiken Densetsu Collection gets localized for the U.S. I know translating Seiken Densetsu 3 may be a costly venture (would it though, with a fan translation already out there?), but still. FINGERS CROSSED.


    • Cross Buy would be amazing, but SquareEnix haven’t ever done it to my knowledge :(

    • I agree. Seiken Densetsu 3 was a blast to play with an English ROM, but I would be happy to support a proper, official, translated update for it.

  • Absolutely amazing news, BUT those awful textures are an insult if this is how you’re delivering the game on PS4. This is obviously a digital only release with low quality assets like that. This game deserves technological prowess, not a cheap cash-in for the sake of nostalgia.

    Do it right!

    • I usually don’t comment or reply, but we are talking Secret of Mana her, one of my all-time-favourite games. I play it once a year or two SINCE MY CHILD HOOD! And let me tell you something very important from the bottom of my hard*put down the nostalgia glasses*.

      This game looks awful. What is it with this bad 3D? Why does it have to be 3D anyway? The textures look badly dated, like a bad aged 3D game from early 2000’s. Why is It voiced and why does this sound so bad? The this Chibi art style? I would rather see a HD port without any changes from the original then this. What was the budged for this game? A cheeseburger? This looks like a lazy, lazy(!) try to monetize a legend.

    • I think it looks awful too. Why did they choose 3D models over 2D models? Completely ruins the look and feel of the game.

    • @Zersus Dude, I see you have a Scree avatar. I just beat Primal yesterday. Cool game but the battle controls could have been better. We should petition for a sequel!

  • Also hoping for a physical release! <3

    • Dude, I see you have a Scree avatar. I just beat Primal yesterday. Cool game but the battle controls could have been better. We should petition for a sequel!

  • I so hope there will be a EU release. There is no option for Pre-Order so far in the german store.

  • Square enix give us a physical copy. Please !!!! Also while you’re at it. Bring me another Enix game!

    Square soft = secret of mana
    Enix soft was = terranigma

    So Square Enix since I’m finally getting a remake for seiken 2 how about seiken 3 and the much need remake of enix famously action rpg Terranigma!! So how about?

    • I second this. Terranigma was an amazing game. My brother and I loved Soulblazer and Illusion of Gaia, so it made no sense that they never bothered bringing us the final game in the trilogy. Especially after they even translated it into English for Europe and Australia.
      What the heck?!?

  • Looks awesome! Don’t mess it up!

  • Give us a physical release for this game. If you do that this is a Day 1 buy. If this game is digital only I will wait till it goes on sale to buy it.

  • “I’ve heard of Secret of Mana, but I never played it and I’m just used to more modern graphics.”

    Sounds like you need better friends.

  • Yes!! Also it’s really great this game is on the psvita too, thank you squareenix :)

    Is it cross-buy or cross-save? I hope it’s cross-buy but if it isn’t, I want at least cross-save.

    • Well Square Enix is well know for no cross buy stuff -_- that suck because i want the avatar.. and i won’t pre-order the ps4 version… i wont get those avatar until febuary 2018 sadly because no Vita Pre order

    • I heard it’s $40 and no cross-buy, there’s no way this game worth $40 if game like hellblade senua sacrifices priced $30 :(

    • Not worth 40$? Are you kidding me? Hell blade was like an 8 hour game. Secret of Mana can take upwards of 72 hours for total completion (max level, max gear, etc.) Easily for new players…

      Also, hellblade isn’t a timeless classic. I’d pay a full 60$ for SoM

  • Thank you! Secret of Mana is one of the greatest and most beloved games from my childhood. I was fortunate to have a multitap accessory back in the day and the multiplayer is extremely fun, if you can find two friends with a taste for RPGs. It will finally be easier to replicate that experience. Much love to Square. ❤️

    PS: Seiken Densetsu 3 in English, please? I don’t mind if I have to Switch a bit from my favorite console (PlayStation) to play it. *wink wink*

    • And I must add: this deserves a physical release.

    • SD3 is a great game! Emulate it for English because I’m not sure it’ll ever release here…but…I also never thought the greatest game of all time would get a remaster either and here we are

  • It would be nice if the PlayStation store would actually list the game, at all, much less as being up for pre-order.

  • No physical, no buy.

  • Well this is quite pleasant and surprising news.

  • Vita love!! I loved the art style in Adventures of Mana, 100% picking this up on Vita DAY 1. This has instantly become my most awaited Vita title after Rainbow Skies. Just made my day!

  • “I’ve heard of Secret of Mana, but I never played it and I’m just used to more modern graphics.”

    I do not believe anyone ever said that.

    • Me either. Same goes for Chrono Trigger. If anyone were to actually say that, a punch to the face might be fully justified…

  • Oh my god

    I can’t believe somebody feels the same as I did when the opening scene appeared to start the game Finally!!!!!!!

    pre ordered!!!

    thank you so much Francis Santos!!!!!!

  • I’m really interested in this because the ugly sprites of the original are really offputting for me, but everyone always talks about what a great game the original was. The problem, though, is that I have no idea how faithful this will actually be to the original. Developers never like to gove accurate information on how much is actually changed in a remake, so I don’t know if I’m getting the original with new visuals, or practically a new game entirely reusing the concepts of the old one. Torn whether to preorder or just wait for reviews on how true it stayed to the original.

    • hopefully doesn’t stay too original… the original story was a hacked mess. lots of dialogue and story was altered or just missing from the release. Bad translation issues. Let’s hope they FIX the dialogue and make a proper release.

  • Include the original game with it.

  • This made my entire morning.

  • I really hope they include an option to toggle to the original graphics and soundtrack, like many other modern remakes of classic games allow. This looks OK, but those of us who played it when it first came out will want to scratch the nostalgia itch.

  • There needs to be a PS4 Pro (don’t stuff it with the older tech just to offload it) bundle for this. If they make one, i’m all in.

  • Woah! Thank you for the Vita version! And it comes out on my birthday too! Awesome!

    • However, I feel like hand drawn graphics more similar to Legend of Mana or Child of Light would have fit the game better.

    • Agreed. What’s with the blocky low-res quality? Looks like a quick port of an android game.

  • Awesome, I am definitely going to get this. Looks really good.

  • This would make a great game choice for the Vita

  • Can I turn the voices off and just read?

  • Thank you!!!! Square-Enix should do more of these classic remakes going forward!

    AlSO please please do Seiken Dentetsu 3 next Square!! People have been begging for that in the west for years That should be in production right after this releases! Remake that game too.

  • Can’t wait, maybe my wife will buy it for me for Valentine’s.

  • One of many gems on the SNES (Insane JRPG quality library). Great to play with family.

    Looking forward to it, It been more than 10 years since I played Secret of Mana.

    Please make sure it has a Platinum.

    Hope, you guys bring Sword of Mana as well.

    • Sword of Mana is a reimagining of the first Mana game. It already got a remake on iOS, Android and Vita called Adventures of Mana.

  • Nice! Can’t wait to play this with my wife! It’s one of her favorite games and one that I missed out on but always wanted to play.

  • Buying this regardless but if trophies (and a platinum) are included….oh man would I be pumped. Great news!!

  • Great news!! D1P!

  • Yes! My childhood memories! Wish they would do this for FF4 & FF6 (F2 & FF3 on SNES)

  • All these people saying no physical, no buy I just can’t even wrap my head around this. There are so many fantastic games that never physically come out that I couldn’t imagine being hamstrung by that.

  • I can only seem to preorder on PS4. Is this cross buy? Cross Save? I really want this on my Vita.

  • Glad to hear that I’ll be able to play this game on PS Vita!

    I really hope there’s still a chance we can get I Am Setsuna on western Vitas.

    I was also looking forward to FF XII HD when I heard the rumors of a PS Vita version, similar to FFX/X-2 HD, but was very disappointed that it only came out for PS4 and ended up skipping on it since I still had my PS2 copy for playing it at home.

    I would really like to see more Vita games from Square Enix, even if only digital.

  • Are we getting a physical release on PS4? Because I’d gladly preorder that.

  • I don’t see the VITA version on PSN to pre-order

  • This is amazing! Really looking forward to this! Yet it does seem strange not being on an “N” system. Please bring this and 3D FF Adventure/Sword of Mana to the most recent “N” system too! The costumes are great.

    Also, Square-Enix, while I’ve got your attention, please continue the Musashi series on PS4. I’d love to see Musashi 3 and 4 on PS4, and each one continue what the last two games started. Musashi being summoned to a different world each time, that has it’s own unique art style and design, but Musashi still is recognizable and has his two awesome swords. Brave Fencer and Samurai Legend were great fun, and I was sorry to see PS3 miss an entry in the series. Please continue the series on PS4 with Musashi 3 and 4!


  • You got me at “LOCAL MULTIPLAYER” ^_^ I now have no other choice but to buy this game! Anyway, I LOVED the original. But I will not pre-order it, I couldn’t care less about costumes lol.


  • Chrono Trigger now plz.

  • If anyone is interested i started a petition for SquareEnix to bring over the Japanese collectors edition of the Secret of Mana remake over to North America. The link is Its an awesome CE that i think any fan of the series would love.

  • I just have a few questions I hope you guys answer BEFORE the game comes out. I am a fan of this game…have been since I was a very small child. I was incredibly excited when I got the email that this was happening that I went to the Steam Store Page, loaded up some money and added it to my cart…but then I paused. I need answers before I commit with my hard earned $$$ and though I do not expect an answer here (obviously) I hope they are answered at PAX or before 2018!

    Q1: will the story be expanded upon, or are we only getting very few new additions of dialogue between the three main characters? The information we have no is very unclear, especially if you read the Japanese website which makes it sound like there is new story as well as dialogue!

    Q2: How will multiplayer be handled, exactly? Especially on PC? Is it only local co-op, or will we have an ONLINE option to play with friends? I hope you all consider an online option, at least for PC!

    Q3: Please tell me that mini map is toggled? lol

    Q4: Will you do Chrono Trigger and FFVI next?! And Terranigma?!

    Also, I would have bought it for $60 because I love it but as a poor gamer, I thank you for not over charging us. Money doesn’t grow on trees! xD

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