Sign Up for the Next PS4 System Software Update Beta

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Sign Up for the Next PS4 System Software Update Beta

Help us make the next one even better, and try out new features in the process!

We’re getting ready for the next major system update for PS4, and can use some help from PS4 owners to test it out ahead of launch. Starting today, you can sign up for a chance to be a beta tester and get an advance look at some of the improvements and new features coming to PS4.

You can register to be a beta tester anytime between today and the start of the beta in early August. Users must be 18 years or older. Once the beta starts, we’ll close registration.

Beta testers for our previous major system software update, version 4.50, got an early peek at features like external HDD support, custom wallpapers, Quick Menu refresh, and much more before launch.

If you’re part of the program, you’ll receive an email with instructions on downloading the beta version of the next system software. In order to sign up, you’ll need a PS4 with an internet connection, and access to a Master Account. And remember — you can roll back to the previous system software at any time.

We’ll be back soon with an update on the features you can expect in the beta.

Many thanks to everyone signing up — especially our returning beta testers! Your feedback helps us make the system software update even better.

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2 Author Replies

  • Add 3D movies for streaming !

  • All I want is plug and play with external HDD for PS3.

    • PS3 is a no longer receiving any more updates, haven’t for a while. It’s a legacy platform that was supported for 10 years as Sony promised, so that means outside of sales, PS+, and having the lights on (access to online). Expect Sony to focus on PS4, Pro, and PSVR only now, especially for firmware.

    • @da1writer, I have faith!

    • -_____-

  • I love the folders that were recently added, but being able to add a game to multiple folders would be great.

    For example I have a VR folder and I have a action/adventure folder. I want to be able to put Resident Evil 7 in it. Or add one that is just local multiplayer games without removing them from other folders.

  • Can I sign up, get cold feet, and then not install the beta system software?

    • Going off previous betas I’ve been in … You certainly can do that, you can also revert back to the current version whenever you want

    • I’ve never been part of a beta process and I was thinking of getting into this one, but still having many concerns with it. Your reply is certainly reassuring. Thank you!

  • Please add PSN Name Changes

  • What I want to see

    -Ability to store music on PS4
    -ID name change
    -Custom themes
    -Refunds on digital titles if only played 2 hours or less
    -Stop adding $5 minimum fund on PS Store and only add what is needed to pay for a game

  • Fix the Search for the Playstore to look up anything specific like themes because I would sometimes try to find one but it always gives me just games or movies. Also the ability to customize the icons because even though u can make your own theme, it really is limited. Adding a song would be cool. And the icons when youre diggin thru your games in the menu should be see through not blue it makes it look ugly. But that’s it for me. Thanks.

  • some feature i hope to see
    PS1/PS2 disc support
    Store videos and music on the HDD
    PSN name change would be nice
    video calling through the PS camera
    Trophy tracking
    Activity Log (How long been playing this game, how often, etc)
    When double tapping the share button to start recording have a little timer in the bottom corner (left or right) that shows how long the recording has been going
    PS vita manager like PS3 has

  • I’d like to see some features like playing PS3 games on my PS4, I have a lot of PS3 digital games .Playing games on PS4 like Metal Gear Rising or Bayonetta would be awesome!

    • Yes, I agree, we need backwards compatibility even if it’s just the ability to stream PS3 digital purchases!

  • Please please please please GAME STATISTICS!

  • is this beta version 5.00 or diffrent version?

  • I never really comment here but there are some things that I have noticed about my PS4 that I would like to be fixed/implemented, the list is the following :
    1. Menu Slowdown – My ps4 seems to have slowdowns in the menu and can seem a little choppy sometimes, would be really nice if the whole menu of the system was replaced by a newly made one even though I like it how it currently is.
    2. Quick Menu lag – When I open up a game like for example Cod:BO3, it takes a while to open the quick menu when in game, it also takes about 30 seconds to show the screenshot notification.
    3. Menu Lag- I have noticed that much of the slowness in the PS4 menu seems to disappear whenever I shut off the internet so it could also have to do with Sony servers.
    4. Ps Now: I would gladly subscribe to Ps Now if there was an option to just download the games since the input lag can sometimes get a little bit annoying.
    5. Youtube/other apps in the background: It would be really nice if the PS4 allowed youtube videos to be played in the background so that some music could be heard while playing since many songs are not on Spotify even though I love Spotify and always use it.
    I can not wait to see what the new update will bring!!!

  • Someone already got the Congratulations and acceptance into the Firmware 5.0 email and isn’t a PSnow subscriber either ( they fixed the form there is a box to check No now )

  • can u do a update where we can connect more than 4 controllers at once? i want to play WWE games with more of my friends :(

  • 1)change ID name
    2)more controllers to connect at once
    3)4K disc game

  • Support for video codecs such as MKV and H.265 would be swell. Please Sony… You wanted the Pro to be able to be the ultimate 4K streaming device then throw us a bone here. Prove it.

  • I want to be able to get a refund on any game for 10% or 20% back. You should do 20% just to 1up Xbox, just some advise.

  • Somethings i’d like to see (even if I know some of them wont happen)

    PS3 BC in some fashion
    Store music on the HDD
    Changing names (if only just to get people to shut up about it)

  • One thing i want is CD playback, the drive can do it. It just needs to be enabled

  • Can’t wait to see the Features.

  • need
    – change psn id user
    – change country in PSN accounts
    – delete games on trophy list
    – recent players like PS3

  • LEFT__4__DEAD__2

    I signed up for this Update Beta and i love PS Now ability to try games from PS3 on a PS4 :)

  • I know it won’t happen but I really hone you will be able to download a game if you have the disk so when I take it on the road I don’t have to deal will all those cases

  • When will invites be sent out?

  • Can the PDP Universal Remote be enabled once again to wake the PS4 from sleep now that the new, lesser PDP remote has been released? Why should I have to use my controller to wake the system just because I want to use a universal? Why should I have to have a non-universal remote just because I don’t want to use a controller? They are both made by PDP. They both have a PS button. They both function on bluetooth. My universal hasn’t worked to wake the PS4 in over a year – but it did once upon a time. The new, crappier remote does it — fix the old one!

  • Firmware 5.0 version request:

    – Video chat (PS Camera to PS Camera)
    – Can chat with friends (Deaf, Hard Of Hearing, Hearing) on PS camera with using typing message
    – Can play any game during chat with friends on PS Camera as same time (also for online multiplayer too)
    – Group Video Chat (up to 8) or (up to 12) either

    – Add Google Translate with Message

  • Namaste,
    Dear God, please help me with this. OK, I just got a brand new Seagate 8TB USB drive. My PS4 won’t format it as storage because it says the drive is 8.01TB … I think it just needs a PlayStation OS Patch. I think they just need to change the MAX storage to like 8.5 TB and just say still that the PS4 only supports up to 8 TB. This is so frustrating!! I just need my new Seagate USB drive to work with the PS4. And it says it can’t because the drive is 8.01 TB.

    Thank You

  • Offline listening for saved music and playlists for spotify? Anyone?

  • I wish there could be PS1 / PS2 / PSP emulator

  • Add PlayStation All-Stars to PS Now.

  • Maybe we can finally get some 4k / HDR support on the apps??!!??

  • Perfect!

  • ability to gifting digital item (games, add-ons, themes, etc) for friend. At least do to same region if cannot region free,

  • My prediction is that Sony will add a new feature to the PS Now service. I just registered in the selection of beta testers and one of the questions was that if I had PS Now.

    What will this new function be?
    Well that will be like Netflix, you can play in streaming, and now you can also have the option to download those games from the catalog on your PS4 while you have your subscription to PS Now.
    Some might see it similar to the PS Plus service, but I see that this would be a countermeasure to the Xbox Game Pass.
    Who knows, I do not think they will charge more for this added feature, although maybe they could ask for some requirements, such as being a Plus member to download them (and it could be called PS Now +) on your PS4.

    And this would be the main reason to add backwards compatibility with PS4, since currently in PS Now you can play PS3 games via streaming.
    Maybe give a free trial period to some beta testers that do not have PS Now, I would be happy that Sony add this function when It finish this beta and the update gets ready. My internet connection is bad but being able to use it like the Xbox Game Pass would not come out bad.

    • Consequently, we all benefit from backwards compatibility , membership / subscription or not, you can use the PS3 catalog you have bought before / now. This function is the one I most hope, because I have left unfinished games and there are games that I would like to try like Metal Gear Rising or Nalgonetta :D

      * I hope this is clear, they are only speculations of mine, but seeing that Microsoft is going in the vanguard these last months with its consumer treatment, and in hardware of its new console, I see that Sony is trying to balance that.

  • 1) PSN HANDLE CHANGE PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! First one is free, and charge for everyone after that.
    2) Skype app would be nice.
    3) Backwards compatibility for sure so I can pack up my PS3.

    I too have noticed the menus have become choppy over the past little while. Some fine-tuning may be in order.

  • Please We need the ability to :
    1- Change our account region if not make us able to transfer our trophy progress to our newest account
    2- Change our PSN names
    3- Make the PS store region free so we can download DLCs for any game region (Retail or Digital)

  • I want backwards compatibility. I have 45+ PS1/PS2 Classics purchases made when I had my PS3 and I’d like to be able to access them without having to go back to hook the PS3 up. If we can stream via PS NOW, there’s no reason that our systems “can’t handle” the emulation. Sony ignoring the fans pleas for BC forces one to wonder if the only reason they won’t is so that they can make money off the PS Now and repackaging stuff we’ve already bought to sell it to us again via “PSN game” for the PS4 which in some cases for some of us has us paying for the same exact game 3 times over. Tons of us PS players would throw money at Sony if they started letting us buy digital PS3 games and play them on the PS4. $20 is way too much to pay monthly for a service like PS Now when it’s shaky at best. Either include it in the PS+ sub or drop the price to 9.99-14.99 at the most. Stop ignoring your consumers or we’ll start going elsewhere.

  • I expect

    We can personalize our profile such as favourite trophy, game picture.

    We can see our game play time, change our id, delete or hide demo beta games, share game’s picture our profil instead of what’s new.

  • Give us control of what we want on home screen, & control of what apps we don’t want or use! Takes up valuable space! We can’t delete any unwanted or not used apps! I should have only the apps I want & use, not the ones I don’t want or use! Very Frustrating. Please fix this!!

  • I hope we getting a video chatroom like our brother (PS3). I thought by getting the PS4 PRO, it was coming but still no light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Aside from the hefty price tag, the one thing that steers me away from subscribing to PS Now is that the hames (the ones Ive seen) don’t allow use of the DLC for the game. I.e. You can play the Red Dead Redemption base game but not have any of its DLC. If they corrected that DLC problem and lowered the price a bit, I would gladly for sure subscribe.

  • When does Skype come on the Playstation 4?

  • Please! Please! Please! Had trophy progress bar. If there is trophy that says kill 5000 zombies, it will be cool to see 3896/5000

  • I have a lot of games that not done due to online servers so sony i ask you make it so you can delete games with percent already on them other then that i dont care about the other features

  • i forgot one music support on the hdd like ps3 did it will be cool if i can import my music again on games like wwe and others sports games

  • I pray we finally get the option to change our screen names!!

  • Definitely must have #Features

    Trophy tracking ( track every PS4 game with a proper notification popping up in Real Time letting you know your progress )
    Redesigned Trophy Hub ( Add the game artwork as background when clicking on said game to check trophies also add the ability to share that Trophy list on Social sites directly from PS4 and Pro
    Redesigned Profile page with game stats and games completed and so on would so love this a lot
    Skype needs to be integrated to the PS4 ( so we can chat with family and friends )
    Quick menu add more to it like Mini-Activity Feed , PlayStation Blogcast Podcast etc..
    Bring back old Notification centre and Notification color allow to change the current one

  • One thing I’ve always thought we need is a “download all free” option for games with tons of dlc. A lot of the games I have have like 30+ dlc items that are free, and scrolling through the list and doing them one after another gets tedious. It’s not really a big deal, but would be a nice convenience

  • Im new to this and would like to know how to sign up to be a tester

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